Yoga that makes you more sexual

Yoga that makes you more “sexual”

Practicing yoga can stimulate energy points in the body.
Through continuous rhythmic breathing, energy runs between acupoints, plus yoga poses and dance moves repeatedly contract and relax the “sex core” muscle area.
Long-term exercise like this will not only make your appearance look healthy and beautiful, but also increase your internal flexibility, which will make you have a better sex life.
  Sexual muscle zone: The “sexual core muscles” include the pelvis, hips, and abdominal muscles, and a group of internal muscles called the coccygeal muscles, or “PC” muscles.
Yoga practice is a practice that doctors often instruct women who are pregnant or have sexual difficulties to target the PC muscle group.
More Yoga lessons and features. A large number of surveys have shown that strengthening your PC muscle group will enhance your sexual pleasure and that of your partner.
For women, the strength of the PC muscle group is directly related to orgasm during sexual intercourse.
Orgasms from various stimuli also grow with the strength of the PC muscle group.
  Sexual core wiggle training: In yoga, you cannot maintain your posture without health and control of the core area.
In fact, just as training in the core zone will make your body healthier, strengthening the sexual core zone will make your sex healthier, which is overall health.
Sexual health not only makes sex better, it also strengthens your health and quality of life.
When people feel sexier, their lives are better.
  Deep breathing and sexually explicit breathing are the foundation of all traditional and modern yoga.
Breathing is your vitality, and it runs through the teaching.
Mastery of breathing leads to control of will and body. Since most people use only a small portion of their vital capacity, yoga exercises focus on expanding the chest cavity with slow deep breathing until the air is brought to the deepest and largest part of the lung.
From a physiological point of view, this helps to oxygenate the blood and promote better circulation in the body.
This breathing regulation also promotes mental concentration, and most importantly, develops the connection between the soul and the body.
  Sex with your partner is a matter between you and your partner.
Without intimacy and love with your partner, sex can’t achieve harmony.
Better sex is an interaction between the two, and one way to develop it is to practice with your partner.
Sexual desire includes psychological factors that create a sexual desire.
  The Yoga Revolution There is now a debate in the yoga community about the role of yoga’s rosettes in promoting better sex.
Most yoga schools require that sexual activity be separated from yoga practice, because yoga was originally developed to keep monks healthy, so that illness or injury does not disturb their meditation.
However, the investigation found that yoga can slowly make some chronic fatigue syndrome disappear, and also make many female friends find their own “sex” blessing.
What’s more interesting is that now yoga teachers start talking about sex and sexual behavior in their classes, which is a trend.
  Sexy kittens and other poses are more “sexual” actions that not only promote flexibility and strength, but also promote the body’s energy system.
For example, taking a deep breath to the lower abdomen not only strengthens your abdominal muscles, but also increases abdominal strength or qi.
The abdomen is considered the body’s energy storehouse.
Some postures stimulate energy to circulate in the grooves or points of the body.
Here are some examples to make you find the feeling: sexy kitten: hands and knees on the ground, spine stays smooth, neck stretched, eyes staring at the position between hands.
Inhale, bow forward, exhale completely, curl the bottom of the pelvis and look towards the navel.
Repeat 3-4 times.
  Look for the tail: Then go to the sexy kitten pose, with your hands and knees on the ground, and make a mid-back position.
The hips are tilted to one side, so that the hips on one side almost touch the floor and look at the tailbone (as if looking for a tail).
Look backwards on the other side.
Repeat 3-4 times.
  Yoga weight loss and body sculpting effect: Sexy shoulders: This action can also make room for the shoulder blades as a warm-up exercise for the reverse deltoid muscle.
This is a gradual movement. At first, rotate the shoulder joint on one side forward while looking at the palm on the same side.Then add a contraction bend on the same side and repeat, paying attention to the increased range of motion.

After doing this 3-4 times before each time, always stretch straight (don’t lock it down) and inhale deeply.

When exhaling, go up and down together and look down at the navel; inhale, rotate the top backwards and arch your back to look at the ceiling.

Repeat 2 times.

  Frog pose: This is a pose that evolved from ballet.

Start with a standard split, or do your best to separate your legs.

Move your hands forward to touch the ground, place your pelvis and stomach on or near the ground, separate and bend your legs to the sides, and touch the floor with your feet.

Keep your posture to relax your muscles and fracture your thigh roots and pelvis.

Relaxing young ten years old to save slack skin_1

Relaxed ten years younger to save saggy skin

Tightening has a uniform appearance that is smooth like an egg, while non-tightening involves many skin problems.

Even sometimes, when you have not experienced some skin problems related to firming skin, firming has left you.


hzh {display: none; }  毛孔突显  毛孔问题的真相随着年龄和皮肤类型而不断改变,不过,对于25岁以后的女性,毛孔的日益粗大却表明了皮肤开始变得松弛。After 25 years of age, the blood circulation of the skin begins to slow down, and the adult layer of subcutaneous tissue also begins to become loose and lack elasticity, resulting in tension displacement between the pores and highlighting the pores.

  Countermeasures: 1.

