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Fresh food preservation plan


Fresh food preservation plan

After dinner, plastic food boxes, microwave bowls, cling film, storage bags, everything that can be saved to the food guys unveiled.

Yes, for the health of the family, the rest of the food can be properly preserved.

For a long time, we have thought that the plastic products used in food packaging and storage, including disposable convenience bags, food packaging bags and reusable plastic containers, are considered safe and harmless.

But in fact, the advice from the experts is: you must carefully understand the composition of the product and master the correct storage method to ensure that there is no threat to your health (healthy food).

銆€銆€鈼?First one: How can I find a digital password on the box to make a good choice?

A simple and feasible method is to follow the instructions from the manufacturer, which can usually be found in the description section of the original packaging of the product.

If you can’t find the relevant content on the outer packaging, you must think twice before buying.

銆€銆€If you have the habit of reading the product manual, you will find a lot of useful information in the text at the bottom of the food box.

A triangular number symbol appears on the bottom of most food boxes.

The entire pattern may also include arrows or other numbers that are used to distinguish the product material category.

When buying a food box, the following numbers deserve our special attention: Number 3: means: This number represents PVC.

This material is relatively hard-grained and is often used in the manufacture of food boxes, water pipes and building materials for a wide range of applications in everyday life.

銆€銆€Directions for use: In general, food boxes made from this material are only suitable for storing dry, low-moisture foods such as rice and pasta.

PVC is not resistant to high temperature, so be sure to transfer the food to a food container suitable for microwave use before heating the food.

銆€銆€Number 6: means: This is the sign of polystyrene.

This material is sometimes foamy and is used primarily for making disposable lunch boxes, cups and cutlery.

銆€銆€Directions for use: Polystyrene has the lowest melting point of all types of food packaging materials, so although it can be used to hold warm foods, do not use a food box that uses this material to heat directly.

銆€銆€Number 7: means: This number represents a material other than PVC and polystyrene or a composite material of various plastic materials.

If the raw material of the food box is polycarbonate (including BPA), this number will appear on the product.

銆€銆€Usage Guide: Standard food box materials are various, their heat resistance and maintenance methods are also different, be sure to read the product description carefully before use, strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

銆€銆€鈼廈asic 2: A comprehensive understanding of the use of the lunch box to update the container in a timely manner – if you find that the food box in your home is deformed, worn, infiltrated with oil (oil food) dirt or has been difficult to wash after a long time, you should take the initiative and let them be laid off as soon as possible.
Dish detergents, detergents and scouring pads can cause wear and even corrosion on the food box.

If there is blistering on the surface of the food box, it means that the damage has been caused for a long time.

Excessively, if the surface is stained by infiltration into the vegetable juice, it means that the chemical components in the food box are highly likely to penetrate into the food in the container during the heating process.

Therefore, experts pointed out that it is necessary to eliminate the aging and damaged food containers in time.

銆€銆€Heating without boiling – for the use of microwave ovens, the difference between heating and cooking seems to be only one line difference.

But this difference is crucial to the safety of plastic food boxes.

Even microwave-specific lunch boxes cannot withstand the high temperature processing.

First, the food is heated to 60 掳 C.

This temperature maintains an appropriate safety distance from the boiling point.

Some materials, such as polycarbonate, begin to soften and melt at around 135 掳 C and therefore cannot be used for food heating.

Even other plastic food containers should avoid such high temperatures.

The secret of safety is to dispose of the food in a microwave-specific container of glass or ceramic material before heating, especially if you plan to use the oven to cook new alternatives using fresh materials, or to heat the long-lasting leftovers at high temperatures.time.

銆€銆€Special bag – When there is no food bag at hand, how about looking for an ordinary plastic bag instead?

Don’t forget, the US Food and Drug Administration only approved several types of specially treated plastic containers that can be used to hold food.

Therefore, even if you are in a hurry and are in a hurry, you can’t just grab a few bottles and cans and put the things you eat inside.

Even if the instructions indicate that the product is harmless to the human body, as long as it is not food-specific, it must not be used to take into account the health of itself and its family.

Expert Tip: To preserve food, be sure to buy food-specific plastic lunch boxes; foods that need to be fresh must be packaged in food-specific storage bags. You must not use stores, supermarkets or even garbage bags for saving or saving time.銆€銆€Clean and square – a basin of hot water, a few drops of detergent, plus a soft scouring pad to clean all the dishes.

