Sexy and comfortable fitness clothes for fitness

Sexy and comfortable fitness clothes for fitness

The first important thing for women who want to show their sexy body line is to buy beautiful fitness clothes.

Covering the important parts and revealing the abdomen and waist requires considerable courage and self-confidence, but even in any style, fit and even close-fitting are the constant characteristics of fitness clothes.

Choose the right fitness clothes for an unobstructed view of the body. Accept the line and curve at any time to attract the attention of your companions.

  Top A.

Corset-style top: It is not suitable for women with large breasts. On the contrary, it is a patent for petite breasts. It fits well and has sufficient support.


Vest style: Generally it can be divided into two lengths, the former reveals the belly button, and the other covers the waist, which is suitable for girls with abdomen or loose skin.

In the gym, many people slowly wear from the extension to the mid-length, and then change to corset vests, one after another to show the fitness results.


Thin Shoulder Vests: There are more and more types, and the colors are also amazing. The intention is to increase the visual weight, especially suitable for petite girls.


Two-piece sports tops: Some styles are almost the same as the cute little ones in fashion. Thin shoulder straps and hollow short vests abound, but with the technical materials of Lycra and fast sweating, these small vests have support and comfort.Strength.

In order to make the exercise process more pleasing to the eye, the full use of details such as tailoring, color, etc., to create beautiful curves with bumps, looks beautiful, and the movement is more energetic.

  Sports pants A.

Shorts and trousers: Most women in the gym wear the most basic and commonplace.


Five-point and seven-point pants: The previous five-point and seven-point length pants are more and more, and they are mainly tight-fitting.

In order to effectively modify the leg shape, a large number of seven points and excess sports pants have been modified to a low-waist and small flared version. If the rounded hip shape is trained, the effect is better than jeans known as hip-lifting legs.

At the same time, cropped pants are more neat than trousers, and they are shorter than shorts, and they are more and more popular with girls.

  There is always a suitable fitness clothing for you, which not only shapes the body and protects the body, but also attracts the attention of others, enhances self-confidence, and enhances sexy.

The following three types of body shapes, and specific suggestions for matching fitness clothes, I believe will make you more beautiful!

  Editor’s recommendation: how to use exercise to improve “sexual interest” A.

Diamond shape: This refers to those women with narrow shoulders, thin breasts, wide waists, easy accumulation of aunts on the waist, and inconspicuous body curves.

Such people can choose bright-colored sports pants with “n” -shaped dividing lines on the side of the crotch, or a one-piece suit with dark sports pants, and use the outline of the look to reduce the visual area of the crotch and thighs.


Straight body shape: This refers to women with insignificant changes in the chest, waist, and crotch.

You can choose one-piece fitness clothes with dark waist color, or one-piece fitness clothes with large waist jigsaw puzzles.

If the body is slightly fat, you can choose a split-type fitness clothing with a shirt that is longer than the abdomen, which can effectively reduce the waist area visually.


Short leg shape: It is suitable to choose one-piece fitness clothes with high heels and dark fitness shorts.

This style can shorten the length of the upper body, visually lengthen the leg lines, or choose a fitness top with decorative lines on the waistline, which has diverted people’s attention.


Inverted triangle shape: Y font type, this is a highly plastic body type, with a full bottom, a wide side, and a relatively small crotch.

Choose the two-color split style of the rotator cuff. From the overall point of view, the waist is appropriately widened. The shoulders are divided and reduced to balance the feeling of wide and narrow.

Yoga and diet-cereals

Yoga and diet-cereals

Rice: In addition to starch, other nutrients are mostly hidden in the germ and upper membrane of rice grains.

With spleen and stomach, Yijingqiang, Cong ear eyesight, and the five internal organs, through the four veins, relieve annoyance, thirst, and diarrhea.

For the spleen deficiency and distress, do not think about diet for diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea, muscle wasting and other symptoms.

  Glutinous rice: is a sticky rice.

Guyaganping is non-toxic. It is mainly used for appetizing and digestion. It can help digestion instead of hurting the stomach. Guya is rich in vitamin B, so it can also be used to treat beriberi.

  Wheat: There are nourishing the heart and nourishing the liver, removing heat and cough, nourishing the liver and urinate urination, treating dry mouth, pharyngeal dysphasia, poor urination, mental fatigue, restlessness, etc.

Topical application can reduce inflammation, pain, and dehumidification.

  Barley: Because barley malt has a milk-returning effect, women should not use barley malt for breastfeeding.

It has the functions of regulating the qi and replenishing qi, changing food, broadening the qi, and quenching thirst.

