Focus on education for children in marriage

Focus on education for children in marriage

Divorce of parents is not the fault of children.

Children have gone through hardships, some are growing up healthy, and others are the primary concern. Educational voices of children in marriage-changing families. Now, in the face of some people’s requirements for the quality of marriage are getting higher and higher, divorce is common around us.

Children of marriage-changing families have become a special group of diabetic teenagers. How to conduct guidance and education?

Recently, the author surveyed the children of some marriage-changing families in Xingguo County, Jiangxi Province, and found that the status of this special group of people is cause for concern and deserves high attention.

  The divorce of the people who are more worried than happy may cause the couple and the husband and wife to break away for a while; but for their children, it will bring a psychological wound.

The children of some marriage-changing families have obvious differences in their ideological qualities, moral behaviors, and living habits from those of complete families: emotional irritability, loneliness and inferiority in character, behavioral willful behavior, and school education is more difficult.

Of course, some children have experienced hardships and have grown up healthily.

The survey shows that the impact of parental divorce on children’s education mainly has the following aspects: Increased psychological load.

The huge shock of the broken family has increased the psychological burden on children.

Liu, a fourth-year classmate of Xingguo Elementary School, had tears in her eyes: My parents turned out to be very good, and they treated me well, for some reason they divorced.

I followed my mother and became a child without a father.

Later, my mother found a father for me, and I was so happy that I changed it to the new father’s last name.

This dad also has a daughter, about my age.

At first the new dad was okay with me, tutoring me to study, and after that, he preferred that daughter and ignored me.

Some classmates discriminated against me and talked about me behind me, calling me a child with a changed surname, and no one wanted it.

  At a young age, they must bear heavy psychological pressure. When the psychological pressure cannot be resolved, they often choose to run away from home and seek relief.

At the rescue agency in Xingguo County, the author read the statistics of rescued persons in January 912 in 2004. During this period, there were 10 children under 18 years old, including 6 children from divorced families, accounting for up to 60%.

  The growth environment has deteriorated.

Some of the children of divorced families have to undertake heavy housework.

Especially children who live with their stepfather and stepmother are more appropriate.

13-year-old elementary school student Lee, his parents divorced and lived with his father. Later, his father got married, and his stepmother gave birth to a boy. Since then, the little girl has to do housework and has to be an “nanny”.

What’s more, some children were abandoned by their parents, homeless, and completely lost in a healthy family environment.

  Academic achievement level.

During the noisy divorce, many couples turned their families into “battlefields”. All day long, the children were upset and unconscious about their studies. As a result, too many children took the path of being tired of school and dropping out of school.

In the days when the second-year female student Wang, her parents were divorced, she kept arguing every day, which made her distraught and unable to calm down to study.

Soon, her academic performance dropped sharply. She was an outstanding student in the first grade, and she turned to the bottom of the class in the second grade.

  The author conducted a survey on a primary school and found that of the eight divorced families, seven of them were in the middle and lower grades, and only one of them had good grades, and three of them had the habit of petty theft.

  Poor self-control.

Defects in the normal education of marriage change families have led to the indulgence and lack of self-control of some children.

Yang, a junior high school student in a middle school in Xingguo, divorced his parents after primary school, and was raised by his mother. The mother couldn’t help it, and the father didn’t want him, so he had to give it to the uncle.

He didn’t observe discipline at school, he was often late for school, and no one said he would not listen.

During an English class, the teacher asked him to answer questions. If he was okay, he grimaced. The teacher criticized a few words. He also scolded the teacher.

After school in the afternoon, when I saw the English teacher riding a bicycle, I rushed to push the car down, punched the teacher, and walked away.

Issues that cannot be ignored Divorce is reduced in real life, the harm of marriage to families to children and the impact on society is also reversed, the defects of family education are broken, and some children cannot establish a noble moral sentimentThere may be a great increase in the evil path, and some even show anti-social behavior.

Some primary and secondary school educators believe that the education of children from divorced families is not a simple family issue, but a social issue that must attract attention from all quarters.

Therefore, the author puts forward the following suggestions on the education and protection of children in marriage-changing families: First, do a good job of education and guidance for divorced couples.

Divorce couples should be educated, and children should not be instilled with resentment toward each other.

The first thing a child must do when living with him is that living with him is good for the child’s growth and that the psychological trauma caused by divorce to the child is minimized.For those couples who have divorced lightly, the relevant departments should spare no effort to do a good job in order to re-establish their broken mirrors.

  Second, strengthen legal, policy, and ethical education for divorced couples.

Through education, resettlement understands that although the divorce is dissolved, the parent-child relationship still exists.

The obligation and responsibility to raise and educate children cannot be shifted.

The current problem is that child support is mainly implemented, but children’s education is often borne by one party, and some children are abused after their parents are divorced. Abandonment is often heard, and the parents of these children have suffered duePunishment.

Therefore, in addition to the allegations of divorced parents who abuse and abandon their children, the government should adopt administrative or legal means according to the seriousness of the situation and force them to bear the responsibility of parenting.

  Third, strengthen public opinion.

In order to make the “Minor Protection Law” and the “Nine-year Compulsory Education Law” deeply rooted in people’s hearts, this law should be incorporated into the law popularization plan, and its implementation should be checked regularly.

The government should establish a protection mechanism for the rights of minors to effectively protect the rights of minors, especially the legitimate rights and interests of children of marriage-changing families.

  Divorced parents are not the fault of their children. Discrimination against them can only aggravate their psychological pain.

Therefore, the focus society should give more love to the children of divorced families and give them more care and help.