It is not necessary to use a strong alkaline cleaner like a decontamination powder to remove oil residue from food.

When using tableware, place the plastic tableware on the top layer.

Before using a new food container, be sure to wash it thoroughly and thoroughly mix the dirt left in the production process into the food.

銆€銆€Each of the directors – self-adhesive food bags and food wrap is the best choice for packaging food.

In order to increase the elasticity of the product, part of the wrap film is made of PVC.

If you are concerned about the adverse effects of PVC on the human body, you can choose a product that excludes plasticizers.

Do not use ordinary plastic containers to heat in the oven.

When using a microwave to heat meals, be sure to place the food in a glass or ceramic dish for the microwave oven.

If necessary, it is best to stick a layer of plastic wrap on the dishes, but do not let them touch the surface of the food.

Creative era, new and new sex


Creative era, new and new sex

What you want to enjoy is pure sex and love. Whether it is a missionary or a variety of postures, these sexes are repeated every day and every month.

Is it a bit boring?

Did you feel a little mechanical?

Should it be a different way?

銆€銆€Now, people are beginning to realize the quality of life. Sex has its own stage and sleeps in its own field. Whether the way you want to be sexual is grand or detailed; it is majestic or tender; modern society gives peopleToo much passion, let everyone sprout some fierce and erotic ideas – this may be a luxury of fullness, but it is also in line with the trend of the world.

銆€銆€All that is required is pure sex and love. What is to be enjoyed is pure sex and love.

銆€銆€Slow down the rhythm to soothe the rhythm of life and work stress in the sex city, so that everyone is busy forgetting themselves, so we should slow down all rhythms.

For example, on the early morning of Sunday, the clear sunshine of the sun just climbed the window, opened itself in the morning light, greeted a soothing, emotional love, then, then hugged and slept for an hour, with no worries, only the arms in the armsWith a lover.

銆€銆€Luxury and sensual retro sex are all about luxury in the world, and sex is of course possible.

Carefully furnished with a luxurious and beautiful love nest, retro crystal chandeliers, Egyptian cotton sheets, rose flowers throughout the house, two fragrant champagnes, a glass roof that can see the stars. Sex can also have such a dramaThe most luxurious way.

銆€銆€Green filling and clean sex choose to complete the sex equation in a greener and greener environment, especially in your own home, you can create a green and filled Eden.

Or, go to the forest, go to the beach, go to the Alps, go to the place where the negative oxygen ions are above, and give the children of the future a cleanest hotbed.

銆€銆€Beauty Relaxation Decompression Love Make a beauty for your man, let him open the prejudice of beauty-only women, you can take a decompression lavender bath together, and make a set of yoga to relax your body and mind, let beauty and bodyBecoming a foreplay of the latest in modern ways, after sex, you will have the best quality sweet sleep.

銆€銆€Warm reminder: Sex is no longer a burden for women, challenging traditions, playing new tricks will not cause problems for couples, and will not cause their “sex” interest to go downhill.

銆€銆€In fact, everyone has the right to choose their own way of sex, although it varies from person to person, but the key is the communication between husband and wife. If the two people have good feelings, don’t be afraid of details, but it is good for emotional preservation.

Seven kinds of foods can’t be eaten overnight


Seven kinds of foods can’t be eaten overnight

Some food poisoning and death can be caused by excessive processing of miso meat, over-use of miscellaneous vegetables or misuse of excess nitrite.

In addition to its own toxicity, nitrite and protein decomposition products react under acidic conditions, easily produce nitrosamine carcinogens, and have indirect carcinogenic effects, especially for gastric cancer, which is an important factor for modern people.Carcinogenic factors.

銆€銆€1, overnight eggs, can you eat?

銆€銆€Northerners: Yes, you can’t see the tea egg street selling!

銆€銆€Southerners: No, especially men, because they will have small bowel/scrotal swelling.

銆€銆€Scientist: depending on the situation!

Because the eggs are not fully cooked, the unripe egg yolks are eaten overnight. In the case of improper storage, the bacteria tend to breed bacteria, which may be harmful to health, such as: causing stomach discomfort, swelling gas, and the like.