Suitable for fullness of the abdomen, discomfort or chest tightness, vomiting and diarrhea, body irritability, thirst, post-partum constipation, consumption of those who have stagnation and fullness can help digestion, evacuate liver gas, return milk and help adjustGastrointestinal function.

  Buckwheat: It should not be eaten for a long time, supplemented by those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

Causes diarrhea due to gastrointestinal effusion or bloating and pain in the heart and abdomen. It is also effective for white turbidity, lymphadenopathy, and underbelly. Stems and leaves are suitable for hypertension, fragile capillary bleeding, prevent stroke, retinal bleeding., Fat bleeding.

The seeds are stomach-digesting medicines, which can stop sweating.

  Corn: It has the functions of tonifying and strengthening the stomach, dehumidifying and diuretic, choleretic, hemostatic, and antihypertensive.

For unfavorable urination, bladder stones, jaundice, hepatitis, hypertension, etc.

  Sorghum: It has the functions of warming the middle, solidifying the stomach, strengthening the spleen, moistening and coughing, and has the effect of calming and soothing.

Genley urinates and cures dystocia; sorghum rice or flour-cooked cooked foods have the functions of strengthening the stomach and strengthening the stomach, filling muscles and strengthening the body, nourishing porridge, and serving for those with dampness in the spleen.

  Corn: This product is not suitable for stagnation.

Indications Yang Sheng Yin Deficiency, because of stomach discord and no sleep at night.

  Sweet potato: rich in nutrition, regular eaters can increase the body’s resistance, increase the tension of blood vessel walls, bone and tooth growth, and even make it a staple food. It can also be used as a vegetable, wine, and sugar.

Those who eat sweet potatoes regularly can supplement the body with a large amount of collagen and mucopolysaccharides, which can maintain the elasticity of arteries and blood vessels, maintain the lubrication of joints, prevent atrophy of connective tissue in the liver and stomach, and prevent collagen diseases.

  Jicama: also known as sweet potato, eaten raw and cooked, and can also make starch.

But seeds and leaves are highly toxic and inedible.

For thirst, heat, cold, fever, high blood pressure, dry stool and other symptoms.

  Chixiaodou: Also known as red beans.

Sexual good down, Tongli watercourse, so many people hanged.

Such as for the treatment of edema, diuretic implantation, attending cardiac, renal edema, cirrhosis, ascites, beriberi edema.

It is also used for impotence in milk, dysentery, and intestinal hemorrhage.

New Mom’s Intention Skills

New Mom’s Intention Skills

Po’s eating problems often cause headaches for some mothers.

As long as you have some useful skills, you can make your baby eat happily, and your mother can relax a lot.

  To create a happy atmosphere for your baby, it is best to feed your baby when you feel relaxed and comfortable, because the tense atmosphere will destroy your baby’s appetite and interest in food.

  Try to understand your baby’s response to eating and body language. If your baby is hungry, he will be excited when he sees the food, lean forward and open his mouth.

Conversely, if the baby is not hungry, he will close his mouth and turn his head away or close his eyes to sleep.

  Don’t be responsible for preparing or beating your baby when eating. If your baby is not eating well, he will often feel uncomfortable even if he barely eats.

Because the cerebral cortex is less responsive to the external environment at this time, the digestive juice secreted by the stomach is reduced, and the gastrointestinal motility is weakened, which affects the digestion and absorption of food.

  Encourage your baby when eating. When your baby has a low appetite, please help your baby with encouragement, suggestion, and persuasion. Don’t force your baby to eat, otherwise the baby will have resistance and form a conditioned reflex.

What to pay attention to in yoga breathing practice

What to pay attention to in yoga breathing practice

Yoga Pranayama is a coaxial connection between physical exercise (asana) and spiritual cultivation (meditation).

In yoga (unless otherwise specified) all breathing is done through the nasal cavity.

Because nose hair can filter the dust in the air, the air is warmer and moist before entering the lungs.

If you breathe through your mouth, air passes through your mouth and into your lungs, bringing at least filtered variables directly into your lungs.

  Yoga believes that the two breathing modes (the upper chest or the collarbone, the chest, and the limbs) do not provide a consistent development of the body, mentally or spiritually.

Only the two breathing modes are combined to form a single breathing form, similar to a wave motion.

Both “complete breathing”.

Because it fills the lungs completely with air, the human body absorbs oxygen to the greatest extent and reserves a lot of cosmic energy.

Yoga Specialist: Complete Breathing is the foundation of all Pranayama exercises.