Add water.

Enhances moisturizing and stratum corneum resistance, replenishes skin’s moisture, and makes skin tissue structure full and elastic.


Controls the rate of skin aging.

Use anti-aging essence with high nutrition and moisturizing ingredients, at the same time tightening weight and effectiveness, with massage to promote absorption; in addition, moisturizing, refreshing and non-irritating pore firming toner is also essential.

  Facial contours became blurred and weight did not increase, but the original melon seed face had a double chin, which was no longer angular.

This is also caused by the skin becoming loose.

Due to the relaxation, the skin began to sag under the effect of gravity, and the original chin was piled up with extra cortex, and the highest point of the face was also moved downstream.

This is precisely because there are two kinds of proteins in the dermis layer of the skin: collagen and elastic fibrin, which support the skin to be plump and firm.

After 25 years of age, these two proteins naturally decrease due to the aging process of the human body, and the supporting force of the skin also decreases, and the elasticity decreases, so there are sagging and wrinkles.

Countermeasures: In the daily maintenance process, add skin care products with “tightening” effect to improve skin elasticity and collagen fiber growth; or stimulate fibroblasts to continuously produce a large number of high-quality elastic collagen fibers to help skin firm,bouncy.
  Causes of sagging skin due to sagging: 1.

Cell-to-cell fibers degenerate through time, making the skin lose elasticity; 弹性 2.

Loss of the aunt under the skin, causing the skin to lose support and sagging; 3.

The muscles that support the skin are relaxed, so that the skin is also relaxed.


Other factors cause gravity, heredity, and nervousness. Exposure to sunlight and smoking also transform the skin structure, and eventually cause the skin to lose its elasticity and cause displacement.

  Countermeasures: 1.

Vitamin C: protects cells from UV rays and neutralizes free radicals, helps synthesize collagen, and improves skin wrinkles and sagging.


Collagen Supplement: By injection, oral or collagen supplement supplement, the skin’s support ability can be significantly enhanced.


Sun protection: Over 90% of the skin’s premature aging is caused by excessive sun exposure.


Eat a balanced diet: Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants, such as carrots, tomatoes, grapes, and drink plenty of red wine and tea. They can protect collagen in the skin.

Avoid eating high-fat foods to avoid free radicals and accelerate aging.

  Juvenile muscle growth products large PK.

hzh {display: none; }  Estee Lauder 雅诗兰黛   密集特润修护精华露   支持票数:161   规格/价格:30ml/¥980.00 efficacy: fade fine lines anti-aging Brief introduction: Every three or four months, use intensive special moisturizing essence for 21 nights to help the skin: improve skin self-healing ability and improve skin surface moisture; calm and sootheSkin, to improve the obvious redness and swelling due to irritation; reduce the discomfort of skin tightness and dryness, and eliminate the dandruff on the surface of the skin; minimize the possibility of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin.

  Lancome Lancome Essence Skin Base Support votes: 95 specifications / price: 30ml / ¥ 780.

00 Efficacy: Firming and lifting the dull complexion Introduction: “Week” is repeated, skin texture has been improved as never before: the touch is delicate and smooth, the skin is pure and bright, and the beauty of the skin is born from the inside out.

The expression of two “repair” proteins in the stratum corneum changes with age.Beauty Rejuvenating Lotion helps promote the synthesis of these “repair” proteins.

The skin is more delicate, the skin is re-elastic, promotes cell regeneration, the skin is slender and radiant, and the skin is more hydrated.

Autumn and winter skin care focuses on moisturizing


Autumn and winter skin care focuses on moisturizing

After the sun in the summer, the skin usually becomes more fragile.

Coupled with supplementation for autumn and winter, the climate changes to dry and cold, the secretion of sweat glands is reduced, blood circulation and metabolism tend to be slow, sebum films that maintain skin moisture and weak acidity are not easy to form, the skin is prone to dullness, and even rough, Sensitivity, molting, wrinkling and other phenomena.

  Therefore, skin care in autumn and winter is focused on moisturizing and maintaining.

In addition to replenishing the deficiencies of the sebum membrane, the most important thing to maintain skin moisturization is to promote the soundness of epidermal keratinocytes, strengthen the structure of the dermal network, and enhance additional water retention functions.

  Thorough cleansing is the beginning of beautiful skin.

After a busy day, regardless of makeup, you should use a double face wash method: first use a cold cream or deep cleansing milk to completely remove oily dirt and cosmetic powder in the pores; then use an alkaline moisturizerWash with warm water.

After cleansing, you should immediately carry out a conditioning procedure. Apply a lotion with a cotton pad, and gently wipe the face from bottom to top to replenish moisture, balance the skin pH value, and clean and soften the horny skin again, making it easier for the skin to absorb nutrients.

  11 pm to 2 am is the time when skin cells are most active. At this time, high-efficiency skin care products should be used to achieve the purpose of deep nourishing and repairing.

Therefore, after conditioning the skin, dry skin can be moisturized and wrinkle remover. Those who want to lighten pigment spots can gently massage the entire face with natural beauty cosmetics. Finally, apply softening cream or moisturizing softening night cream, which can provide skin cells.Deeper nourishment and rich moisture.