However, if the egg is ripe and sealed at a low temperature (generally refrigerated temperature), it can be stored for 48 hours.

銆€銆€From the tips of the scientists, we can know: Eggs can be eaten overnight, not only to see if they are heated, but to cook the eggs when they first cook the eggs, only cooked in the first boiled eggs.After that, it is no problem to cook again overnight. Tea eggs are the same reason. Maybe you don’t know, the tea eggs are cooked twice, the first time, the second time, the egg skin is broken, and the tea is added.Wait for the ingredients, cook again, so the tea eggs must be cooked. Now some people like to eat half-boiled eggs, (the egg yolk is semi-liquid). The eggs can’t be eaten overnight, even if they are cooked for the second time.have eaten.

銆€銆€2, can not drink water overnight?

銆€銆€Boil the tap water 3?
In 5 minutes, the content of harmful substances such as nitrite and chloride is the lowest, which is most suitable for people to carry.

銆€銆€Drink less overnight water: nitrite can form carcinogenic nitrosamines in the human body.

Some experts have found that the nitrite content in boiling water is higher than that of raw water.

Moreover, the boiled water is too long or boiled for more than 24 hours, and the content of nitrite is obviously increased.

After boiling water for 24 hours, the nitrite content was 1 when it was just boiled.

3 times.

Chinese residents have the habit of drinking boiled water. It is best to drink or drink only the boiling water of the day, and do not drink boiled water that has been boiled for too long.

銆€銆€3, overnight tea can not drink overnight tea because of the time is too long, vitamins have basically disappeared, and the protein, sugar, etc. in tea soup will become bacteria, mold breeding nutrients, so people usually think that overnight tea can not drink.

銆€銆€Tea is generally retained in the human body for about 3 hours, while the concentration of concentrated tea is continuous, so that theophylline accumulates too much in the human body, resulting in neurological dysfunction.

After the tea has been released for a long time, it will lose vitamins and other nutrients, and it will be susceptible to deterioration. Even the sulfuric acid in tea will become a very irritating oxide, which will easily damage the spleen and stomach, especially in summer, causing inflammation in the body.

銆€銆€4, can the white fungus eat overnight?

銆€銆€Tremella soup is a high-grade nutritional supplement, but once in advance, nutrients will be reduced and harmful ingredients will be produced.

Because unless it is cultivated in the chamber, the white fungus cultivated in the field contains a large amount of nitrates. After being cooked for a long time, the nitrate will be reduced to nitrite under the decomposition of bacteria.

When people drink this soup, nitrous acid naturally enters the blood circulation. The red blood cells in the blood have hemoglobin, which can carry a lot of oxygen for the body.

However, nitrous acid acts as a counteracting, oxidizing normal hemoglobin in the human body to methemoglobin, and losing the ability to carry oxygen, resulting in a lack of normal hematopoiesis in the human body!

銆€銆€5, do not eat leafy vegetables overnight!

銆€銆€Because some green leafy vegetables contain a large amount of nitrates, if they are left for too long after being cooked, the nitrate will be reduced to nitrite under the decomposition of bacteria, which is carcinogenic and cannot be removed by heating.

Ning left amaranth without vegetables.

銆€銆€Healthy eating: Generally, stem and leaf vegetables have the highest nitrate content, melon vegetables are slightly lower, and roots and cauliflowers are in the middle.

Therefore, if you purchase different types of vegetables at the same time, you should first eat stems and leaves, such as Chinese cabbage, spinach and so on.

If you are going to cook more food and eat it the next day, you should try to make less stem and leaf vegetables and choose melon vegetables.

銆€銆€6, how to do overnight soup?

銆€銆€The soup that can’t be finished is put into the refrigerator, and it is boiled and drink the next day.

Is this overnight soup good for the body?

銆€銆€Healthy eating method: The best way to preserve it is to not put salt and other seasonings on the bottom of the soup. Cook the soup with a clean spoon and spoon to drink it on the same day. If you can’t finish it, it is best to store it in the refrigerator with a pot.
Because the remaining soup is continuously in the aluminum pan and stainless steel pot, it is prone to chemical reaction and should be placed in glass or ceramic ware.

銆€銆€7, seafood can not be overnight!
銆€銆€The overnight foods that should not be eaten include fish, seafood, green leafy vegetables, salads and so on.

