Great Wall Motor (601633) January 2020 Sales Data Review: Incentive Plan Increases Internal Strength, Expands Overseas, Expands Space

Great Wall Motor (601633) January 2020 Sales Data Review: Incentive Plan Increases Internal Strength, Expands Overseas, Expands Space
This report reads: The company sold 80,000 units in January 2020, each 28%, due to the decrease in working days due to the misalignment of the Spring Festival. It is expected that the incentive plan and overseas expansion will provide momentum for the company’s long-term performance growth. Investment Highlights: Maintain target price to 11.5 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.Maintain the company’s EPS 佛山桑拿网 forecast for 2019/20/21 to 0.46/0.49/0.59 yuan, maintaining the target price of 11.5 yuan. The company’s sales in January 2020 were 80,000 units, and the average daily sales volume over the Spring Festival holiday was 3590 units, accounting for -3%. It is expected that the company will actively control terminal inventory.The monthly sales volume of pickup trucks of the Great Wall gun is 5,551 units, which has been maintained at a level of more than 5,000 monthly sales since listing. It is expected that under the background of restrictions on pickup trucks entering cities at the prefecture level and below, the company’s overall sales of pickup truck products will increase.Support strength. The incentive plan was submitted again, binding the interests of shareholders and employees, and improving the company’s long-term competitiveness.The incentive plan involved a total of 1966 people, accounting for 3% of the total number in 2018.According to company estimates, the total cost of the fair incentives.440,000 yuan, 0 lower than the 2019 version.200 million yuan.The assessment method still uses the method of increasing sales and profits. The reference base for sales in 2020 is 1.11 million units, which is 40,000 lower than the earlier 2019 version. The profit reference base is 47 trillion, which is 2 trillion higher than the 2019 version.Awareness of profitability. In January 2020, the company’s export sales increased by + 18%, and its international layout was gradually improved to expand its growth space.The company completed the construction of the Russian plant in June 2019, with a planned production capacity of 80,000 units. In January 2020, it integrated the agreement with General Motors. It plans to acquire the General Motors India’s Tarigan plant.Liang Automobile, a joint venture between the company and BMW, was approved by the Development and Reform Commission of Jiangsu 上海夜网论坛 Province in November 2019. The construction scale is to produce 160,000 fuel-powered passenger cars per year and to develop pure electric passenger cars. Risk reminder: the progress of production capacity construction is less than expected, and product profitability recovery is less than expected.

Ziguang Guowei (002049): Focusing on the stable development of smart security chip integration business

Ziguang Guowei (002049): Focusing on the stable development of smart security chip integration business
Introduction to this report: Ziguang Guowei is a leading domestic chip design company, and its core business of IC has developed steadily. Investment Highlights: Cover for the first time, give a cautious overweight rating, target price 50.96 yuan.We estimate the 杭州夜生活网 company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 4 in 2019-2021.66, 5.94, 7.550,000 yuan, an increase of 34%, 28%, 27% year-on-year, EPS is 0.77, 0.98, 1.24 yuan, giving the company 52 times PE in 2020, corresponding to 50 yuan.96 yuan. Ziguang Guowei is a leading chip design company in China.The company’s main business is the design and sale of integrated circuit chips. The main products include intelligent security chips, special integrated circuits and memory chips.In the past five years, the company’s operating income scale has increased from 10.8.7 billion to 24.580,000 yuan, with an annual compound strength of 22.63%. IC core business has developed steadily, and the 5G era welcomes new markets.Intelligent security chip is the company’s largest business with stable operating income.The development of special integrated circuit business has broad prospects and significant 杭州夜网论坛 growth.The 28nm advanced process FPGA test piece will be released soon, and it will be the first to bring the domestic proprietary FPGA into a new generation of process processors.The development of 5G and the Internet of Things has driven the demand for upstream semiconductors, bringing a larger market for smart card chips, FPGA and other services. Acquisition + divestiture, integration of business further strengthened the leading part.1) Acquired Linxens, the world’s largest manufacturer of smart security chip card micro-connectors, to achieve the “security chip + smart connection” layout, enhance the company’s ability to resist risks, and promote the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.2) The company proposes to divest the memory chip business that is subject to restrictions on manufacturing foundry capacity, etc., to alleviate the pressure on the company’s capital performance and subsequent R & D and promotion, and improve the company’s profitability.Combined with the overall strategic layout of Ziguang Group in the field of warehouses, the need for funds for sustainable development is guaranteed. Risk warning: global semiconductor boom drifts; domestic substitution is less than expected.

