How to distinguish charcoal bake tea!


How to distinguish charcoal bake tea!

The charcoal-baked phoenix single clump must be baked with charcoal fire, which truly reflects people’s thirst for nature.

Whether it is said that the charcoal-baked single plexus has any effect, how to keep it healthy, this is probably just a wishful thinking. We only describe the charcoal-baked phoenix single-cluster-tea soup from the perspective of appreciation, which is unique and unforgettable.

Of course, no matter what kind of tea, it is from the aspects of manpower, material resources, loss, yield, ease of operation, etc., the cost of charcoal baking will be too high.

Most of the tea on the market is not really charred. The identification of real charcoal-baked tea should be carried out in four aspects: 1. The appearance of charcoal-baked tea: charcoal-baked into tea, the appearance is not like electric baking tea.It is a bit gray, not easy to see, but the connotation of tea rhyme, throat rhyme, soaking water, stamina.

2, the aroma of charcoal-baked tea: After the baking of the charcoal-baked tea, the smell of the tea smells heavy, there should be a deep and restrained charcoal scent, leaving the aroma of tea in the mouth, feeling a little sweet.

The electric baking tea has a higher aroma when brewing, and the taste is lighter when drinking, and the stamina is insufficient.

3, tea-roasted tea soup: after the charcoal-roasted tea, no matter the weight of the baking heat, the soup color is indeed orange-yellow, orange-red, must be bright and clear, like a layer of tea oil, and the charcoal contained in the tea soupThe scent must be consistent from the first bubble to the last; while the tea of the electric baking tea, the soup color is more turbid.

4, tea slag of carbon-baked tea: After the carbon-baked tea leaves are soaked, the tea slag is soft, piled up, and pulled easily; the leaf slag of the electric baking tea is generally inelastic and hard.

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Is weight gain powder really effective?


Is weight gain powder really effective?

Weight-increasing powder is a comprehensive weight-increasing compound, so it is very suitable for bodybuilding training for young and slender Orientals, especially Chinese, which can quickly increase weight.

Its main ingredients include protein, protein, various vitamins and trace elements, and some also add creatine, glutamine, branched chain amino acids, carnitine, methyl chromium, etc., which can be used to supplement bodybuilding training.a variety of nutrients.

銆€銆€Taking weight-increasing powder can solve the problem that the daily diet can not meet the energy demand.

Protein is the key to muscle recovery and growth. Vitamins and trace elements are essential for the proper functioning of tissues and organs.

The weight gain powder is convenient to eat and tastes good.

銆€銆€Part of the weight gain powder in various nutritional supplements is equivalent to the position of the point-and-shoot camera in the camera. It is still insufficient for professionals, but it is more than enough for the average person.

Its composite formula is the most comprehensive, eliminating the cumbersome proportioning and use methods, instead of practical.

Especially after training, energy can be replenished immediately, so that the body will not be in an aging state, consume its own nutrients and 鈥渆at muscle鈥?

銆€銆€Some friends will ask, is weight gain and creatine better?

In fact, the two are not analogous.

Because in the bodybuilding supplement, each supplement has its own role.

For example, if you compare weight gain powder to dumbbells and barbells, creatine is a combination device.

Can you say that only one of them does not want another?

Creatine can greatly increase the strength and energy supply during training and shorten the recovery cycle, but it cannot directly provide energy reserves.

銆€銆€The energy comes from the nutrients absorbed by the outside world. Whether the absorption is sufficient is directly related to whether the creatine can exert its effect.

It is only from well-populated nutrients that it is possible to provide the body’s energy reserve fundamentally, so that creatine can be fully utilized during exercise.

For bodybuilders, nutritional supplements can only continue the daily diet, which will cause creatine to play its role.

銆€銆€Therefore, although creatine can effectively release energy directly, the required energy reserve is completed by weight gain powder.

Otherwise, the body will not be able to grow muscles if it is in a state of high consumption for a long time and cannot be replenished.