  Note If you have the following diseases, it is not suitable for breathing exercises: * migraine; * epilepsy; * abdominal surgery is recovering; * recovering medication or disease; avoid excessive breathing if: * complications* Blood pressure (excessive tension); Avoid excessive exhalation if: * Hypotension (low blood pressure); * Depression; Reminder: If you feel unwell or have any symptoms during breathing (pacing) exercises, Like dizziness, nausea, immediately supine and relax; the lungs and body can be warmed up and strengthened by exercises before the breath adjustment method; the breathing exercise is best placed in the middle and end of the posture exercise, just before relaxation and meditation.

Four elderly intestinal moisturizers

Four elderly intestinal moisturizers

Habitual constipation is more common in the elderly.

Due to the decline of the elderly’s physiological function, the bowel function is easily dysregulated, while physical activity is reduced, food intake is reduced, or due to excessive fineness of the staple food, and moderate thick fiber vegetables are produced, habitual constipation may be formed.

Coupled with the dry climate in autumn, dry bowel and constipation are more likely to occur in the elderly.

  Porridge is a staple food loved by the elderly. Here are some of the intestinal moisturizers that can help the bowel and laxative for your common use.

  First, take 30 grams of black sesame porridge, wash and dry, fry and grind, add 50 grams of rice to cook gruel, take it sooner or later.

Can nourish liver and kidney, nourish yin and blood, and moisten the internal organs.

Suitable for those with yin deficiency and dry bowel.

  Second, walnut porridge, take 10 walnut kernels, mash them, increase rice 50 grams and cook for thin porridge.

It can nourish the kidney and help the yang, moisturize the intestines and defecate.

It is suitable for constipation due to inadequate kidney yang and intestinal dryness.

  Third, Cassia porridge, take 10 grams of fried cassia seeds (available in Chinese medicine stores), add an appropriate amount of water into the casserole and cook the juice, increase 50 grams of rice and cook for the porridge.

Can clear heat and eyesight, moisturize the bowels, lower blood pressure and fat.

It is suitable for the elderly suffering from hypertension, hyperlipidemia and often constipation.

  4. Take 60 grams of raw atractylodes congee (available in Chinese medicine stores), fry it in a casserole, and take the juice. Add 50 grams of rice and cook it for porridge.

It can benefit qi and spleen, and stagnate laxative.

It is effective for the symptoms caused by weak spleen and stomach such as loss of appetite, weakness of limbs, fatigue of the stool, etc.

Some medicated diet can regulate iron deficiency anemia

Some medicated diet can regulate iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is a sample of TCM syndromes such as “blood deficiency”, “deficiency”, and “yellow fat disease”.

According to the clinical manifestations, the syndrome can be divided into weak spleen qi, blood and blood deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, and spleen kidney yang deficiency.

Different syndrome types have different medicated dieting recipes.

[Angelica Ginger Lamb Soup]Recipe: Angelica 30 grams, mutton 500 grams, ginger 30 grams.

Method: Wash the mutton, angelica and ginger, put them into a casserole, add cooking wine, water, and cook until the mutton is cooked and seasoned.

Efficacy: Wenyang Sanhan Yangxue.

Usage: Eat lamb and drink soup.

[Mango soup]Recipe: 10 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of privet seed, 20 grams of mulberry seeds, 10 grams of leek seeds, 6 grams of schisandra, 15 grams of golden cherry seeds, 10 grams of psoralea, 10 grams of dodder

System of law: the decoction on the water, substitute tea.

Efficacy: Nourish liver and kidney.

Usage: Take 1 dose daily.

[Jujube Ejiao Porridge]Recipe: 15g Ejiao, 100g glutinous rice, 10 jujubes.

Method: mash the Ejiao; core the jujube and cook glutinous rice. When the porridge is ready, cook it with Ejiao and stir to make the ravioli serve.

Efficacy: nourishing blood to stop bleeding.

Usage: Warm serving daily for breakfast and dinner.

