”give it to me!Let me do something for the family and do a little humble.”

  ShuiBuLai sweet, but let Jin Yu Muzi only know so hard, he was very distressed.
  Women’s spotlight has always been a very frustrating thing, and now the family can be considered small fortune, and so sub-Ling Yan Restaurant things come to an end, saying he did not want Jin Yu such daily from dawn to dusk busy, keep things family to the man on the line, big deal his several visits dart.
  ”it is good.They are to you.”
  Jin Yu could not help laughing, leaning against the chest Muzi, listening to the words of heart-warming, this is the last generation of her unthinkable thing.
  It is said to rely on yourself, and that modern people to pursue their own do not feel like, until she did not know why they did not dare to promise that, and now she realized that she is missing and this mutual support experience Muzi.
  ”All right!We really have to go home, or else to worry about a father.”
  Nephrite jade in my arms, Muzi Xiangbao a little longer, but this is not appropriate, Jin Yu needs to rest, under this great sun is not as good as home comfortable cabin.
  ”Ok!Let me enjoy the feeling of a return to a car.”
  Jin Yu Muzi release, leaned back, found the jar put behind right, just let her comfortably against.
  ”Sit yet?”
  The gap left seat and just Muzi face to face, see Jin Yu fell back down, his face with a satisfied smile, Muzi heart is glad, and softly asked her what was wrong can.
  ”That’s good, I can not help but do not walk, open your eyes you can see.”
  ”Ok!Then I started up.”
  Feel the wheelbarrow forward, threw, Jin Yu slightly narrowed eyes that Muzi, so the weather actually did not bring hats.
  Handsome without rival’s face unobstructed exposure to the sun, glistening with sweat drip down along the temples.
  Hand pulled the veil from the arms, 天津夜网raising his hand to wipe the sweat Muzi his face, for he grinned, stunned Jin Yu rapid heart beat.
  This beautiful people, think of it there are different kind of style, Jin Yu also found that this distance than that hug the previous estimate sultry.
  ”Close your eyes squint a while, I called you up close to home.”
  ”it is good.”
  Jin Yu submissive close your eyes, feel the little bumps in the wheelbarrow walk, but also feel that often falls on his face in the line of sight, is so hot, so focus.
  After all, is too busy for a long time, and now the body is much larger than this modern time, rickety, the Jin Yu was confused in the past, I never slept so dark sweet sensations.
  Until the mountain is no longer blowing, from the sound of gurgling streams, Jin Yu efforts for a long time only then opened his eyes and found the familiar mountains, in the familiar fields, as well as a warm greeting at the sound of that embankment, actually has come to the village, The wheelbarrow is still walking around.
  Muzi did not call himself.
  ”Home, you let me down, find their own path.”
  This is all to the end of the village, see their site look like if it was a woman who loved gossip, probably have more than some gossip gossip.
  ”You go down, they have to come and talk to you, a stopover is a quarter of an hour later.Ban Zhancha not want you to go home, or delay a quarter of an hour or longer and then go home?”
  Jin Yu waking soft look, so meaning pity Muzi heart even more, just a delicate girl, petite shoulders, too much to bear.
  Jin Yu Muzi words a sense, the village and those seven Regardless of eight aunt to speak, might as well go home to sleep false.

He interrupted his thoughts, looked up at Su exquisite Kangxi.

The arms of the man eyebrows if mountains, Heimou jade, skin like snow, lips moving, Kangxi hand tightened against the Soviet Union exquisite said, “This is to discuss affairs of state.This time I prepare a person to.”

Beichi twilight, Su exquisite smile nice and obedient.

Emperor Kangxi in each other’s soft smile, inexplicably some guilty conscience, touched the head of the Soviet Union exquisite.

Only two did not touch down, you turn to touch the woman’s unique skin soft, a little bit on this hot room is heating up again.


Kangxi clearly say is exquisite and the Soviet Union without a harem of people, but this time there are in addition to big brother Prince Edward, not with Princess Palace, with three elegant, there is a often, a princess.And Zhongcui Gong in elegant accounted for two places.