  After cleansing and conditioning during the day, you can choose skin care products with high moisture retention and strong defense.

In addition, don’t ignore sun protection, because the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin is independent of seasons.

People who work in the sun for a long time are advised to apply sunscreen.

The etiquette of girls entering Office

The etiquette of girls entering Office

“Our company doesn’t have strict requirements on clothing, but a new female employee is wearing too much clothes.

When I talked to customers the other day, I was wearing camouflage pattern hunting clothes.

It wouldn’t matter if it was just a colleague, but there is no face for a guest.

“This is a company employee’s evaluation of the new girl.

At the beginning of the company, don’t go to extreme extremes and overly conservative in clothing. Don’t wear the most popular “floating shoes”, “glam flared pants”, and “mini skirts” among young people all at once to show your avant-gardeAttractive.

It would be speculated and disrespected by a male colleague, and it would be easier for female colleagues to substitute.

Don’t be too orthodox, see company employees wearing dark suits in TV series, and imitate buying one.

This does not help you gain more respect.

Pay attention to the atmosphere of the company.

  Entering the company on the first day can be very formal. In the future, you should match the style of other people. If everyone wears suits formally, you will also wear them.

If others are casual, you should be natural.

Pay attention to the details of communication. Smile is your best weapon. Smile can get the favor of the other person most directly, and also get unexpected forgiveness.

  ”I particularly like the smile of the new colleague who is always kind and kind. If she makes a small mistake, she won’t blame her.

“Be sure to pay attention to smiles when dealing with others, whether they are already very familiar colleagues or strange colleagues who haven’t met a few times.

Look at each other when talking, and focus.

  Make the other person feel that you are very aware of his opinions and would like to get business knowledge from him so that the other person feels respected.

Learn to take the initiative to greet people. Don’t evade deliberately when you meet colleagues in the elevator or bathroom, try to talk to the other party first.

Never pretend that you haven’t seen your head down, giving the impression of being unreasonable.

  Calling is the first step to learn to call, which is very important.

The phone is the company’s window, and the first contact with many businesses is through the phone.

Polite words on the phone must not be omitted.

When answering the phone, be sure to say “Hello, this is XX.

“Thank you a few more times when you hang up. Goodbye, thank you very much, and so on, and don’t speak too loudly. Be resolute and faster than usual.

This can reflect your ability and efficiency.

Remember the caller’s name and ask again politely if not heard.

If you do n’t understand the other person ‘s name, it will cause you a lot of trouble and your boss will feel that you are not serious.

  Always put small pieces of paper and pens next to the phone to leave messages for colleagues who are not in the office.

If the person you’re looking for isn’t there, don’t hang up the phone without asking. Say “I’m sorry, he’s not in his seat. Would you like to leave a message or leave your phone to let him call?”

“In this way, you will leave a good impression on the other party and a good impression on your colleagues.

  Taboo Article 5 1. Don’t discuss with female colleagues about people who work together.

  2. Don’t make phone congee affect others using the phone.

  3. Don’t use your computer to chat and think that others don’t know.

  4. Don’t pretend to omit the phrase used by colleagues in the office.

  5. Don’t insist too much on your opinions. There is nothing too absolute in the world.

Focus on education for children in marriage

Focus on education for children in marriage

Divorce of parents is not the fault of children.

Children have gone through hardships, some are growing up healthy, and others are the primary concern. Educational voices of children in marriage-changing families. Now, in the face of some people’s requirements for the quality of marriage are getting higher and higher, divorce is common around us.

Children of marriage-changing families have become a special group of diabetic teenagers. How to conduct guidance and education?

Recently, the author surveyed the children of some marriage-changing families in Xingguo County, Jiangxi Province, and found that the status of this special group of people is cause for concern and deserves high attention.

  The divorce of the people who are more worried than happy may cause the couple and the husband and wife to break away for a while; but for their children, it will bring a psychological wound.

The children of some marriage-changing families have obvious differences in their ideological qualities, moral behaviors, and living habits from those of complete families: emotional irritability, loneliness and inferiority in character, behavioral willful behavior, and school education is more difficult.

Of course, some children have experienced hardships and have grown up healthily.

The survey shows that the impact of parental divorce on children’s education mainly has the following aspects: Increased psychological load.

The huge shock of the broken family has increased the psychological burden on children.

Liu, a fourth-year classmate of Xingguo Elementary School, had tears in her eyes: My parents turned out to be very good, and they treated me well, for some reason they divorced.

I followed my mother and became a child without a father.

Later, my mother found a father for me, and I was so happy that I changed it to the new father’s last name.

This dad also has a daughter, about my age.

At first the new dad was okay with me, tutoring me to study, and after that, he preferred that daughter and ignored me.

Some classmates discriminated against me and talked about me behind me, calling me a child with a changed surname, and no one wanted it.

  At a young age, they must bear heavy psychological pressure. When the psychological pressure cannot be resolved, they often choose to run away from home and seek relief.