Dr. Green’s research at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom showed that “creatinine works better in the glucose state, which is a 50% increase in creatine in myogenic cells, and more than twice the composition of liver and liver glycogen.”
He strongly demonstrated that creatine works better under glucose conditions.

銆€銆€Some people say that weight gain powder is too much due to excessive glucose, but it is not.

The reasons are as follows: 1.

It turns out that the scientific use of bodybuilding supplements will greatly improve the training effect, and random non-scientific use will be ineffective.


Most of these products have been formulated with methyl chrome, L-carnitine and other powerful fat-reducing slags, which can effectively inhibit the growth of adults and reduce the accumulation of adults in the body.

That is to say, production has been considered in this regard.


Calculate your relative demand and then increase or decrease your daily consumption.

The instructions on the package have a unit of calculation. Please ask the dealer at the time of purchase and adjust it according to your own conditions.

銆€銆€Here, I would like to point out that even if you are eager to win and have no financial troubles, do not overweight the weight gain powder in order to increase weight and muscle quickly in a short period of time.

Because excessive consumption can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and digestion and malabsorption; and the serotonin content in the body is increased, inhibiting capillary blood flow velocity, especially in the brain, is prone to drowsiness.

Health care is in the lungs to reduce noise, phlegm and stomach, no deviation


Health care is in the lungs to reduce noise, phlegm and stomach, no deviation

The ancients said that “spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourishing Yin”, “spring and summer long, autumn harvest winter Tibetan” said that health must be compliant with four o’clock in order to achieve the purpose of longevity.

Li Qiu slammed into the sky, and guarded the “autumn tiger”!

This year, Liqiu is still in the “three days”, and the summer heat is still very difficult to eliminate.

Health experts suggest: “After the fall, a hot and dead person”, at this time, the public should pay close attention to the weather forecast, once the “autumn tiger” appears, pay attention to heatstroke and cool down.

At this time, the temperature difference between day and night gradually becomes larger, and it is also necessary to prevent colds and cold.

Liqiu Health—After the convergence of Yangqi, the yang of nature began to converge and accumulate, and people began to prepare for the maintenance of yang.

Going to bed early can follow the convergence of yang, and early to reset the lungs to get stretched.

In addition, early morning and early morning can reduce the chance of thrombosis, and can prevent vascular diseases such as cerebral thrombosis.

Liqiu Health—Nursing the liver and protecting the liver Chinese medicine believes that the liver is the official of the general, and the outside of the flat is relying on the liver, which is equivalent to the detoxification and immune function of Western medicine.

And “the lungs, the official of the Fu, the rule of the sputum”, all the gas, all in and out of the lungs.

After the outside, it is necessary to govern.

Manage yourself, and you can’t rely on your lungs.

The lungs are gold, and the autumn land is golden again, so the lungs fall in the fall.

In addition, the main harvest in autumn, dry for the main air of autumn, and the lungs are “sweet” not cold and heat, so it is easy to be injured by autumn dry, so you need to moisten, nourish Yin, lungs.

And autumn is gold, Jinkemu, so this gas in autumn will inhibit your liver and liver hair.

The liver is open to the eye, so the eyesight of the eye will drop at this time.

Should pay attention to liver protection, go to bed early, get up early.

Liqiu massage / moxibustion training to make up the vitality “Yellow Emperor Neijing Susu” pointed out: “Spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter Yin.”

Autumn is a good time for moxibustion, because autumn and winter consume more yang.

At this time, it is easier to replenish yang in time to prepare for the whole winter!

1, Dazhui points: health care points, the main body of the “A and B Jing” said “Da Vertebra, Sanyang, Du Meridian”, Dazhui points, also known as “Dayang’s Sea”, can dominate the body, but also health care points.

Therefore, massage, moxibustion, etc. can improve the body’s immunity and improve lung function.

Acupoints: the lower end of the human complication, the depression of the seventh cervical spine.

If the bone is not obvious, the patient’s activity is included, and the unmoving joint is the first thoracic vertebra, about flush with the shoulder.