Changan Automobile (000625): Changan Ford’s retail picks up with independent brands growing many times

Changan Automobile (000625): Changan Ford’s retail picks up with independent brands growing many times
Event: The company announced the sales data for August. The overall sales of Changan Automobile in August was 1,25023, a year-on-year decrease of 5%.Among them, Changan Ford sold 14,768 units, Changan Mazda sold 10,295 units, and Chongqing Changan sold 45,310 units, an increase of 36%. Overall sales fluctuated slightly, and independent brands performed well.According to the data of the Federation of Passenger Unions, the wholesale period of generalized passenger cars for 8 months has 北京夜网 been extended by 8%, and the retail volume has been shifted by 10% each time, which is a 6% increase from the previous month.According to statistics from Changan Ford’s national sales and service agencies, Changan Ford’s retail volume in August increased 30% month-on-month.However, due to the high temperature holiday in early August, both the production and wholesale volume of Changan Ford shifted month-on-month and were in the state of destocking. At present, Changan Ford’s overall inventory is at a low level.With the advent of “Golden Nine Silver Ten”, Changan Ford is expected to gradually recover sales through advantages such as new models and low inventory.Changan Mazda’s sales of 10,295 vehicles remained stable.The independent brand performed well. Chongqing Changan sold 45,310 vehicles, an annual increase of 36%, which was basically unchanged from the previous month.In terms of different models, the main models of independent brands performed well. Among them, CS75 sold 12,075 units, an increase of 55% per year, CS75 Plus was pre-sold for 19 days, and orders exceeded 11,729 units; CS35 sold 8,621 units, an increase of 151%. The low point has passed, and operations have continued to improve.In the second quarter, the company achieved a substantial reduction in performance through measures such as cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and the company will usher in the listing of several heavy models in the second half of the year, which is expected to drive the company’s sales and performance to increase simultaneously.Recently, a number of heavy-duty models of the company are listed or pre-sold. Changan Ford includes the Sharp ST / ST-Line, Fox Active, Taurus initial modification, and Changan autonomous, the heavy-duty model cs75plus.Changan Mazda’s new Angcorsella starts pre-sale at the Chengdu Auto Show.The listing of the new Mavericks in the fourth quarter and the localization of Lincoln models will further strengthen the Changan Ford product cycle.At the sales end, Changan Ford’s business policy gradually shifted to sales and production, and its attitude towards dealers gradually improved.At the same time, on the basis of zero interest rate, a financial policy of either zero down payment or zero interest rate was introduced, which will help promote Changan Ford’s sales in the second half of the year. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.In 2019, Ford and Ford ushered in a strong cycle of new products, increased sales and improved profitability.It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.26/1.05/1.48 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level. Risk reminder: The travel company’s advancement is less than expected, Changan Ford’s new model launch is less than expected, and the electrification and intelligent advancement is less than expected

Signs of depression

Signs of depression

After the occurrence of adverse events, such as falling in love, dropping out of school, losing employment, divorce, widowed, painful despair, lack of food and sleep, and even self-injury persist for more than six months, and the situation will not gradually decrease.

  Work pressure is high, insomnia, do not want to go to work in the morning; after the vacation, do not want to resume work at all, and still feel unhappy, uncomfortable, and have a shadow in my heart.

  Husband and wife relationship has always been tense, unwilling to go home from work, unwilling to discuss, refusing to explain in conflict, but not relieved in their hearts.

People gradually choked.

  For women during the postpartum period, if there is obvious irrational emotions, secretly crying for no reason, unwilling to communicate with others, suspected to be a precursor to postpartum depression.

  For students, if they are tired of school, avoid parental inquiries, do not like to play with their peers, and always live in isolation, they should ask in time.

  Over a period of time, many successful people have a sudden and sudden liver fire, which is prone to irritability, impatience, and the same with their family members, even if they have nothing to do, which is a precursor to depression for good men.

  Some elderly people stay at home, avoid socializing, and sometimes blame themselves. When they are sick, they do not want to take the initiative to see a doctor.

  Depression can also manifest as discomfort in various parts of the body, such as headaches, back pain, chest pain, and symptoms of the inhalation tract.

Some people repeatedly see the disease in these areas, but the area has not been corrected, and you can suspect that they have psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

Medicinal diet for nerve root type cervical spondylosis

Medicinal diet for nerve root type cervical spondylosis

(1) Ginseng jujube porridge: 3 grams of ginseng, 50 grams of previous rice, 15 grams of jujube meat, moderate sugar.