At the rescue agency in Xingguo County, the author read the statistics of rescued persons in January 912 in 2004. During this period, there were 10 children under 18 years old, including 6 children from divorced families, accounting for up to 60%.

  The growth environment has deteriorated.

Some of the children of divorced families have to undertake heavy housework.

Especially children who live with their stepfather and stepmother are more appropriate.

13-year-old elementary school student Lee, his parents divorced and lived with his father. Later, his father got married, and his stepmother gave birth to a boy. Since then, the little girl has to do housework and has to be an “nanny”.

What’s more, some children were abandoned by their parents, homeless, and completely lost in a healthy family environment.

  Academic achievement level.

During the noisy divorce, many couples turned their families into “battlefields”. All day long, the children were upset and unconscious about their studies. As a result, too many children took the path of being tired of school and dropping out of school.

In the days when the second-year female student Wang, her parents were divorced, she kept arguing every day, which made her distraught and unable to calm down to study.

Soon, her academic performance dropped sharply. She was an outstanding student in the first grade, and she turned to the bottom of the class in the second grade.

  The author conducted a survey on a primary school and found that of the eight divorced families, seven of them were in the middle and lower grades, and only one of them had good grades, and three of them had the habit of petty theft.

  Poor self-control.

Defects in the normal education of marriage change families have led to the indulgence and lack of self-control of some children.

Yang, a junior high school student in a middle school in Xingguo, divorced his parents after primary school, and was raised by his mother. The mother couldn’t help it, and the father didn’t want him, so he had to give it to the uncle.

He didn’t observe discipline at school, he was often late for school, and no one said he would not listen.

During an English class, the teacher asked him to answer questions. If he was okay, he grimaced. The teacher criticized a few words. He also scolded the teacher.

After school in the afternoon, when I saw the English teacher riding a bicycle, I rushed to push the car down, punched the teacher, and walked away.

Issues that cannot be ignored Divorce is reduced in real life, the harm of marriage to families to children and the impact on society is also reversed, the defects of family education are broken, and some children cannot establish a noble moral sentimentThere may be a great increase in the evil path, and some even show anti-social behavior.

Some primary and secondary school educators believe that the education of children from divorced families is not a simple family issue, but a social issue that must attract attention from all quarters.

Therefore, the author puts forward the following suggestions on the education and protection of children in marriage-changing families: First, do a good job of education and guidance for divorced couples.

Divorce couples should be educated, and children should not be instilled with resentment toward each other.

The first thing a child must do when living with him is that living with him is good for the child’s growth and that the psychological trauma caused by divorce to the child is minimized.For those couples who have divorced lightly, the relevant departments should spare no effort to do a good job in order to re-establish their broken mirrors.

  Second, strengthen legal, policy, and ethical education for divorced couples.

Through education, resettlement understands that although the divorce is dissolved, the parent-child relationship still exists.

The obligation and responsibility to raise and educate children cannot be shifted.

The current problem is that child support is mainly implemented, but children’s education is often borne by one party, and some children are abused after their parents are divorced. Abandonment is often heard, and the parents of these children have suffered duePunishment.

Therefore, in addition to the allegations of divorced parents who abuse and abandon their children, the government should adopt administrative or legal means according to the seriousness of the situation and force them to bear the responsibility of parenting.

  Third, strengthen public opinion.

In order to make the “Minor Protection Law” and the “Nine-year Compulsory Education Law” deeply rooted in people’s hearts, this law should be incorporated into the law popularization plan, and its implementation should be checked regularly.

The government should establish a protection mechanism for the rights of minors to effectively protect the rights of minors, especially the legitimate rights and interests of children of marriage-changing families.

  Divorced parents are not the fault of their children. Discrimination against them can only aggravate their psychological pain.

Therefore, the focus society should give more love to the children of divorced families and give them more care and help.

Two types of yoga that can effectively eliminate anxiety_1

Two-style yoga that can effectively eliminate anxiety

Practicing yoga can not only lose weight, shape your body, but also adjust your inner balance, especially when you are worried about complications such as anger, you can do 2 yoga moves to restore your body to peace.

These two yoga moves are very simple and can be done without even having equipment. It is well worth your mastering.

  Half-moon routine imbalanced body weight and body functions are diminished, and I am worried.

This position relaxes the whole body and provides sufficient oxygen and energy to stretch the whole body.

Practice more than 2 times a day.

  Action essentials 1, legs protrude together.

  2. Cross your hands and cross straight up.

  Pay attention to tighten the thighs and hips, and abdomen.

  3. Breathe deeply with chest breathing, upper body trying to bend to the left, and look upward.

Hold for 10 seconds.

  Beginner’s legs can be wide apart with shoulders wide, hands folded, upper body bent to the left.

  4. With both fingers pointing up, stretch your body and get up while inhaling.

  5, Colombia draws a circle down.

The opposite is also true.

  Breathing in chest breathing is as important as performing the movements correctly.

The correct breathing method can discharge excess carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases from the body to the outside, and at the same time fill fresh parts of the body with oxygen to improve the exercise effect.