Yoga ball exercise for weight loss

Yoga ball exercise for weight loss

Yoga ball is an emerging fitness sport that combines the elasticity and rolling properties of the ball according to the traditional yoga posture method.
The colorful yoga ball rolls freely, accompanied by melodious music, dancing with the ball, can indeed dispel the fatigue of the day.
  Compared to traditional yoga, “ball yoga” is more interesting. It can be used to help exercise the body’s sense of balance, enhance the ability to control muscles, and improve the flexibility and coordination of the body.
With the yoga ball, you can also do a lot of stretching exercises, which can not only avoid muscle soreness, but also massage. When a person makes full contact with the ball, it will massage the body well.
However, using a yoga ball is more difficult for beginners. It takes a certain amount of time to practice and play with that huge ball. This requires more practice.
  Yoga ball little common sense 球 can fill the ball to eight full, the ball body is flexible, convenient for us to do grip and grasp movements.
  Beginners can practice small balls with the principle of easy control.
Skilled people can practice large balls.
  Standing Pay attention to keep your thighs straight.
Exercise your legs to eliminate excess fat on your legs and make your body lines more beautiful.
  Raise your hand to grab the big bamboo-style cymbals to maintain the balance, and pay attention to the ground firmly.
The effect is to stretch the legs and make the legs more slender.
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<保健宝典>Column 座 角 With legs shaped like a horse, press the ball with both hands, relax your legs as much as possible, put your back in a straight line, and your toes up.
Can tighten the inner thigh muscles, massage the uterus, and improve irregular menstruation.
  On the ball, the triangle-shaped legs are separated, sitting on the top of the fitness ball, the body is bent to the right, and the right hand is placed on the lower leg or instep.
The effect is to eliminate excess fat on the waist and arms.
  The single-legged wheelbill is mainly placed on both hands and legs.
This position can stimulate the balance area of the brain and enhance the body’s balance. It is good for the nervous system, digestive system, heart, blood vessels, respiratory system and glandular system.

Medicinal diet for nerve root type cervical spondylosis

Medicinal diet for nerve root type cervical spondylosis

(1) Ginseng jujube porridge: 3 grams of ginseng, 50 grams of previous rice, 15 grams of jujube meat, moderate sugar.

Ginseng is pulverized into fine powder. The previous rice was washed with water and the jujube was washed to remove the core. Previously, the jujube meat was put in a pot with an appropriate amount of water, boiled with martial arts fire, and then boiled slowly.

After the porridge is cooked, add ginseng powder and sugar.

Role: tonic qi and blood.

Adapt to qi and blood deficiency cervical spondylosis.

  (2) Astragalus longan meat porridge: 20 grams of astragalus, 20 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate sugar.

Astragalus slices, add 500 ml of water to the pan, fry the juice, wash the rice with water before, take the astragalus solution and add an appropriate amount of water to boil, put the longan meat and cook the porridge and add an appropriate amount of sugar.

Role: qi and blood tonic.

It is suitable for elderly patients with cervical spondylosis who are weak and weak in qi and blood.

  (3) Hawthorn salvia porridge: 50 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of salvia, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Hawthorn flakes, previously rice, salvia washed, fry the salvia to remove residue and juice.

Then add the hawthorn flakes, the previous rice, the right amount of water, boil with Wuhuo, simmer in low heat to cook porridge, and add the right amount of rock sugar.

Role: Activating blood circulation and removing stasis, Tongluo analgesic.

Treatment of head and neck soreness, blurred vision and other symptoms.

Applicable to the adjuvant treatment of various types of cervical spondylosis.

  (4) Chrysanthemum Pueraria Congee: 15 grams of chrysanthemum, 50 grams of Kudzu root, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Put chrysanthemum in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water. After frying, take the juice and discard the residue.

Wash the kudzu root and cut it into small pieces. Before washing the rice, put water in the pot to make porridge and add sugar.

Role: Shengqing Jiangzhuo, Tongluo analgesic.

Treatment of headache, strong vision, etc.

Can help treat all types of cervical spondylosis.

  (5) Shuangren Wujia porridge: 50 grams of barley kernel, 6 grams of peach kernel (peeled), 15 grams of acanthopanax senticosus, 50 grams of rice and sugar.

Ren, peach kernel, previously washed rice and put the right amount of water in the pot, Acanthopanax first fry the juice and put the porridge in the pot, add the right amount of sugar.

Role: Qufeng dehumidification, blood circulation and pain.

Adapt to cervical spondylosis of cold and dampness syndrome, waist and leg pain.

UK study finds cardiovascular risk without brushing

UK study finds cardiovascular risk without brushing

Heart disease easily without brushing?

A British study found that the risk of heart disease is 70% higher if you never or rarely brush your teeth and brush your teeth twice a day.

Followed by researchers from the Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health, University College London, UK, eight years ago, a follow-up survey of 11,869 Scottish residents was conducted, asking these respondents, who are 50 years old, to regularly report the number of toothbrushes and dental visits daily.

The results showed that 62% of the respondents visited the dental clinic every 6 months, and 71% brushed their teeth twice a day.