Ginseng is pulverized into fine powder. The previous rice was washed with water and the jujube was washed to remove the core. Previously, the jujube meat was put in a pot with an appropriate amount of water, boiled with martial arts fire, and then boiled slowly.

After the porridge is cooked, add ginseng powder and sugar.

Role: tonic qi and blood.

Adapt to qi and blood deficiency cervical spondylosis.

  (2) Astragalus longan meat porridge: 20 grams of astragalus, 20 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate sugar.

Astragalus slices, add 500 ml of water to the pan, fry the juice, wash the rice with water before, take the astragalus solution and add an appropriate amount of water to boil, put the longan meat and cook the porridge and add an appropriate amount of sugar.

Role: qi and blood tonic.

It is suitable for elderly patients with cervical spondylosis who are weak and weak in qi and blood.

  (3) Hawthorn salvia porridge: 50 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of salvia, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Hawthorn flakes, previously rice, salvia washed, fry the salvia to remove residue and juice.

Then add the hawthorn flakes, the previous rice, the right amount of water, boil with Wuhuo, simmer in low heat to cook porridge, and add the right amount of rock sugar.

Role: Activating blood circulation and removing stasis, Tongluo analgesic.

Treatment of head and neck soreness, blurred vision and other symptoms.

Applicable to the adjuvant treatment of various types of cervical spondylosis.

  (4) Chrysanthemum Pueraria Congee: 15 grams of chrysanthemum, 50 grams of Kudzu root, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Put chrysanthemum in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water. After frying, take the juice and discard the residue.

Wash the kudzu root and cut it into small pieces. Before washing the rice, put water in the pot to make porridge and add sugar.

Role: Shengqing Jiangzhuo, Tongluo analgesic.

Treatment of headache, strong vision, etc.

Can help treat all types of cervical spondylosis.

  (5) Shuangren Wujia porridge: 50 grams of barley kernel, 6 grams of peach kernel (peeled), 15 grams of acanthopanax senticosus, 50 grams of rice and sugar.

Ren, peach kernel, previously washed rice and put the right amount of water in the pot, Acanthopanax first fry the juice and put the porridge in the pot, add the right amount of sugar.

Role: Qufeng dehumidification, blood circulation and pain.

Adapt to cervical spondylosis of cold and dampness syndrome, waist and leg pain.

Focus on education for children in marriage

Focus on education for children in marriage

Divorce of parents is not the fault of children.

Children have gone through hardships, some are growing up healthy, and others are the primary concern. Educational voices of children in marriage-changing families. Now, in the face of some people’s requirements for the quality of marriage are getting higher and higher, divorce is common around us.

Children of marriage-changing families have become a special group of diabetic teenagers. How to conduct guidance and education?

Recently, the author surveyed the children of some marriage-changing families in Xingguo County, Jiangxi Province, and found that the status of this special group of people is cause for concern and deserves high attention.

  The divorce of the people who are more worried than happy may cause the couple and the husband and wife to break away for a while; but for their children, it will bring a psychological wound.

The children of some marriage-changing families have obvious differences in their ideological qualities, moral behaviors, and living habits from those of complete families: emotional irritability, loneliness and inferiority in character, behavioral willful behavior, and school education is more difficult.

Of course, some children have experienced hardships and have grown up healthily.

The survey shows that the impact of parental divorce on children’s education mainly has the following aspects: Increased psychological load.

The huge shock of the broken family has increased the psychological burden on children.

Liu, a fourth-year classmate of Xingguo Elementary School, had tears in her eyes: My parents turned out to be very good, and they treated me well, for some reason they divorced.

I followed my mother and became a child without a father.

Later, my mother found a father for me, and I was so happy that I changed it to the new father’s last name.

This dad also has a daughter, about my age.

At first the new dad was okay with me, tutoring me to study, and after that, he preferred that daughter and ignored me.

Some classmates discriminated against me and talked about me behind me, calling me a child with a changed surname, and no one wanted it.

  At a young age, they must bear heavy psychological pressure. When the psychological pressure cannot be resolved, they often choose to run away from home and seek relief.

At the rescue agency in Xingguo County, the author read the statistics of rescued persons in January 912 in 2004. During this period, there were 10 children under 18 years old, including 6 children from divorced families, accounting for up to 60%.