銆€銆€Fish and seafood are prone to protein degradation after overnight, which can damage liver and kidney function.

Green leafy vegetables contain different amounts of nitrate. If the cooking is too long or put too long, the vegetables will turn yellow and taste, and the nitrate will be reduced to toxic nitrite by bacteria, which has carcinogenic effects.

Cold salad is polluted by the processing, even if it is refrigerated, it is likely to have deteriorated after overnight. It should be eaten now.

Health care is in the lungs to reduce noise, phlegm and stomach, no deviation


Health care is in the lungs to reduce noise, phlegm and stomach, no deviation

The ancients said that “spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourishing Yin”, “spring and summer long, autumn harvest winter Tibetan” said that health must be compliant with four o’clock in order to achieve the purpose of longevity.

Li Qiu slammed into the sky, and guarded the “autumn tiger”!

This year, Liqiu is still in the “three days”, and the summer heat is still very difficult to eliminate.

Health experts suggest: “After the fall, a hot and dead person”, at this time, the public should pay close attention to the weather forecast, once the “autumn tiger” appears, pay attention to heatstroke and cool down.

At this time, the temperature difference between day and night gradually becomes larger, and it is also necessary to prevent colds and cold.

Liqiu Health—After the convergence of Yangqi, the yang of nature began to converge and accumulate, and people began to prepare for the maintenance of yang.

Going to bed early can follow the convergence of yang, and early to reset the lungs to get stretched.

In addition, early morning and early morning can reduce the chance of thrombosis, and can prevent vascular diseases such as cerebral thrombosis.

Liqiu Health—Nursing the liver and protecting the liver Chinese medicine believes that the liver is the official of the general, and the outside of the flat is relying on the liver, which is equivalent to the detoxification and immune function of Western medicine.

And “the lungs, the official of the Fu, the rule of the sputum”, all the gas, all in and out of the lungs.

After the outside, it is necessary to govern.

Manage yourself, and you can’t rely on your lungs.

The lungs are gold, and the autumn land is golden again, so the lungs fall in the fall.

In addition, the main harvest in autumn, dry for the main air of autumn, and the lungs are “sweet” not cold and heat, so it is easy to be injured by autumn dry, so you need to moisten, nourish Yin, lungs.

And autumn is gold, Jinkemu, so this gas in autumn will inhibit your liver and liver hair.

The liver is open to the eye, so the eyesight of the eye will drop at this time.

Should pay attention to liver protection, go to bed early, get up early.

Liqiu massage / moxibustion training to make up the vitality “Yellow Emperor Neijing Susu” pointed out: “Spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter Yin.”

Autumn is a good time for moxibustion, because autumn and winter consume more yang.

At this time, it is easier to replenish yang in time to prepare for the whole winter!

1, Dazhui points: health care points, the main body of the “A and B Jing” said “Da Vertebra, Sanyang, Du Meridian”, Dazhui points, also known as “Dayang’s Sea”, can dominate the body, but also health care points.

Therefore, massage, moxibustion, etc. can improve the body’s immunity and improve lung function.

Acupoints: the lower end of the human complication, the depression of the seventh cervical spine.

If the bone is not obvious, the patient’s activity is included, and the unmoving joint is the first thoracic vertebra, about flush with the shoulder.

2, Taibai point: supplement blood, beauty and beauty is too white is the original point of the spleen, spleen and spleen effect is stronger than other points.

The spleen is a qi and blood, the gas is insufficient, and the blood is more than enough. Therefore, the spleen often has symptoms of spleen qi deficiency. We often say that the yellow face is the image of spleen deficiency. Massage this acupuncture point every day can better fill the spleen meridian.The lack of Qi is the source of the spleen’s support for the qi.

Acupoints: At the toe edge, when the big toe is in the section (the first metatarsophalangeal joint), there is a red-white interdental depression.

3, Guanyuan points: qi and blood, tonic deficiency and loss Guanyuan is the recruitment of small intestines.

It means that it is the acupoint of the small intestine that accumulates in the abdomen.

In the “Bian Shu Xin Shu”, “every summer and autumn, that is, the burning Guan Yuan Qianzhu, long time does not fear the cold and heat”, moxibustion Guan Yuan, not only can clear the veins, strong waist, but also good geography and blood, tonic and loss.