The wrong way of breathing can cause insufficient oxygen supply, cause the body to lose balance and even cause injury.

  The inhaled breath is longer than the exhaled breath, so the lungs can expand sufficiently to increase lung function.

There is a slight pain in the heart when inhaling. This is a phenomenon of breath dialysis in the body. The pain will naturally disappear when you take the correct breathing method.

Chest breathing is suitable for putting pressure on the belly and waist, and it is necessary to maintain a short posture.

  Action essentials 1, full lotus position, palms inserted into the ribs.

  2. Inhale and expand the bust like opening ribs.

Exhale and the ribs return to their natural state.

Mood whispers in your grip

Mood whispers in your grip

It is indispensable for anyone to have a small gathering or a party.

Silence is better than sound at this time. The posture of a person holding the cup can correct a lot of mood secrets.

  People who like to hold the cup above are mostly optimistic and open-minded, and are assured of things around them.

The person holding the center of the cup is usually approachable and gentle in handling people. He is a typical “Mr. Good”, most of whom always have a polite smile.

The people under the cup at hand are mostly cautious and emotionally rich. They are sensitive to the meaning between lines in their personalities, and even offended by excessive neuroticism.

  The small gestures that accompany the cup may also reveal your emotional feelings.

Holding the cup tightly with both hands basically means loneliness and eagerness to mingle with others.

Holding the cup in one hand and holding the cigarette in the other indicates that the other party is quite confident. They are freely interpersonal but do not want to be disturbed.

Shake the cup in hand constantly, indicating that the other party is doing nothing, only by listening to the sound of the ice cubes colliding, or watching the rippling waters to enjoy themselves.

  Hitting the cup with your finger often reminds the other party to worry, and this kind of movement must be used to relieve the inner anxiety.

In addition, it can be a red flag if you see someone keep scratching the cup with your nails, even pulling off the label, or making a harsh noise, because people usually have bad behavior when they are very angry.

Yoga moves help postpartum fat body recovery

Yoga moves help postpartum fat body recovery

Guide: The following are the postpartum body recovery time, simple and easy fitness methods and precautions, combined with the experience of fitness club coaches and some moms ‘experiences.

  1. Vertical style.

In a supine position, arms straight on the side of the body, legs raised together to maintain 90 degrees with the body.

(Beautiful leg exercises) Obesity, slackness, stiffness, and brittleness are the main problems of postpartum. According to statistics, about 10% of women will gradually “fat” and become obese after giving birth.

Wang Yuan, the top ten yoga star in the country, and the person in charge of Tiandi Xinyun Yoga pointed out that the most significant changes in postpartum body shape are the chest, waist, abdomen, and legs.

  Bluebird fitness center Zhou Lili said that in addition to a small number of postpartum and obese, there are other problems such as stiff waist muscles, loose abdomen, brittle ligaments, poor elasticity, and easy maternal injuries.

The postpartum fitness training mainly focuses on the physical and physical recovery of these aspects, especially the fitness of some small muscles in the inner layer of the abdomen. Some people have become the focus because the uterus enlarges during pregnancy and the abdominal muscles also follow.Then contract until the rectus abdominis separates.

The postpartum uterus gradually returns, but the abdominal wall muscles become loose and difficult to recover.

  2, infant blood sugar type.

Lying down, legs bent, arms clasped with both hands, aligned with forehead contact, the body is contoured like a baby.

(Exercise the waist and make the body tangible) At least 6 weeks later, go to lose weight. The hot girl with the reputation of “hero mother” has basically restored her previous shape in the three weeks after giving birth to her third son, becoming many young people.The objects that moms envy.

The doctor’s warning is that eating only one meal a day will damage bones and muscles, and even endanger the next baby.

Doing some weight loss exercises soon after maturity may slow down the uterine recovery and cause bleeding, while a little bit of exercise may slow down the recovery of the surgical section or the vulva retina, and some joints are particularly vulnerable to injury.Mother’s situation will be more dangerous.

The suggestion of Tofick Hawa, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Brown University in the United States, is that new mothers should go to those weight-loss classes and perform some aerobic bodybuilding activities after giving birth at least 6 weeks.

  Jade Bird Fitness Trainer Zhou Lili said: When can a mother enter a fitness center? It depends on her physical recovery.
6 weeks can start to do postpartum weight-loss exercises, the mother of cesarean section needs 6?
8 weeks.
For those with scar constitution, maybe after 2 months.

The club requires a hospital health certificate when it accepts maternity registration.

  3, V shape.

In a sitting position, keep your body and legs as straight as possible and keep them in a V shape.

(Beautiful Leg Exercises) New Mother Yoga Shapes the Top Ten Yoga Stars in the Country, and Wang Yuan, the person in charge of Tiandi Xinyun Yoga, recommends a set of effective yoga exercises for maternal recovery. Normal mothers can perform one month postpartum according to their physical condition.

  Before the exercise, do breathing exercises under the music background: supine position, knee joint flexion, inhale deeply to pull the abdominal wall into the visceral traction and then exhale, the purpose is to move the abdominals to move the internal organs.