  The growth environment has deteriorated.

Some of the children of divorced families have to undertake heavy housework.

Especially children who live with their stepfather and stepmother are more appropriate.

13-year-old elementary school student Lee, his parents divorced and lived with his father. Later, his father got married, and his stepmother gave birth to a boy. Since then, the little girl has to do housework and has to be an “nanny”.

What’s more, some children were abandoned by their parents, homeless, and completely lost in a healthy family environment.

  Academic achievement level.

During the noisy divorce, many couples turned their families into “battlefields”. All day long, the children were upset and unconscious about their studies. As a result, too many children took the path of being tired of school and dropping out of school.

In the days when the second-year female student Wang, her parents were divorced, she kept arguing every day, which made her distraught and unable to calm down to study.

Soon, her academic performance dropped sharply. She was an outstanding student in the first grade, and she turned to the bottom of the class in the second grade.

  The author conducted a survey on a primary school and found that of the eight divorced families, seven of them were in the middle and lower grades, and only one of them had good grades, and three of them had the habit of petty theft.

  Poor self-control.

Defects in the normal education of marriage change families have led to the indulgence and lack of self-control of some children.

Yang, a junior high school student in a middle school in Xingguo, divorced his parents after primary school, and was raised by his mother. The mother couldn’t help it, and the father didn’t want him, so he had to give it to the uncle.

He didn’t observe discipline at school, he was often late for school, and no one said he would not listen.

During an English class, the teacher asked him to answer questions. If he was okay, he grimaced. The teacher criticized a few words. He also scolded the teacher.

After school in the afternoon, when I saw the English teacher riding a bicycle, I rushed to push the car down, punched the teacher, and walked away.

Issues that cannot be ignored Divorce is reduced in real life, the harm of marriage to families to children and the impact on society is also reversed, the defects of family education are broken, and some children cannot establish a noble moral sentimentThere may be a great increase in the evil path, and some even show anti-social behavior.

Some primary and secondary school educators believe that the education of children from divorced families is not a simple family issue, but a social issue that must attract attention from all quarters.

Therefore, the author puts forward the following suggestions on the education and protection of children in marriage-changing families: First, do a good job of education and guidance for divorced couples.

Divorce couples should be educated, and children should not be instilled with resentment toward each other.

The first thing a child must do when living with him is that living with him is good for the child’s growth and that the psychological trauma caused by divorce to the child is minimized.For those couples who have divorced lightly, the relevant departments should spare no effort to do a good job in order to re-establish their broken mirrors.

  Second, strengthen legal, policy, and ethical education for divorced couples.

Through education, resettlement understands that although the divorce is dissolved, the parent-child relationship still exists.

The obligation and responsibility to raise and educate children cannot be shifted.

The current problem is that child support is mainly implemented, but children’s education is often borne by one party, and some children are abused after their parents are divorced. Abandonment is often heard, and the parents of these children have suffered duePunishment.

Therefore, in addition to the allegations of divorced parents who abuse and abandon their children, the government should adopt administrative or legal means according to the seriousness of the situation and force them to bear the responsibility of parenting.

  Third, strengthen public opinion.

In order to make the “Minor Protection Law” and the “Nine-year Compulsory Education Law” deeply rooted in people’s hearts, this law should be incorporated into the law popularization plan, and its implementation should be checked regularly.

The government should establish a protection mechanism for the rights of minors to effectively protect the rights of minors, especially the legitimate rights and interests of children of marriage-changing families.

  Divorced parents are not the fault of their children. Discrimination against them can only aggravate their psychological pain.

Therefore, the focus society should give more love to the children of divorced families and give them more care and help.

Secrets men never want to say

Secrets men never want to say

Women’s secrets are usually written in diaries, locked in place, and even posted in the whispers of close friends’ ears . so what about men?

Usually in my heart.

Women’s secrets usually need to be shared, while men’s secrets are arbitrary and can only be chewed by themselves.

If you are a woman who loves him, you must first know that he has some secrets that are “private property” that cannot be touched, or it may be his unspeakable secrets.

  Secret one: His emotional record case: JACKY, 32 years old, company project manager-Before I got married, I had a girlfriend and she broke up for various reasons.

I suffered a lot until I married my current wife.

I have n’t told my wife about this past experience, but she does n’t know what she ‘s heard. She always pesters me to ask about it. Sometimes I inadvertently overlook her, and she asks me with jealousy: How did you treat her?