Inconvenient moxibustion can be massaged clockwise around Guanyuan.

Acupoints: Located in the lower abdomen, the front midline, 3 inches below the navel, is the level of entry and exit.

4, Qihai Point: Fuzheng Guben, Peibu Yuanqi Chinese medicine believes that this is the center of the human body, is the source of anger, the body is caused by the infuriating, so for the lack of yang, the lack of vitality caused by the cold disease,Massage gas sea points usually have the effect of warming and nourishing the vital energy, strengthening the body and strengthening the body, and replenishing the body.

Acupoints: located in the lower abdomen, the front midline, under the umbilicus.

5 inches, is the yang of the yin, the sea of vitality.

According to the traditional saying that the autumn physiology recipes are dry, the human body needs to be moisturized. Therefore, it is advisable to drink soup with nourishing lungs or porridge in the current season.

Especially women friends, often drink some soup or porridge, which can both health and beauty effects.

1, cornmeal sweet potato porridge function: the most suitable porridge in autumn is cornmeal sweet potato porridge.Nutritious substances such as cornmeal pigment unsaturated fatty acids, sweet potato has the effect of prolonging the disease.

Practice: 100 grams of cornmeal, first with cold water into a paste, wait until the water is boiled, then add the chopped sweet potatoes together, gently stir to prevent the cornmeal stick to the bottom of the pot.

2, honey melon screw head chicken soup function: the positive color of the soup is milky white, very thick and very white, the woman drinks the best, has a beauty, moisturizing effect.

Practice: first boil the water (the amount of water is more than double the material), ginger, snail meat, chicken pieces, simmer for half an hour, then medium heat for two hours, then add the small pieces of honeydew melon, thenThe fire can be half an hour, and the soup at this time is about half to two-fifth of the original amount.

3, Shashen Yuzhu fishtail soup function: Shashen and Yuzhu are all lungs, this soup is especially helpful for people who have too much alcohol and tobacco and lack of sleep.

Practice: The basic approach is the same as above.

Wash the fish tail first, add it to the oil pan (put in the oil) and fry until golden brown.

Boil the water, put everything in boiling water, simmer for half an hour, then medium heat for an hour and a half.

Li Qiu’s health taboo 1, avoid overeating and eating people in the fall, due to the pleasant climate, rich food, and often eat too much.

Excessive absorption, will be converted into fecal accumulation, making people fat.

In the autumn diet, pay attention to the right amount, can not indulge appetite, eat and drink.

2, avoid eating spicy cold food in the fall and eat less irritating, spicy, hot food, such as sharp pepper.

Also avoid all kinds of hot and humid gas accumulation. Any food with a spicy smell has a function of dispersing, so it is recommended to eat spicy food such as celery.

3, avoid eating greasy, fried foods greasy fried foods are not easy to digest, accumulate in the stomach, aggravating the body’s accumulated heat, is not conducive to moistening, many chronic respiratory diseases often relapse or aggravate in autumn, because thisthe reason.

Caring for the elderly to start from the psychological


Caring for the elderly to start from the psychological

Caring for the elderly is not only about caring for the health of the elderly, but also the health of the elderly.

Then, when it comes to caring for the elderly, what can be done to really care about the mental health of the elderly?

銆€銆€There are six main ways to care for the elderly: 1. Live to the old and learn to be old.

Learning for the elderly is not simply about learning new knowledge, but more importantly, in this way, you don’t feel lonely.

銆€銆€2. Strengthen interpersonal communication.

Older people should often chat with friends, exchange ideas and feelings, and learn from the collective activities and interpersonal relationships to make their own feelings comfortable and enjoyable.

銆€銆€3. Stay optimistic.

Older people should have confidence in life, try their best to be open-minded, be optimistic, and use their advantages in knowledge, experience, skills, intelligence and specialty to find new life pleasures.

銆€銆€4, family and social concerns.

Family and social care is the external environment and necessary conditions for mental health in the elderly. When you are sick, you need to take care of it, not only giving material attention, but more importantly, giving psychological understanding and support.

銆€銆€5, learn to cause troubles.

Life is both colorful and full of energy and troubles. Life is like this.