The following set of actions are mainly performed on the chest, waist, abdomen, and legs.

With breathing, inhale when muscles contract and exhale when you relax.

Each action is 3-5 times, each time holding for 15-30 seconds.

  4. Spin the spine.

In a sitting position, the legs cross under the buttocks, hold the legs on the opposite side with one hand on the back of the body.

With breathing, turn your head slowly back.

(Massaging of internal organs, detoxification, and training of thin waist) Private measures for prenatal control starch Ms. Xu was 30 pounds longer at the peak of her weight than before pregnancy. Now the child is a little bit older and returns to about 105 pounds at work.

Ms. Xu said that she had done some post-natal exercises a month or two after giving birth.

In terms of diet, foods such as starch are slightly controlled during the last two months before delivery.

She felt that she had not exercised deliberately, and 95% of her physical recovery was natural.

  5, cow face deformation.

Kneeling, palms placed behind the back, turned from the outside to the inside, while the fingertips tried to lift from the bottom to the top, chest, head tilted back.

At the same time, the gestures and gestures on the back change, and the opposite hand is pulled on the back.

(Stiff, good for postpartum breast sagging).

  Massage the pelvis to help shrink Huairou Xu Jinfang’s weight loss experience: the first month after birth is very important.
At that time, osteoporosis, lying on the side, and letting family members massage the pelvis were good for helping the pelvis to shrink.

In addition, she felt that after the child was not feeding, she had some control over the amount of meals, increased activity, and quickly lost weight.
Another personal recommendation is: lying on the bed with your legs close together, lifting your upper body, lifting hard, insisting on doing it for half an hour every day, for a year, can effectively restore the abdominal muscles.

  6, lateral lumbar fracture.

One leg is slender, with one leg contracted from a previous leg complication.

The opposite hand supports the waist, and the other hand leans forward to straighten for side waist movement.

Go in another direction.

Secrets men never want to say

Secrets men never want to say

Women’s secrets are usually written in diaries, locked in place, and even posted in the whispers of close friends’ ears . so what about men?

Usually in my heart.

Women’s secrets usually need to be shared, while men’s secrets are arbitrary and can only be chewed by themselves.

If you are a woman who loves him, you must first know that he has some secrets that are “private property” that cannot be touched, or it may be his unspeakable secrets.

  Secret one: His emotional record case: JACKY, 32 years old, company project manager-Before I got married, I had a girlfriend and she broke up for various reasons.

I suffered a lot until I married my current wife.

I have n’t told my wife about this past experience, but she does n’t know what she ‘s heard. She always pesters me to ask about it. Sometimes I inadvertently overlook her, and she asks me with jealousy: How did you treat her?

Wouldn’t it be as indifferent as to me?

Makes me confused.

I really want to tell her not to be so interested in my past in the future, but I’m afraid she’s misunderstood deeper, I don’t know how to speak.

  Men’s thoughts: Almost every man has a colorful love life, but in the hearts of men, “the woman in the past” and “the woman in the present” are two planets, and men are unwilling to tell all this to womenIt ‘s not that men are ashamed of it. Even men who think that more educated women love to be jealous. If a man exposes his “ugliness” by himself, will he have a good life in the future?

Therefore, all this becomes an extremely depressing secret for men.

  Woman’s response: Let his emotional experience become a dusty past.

Set his secret as a “minefield” in your heart, and always remind yourself not to get involved. Even if you hear only a few words, don’t dig deeper. Your stubbornness and stinginess arouse his memories and even remember the “her”What are the benefits?

Smart women know not to dig traps.


Keywords: 1.

Brokenheartedness: Because it is a loss of face, it is not mentioned.


Online dating: Men will not admit this kind of unrighteous behavior.


Encounter: The feeling of stealing makes men feel wonderful, and the best way to enjoy it is to keep it as a secret.


Admiration: For married men, this is his secret secret.

  Secret 2: Cases of various “feminine” psychological needs: Cui Tao, 36, Vice President of the Company-In the eyes of many people, I am the so-called “successful person”: owning a high salary, a big house, a famous car, in fact, I also haveUnknown secrets, some of which are tired, I also want to rest on the front of my wife to let my heart rest; I feel aggrieved and sad at the outside, and I also want to cry very quickly; sometimes I also want to imagineThe child lived carefree like that, or spoiled her . but I was also afraid that my wife’s knowledge would affect my “glorious” image in her mind.

  Men’s thoughts: In terms of individual life, men are actually more vulnerable than women, but both women and men have formalized and absoluteized men. It seems that men mean masculinity, strong, pragmatic, carefree, not sloppy .… In fact, otherwise, men also have a lot of unknown “feminine needs”, but just secrets that they only do not say, and women can’t open it for a look.

  Women’s response: A man is a “face” animal, and he likes women’s appreciation and worship. Therefore, this secret of a man is very delicate and cannot be easily solved.

A woman just faces calmly, understands herself, and understands in her heart. Do n’t tell her, and do n’t encourage him to be “weak” or “childish” because of love. Otherwise, men will think you look down on him.It was unbearable to him; his admiration for vanity and rotten beauty was unspoken, and it would only anger him.