Wouldn’t it be as indifferent as to me?

Makes me confused.

I really want to tell her not to be so interested in my past in the future, but I’m afraid she’s misunderstood deeper, I don’t know how to speak.

  Men’s thoughts: Almost every man has a colorful love life, but in the hearts of men, “the woman in the past” and “the woman in the present” are two planets, and men are unwilling to tell all this to womenIt ‘s not that men are ashamed of it. Even men who think that more educated women love to be jealous. If a man exposes his “ugliness” by himself, will he have a good life in the future?

Therefore, all this becomes an extremely depressing secret for men.

  Woman’s response: Let his emotional experience become a dusty past.

Set his secret as a “minefield” in your heart, and always remind yourself not to get involved. Even if you hear only a few words, don’t dig deeper. Your stubbornness and stinginess arouse his memories and even remember the “her”What are the benefits?

Smart women know not to dig traps.


Keywords: 1.

Brokenheartedness: Because it is a loss of face, it is not mentioned.


Online dating: Men will not admit this kind of unrighteous behavior.


Encounter: The feeling of stealing makes men feel wonderful, and the best way to enjoy it is to keep it as a secret.


Admiration: For married men, this is his secret secret.

  Secret 2: Cases of various “feminine” psychological needs: Cui Tao, 36, Vice President of the Company-In the eyes of many people, I am the so-called “successful person”: owning a high salary, a big house, a famous car, in fact, I also haveUnknown secrets, some of which are tired, I also want to rest on the front of my wife to let my heart rest; I feel aggrieved and sad at the outside, and I also want to cry very quickly; sometimes I also want to imagineThe child lived carefree like that, or spoiled her . but I was also afraid that my wife’s knowledge would affect my “glorious” image in her mind.

  Men’s thoughts: In terms of individual life, men are actually more vulnerable than women, but both women and men have formalized and absoluteized men. It seems that men mean masculinity, strong, pragmatic, carefree, not sloppy .… In fact, otherwise, men also have a lot of unknown “feminine needs”, but just secrets that they only do not say, and women can’t open it for a look.

  Women’s response: A man is a “face” animal, and he likes women’s appreciation and worship. Therefore, this secret of a man is very delicate and cannot be easily solved.

A woman just faces calmly, understands herself, and understands in her heart. Do n’t tell her, and do n’t encourage him to be “weak” or “childish” because of love. Otherwise, men will think you look down on him.It was unbearable to him; his admiration for vanity and rotten beauty was unspoken, and it would only anger him.


Keywords: 1.

Vanity: It is difficult to make more money in your pocket, but it is easier to make yourself like a rich person.


Weakness: Men also have a weak side and cannot be made public.


Smelly: Men usually die and do n’t admit they love dressing up. This is also a “secret” for men.


Childish: It looks like Lai Pi is coquettish, but it is not suitable for large-scale development.

  Secret three: The so-called “man’s own affairs” Case: Liu Ming, 30 years old, media reporter-during leisure time after work, I often meet up with a group of friends. Everyone laughs, drinks, and feels very comfortable.But my wife is always uneasy, and sometimes I have to make several phone calls in a night and chase: Where are you?

With whom?

What are you doing

Make people tire.

There are also things about my work, she always asks.

Knowing that she did it because of concern, but I really don’t want her to interfere too much with these things of mine.

  Men’s thoughts: Women work on details, love to communicate, love to ask questions, and even get horny.

And men often think that it’s the man’s business, and women don’t need to go to fuss at all, because men’s affairs must be done by men.

  Women’s Response: When your husband needs you to be a wife, don’t try to be a planner for his work and life.

Everyone has a psychological need to have their own living space, and men are no exception, so women’s wise choice is: let him go crazy, what fox friends and dogs, work conditions.
A piece of his “reservation land”, he will cultivate!


Keywords: 1.

Work status: Some work needs to be kept secret in order not to bring daytime things into the night.

Therefore, men do not like women to interfere.


Entertainment: Men like to play with same-sex friends, but don’t like women to get involved.


Dream of getting rich: The desire to get rich overnight is almost a dream of almost every man, but he has to carry his wife on his back, hoping that one day he will give his beloved woman a big surprise.

  Secret 4: Worries about sex Case: ANSON, 40 years old, company employee-My wife and I are more harmonious in sex, but I always worry and worry involuntarily, some worry about whether my size is long enough, madeThe number of times and whether the time is satisfactory to her . But these worries of me are not willing to let my wife know, let alone her to take the initiative to make a statement.