The big winds and the big waves have passed, and you don’t have to worry about small things, let alone put them in a depressed state. You must release bad emotions in a timely manner through various channels to maintain a good mood.

銆€銆€6, rich in amateur life.

According to the physical condition and hobbies, the elderly arrange the contents of life, such as practicing calligraphy, planting flowers and grass, raising poultry, reading newspapers, watching TV dramas, etc., so that they can stretch their moods and cherish their time and make life.More reasonable.

Proving the beauty of the family’s health and bathing


Proving the beauty of the family’s health and bathing

You don’t have to go to a distant hot spring in essence. Just take the time to learn the function menu of the family bathroom, and the daily bathing time can increase the beauty and health.

銆€銆€Objective 1 To improve the metabolic metabolism of the metabolic bath – supplemental exercise Sometimes you feel that you have exercised too much, but the weight loss effect is still not obvious.

This may be a decrease in your metabolic function.

Enhance metabolism and improve exercise effect can make full use of hot and cold stimulation bath.

銆€銆€After soaking in hot water of about 40 degrees for 5-7 minutes, let the body cool for 3-5 minutes.

It then repeats the previous promotion of blood vessel expansion and contraction, stimulating the body’s metabolism.

Drink a little more water after bathing to make metabolism more active.

銆€銆€If you have an assistant tester in your home, you may find that the aunt index after bathing is high, because it is a short-lived phenomenon caused by a decrease in body water during bathing. Please don’t waste it.

銆€銆€People with high blood pressure or who are not sure about their physical condition should use this method with caution.

銆€銆€Objective 2 The sleep bath is preset, and the skin of a person who sleeps well will be better.

The use of a half-body bath can make the parasympathetic nerves work and improve the rest of the body.

Deep sleep after falling asleep can promote the secretion of hormones, which helps the metabolism of skin cells, which is the basis of skin beauty.

銆€銆€If you want to get a good night’s sleep and improve the beauty of your skin, the best way is to take a half-body bath.

Soak your body in the ribs in warm water of 37-39 degrees, and find a favorite reading for 20 minutes to completely relax the skin.

銆€銆€Please keep your hands warm outside the water, so that the feet are hot, the hands are cold, and the parasympathetic nerves are more likely to exert rest and physiology.

The parasympathetic nerve can make the body temperature drop and prepare for sleep. After the whole body heat bath, it is difficult to quickly fall asleep.

Bathing should be completed about 1 hour before sleep.

銆€銆€Objective 3 Slimming bath – use the hot water temperature to reduce the drought. The high temperature is the enemy of all dieters.

Especially after dinner to reduce the amount of food, the feeling of fasting at night makes many people face the desire for dessert, so they have to give up.

銆€銆€This time you can make a hot bath.

Let the hot water of about 42 degrees be submerged to the position of the arrival position for about 3 minutes. The stimulation of the temperature will cause the parasympathetic nerve to play a role in inhibiting the gastrointestinal activity, and the relief will be greatly reduced.

銆€銆€Before entering the bathtub, adjust to the water temperature, soak the abdomen to the buttocks in about 1 minute, and soak in the front part for 2 minutes.

After 3 minutes, you will find that the pregnancy has disappeared.

銆€銆€After bathing, you should replenish the lack of water caused by sweating.

Please use caution when you have high blood pressure and physical discomfort.

銆€銆€Objective 4 Eliminate foot edema – half body bath + partial bath = improve blood circulation and lymph circulation Female women are very troubled by lower body edema, the reason is blood circulation and lymph circulation is not good, in addition to venous blood in the groundGradually stagnated in the lower body.

Bathing can improve blood circulation and lymph circulation by warming and water pressure itself.

On this basis, the way to further improve the effect is half-body bathing and partial bathing.

銆€銆€First, take a half-body bath in warm water at 37-39 degrees to improve blood and lymph circulation.

At this time, the legs can be flexed and stretched in the water, and the muscles around the ankles can be exercised, which can promote the return of the venous blood.

After bathing, you can use the shower head to rinse the ankle wrist for a short time with a little hot water, then rinse the same part with cold water for about 3 seconds, repeating twice.

Alternating hot and cold stimulation can further improve blood circulation.

Please take care of your health from sleep


Please take care of your health from sleep

Professor Wang Qiaochu, born on February 19, 1927, Hai’an, Jiangsu.