The list came out, no hot Lee exquisite, others a little surprised, it was also the first heart secretly bite, no wonder there are elegant stone Le Li exquisite and elegant two people do not care, they will afford to have emboldened the heart, head, here waiting.

This did not bring Princess Palace, son Tom will avoid some of the pipe was loose, if is pregnant in Dolon – nuur, sit tight until the tires came back, the position of the palace after it can be said that the station is stable.

Elegant stone and elegant Le hearts of joy, or restraint do not show it in front of fei.

Fei Since the eldest son had had the hidden mind, temples white hair are few, had very good odds bin, and now a lot of harmonious relations.Since the boss wants and succeed, in addition to the ministers, it is best to help another brother, Liang Bin temper soft, Skiles some precocious, gentle temper, it was a gentleman in the eyes of outsiders北京夜网 Duan Fang, and is good in the eyes of Hui-bin as the cowardly good just the right, in that case, she would for any punches this son Nie Yinie.

  The three princes could there be dragons across from the modern past?

  Speaking of this, then how to coax a girl so very much at home?!
  This Well, even still sound so nice?It also allows people to live, ah it?
  Sumi looked blankly Long Qing, holding a red envelope, silly smile.
  ”OK, OK, since we have family baby Each year, red envelope, okay?”Awesomeness by the wrong kind of people do not continue to use the attractiveness of the voice said to Kosumi.
  In this way, starting with Sumi and her two children went to Zhang’s room, and later became Sumi stumbled are holding two children walked toward Zhang’s room.
  ”Oh, how I came ah?But I say to you, Mother of my red envelopes have been taken away, you ah, have had nothing!”

  ☆, seven hundred and thirty second chapter: red envelopes

  Zhang Yuyu saw Sumi and Long Qing and her two children came up and immediately said,.
  Also extremely childish raised his red envelope to show them their own hands.
  ”Grandma Grandma!Ganniang are so big, there 北京养生会所are a red envelope it?”Blossoming saw red eyes immediately lit up.
  Loosen the Sumi’s hand suddenly rushed up fiercely Qinliaoyikou Zhang’s face: “Grandma, Happy New Year!To grandmother stayed with blossoming oh!”
  Blossoming two sentences immediately so that Zhang’s face smile became a flower.
  ”My good blossoming yo, really pro-grandmother died, I promised our family after another, ah, but to always stay after blossoming, Yam said that will not work!”Zhang’s face creases of laughter piled together, pulled from the arms to a big red envelope, suddenly blossoming into a small hand:” Take!Blossoming, and this is grandmother to the New Year’s money, do not listen to you Ganniang nonsense, no one is that there must be a blossoming of our family!”
  This blossoming just woke up three red envelope at hand, but do not seem to see little head, which has long been the child of music but not see eye teeth, holding Zhang kissed good few mouthfuls.
  ”Well, well, all hurried over and, together, ah, I give you thanks to a grandmother in!”Sumi of blossoming beckoned, motioned her to hurry out of the arms of Zhang.
  ”I think my sister is seen blossoming took some money, which would be envious of this sub-ah, is not?Also I want some money is ye?And I would say no finished thing yet?Come, sister, I give you thanks to a year, I give you some money, do not you look in!”Zhang Yuyu a Sumi say, immediately said with a smile.
  ”If you do not want some money, then do not give me a Happy New Year, right, I’ll give you two children share the minutes had!”Zhang touched the blossoming of a small head, turned round and said to Zhang Yuyu.
  ”In addition, to, to, do not do this Zeneng!”Zhang Yuyu not care about how much money, but that money will you Yasui!But also wrapped with a red envelope!This is particularly desirable especially before Zhang Yuyu.
  Each year the Spring Festival, Zhang Yuyu Zhang would give a penny, not a red envelope, and even a red paper are not, directly to the Zhang Yuyu, May be so happy for a long time can let Zhang Yuyu.
  This year is the most anticipated day.
  Zhang said he wanted the New Year here, over there, who would have very shallow cloud wink to the beautiful small cushion placed on the floor.
  Sumi them for a while Zhang Yuyu New Year is over, they have to give you this child New Year auspicious say it.