Keywords: 1.

Vanity: It is difficult to make more money in your pocket, but it is easier to make yourself like a rich person.


Weakness: Men also have a weak side and cannot be made public.


Smelly: Men usually die and do n’t admit they love dressing up. This is also a “secret” for men.


Childish: It looks like Lai Pi is coquettish, but it is not suitable for large-scale development.

  Secret three: The so-called “man’s own affairs” Case: Liu Ming, 30 years old, media reporter-during leisure time after work, I often meet up with a group of friends. Everyone laughs, drinks, and feels very comfortable.But my wife is always uneasy, and sometimes I have to make several phone calls in a night and chase: Where are you?

With whom?

What are you doing

Make people tire.

There are also things about my work, she always asks.

Knowing that she did it because of concern, but I really don’t want her to interfere too much with these things of mine.

  Men’s thoughts: Women work on details, love to communicate, love to ask questions, and even get horny.

And men often think that it’s the man’s business, and women don’t need to go to fuss at all, because men’s affairs must be done by men.

  Women’s Response: When your husband needs you to be a wife, don’t try to be a planner for his work and life.

Everyone has a psychological need to have their own living space, and men are no exception, so women’s wise choice is: let him go crazy, what fox friends and dogs, work conditions.
A piece of his “reservation land”, he will cultivate!


Keywords: 1.

Work status: Some work needs to be kept secret in order not to bring daytime things into the night.

Therefore, men do not like women to interfere.


Entertainment: Men like to play with same-sex friends, but don’t like women to get involved.


Dream of getting rich: The desire to get rich overnight is almost a dream of almost every man, but he has to carry his wife on his back, hoping that one day he will give his beloved woman a big surprise.

  Secret 4: Worries about sex Case: ANSON, 40 years old, company employee-My wife and I are more harmonious in sex, but I always worry and worry involuntarily, some worry about whether my size is long enough, madeThe number of times and whether the time is satisfactory to her . But these worries of me are not willing to let my wife know, let alone her to take the initiative to make a statement.

  Men’s thoughts: Sex is a man’s life-long event, he cares a lot, and thinks about it every six minutes.

Sex is an important cornerstone of men’s self-esteem and self-confidence. No matter what man is, he is unwilling to admit that he is incompetent in sexual matters.

Men are more or less concerned about their sexual abilities.

It’s a big secret that cannot be known to women.

  Women’s response: Behind men’s “sexual” vigor, there is actually a struggle.

Therefore, the appreciation and trust from his wife is the best “Viagra” of a man, unless he is the cause of the situation “slide”. As a wife, he should be impassioned and not to be ignored.


Keywords: 1.

Times: Men usually make false reports and overreport.


How long to do: In terms of duration, men are secretive, and don’t be jealous of being a wife.


“There is disease in the widow”: The safest specification is not to kill!

Caring for Sleep Classic Life Starts in the Bedroom

Caring for Sleep Classic Life Starts in the Bedroom

Classical quality of life is inseparable from high quality sleep. About one third of human life is spent in sleep. Sleep is an important replacement for the body to recover, integrate and consolidate memory, and is an undeniable part of health.

The busy life, the tense urban rhythm, the grim sleep status and the essence of quality sleep have been paid more and more attention.

The high-efficiency living environment makes most people feel mentally tired, lack satisfaction, and face health problems.

Experts suggest that quality sleep is the foundation and an important part of health.

  Sleep status cannot be ignored. Among the general public in most countries in Europe and the Americas, sleep problems account for 30% to 56%.

Sleep problems have become a worldwide problem.

Our country has conducted a survey on sleep problems and found that China is higher than the world’s average-there are sleep problems and insomnia symptoms reach 40% to 60%, which shows that the sleep status of the public is not optimistic.

A few days ago, the representatives of European and American classic home furnishings-Meikemeijia jointly launched and Ruili jointly launched the “Sleep Health Status Survey Report”, covering personal sleep habits, key factors affecting sleep quality, sleep subhealth symptoms, sleep consumption concepts, etc.

The survey results showed that more than 80% of the respondents had different degrees of sleep quality problems, showing difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, not falling asleep, causing symptoms such as difficulty concentrating.

It is understood that the reason why most people have different levels of sleep quality problems, in addition to some of their own poor sleep habits, even there are many misunderstandings about sleep: think quality sleep instead of sleep time?

Do drugs promote sleep?

Difficulty falling asleep means insomnia and so on.

  Sleep first, the medical doctor of the Qing Dynasty Li Yu once pointed out: “The best health is to sleep first.

Sleep can regenerate, sleep can nourish qi, sleep can strengthen the spleen and stomach, sleep can strengthen bones.

“The nature of sleep has been well-recognized since ancient times.

  Studies have shown that sleep is by no means equivalent to the length of sleep. In sleep time, too long or too short of sleep is not good for health, but it is also related to people’s personality, health status, working environment, labor intensity, etc.Because of it, it has a certain relationship with everyone’s sleep habits.