In the early years, he studied under the famous doctor Chen Shusen.

He is currently the director and professor of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Insomnia Specialties.

銆€銆€Shanghai famous Chinese medicine doctor, national famous old Chinese medicine expert academic experience inheritance class instructor.

He successively served as deputy chief of the Scientific Research Department of the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, deputy director of the Chinese Medicine Department, deputy secretary general of the Shanghai Chinese Medical Association, director of the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Literature Museum, and vice chairman of the National Acupuncture Research Association.

銆€銆€Basic view of health care Professor Wang Qiaochu is full of wisdom, full of wisdom in his head, more than eighty years old, clear thinking, quick response, steady pace, still insist on daily work and daily clinics, 5 working days per week, tireless, and do not hesitate.

銆€銆€The basic view of famous health care, Wang Lao believes that according to anthropologists, human life should live about 150 years old, but why do modern people live to 100 years old, and some can only live to 40 or 50 years old?

Explain that longevity has an innate foundation and factors that are acquired.

銆€銆€This innate foundation is determined by both parents, which is the gene of modern medicine, but the study has not yet found the longevity gene.

Even if we can find longevity genes in the future, longevity is relative. We must suffer from the laws of life and death. There must be death, there is no end to life, life expectancy is long and short, and there are individual differences. This difference is innate.Decide.

However, the length of life can be extended through subjective efforts.

Subjective efforts do play an important role in extending life, which has been confirmed by countless facts.

銆€銆€But life expectancy is the result of a combination of factors. We can’t isolate the problem in order to prolong life, and it is one-sided and extreme, and cannot go from one extreme to the other.

Wang Lao has 8 brothers, sisters and sisters. The eldest sister is the poorest, and the tea is very hard. It is very difficult, but she died at the age of 95 and her brother died at the age of 93.

They lived for a long time and did not practice health and health, nor did they eat health supplements.

The above shows that the Wang family has long-lived genetic factors, and there are longevity genes in the life code. The congenital endowment is decisive.

銆€銆€So why is it that the innate genetic factors are basically the same, but why are the life spans between brothers and sisters different?

This shows that the subjective efforts of the day after tomorrow play an important role.

Therefore, even if the innate factors are good, if you do not recognize the nursed back to the day after tomorrow, you will not be able to live longer. Therefore, under the respect of innate substitution, you must not neglect the day after tomorrow. The key is to abide by the laws of nature.

銆€銆€Health and mental health are closely related to mentality.

Long-lived people can maintain a good attitude throughout their lives, and they can resolve themselves and be good with others.

Wang Lao is outstanding. In health, he must first raise his mind and develop a good attitude.

The elderly have something to do every day, there are things, there are goals, there is a head.

If you have a head, you will have fun, you will have a good taste of life, you will be able to maintain a good mood, you will not be bored with life, and you will sleep well at night.

If you don’t do things, do nothing, be bored, you will be cranky, your mind will be restless, affect your appetite during the day, and affect your sleep at night.

銆€銆€So he asked for his male patient, you have nothing to do, you can go to help my wife do housework.

He said to female patients, you should do a good job of housework and bring your children well. This should be a science. This is a very valuable home economics. It arranges the housekeeping in order, so that the husband or children can be relieved of their worries.The family will have an important contribution to society.

銆€銆€Health begins with sleep, Wang Lao’s health research, and studies on the relationship between sleep and life.

For the health of the home, the details can not be ignored!


For the health of the home, the details can not be ignored!

It is not advisable to put unwashed raw eggs in the refrigerator. There is a special egg box in the refrigerator. People also think that fresh eggs can be kept in the refrigerator for more continuous storage.

However, from the perspective of food hygiene, this is a hidden danger of foodborne poisoning.

As the eggshell rolls during the laying of the egg and in the cage, the contamination is consistent with the source of chicken manure, which may contain Salmonella, causing food contamination.

Cross-contamination is inevitable if you touch the eggshell when you open the refrigerator and touch the cut watermelon or other food.

Therefore, unwashed raw eggs should not be stored in the refrigerator.

銆€銆€The bathroom is a place for many bacterial parasites. The bathroom is a place for many bacterial parasites. The door handles are often stained with E. coli and pear-shaped insects, while the washbasins, faucets, etc. have intestinal or respiratory bacteria at any time.