  Lin Han: “.”

  She scolded suspect that the two men both brain did not fully understand what she was saying.
  She’s a very gentle person, here are these brain-dead to the confused irritable up.
  The other is with his knee would like nothing important things, Lin Han said, “What do you say hurry up, nothing left.”
  Cheyenne River tugging He Zi Yun’s clothes said, “I send you some money over, I hope you can live on their own, do not go astray, nor was spread out nice and nurturing.”
  Her tears, apparently was th广州桑拿网e scene of so many people scared to.
  Qiao Wanyao last encounter is really a big mouth, everyone knows now estimated to be nurturing Han Lin, really mouth on rumors.
  Lin Han said, “Who are you to say I was a nurturing, think about the big brains with your fingernail and then come to me okay, so much yet, so much Kuaigun.”
  These people not the first time opened her tired, she is really upset, I can not go back, but also harassed by these brain damage.
  Some time ago she was also naive to think that he might soon go back, I did not expect Bitcoins are sold out, not to go.
  Han Lin temper, curse Online.
  Eat a cold shoulder to those bodyguards around the Cheyenne River shy watching, his employer closed after bodyguards directly back down the stairs.
  This time He Zi Yun breathed sighs of relief, just because she thought they were wrong thing to be beaten, how there are so many people in the bodyguard of the situation and said that if some did not.
  This is not looking to play it?
  Fortunately, Lin Han, in addition to what the curse did not say, directly on the closed back.
  He Zi Yun was attacked for a fire in my belly, she said, “I said do not come on, people do not appreciate.”
  To live in a place like this, then the money will not care about the.
  Cheyenne River sighed and said, “Well at least we have tried the.”
  He then finished it with a straight left Yun Zi.
  Cheyenne Creek to find it she did not run into a wall and Chu Zheng said she hoped Chu Lin Han Zheng, not more hate, and all of this could have been because she got what she should not广州桑拿网 get.
  Lin Yao received a court summons, he was indicted, prosecutors Lin Han, she said, will have their own hands, to make restitution of all property Lin Yao.
  Lin heard the news of Yao face some gloomy sitting in the office, just to today their company Chu Zheng heard the news and said, “She is not no hand will do?”

  Two people simply say two sentences, laugh he did not say anything, be regarded as the solution of estrangement.This scene was far from the camera shot down, hands photo spread Zhangya Juan.

