What is better for patients with cervical cancer?


What is better for patients with cervical cancer?

What is better for patients with cervical cancer?

We all know that cervical cancer has seriously harmed women’s health. If they are unfortunately suffering from cervical cancer again, they will bring great illness and mentally severe blows to the patients. If the treatment is not timely,Will threaten the lives of patients.

Cervical cancer is a common gynecological disease that is common in daily life. Because the symptoms of early cervical cancer are not very obvious, it is easy to be biased by patients. When it is discovered, the condition often develops to the late stage and other serious diseases.At the stage, the harm to patients is also multiplied, so it is necessary to do a good job of cervical cancer in the late stage to help patients relieve symptoms.

So, what is good for cervical cancer in the late stage?

1: Supplementation of trace elements zinc and selenium zinc and selenium plays an important role in the production and function of immune cells. The low levels of zinc and selenium in the body may cause the immune system to function poorly.

Cervical cancer was initially found to be associated with trace elements zinc and selenium.

The deficiency of these trace elements leads to a significant increase in the incidence of cervical cancer and breast cancer. It is especially important to supplement zinc and selenium in supplementation.

2: Eat more soy beans with products such as tofu, soy milk, dried beans, vegetables, celery, broccoli, edamame, sweet beans and other foods.

Because these foods can make up the phytoestrogens, the isoflavones contained in phytoestrogens and lignin are considered by scientists to have antioxidant effects.

Phytoestrogens can inhibit the growth of cervical adenocarcinoma and squamous epithelial carcinoma, inhibit cell division, and effectively block the invasion or metastasis.

3: Supplementation of B-carotene B-carotene will be converted into vitamin A in the body, which helps protect the immune system from free radicals and has obvious immune enhancement.

Animal foods containing more vitamin A are: liver and eggs of animals.

Botanical foods rich in B-carotene are: spinach, canola, leeks, lettuce leaves and pumpkins.

What is better for patients with cervical cancer?

I believe that through today’s introduction, we definitely have more comprehensive understanding. I hope that today’s cervical cancer knowledge extension can provide some help for the treatment of cervical cancer patients, reminding cancer patients that certain things can be eaten during the treatment.Conducive to the recovery of the body, some things are taboo.