Signs of depression

Signs of depression

After the occurrence of adverse events, such as falling in love, dropping out of school, losing employment, divorce, widowed, painful despair, lack of food and sleep, and even self-injury persist for more than six months, and the situation will not gradually decrease.

  Work pressure is high, insomnia, do not want to go to work in the morning; after the vacation, do not want to resume work at all, and still feel unhappy, uncomfortable, and have a shadow in my heart.

  Husband and wife relationship has always been tense, unwilling to go home from work, unwilling to discuss, refusing to explain in conflict, but not relieved in their hearts.

People gradually choked.

  For women during the postpartum period, if there is obvious irrational emotions, secretly crying for no reason, unwilling to communicate with others, suspected to be a precursor to postpartum depression.

  For students, if they are tired of school, avoid parental inquiries, do not like to play with their peers, and always live in isolation, they should ask in time.

  Over a period of time, many successful people have a sudden and sudden liver fire, which is prone to irritability, impatience, and the same with their family members, even if they have nothing to do, which is a precursor to depression for good men.

  Some elderly people stay at home, avoid socializing, and sometimes blame themselves. When they are sick, they do not want to take the initiative to see a doctor.

  Depression can also manifest as discomfort in various parts of the body, such as headaches, back pain, chest pain, and symptoms of the inhalation tract.

Some people repeatedly see the disease in these areas, but the area has not been corrected, and you can suspect that they have psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.