  Photo looks highly skilled, Zhan Ji Zhou Zhou and Chu could have been wrong from the station and, it seems next to each other as in the scene, two men smiled at each other, the dim moonlight ambience wrong dyed other meaning, look how are ambiguous.
  Zhangya Juan heart more comfortable, give a retiring abroad old paparazzi made in the past to sell him to the gossip site.This time she kept that in mind, and did not hit the money directly to the old paparazzi, choosing instead to pay cash.This is the year against the paparazzi Zhang up, it is unlikely to sell themselves, so she was not worried.
  In fact, she was clearly tired Chu Zhan Gu book since childhood friend, Zhou Zhou Ji Gu has won the hearts tired of the book, a picture alone does not affect the relationship between them, but she still want to do.She is sick of these people to be sick, let them try what is called hu苏州夜网miliation.
  This photo sent out, at least this time not even think about peace Zhou Zhou Ji, and Chu Zhan fans who is not a vegetarian.As Gu tired book, even if Zhou Zhou pet season so what, as long as gossip, someone will believe, as long as he acknowledged, Ji Zhou Zhou will become a woman dating another girl, but will be more powerful yelled.
  Zhangya Juan I want to feel better, a dirty water before being poured gas finally disappeared some.
  The door opened, she immediately turned off the phone, nervous and looking forward to coming to the door to see a man.A city of this most powerful man is the best of her, though his heart may still thinking about Zhou Zhou Ji, may sooner or later will have their own dead.
  ”A wild.”Zhangya Juan Shen Ye see the delay came at the door, called out some Jiaoqie.
  Shen Ye That南宁夜生活网 move a little, but did not came up: “You do gas consumption?”
  ”Had vanished long ago, I do not normally experience with Zhou Zhou Ji.”Zhangya Juan muttering.
  The house did not turn on the lights, Shen Ye could not see her face.That she did not fool their own reasons, paused slowly opening: “Do you want to be able to understand enough, Zhou Zhou Ji Gu girlfriend is now tired of the book, our strength is not as good as being homely and not to take the initiative to provoke them.”
  ”You are a people not strong enough, not enough to do it together with Zhang?”Zhangya Juan does not like to listen to him belittle their own, as if she were not as good as season Zhou Zhou.
  idiot.Shen wild eyes flash of chill, but soft and gentle voice: “Enough is enough, it can be true if the fighting does not also suffer, you be good, tomorrow I go shopping.”
  Zhangya Juan heart disagree, but do not want to destroy the atmosphere, today is the day of their engagement, something is about to happen to make her look and jump for joy: “Well, I hear you.”
  ”Ah, today tired of it, go to bed earlier.”Shen wild finish turned to leave, but also to the way she shut the door.
  Uttered when the door is closed ring, Zhangya Juan Somewhat taken aback, I did not expect Shen Ye actually just leave.After a daze was suddenly filled with a burst of anger, the anger she will be considered together in the body of Zhou Zhou season.
  Zhou Zhou Ji has returned home to play a sneeze, rubbed his nose, wondering: “Who called me up?”
  ”Little fool, you are a cold.”Gu tired of slow answer book.
  Zhou Zhou Ji despise look at him: “What kind of weather can be cold, definitely someone called me, and said, is not you?”
  ”I hide so well, how did you find the?”Gu book tired tipped his head.
  Zhou Zhou Ji has always been Offhand, one which the goods actually admitted, at the time gas laughed: “really scold me ah?What curse, say it to me.”

  Buy a piece of land, even if the homestead cheaper than the more upland paddy fields, it did three to five ounces of silver nor down in.Pigsty’d easily cover their old Zhu brothers more time to call on a hand me a favor, soon will be able to cover up, you can even save labor costs, stone and wood still need to go when the wood pull a few hills, stone but it is have to spend money to buy.Then there is the money to buy a piglet, chicken with not the same, small piglets is also very expensive, if raising the dead, even if only to raise the dead one, I can give distressed dead.

  Shiro looked at her blankly, the first time I felt so much ambition daughter ye do?
  ”I would say this, you help me Total Total, about how much better to do something told me to have something to look forward.”Wang Xiangqin fact, I already had an idea, but she did not say so, only soft words begged Shirohelp.
  Shiro think, really want to save some money or a way can be unbelievably poor how to do?He is playing a small follow father and brother in their own busy to the head of the family had never had him eat and drink less, can be on the money, but it is not a paper money.He’d brought his wife over dowry, dowry money it will be someone?As for bedding, clothes, even pawned, but also not worth some money.
  ”No matter how considered, not seven or eight pieces of silver not even think about.”Shiro smile soon, he was not even half ounces of silver have not come out,” or let’s chickens, I looked back and good to talk about with your mother, and told her we borrow some eggs.”
  ”Time to say it, anyway, no matter Zeyang have to wait u都市体验网ntil spring.”Wang Xiangqin heart already had an idea, but do not want to say.
  Listen to her say, Shiro people say that she gave up, after all, the cost is too high too high pig.Even Zhu mother Well, a few years ago also feed a pig, which is the head of one of his sons are married to a daughter, the family was helping job done, she Teng open hand, and experienced a feeling , began to raise a pig.
  High cost, the process of really hard work, the risk is not small, even after slaughter can really make money, you can not scrape together the capital can not help it?
  Early the next day, Wang Xiangqin it reported a crime to Zhu mother, she said to be a trip to town to.
  Two days ago, the sister town called Zhu Wen’s mother wanted to pick up a back fiercely, see Wang Xiangqin hit up the initiative, Wen also quite expect to see Zhu mother.Well people, bad times people are looking for a companion, as if watching someone else in trouble, their feelings can be better.Unexpectedly, Zhu mother starts acting strangely partial to, heard on the “oh” sound, and told her do not forget to feed the pigs, then.
  There’s no after that.
  This is Wen’s mother undisguised discrimination to the gas down Yang months, they want to mind the more uneven, there are thought to go along together, may Wang Xiangqin going too fast, suddenly gone shadows.Wen’s also thinking about when she finished ragweed total of the back, which wanted she told Shiro said OK, let Shiro helped fight a basket of ragweed, called Yisow help her cook the food for pigs fed the way.
  After afford her earlier ran out, he went directly to the town?Wen’s angry pit of the stomach pain, go back and hate Jiro wife: “How come you are so busy it?But also to help her work.I have not seen you help me how to work?”
  Sao shrink the shrink neck, they know their children run farther, is entirely a thrust behind the ghosts in appearance.
  Wen’s two-in-law has been to the gas, not knowing that make you angry place is yet to come.