2, Taibai point: supplement blood, beauty and beauty is too white is the original point of the spleen, spleen and spleen effect is stronger than other points.

The spleen is a qi and blood, the gas is insufficient, and the blood is more than enough. Therefore, the spleen often has symptoms of spleen qi deficiency. We often say that the yellow face is the image of spleen deficiency. Massage this acupuncture point every day can better fill the spleen meridian.The lack of Qi is the source of the spleen’s support for the qi.

Acupoints: At the toe edge, when the big toe is in the section (the first metatarsophalangeal joint), there is a red-white interdental depression.

3, Guanyuan points: qi and blood, tonic deficiency and loss Guanyuan is the recruitment of small intestines.

It means that it is the acupoint of the small intestine that accumulates in the abdomen.

In the “Bian Shu Xin Shu”, “every summer and autumn, that is, the burning Guan Yuan Qianzhu, long time does not fear the cold and heat”, moxibustion Guan Yuan, not only can clear the veins, strong waist, but also good geography and blood, tonic and loss.

Inconvenient moxibustion can be massaged clockwise around Guanyuan.

Acupoints: Located in the lower abdomen, the front midline, 3 inches below the navel, is the level of entry and exit.

4, Qihai Point: Fuzheng Guben, Peibu Yuanqi Chinese medicine believes that this is the center of the human body, is the source of anger, the body is caused by the infuriating, so for the lack of yang, the lack of vitality caused by the cold disease,Massage gas sea points usually have the effect of warming and nourishing the vital energy, strengthening the body and strengthening the body, and replenishing the body.

Acupoints: located in the lower abdomen, the front midline, under the umbilicus.

5 inches, is the yang of the yin, the sea of vitality.

According to the traditional saying that the autumn physiology recipes are dry, the human body needs to be moisturized. Therefore, it is advisable to drink soup with nourishing lungs or porridge in the current season.

Especially women friends, often drink some soup or porridge, which can both health and beauty effects.

1, cornmeal sweet potato porridge function: the most suitable porridge in autumn is cornmeal sweet potato porridge.Nutritious substances such as cornmeal pigment unsaturated fatty acids, sweet potato has the effect of prolonging the disease.

Practice: 100 grams of cornmeal, first with cold water into a paste, wait until the water is boiled, then add the chopped sweet potatoes together, gently stir to prevent the cornmeal stick to the bottom of the pot.

2, honey melon screw head chicken soup function: the positive color of the soup is milky white, very thick and very white, the woman drinks the best, has a beauty, moisturizing effect.

Practice: first boil the water (the amount of water is more than double the material), ginger, snail meat, chicken pieces, simmer for half an hour, then medium heat for two hours, then add the small pieces of honeydew melon, thenThe fire can be half an hour, and the soup at this time is about half to two-fifth of the original amount.

3, Shashen Yuzhu fishtail soup function: Shashen and Yuzhu are all lungs, this soup is especially helpful for people who have too much alcohol and tobacco and lack of sleep.

Practice: The basic approach is the same as above.

Wash the fish tail first, add it to the oil pan (put in the oil) and fry until golden brown.

Boil the water, put everything in boiling water, simmer for half an hour, then medium heat for an hour and a half.

Li Qiu’s health taboo 1, avoid overeating and eating people in the fall, due to the pleasant climate, rich food, and often eat too much.

Excessive absorption, will be converted into fecal accumulation, making people fat.

In the autumn diet, pay attention to the right amount, can not indulge appetite, eat and drink.

2, avoid eating spicy cold food in the fall and eat less irritating, spicy, hot food, such as sharp pepper.

Also avoid all kinds of hot and humid gas accumulation. Any food with a spicy smell has a function of dispersing, so it is recommended to eat spicy food such as celery.

3, avoid eating greasy, fried foods greasy fried foods are not easy to digest, accumulate in the stomach, aggravating the body’s accumulated heat, is not conducive to moistening, many chronic respiratory diseases often relapse or aggravate in autumn, because thisthe reason.