Overall, the oral health of the respondents was good.

Researchers found 555 severe heart attacks and 170 deaths during the 8-year investigation.

Participants who have never or rarely brush their teeth are divided from those who brush their teeth twice a day, with a 70% higher risk of heart disease.

“This discovery is not new,” Reuters quoted research chief Professor Richard Watt as saying.

At the beginning of the 19th century, a theory of sepsis was proposed, which believed that oral infections could lead to systemic illness.

At that time, the treatment was to extract the patient’s teeth.

“Etiology researchers detected blood samples from 4,830 respondents and found that penetration of plasma from people with dirty mouths may constitute an association with heart disease.

Previous research has shown that more than 700 species of bacteria enter the blood circulation system and turn on the green light for dirty mouths and bleeding gums.

Once the bacteria enter the blood circulation, it may activate the body’s immune system, causing inflammation and contraction of the arterial blood vessel wall, or exacerbate the accumulation of traces in the arterial blood vessels, narrow the blood vessels, and cause cardiovascular disease.

“The latest research results further confirm previous estimates,” Watt said. “There is indeed a correlation between oral hygiene and the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

“Smoking, obesity, genetics and other factors can also trigger crime.

The researchers ruled out that these factors could interfere with the findings and found that oral malaise was associated with cardiovascular disease.

Relevant research reports were published online in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal weekly, and it was found that for the first time, the impact of the number of teeth brushing on heart health was found.

Daming Wormsley, a scientific consultant at the British Dental Association, said: “A number of existing studies have examined the relationship between oral filth and physical health, and related diseases are more widespread, such as hypertension, diabetes and even dementia.

“” We need further research to introduce existing ideas and a chance discovery or a tangible manifestation, “Wormsley said.

“However,” he said, “It is certain that if you can use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day for a long time, visit a dental clinic regularly, and control your sweet intake, you can keep your mouth clean and enjoy a healthy life.

A gentle transition during divorce

A gentle transition during divorce

Unless parents cooperate, children must make adjustments as they move from one parent, one family to another parent and family.

This is easy for some children.

For others, it is a difficult time.

  These migrations are also difficult for parents.

Every migration causes a sense of loss.

When the children left Dad’s home and returned to Mom’s, they already began to miss their father.

He even misses his dad, and misses something his father will do when they are away.

He might go to the movies, watch some special TV shows, or buy something they particularly like.

Dad will be distressed at first about losing his child.

Even though Dad may feel relieved by not having to look after the children, he still misses the time spent with the children.

When children live with their mothers, fathers also feel that they used to be part of their lives.

  Children often experience emotional changes before they are ready for adjustment: anger, attachment, or alienation of adults, which can sometimes last for hours or even a whole day.

  Parents can make relocation easier.

Standard daily rules are helpful.

How about asking the other parent to discuss family and daily life?

Etiquette also helps.

Tony and Xin Xiji (parents who live with their children every two weeks) had their own tricks with the children the night before they left.

Tony likes to stay at home with the kids, make a spaghetti that kids love, and watch their favorite Friday night TV shows together.

Xin Xiji often took them out for dinner and then watched a movie.

On Saturday morning, a parent’s meeting drove them to another parent’s home.

Because Tony and Cincinnati are in a partnership, they will have lunch together.

In this way, the children can easily go through the relocation process, and the parents who leave the child will not feel empty at once.

Xin Xiji knows that these Saturdays are painful for her, so when she comes out of Tony’s house, she always visits friends.

  Children need comfort.

They are very sensitive, and if they think their father or mother will be upset and lonely after they leave, it will be very difficult for them to leave.

Double divorced families are the same in all families.

  In such a family, the seven-year-old son refuses to stay at his father’s house.

He always sat there quietly, holding his mother’s hand.

When investigators asked him questions directly, he always shrugged and said, “I don’t know.

“And turned to his brother, who will answer for him immediately.

The boy said, “She often cries at night.

Sometimes I heard it and hugged her.

Sometimes I cause her to laugh.

She said she didn’t know what to do without me.

“Children can only adapt to change when their parents deal with it. If children show real difficulties when they move, adults should check their behavior and check the subtle messages they may send.

It is important not to make the separation unbearable.

Turning separation into a normal part of family life will help children to have the same understanding.

  Parents should understand how each child responds to change.If your child needs a few hours to adapt to the change, give them that time. If the daughter is angry when she comes, give her a chance to express her and help her understand her feelings based on her age.

If your son catches you when you leave, hug him and tell him what you want to do with him when he returns.