The quality of sleep is based on getting the maximum sleep quality in a limited amount of sleep time. We know that most people spend their sleep time in light and light sleep, so the quality is not high.

Therefore, the quality of sleep is relatively simple to estimate by the length of sleep, and then the quality of dark sleep.

  Insufficient long-term sleep, the brain can not get enough rest, prone to headaches, dizziness, memory loss, loss of appetite and other phenomena; long-term insomnia makes young women appear grayish yellow, increased wrinkles and other premature aging.

Adequate sleep refreshes and radiates the body. This is the body’s self-protection response. It suppresses other functions through sleep and highlights immune functions.

The body’s immune regulation is mainly completed at night. Insomnia must cause damage to the immune system, while some insomniacs are suspected of treating insomnia with drugs and health products to complete sleep quickly, regardless of drug replacement.

Day after day, a vicious circle forms.

Only healthy, adequate, and excellent sleep can help you eliminate fatigue, promote health, nourish your skin, and show a youthful look.

  Difficulty falling asleep is not the same as insomnia. Do not worry about the sky, which will lead to real insomnia.

Sleep is an active physiological process in humans.

When you have difficulty falling asleep, you are worried about insomnia, and then you are worried. This kind of fear makes our worry about insomnia a reality.

Causes the decline in sleep quality and directly affects physical health.

  Ensuring good sleep quality is important for health.

The Meikemei family, which advocates the classic lifestyle, always believes that classic life is inseparable from high-quality sleep and the guarantee of sleep quality. First of all, adhere to a regular schedule, maintain the synchronization of the biological clock, and develop to fall asleep on time. This is to improve the quality of sleep.One of the key elements.

Avoid eating and stay away from strong tea, coffee and nicotine before going to bed, keep the environment quiet, do not stress yourself during insomnia, and do not rely on drugs.

The last good bedding can help you fall asleep, have a good night’s sleep, and prevent damage to your neck and back during sleep.

  Bedding expert Mei Kemei deeply understands the facts of sleep, and is committed to helping the general population to bring about a healthy and classic life with persistent innovation and cordial care.

Start by choosing a good mattress to create a good sleeping space and form good sleeping habits.

  Good-quality mattresses, good night’s dreams, and some internal factors may not completely eliminate sleep problems in a short time, but to create a comfortable sleeping environment, choose a good mattress to reduce physical stress, and improve sleep quality is not difficult to achieve.

We all know that one-third of a person’s life sleeps with a bed, and no furniture is as close to a person as a mattress.

As one of the furnitures closely related to sleep, mattresses are not well understood.

  Replace mattress in 5-7 years?

Never generalize.If your good night’s dreams are often plagued by unknown pain, the quality of sleep is not as good as before, and changing the environment will improve the quality of sleep, then you should consider replacing the mattress.

In general, high-quality mattresses can prolong life if used properly and carefully.

Maikemeijia mattresses have a high quality guarantee. Although it is not necessary, if you can turn the mattress frequently and take care of it, you can extend the mattress to 15-20 years.

  The choice of mattress is crucial.

The mattress is closely related to the lumbar spine.

The normal lumbar spine is a lordosis. If the mattress cannot fit the lumbar spine, it will cause the lumbar spine to change and cause discomfort.

People of different sizes have different mattresses.

It is recommended to choose soft and hard mattresses according to sleeping habits.

In addition, the choice of mattress has a certain relationship with height and weight.

When choosing a mattress, don’t be shy about trying it out, experience it first-hand, lie flat on the mattress, and see if it can fit the natural curve of the neck, back, waist, hips, and legs.It can be said to be soft and hard.

Carefully choosing the bedding that suits you is the best shortcut to a good night’s dream and the perfect start.

  Maikemeijia deeply understands the needs of the broad audience, and cooperates with Shuda, the second largest mattress brand in the United States, to launch mattress products suitable for Chinese people.

Provide consumers with a tailored sleep experience, allowing continuous sleep to be easily combined with comfortable living enjoyment.

  The second-generation Masterpiece mattress fabrics all use imported high-end jacquard, and the quilted layer provides different soft and hard comforts, conforms to the human body curve, and ensures sufficient sleep.

Latex uses imported pure natural health materials, which is definitely a good choice for patients with hypertension and allergies.

The exquisite and unique air button design greatly improves the breathability of the mattress, creating a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

The patented spring support system allows the direction of spring separation to be consistent with the sleeping direction of the human body, effectively giving unique support to sleepers of different weights, and avoiding the mutual influence between sleeping partners during sleep.

The soft fibers in the wavy fiber cotton can evenly disperse weight according to the body curve, release the body pressure and improve blood circulation, bring you a relaxing and continuous sleep, and help you have a good night’s dream.

  Opening the chapter of classic life and standing at the beginning of a new era of health, Meikemeijia is committed to helping the general public live a classic and healthy life with the brand promise.

Maikemeijia, your intimate bedding expert, provides you with high-quality mattresses and sleep knowledge to meet your sleep needs and help you achieve high-quality sleep.

Caring for sleep and caring for health, Maikemeijia will continue to devote infinite care and write the legend of bedding with you.