  Tu Yan branch would have to buy the shop who had Tu Yan also intends past, but she has little resistance.She has never been able to adapt to this person not to release the phenomenon, but she has no way to protest, she was very clear that he was just an ordinary man.

  Sometimes, Zhao / some institutional king / Tu Xin dynasty will produce some illusion, as if the mighty Cho Tae / progenitor her hometown, but she never did find evidence, maybe people just do great eye for excellence?This is no way to say words are destined to give a listen, it has been pressed deep in the heart of Tu Xin.
  Zhao □□ if she has the ability, she is also possible to allow these things to get rid of her uncomfortable, but she did not.Tu Yan is very clear that she is just a man, the last generation to go to school when ordinary, ordinary working time, even in this life, she just more than three decades of experience than their peers only.More than three decades of experience, make her something special, but can not let her become a greater odds.
  Ye said she escape, she can not afford to, have the courage to fight with the whole era, I can only honestly, she pretended not see these things very uncomfortable.

Chapter 30 Liu Li
  Time is running out, Tu Xin Liu back to the shop just started packing, just waiting for a little while, Tu Dagang led a person back.
  The man looked larger than Tu Dagang, Tu Dagang although normally very busy, but in the end is not had it tough, look much younger than their peers, this man, Seeing is eaten a lot of pain.
  Clear face wrinkles, dark face, eyes and honest, and even seemed a bit sluggish, his hands unnaturally intertwined, very nervous in the eyes of Yan Tu, Tu Dagang had apparently told him that if he really decided to leave, is just this looks better than his dead daughter was young girl.
  Tu Xin Overall fairly satisfied, this man’s clothes do not fit can be seen, probably teeth woman casually looking, but actually clean, not afraid to break, but fear is not clean, she dignitaries mainly for cooking, it is necessary giving a very clean and looked like.
  This feeling is not going to lie, this is a man of habit formation, even if she gave for a new dress, dressed smartly, with people their own poor hygiene, looked not look good.
  Prima facie, this person is still in very good shape.
  ”Girl, he is Liu Li, you can call him Lee Shu, if you think you can, then he is a man in our house.”Tu Dagang said.
  Xin Tu Tu Dagang did not answer, then asked Liu Li.”Uncle, how old are you ah this year?”
  Although Liu Li is bought, but Tu Yan would not look at him as a servant, Tu Yan buy to give their business to help, rather than take care of themselves, if you are buying a caring person, pick her similar age girl good, but the key is she does not need, she no shortage of hands is no shortage of foot, I can take care of themselves, no need to look good to spend that money wasted.
  She bought only because people trust more easily, if Liu Li can get her trust at a later date, she certainly gave him a free agent.
  ”I, I this year, thirty,.”Liu Li said breathlessly..
  Tu Yan hearts surprised, this is not like ah!He look up like a man of forty.
  Liu Li did not hold back secretly looked up and saw a small club an incredible look, busy explained: “I was a little look old, but I do a great deal of effort, what I can do and live!”He’s not smart, even a lot of people say he is stupid, but h苏州夜网e knows this is probably the best he could find a club, after this village it since this shop.
  ”Lee t you young and healthy, how it got to the point where?”Tu Xin and then asked.
  She really was not unkind, she felt this era in ancient times is really very good, and as a man, if not lazy, always go on in the past few years good weather, which also heard from everywhere else natural disasters bondage there must be a reason for it?In case if the guilty because of what the law, in the future she checked out how to do?After all she wants is a reliable employee, her previous life companies have to recruit people to do family information, teeth woman who is only responsible for selling, not for the people selling the security.
  Liu Li a big man, hear Tu Yan asked this question pale, eyes red.”Small club, I, I just like it that you tell the truth!”
  ”I can not hack it, I wife is having an affair with the son of the village head, the girl I was discovered, I poor girl is still small, very vicious thief gossips, I will advance a girl I pit village where I found his son, I son accidentally put to death by stoning the adulterer, Men county magistrate sentenced the son I never cut legislation, I can not hack ah!I order to save his son, I sold the family land, sold the family house belongings, they have sold themselves failed to save I lobbied for his son’s money!Teeth woman is a good man, so I also met with his son one last time I.”When it comes eventually even burst into tears, obviously very sad.
  Liu softest heart, could not help but to blame the eyes to see Tu Yan, she poked blame other people’s grief.