  Men’s thoughts: Sex is a man’s life-long event, he cares a lot, and thinks about it every six minutes.

Sex is an important cornerstone of men’s self-esteem and self-confidence. No matter what man is, he is unwilling to admit that he is incompetent in sexual matters.

Men are more or less concerned about their sexual abilities.

It’s a big secret that cannot be known to women.

  Women’s response: Behind men’s “sexual” vigor, there is actually a struggle.

Therefore, the appreciation and trust from his wife is the best “Viagra” of a man, unless he is the cause of the situation “slide”. As a wife, he should be impassioned and not to be ignored.


Keywords: 1.

Times: Men usually make false reports and overreport.


How long to do: In terms of duration, men are secretive, and don’t be jealous of being a wife.


“There is disease in the widow”: The safest specification is not to kill!

Medicinal diet for health and kidney

Medicinal diet for health and kidney

In winter, the kidneys correspond to the five internal organs of the human body. In winter, the cold air is the heaviest and it is easy to damage the yang in the kidney.

And Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation, and the kidney yang is the root of yang.

  Traditional Chinese medicine health care is different from time to time. According to the seasonal changes of the seasons, the corresponding health care methods are adopted.

Dr. Zhang Yu, the chief physician of the Department of Nephrology, Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, pointed out that winter health must conform to the laws of nature’s closed storage, with cold-dispelling and yang-prevention as the foundation, and appropriate Chinese medicine for warming kidney-yang.

  Dr. Zhang believes that the time is midwinter, the cold condenses the earth, the yang is hidden, and life is in a dormant state.

According to the Five Elements Theory, the kidneys of the human body in winter correspond to the kidneys, and the cold is the heaviest in winter, which easily damages the yang in the kidney.

  And Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation, and the kidney yang is the root of yang.
If the kidney yang is deficient, the warming effect of yang in the entire body will decrease, usually manifested as cold pain in the waist and knees, chills and cold, cold hands and feet, frequent urination, decreased libido, premature ejaculation and so on.

  Therefore, the health in winter must comply with the laws of nature’s closure, and the basic principle is to dispel cold and protect the sun.

And the yang in the kidney depends on the nourishment of the subtle substances absorbed by the spleen and stomach in the acquired spleen and stomach. Therefore, taking the traditional Chinese medicine for warming the kidney yang is also an important measure for health in winter.

  Dr. Zhang recommended some feasible traditional Chinese medicine meals for warming kidney yang.

  1. Suoyang aphrodisiac porridge ingredients: Suoyang 10 grams, mutton 100 grams, rice 100 grams.

  Method: Finely cut the lamb.

First fry the Suoyang, remove the residue, add mutton, and cook the rice with porridge.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of warming the kidney and nourishing the kidney, suitable for the weakness of waist and knee caused by insufficient kidney yang, chills, cold limbs, impotence, premature ejaculation and constipation in the elderly.

  2, mutton soup with mutton and mutton soup: 600 grams of mutton, 20 grams of mangosteen, 20 grams of cistanche, 20 grams of longan

  Method: Cut the mutton into boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. After picking up and washing, put it into a clay pot, cook until the water is boiling, add the mangosteen, Cistanche, longan and ginger slices, and cook on medium heat for 3 hours., Add fine salt and season.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing the kidney and warming the sun, strengthening the body.

Suitable for those with cold hands and feet, soft waists and knees, frequent urination, constipation, and impotence.

  3. Fennel kidney material: 90 grams of pig kidney, 6 grams of cumin.

  Method: Fry the cumin for a while in a hot pan, and break into fines after being crispy.

Remove the film from the pig’s waist, wash it, use a sharp knife to draw a mouth about 3 cm in length from the side, then expand it into a triangle, then insert the fennel, and use a string to wind the opening tightly for use.

Set the pot on medium heat, pour in the marinade, adjust the taste, add the pork loin, and boil it for 30 minutes after boiling, remove the lumbosacrum, and slice and serve.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing kidney yang, dispersing cold and dampness, and analgesic.

Suitable for those with kidney yang deficiency caused by chills, cold limbs, lumbago, coldness, or sexual dysfunction.

  4, Zhiren kernel porridge materials: 50 grams of rice, 5 grams of Zhiren kernel.

  Practice: Research the puzzle kernel into fine details.