The flush button of the bathroom, the door handle and so on are often contaminated with skin papillomavirus, prion, Staphylococcus aureus and other viruses. If there are some damage on the skin that cannot be seen by the naked eye, it is easy to cause skin such as dermatitis and eczema.disease.

In the bathroom, people inevitably have to touch the handle of the door, the faucet of the wash basin.

In this case, even if you have carefully washed your hands, there will be hidden dangers of infection when you open the door and shut off the water.

Therefore, in the bathroom, you should use a hand sanitizer to clean your hands, and it is recommended to install and use a step-on or inductive faucet, try to avoid direct contact with handles, buttons and other places to prevent cross-infection.

銆€銆€The fabric sofa will breed mold, and the locust fabric sofa is not only soft and comfortable, but also makes the living room more welcoming, so it is popular.

When choosing a fabric sofa, you should choose a fabric sofa that can rebound quickly after pressing, relieving, squeezing, releasing pressure, and without pollutants.

At the same time, it should be cleaned frequently. Otherwise, the fabric sofa may breed mold, mites, pollute the living environment and affect health.

It is best to remove the dust once a week, first use a dry towel to beat, remove the dust, and then wipe the cloth with a wet towel.

If there is a vacuum cleaner at home, the dust removal effect will be better, but do not use the suction brush to prevent damage to the woven thread on the woven fabric. You can attach the flat suction head to the vacuum cleaner, adjust the suction force to medium strength, and brake to clear the sofa slit.Dust.

Either way, the armrests, cushions and gaps of the sofa are the areas that need to be cleaned.

When the surface of the sofa is stained, wipe it off with a clean rag or a special cleaning agent for the sofa until the stain is removed.

The sofa cover should be removed and cleaned once a year.

It should be noted that the cleaning agent must be thoroughly washed away, otherwise it will be more susceptible to dirt.

When the weather is fine, you can take the detachable cushions, cushions, etc. to the sun to eliminate moisture and kill mold.

What is better for patients with cervical cancer?


What is better for patients with cervical cancer?

What is better for patients with cervical cancer?

We all know that cervical cancer has seriously harmed women’s health. If they are unfortunately suffering from cervical cancer again, they will bring great illness and mentally severe blows to the patients. If the treatment is not timely,Will threaten the lives of patients.

Cervical cancer is a common gynecological disease that is common in daily life. Because the symptoms of early cervical cancer are not very obvious, it is easy to be biased by patients. When it is discovered, the condition often develops to the late stage and other serious diseases.At the stage, the harm to patients is also multiplied, so it is necessary to do a good job of cervical cancer in the late stage to help patients relieve symptoms.

So, what is good for cervical cancer in the late stage?

1: Supplementation of trace elements zinc and selenium zinc and selenium plays an important role in the production and function of immune cells. The low levels of zinc and selenium in the body may cause the immune system to function poorly.

Cervical cancer was initially found to be associated with trace elements zinc and selenium.

The deficiency of these trace elements leads to a significant increase in the incidence of cervical cancer and breast cancer. It is especially important to supplement zinc and selenium in supplementation.

2: Eat more soy beans with products such as tofu, soy milk, dried beans, vegetables, celery, broccoli, edamame, sweet beans and other foods.

Because these foods can make up the phytoestrogens, the isoflavones contained in phytoestrogens and lignin are considered by scientists to have antioxidant effects.

Phytoestrogens can inhibit the growth of cervical adenocarcinoma and squamous epithelial carcinoma, inhibit cell division, and effectively block the invasion or metastasis.

3: Supplementation of B-carotene B-carotene will be converted into vitamin A in the body, which helps protect the immune system from free radicals and has obvious immune enhancement.

Animal foods containing more vitamin A are: liver and eggs of animals.

Botanical foods rich in B-carotene are: spinach, canola, leeks, lettuce leaves and pumpkins.

What is better for patients with cervical cancer?

I believe that through today’s introduction, we definitely have more comprehensive understanding. I hope that today’s cervical cancer knowledge extension can provide some help for the treatment of cervical cancer patients, reminding cancer patients that certain things can be eaten during the treatment.Conducive to the recovery of the body, some things are taboo.