  He said this girl, tall stature, a pair of Yan Lian passionate fox eyes, chin, there is a little shallow trench, ditch the typical beauty chin.

  She was wearing a pale yellow embroidered one hundred Liu Baoshan filament pattern, like flower Chromic pressing Wei purple peony, just stop it, will bring to the people around eclipsed.
  She walked two laps around Rou ginger, stir up her chin bent down, lips revealing playful expression: “Feng Qing, are you kidding me too?”
  Feng Qing back to sneer: “Believe it or love.”
  Jiang Rou screw from the small brow, side head to escape the girl’s hand, she wiped his chin to take the sleeve.
  Line of sight to the flower hall sweep circle, did not see Muqing Yao, she had an idea.
  The girl looked condescending ginger Rou: “I am a hundred harps Garden song.”
  She had finished talking, he sounded another channel from the outside with a chill voice: “I am a hundred Garden song Sizhu.”
  With the voice, came a woman wearing the same pattern as a pale yellow embroidered one hundred filaments Liu Baoshan, the beauty actually exactly the same length of band and music song called string and wind.
  But there are pieces of band music red beauty mark under the left eye, and string and wind music beauty mark is on the right.
  A twin station, the same dress, looks the same, but slightly different temperament, may have been able to move without opening the eyes of the people.
  They said in unison: “We want you to fight Yan.”
  Jiang Qing Rou look to seal, so two to one?
  This is obviously unfair to the.
  Feng Qing silent, unwilling to let go deep expression.
  Jiang 媃 lightHe l杭州桑拿aughed aloud: “into the bucket to bucket, but you are two people, I would like to find another beauty together.”

  Around the orphanage to send a letter and received a lot of donor funds.

  Professor Song is still worried about risks absolute security network of the future may bring,
  The Horning has made the most rapid ideological shift.
  For her, it has long been more than just a job.
  ”If given the chance, you do not do it maybe when a man can not do anything.”Horning assertive Road.
  Professor Song heard her say this, though reluctantly but also psychological identity.
  They deserved confidence, which has complete control of their own destiny without relying on anyone’s self-confidence, because they are the creation of the world’s most advanced intelligent network, China and even the淡水桑拿网 world of the future of the country will have an impact.
  Even half a step never left the Institute, they still let the outside world turned upside down.
  Horning certainly know that he would single-handedly created what.
  But powerful forces, it really only in their own hands, was the best.