After the previous rice is washed, add it to the casserole, add water, boil it with Wuhuo first, and then boil it into a gruel with gentle fire.

Transfer the Zhizhi Zhiren and a small amount of refined salt, cook for a while, and wait until the porridge is thick and cease to fire.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of warming the kidney and helping the yang, solidifying the essence and shrinking the urine.

Suitable for spleen and kidney yang deficiency, abdominal cold pain, diarrhea, frequent urination, enuresis.

Remove skin blemishes and leave you completely white

Remove skin blemishes and leave you completely white

The word whitening contains the single meaning of double skin fairness and a very broad extension.

At the same time as fairness, we have to pursue flawlessness: no spots, no gloom.

.Wait and see.

To achieve perfect whitening, we must first remove these skin blemishes.

  The pigmented diseases that appear on the body are mainly divided into freckles, dark spots, and senile plaques. The causes of the pigmented diseases are different. Most of them are brown and dark red.

  Freckles Freckles not only grow on the nose and cheeks, but also on exposed parts of the chest and tail. White skin or sun-sensitive skin is especially easy to form.

  The initial formation is heredity. After entering puberty, pigments accumulate in the body and gradually form freckles. This is a recessive inheritance.

Another reason is the effect of ultraviolet rays.

Sunlight contains various wavelengths of light. Among them, ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 290-400 millimeters, that is, ultraviolet rays, will stimulate the melanin pigment in the skin, deepen the pigment, and then float on the skin, making the freckles worse.

  Senile plaques Senile plaques are benign tumors that are round and slightly convex in shape, most of which are hazel and black in color. They tend to grow in areas with sebaceous glands, such as the back of the hands, arms, neck, and chest.

As the name suggests, age spots are a phenomenon of aging skin.

However, age spots are also becoming younger, and the cause may not be directly related to age. It is said that the skin aging process caused by ultraviolet rays is just right.

Age spots are as recessive as freckles.

  Dark spots Dark spots are black or brown pigmented moles. When the body is exposed to the sun without prolonged sun protection, it will grow dark spots.

In addition, the use of ultraviolet radiation for the treatment of skin diseases such as white spots also causes black spots to appear on the entire body of the patient.

Dark spots are particularly easy to appear on athletes, and more than 90% of them are dark spots.

The older the age, the higher the incidence, and the dark spots will only grow in the parts exposed to the sun, so we can know that it has a close relationship with ultraviolet rays.

  However, dark spots also appear on young people. Because people with white complexions have weak defenses against sunlight, it is easier to grow black lights than ordinary people. You need to pay more attention when enjoying the sun outdoors.

  Measure 1: Sunscreen Prevention of these pigmented diseases is more important than treatment, so sunscreen must be applied to exposed areas of the body.

For example, sunscreen with thiourea antioxidants can prevent the oxidation of oil and fat caused by ultraviolet radiation. Zinc oxide of flowers and leaves also has a high UV blocking effect, protects dermal cells, and prevents melanin from oxidizing and depositing under the dermis layer.

  Countermeasure 2: Although laser sunblock can block ultraviolet rays, it cannot cure hereditary pigment problems.

The more effective methods are laser and IPL treatments. Among them, the IPL treatment is relatively gentle. The properties are to destroy melanocytes with light energy, break down into fine particles, and then be engulfed by cells of the immune system and finally excreted.

  Method 3: Adjusting Lifestyle Habits Dermatologists point out that the concept of “whitening” is often misunderstood, and “freedom of stain” is used to describe proper whiteness, that is, uniform and shiny.

The human body has the ability to heal itself. If sufficient sleep can be obtained, it can accelerate the automatic recovery of tanned skin.

In addition, eating habits also have a direct impact on race, such as coffee and smoking, which will cause a large amount of iron precipitation, so you should eat more antioxidant foods to help skin whitening, such as green tea, and minerals and nano-water.

  The stratum corneum pigment Mylarin cells exist in the dermis layer. Under normal circumstances, these cells protect the skin from ultraviolet damage, and they will transform the physiological cycle and push to the epidermis, gradually becoming keratin replacement.

Therefore, there is a large amount of melanin in the keratinized epidermis, and the nucleus is dead, and the nutrients in the dermal layer are transferred to the epidermis, which makes the skin significantly dull and lacks gloss.

  Countermeasure 1: Soak the body in a hot bath before using the scrub to soften the dead skin.

Body scrub products generally contain a slight amount of fruit acid and acid acids, which is used to promote the metabolism of cells, replace dead skin, and restore skin gloss.