283 Chapter Atonement
  Qi boat while learning, while business.Twenty-one when he successfully admitted to the Department of Finance, the country’s top universities, the same year, he used his own money to earn foreign exchange speculation opened his own venture capital firm.
  Before the age of thirty, has become a well-known young rich, frequently appear in the financial Newsweek.
  Seen him, they are indispensable sigh of young,
  But behind the jealous person, but he likes to get his legs disability cold-blooded and selfish thing to say relatives.
  Qi Zhou’s mother had once come to him because of his half-sister got very sick, you need a lot of money treatment.Qi Zhou’s mother thought of his son, the fame.
  Qi Zhou of success, she did not expect, but the family was happy that she did not mind, but at this time has become a rush to catch the last straw.

  There are the women counterparts, Duanmu Yu Jin and green natural bad they go together, decorated in the back and do a bunch of those different forms of culture attache.

  This lady had unusual enthusiasm, enough to let Jin Yu embarrassed, she said Lian Shu moment, she simply smiled and did not speak.
  Source retrospective study, they root Jin Liu family in town, a few generations have not been to Kyoto, how could she look familiar?
  But only kind words Bale.
  Jin Yu after a Zhangwu Xu things, automatic vigilant for those who do not gallant.
  ”Really look familiar, but can not remember where seen the.”Mrs. royal doctor, still kept looking at Jin Yu, also from time to time in thought.
  Jin Yu afraid of such a person, in the past helped Mrs. Duanmu brisk walking a few steps, and those who do not want to blending together.
  At this time of the palace, there will be no last generation tha都市体验网 t had carefully rehabilitate the magnificent Forbidden City, the spectacular, but after watching habits of ancient architecture, this palace heart Pang macro atmosphere of awe.
  White marble palace paved road, the coming and going of ladies flocked to the chamberlain, who saw much of the palace, to go for a long time to reach.
  In the Palace of men and women concerned about crossing parted, the women went to see the Queen, the man went to see the Emperor Taihe Palace.
  Protector of the government belong to the First Marquis, an audience with the Queen but also the front row, was only able to Feng Luan Gongpang the side hall, have been waiting for some of the early lady and Miss.
  Duanmu old lady had met Mrs. Lady, pulling past Jin Yu Jian Li, Jin Yu behaved telling anyone shout, have not seen the queen, she would have a lot of gift, bracelet, gold hairpins, each piece is valuable.
  Of course, Mrs. Duanmu gift to send no less, who set those dazzling array of jewelry, a little girl to see a pro, then down the line and sent a.
  Jin Yu long experience, this wear so much jewelry, that there are such a role.

  ☆, nine hundred and ninetieth chapters desperate

  Jin Yu long experience, this lady you wear so much jewelry, has had such a role.
  After a quarter of an hour you come to me, chamberlain to have sent a message, so that the public and the government to protect the country into the family audience, Duanmu his wife checked the clothes, but also help to Jin Yu and Yue looked Duanmu, this followed the chamberlain go with.
  ”Protector of the House family audience?”Chamberlain piped up and shout.
  ”Undefined status (my daughter) met the Queen Goddess, Goddess Wan Fu Jinan.”
  Duanmu Yu Jin and his wife Feng Luan into the house, knelt down and salute Di Mei Shun purposes, the above people did not move for a moment, looking at the ground that beautiful carpet, Jin Yu would not think of finding fault from the start, right now!
  ”Since it!”A lazy voice, tailwater long pull,” This is the general’s wife do DUANMU?”
  General Duanmu Green said the title had gone, we all Duanmu son to call, with the exception of the Queen still shouting General.
  No one dared to correct the Queen opening.
  ”Back to the empress, then, is the undefined status.”
  This name a bit awkward, but Jin Yu is with this self-proclaimed, stood Di Mei Shun head, looked up positions of power can not remember.
  ”Bud like a girl too, looked up to make this quick look at the palace, in the end how much longer the Empress Dowager, let us bow down to the great general hero.”