Natural plants are also common scrub residues, such as rich in vitamins?

The fruit core is an effective whitening ingredient that can neutralize free radicals and repair melanin cells after sun exposure.

When choosing a product, you should first understand the sensitivity of the product. If the product is used improperly, the skin can easily become thin and cause allergies.

  Measure 2: Care of key areas Elbow, fractures, toes and other parts of the sebaceous glands are less distributed, the skin is prone to dryness and aging, so the stratum corneum is particularly thick, and the wrinkled texture also makes the skin dull.

In addition to regular scrub treatments, you should also use cleaning, such as alternating flat sheets, to avoid hidden bacteria from accumulating in the uneven pattern. The light-colored cloth surface can reduce light absorption to avoid unnecessary deepening.

  Countermeasure 3: Deep cleansing body cleansing mud is a new body whitening product in recent years. The effect is the same as deep cleansing masks. For example, the boot plant whitening body mud contains mineral ingredients, which can remove deep dirt and improve dull skin. In addition, ginseng, aloe veraThe essence can also accelerate blood circulation and remove yellow gas from the body.
  Countermeasure 4: Chemical peeling According to Dr. Shi Taizu’s explanation, the principle of chemical peeling is to use irritating chemicals to damage the skin, peel it after recovery, make the skin smooth, and divide it into surface, middle and deep layers.
The deeper the skin resurfacing, the higher the danger.

Commonly used substances include fruit acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid, which are usually used for skin resurfacing.

Trichloroacetic acid is used even for deep skin rejuvenation, which has the most significant effect, but complications such as scars or uneven pigmentation are more common in Orientals, so doctors rarely use it in Orientals.

  The thick and dense body hair visually darkens the complexion, and the amount of hair has a lot to do with genetic factors and hormones.

Women start hormonal secretion after puberty, and both sebum and body hair increase.

In addition, ovarian or endocrine system problems can also stimulate hair growth.

  Solution: Painless hair removal using hair removal cream, razor and other hair removal methods.

If you want to completely cure over-excessive hair follicles, you can use laser treatment to destroy the blood vessels around the hair follicles and reduce hair growth.

However, laser hair removal may not necessarily remove all hair follicles in one go. It may take several courses to completely destroy the hair follicles.

  The body whitening treatment spa launched a bipolar polarization purification deprinting treatment. The treatment is first cleansed with cleansing dirt, and then deep scrub with marine mineral scrub.

After the procedure of spraying and painless needle clearing, using the South China Sea bipolar polar instrument and deprinting products to purify the skin, red marks and yellow gas can be removed, and it can return to a balanced state.

How to easily understand the introduction of the 12 meridians and meridians


How to easily understand the introduction of the 12 meridians and meridians

Using the superficial metaphor to understand the twelve meridians, the rivers along the Yangtze River, like the rivers and rivers between the rivers and rivers, connect up and down, left and right, as if a ring, continuous flow, endless.

The meridians are quite complicated, and there are twelve main ones, which are called serious.

Hand Taiyin lung, hand Shaoyin heart, hand yin yin enveloping, is for the hand Sanyin; hand sun small intestine, hand Shaoyang Sanjiao, hand Yangming large intestine, is for the hand Sanyang.

Foot Taiyin spleen, foot Shaoyin kidney, foot for Yin and liver, is for the foot Sanyin; foot sun bladder, foot Shaoyang bile, foot Yangming stomach, is for the three Yangjing.

The twelve lines of the route have a simple mouth: “Hands of the three shades, from the dirty hands, the hands of the three yang, from the hand to go; the foot of the three yang, from the beginning of the foot, the foot of the three yin,Get dirty from your feet.

“The hand yin is handed over from the chest and handed over to the hand yang, and then the hand yang is passed from the hand to the foot yang, and then the foot yang is taken from the head and handed to the foot yin, then by the foot yinAfter passing through the internal organs, the hand is passed through the hand yin and becomes a cycle.

Separate the twelve meridians, the hand is too yin and the hand is Yangming, while the foot is Yangming, while the foot is too yin, while the hand is less Yin, while the hand is sun, while the foot is sun, while the foot is less Yin, while the hand is yin, while the handShaoyang, but the foot Shaoyang, but the foot yin, and the hand is too Yin.

In this way, the cycle is inadvertently from the yin to the yang, from the sun to the yin, from the table, from the inside, from top to bottom, bottom to top.