Caring for Sleep Classic Life Starts in the Bedroom

Caring for Sleep Classic Life Starts in the Bedroom

Classical quality of life is inseparable from high quality sleep. About one third of human life is spent in sleep. Sleep is an important replacement for the body to recover, integrate and consolidate memory, and is an undeniable part of health.

The busy life, the tense urban rhythm, the grim sleep status and the essence of quality sleep have been paid more and more attention.

The high-efficiency living environment makes most people feel mentally tired, lack satisfaction, and face health problems.

Experts suggest that quality sleep is the foundation and an important part of health.

  Sleep status cannot be ignored. Among the general public in most countries in Europe and the Americas, sleep problems account for 30% to 56%.

Sleep problems have become a worldwide problem.

Our country has conducted a survey on sleep problems and found that China is higher than the world’s average-there are sleep problems and insomnia symptoms reach 40% to 60%, which shows that the sleep status of the public is not optimistic.

A few days ago, the representatives of European and American classic home furnishings-Meikemeijia jointly launched and Ruili jointly launched the “Sleep Health Status Survey Report”, covering personal sleep habits, key factors affecting sleep quality, sleep subhealth symptoms, sleep consumption concepts, etc.

The survey results showed that more than 80% of the respondents had different degrees of sleep quality problems, showing difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, not falling asleep, causing symptoms such as difficulty concentrating.

It is understood that the reason why most people have different levels of sleep quality problems, in addition to some of their own poor sleep habits, even there are many misunderstandings about sleep: think quality sleep instead of sleep time?

Do drugs promote sleep?

Difficulty falling asleep means insomnia and so on.

  Sleep first, the medical doctor of the Qing Dynasty Li Yu once pointed out: “The best health is to sleep first.

Sleep can regenerate, sleep can nourish qi, sleep can strengthen the spleen and stomach, sleep can strengthen bones.

“The nature of sleep has been well-recognized since ancient times.

  Studies have shown that sleep is by no means equivalent to the length of sleep. In sleep time, too long or too short of sleep is not good for health, but it is also related to people’s personality, health status, working environment, labor intensity, etc.Because of it, it has a certain relationship with everyone’s sleep habits.

The quality of sleep is based on getting the maximum sleep quality in a limited amount of sleep time. We know that most people spend their sleep time in light and light sleep, so the quality is not high.

Therefore, the quality of sleep is relatively simple to estimate by the length of sleep, and then the quality of dark sleep.

  Insufficient long-term sleep, the brain can not get enough rest, prone to headaches, dizziness, memory loss, loss of appetite and other phenomena; long-term insomnia makes young women appear grayish yellow, increased wrinkles and other premature aging.

Adequate sleep refreshes and radiates the body. This is the body’s self-protection response. It suppresses other functions through sleep and highlights immune functions.

The body’s immune regulation is mainly completed at night. Insomnia must cause damage to the immune system, while some insomniacs are suspected of treating insomnia with drugs and health products to complete sleep quickly, regardless of drug replacement.

Day after day, a vicious circle forms.

Only healthy, adequate, and excellent sleep can help you eliminate fatigue, promote health, nourish your skin, and show a youthful look.

  Difficulty falling asleep is not the same as insomnia. Do not worry about the sky, which will lead to real insomnia.

Sleep is an active physiological process in humans.

When you have difficulty falling asleep, you are worried about insomnia, and then you are worried. This kind of fear makes our worry about insomnia a reality.

Causes the decline in sleep quality and directly affects physical health.

  Ensuring good sleep quality is important for health.

The Meikemei family, which advocates the classic lifestyle, always believes that classic life is inseparable from high-quality sleep and the guarantee of sleep quality. First of all, adhere to a regular schedule, maintain the synchronization of the biological clock, and develop to fall asleep on time. This is to improve the quality of sleep.One of the key elements.

Avoid eating and stay away from strong tea, coffee and nicotine before going to bed, keep the environment quiet, do not stress yourself during insomnia, and do not rely on drugs.

The last good bedding can help you fall asleep, have a good night’s sleep, and prevent damage to your neck and back during sleep.

  Bedding expert Mei Kemei deeply understands the facts of sleep, and is committed to helping the general population to bring about a healthy and classic life with persistent innovation and cordial care.

Start by choosing a good mattress to create a good sleeping space and form good sleeping habits.

  Good-quality mattresses, good night’s dreams, and some internal factors may not completely eliminate sleep problems in a short time, but to create a comfortable sleeping environment, choose a good mattress to reduce physical stress, and improve sleep quality is not difficult to achieve.

We all know that one-third of a person’s life sleeps with a bed, and no furniture is as close to a person as a mattress.

As one of the furnitures closely related to sleep, mattresses are not well understood.

  Replace mattress in 5-7 years?

Never generalize.If your good night’s dreams are often plagued by unknown pain, the quality of sleep is not as good as before, and changing the environment will improve the quality of sleep, then you should consider replacing the mattress.

In general, high-quality mattresses can prolong life if used properly and carefully.

Maikemeijia mattresses have a high quality guarantee. Although it is not necessary, if you can turn the mattress frequently and take care of it, you can extend the mattress to 15-20 years.

  The choice of mattress is crucial.

The mattress is closely related to the lumbar spine.

The normal lumbar spine is a lordosis. If the mattress cannot fit the lumbar spine, it will cause the lumbar spine to change and cause discomfort.

People of different sizes have different mattresses.

It is recommended to choose soft and hard mattresses according to sleeping habits.

In addition, the choice of mattress has a certain relationship with height and weight.

When choosing a mattress, don’t be shy about trying it out, experience it first-hand, lie flat on the mattress, and see if it can fit the natural curve of the neck, back, waist, hips, and legs.It can be said to be soft and hard.

Carefully choosing the bedding that suits you is the best shortcut to a good night’s dream and the perfect start.

  Maikemeijia deeply understands the needs of the broad audience, and cooperates with Shuda, the second largest mattress brand in the United States, to launch mattress products suitable for Chinese people.

Provide consumers with a tailored sleep experience, allowing continuous sleep to be easily combined with comfortable living enjoyment.

  The second-generation Masterpiece mattress fabrics all use imported high-end jacquard, and the quilted layer provides different soft and hard comforts, conforms to the human body curve, and ensures sufficient sleep.

Latex uses imported pure natural health materials, which is definitely a good choice for patients with hypertension and allergies.

The exquisite and unique air button design greatly improves the breathability of the mattress, creating a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

The patented spring support system allows the direction of spring separation to be consistent with the sleeping direction of the human body, effectively giving unique support to sleepers of different weights, and avoiding the mutual influence between sleeping partners during sleep.

The soft fibers in the wavy fiber cotton can evenly disperse weight according to the body curve, release the body pressure and improve blood circulation, bring you a relaxing and continuous sleep, and help you have a good night’s dream.

  Opening the chapter of classic life and standing at the beginning of a new era of health, Meikemeijia is committed to helping the general public live a classic and healthy life with the brand promise.

Maikemeijia, your intimate bedding expert, provides you with high-quality mattresses and sleep knowledge to meet your sleep needs and help you achieve high-quality sleep.

Caring for sleep and caring for health, Maikemeijia will continue to devote infinite care and write the legend of bedding with you.

Three major food therapies can help you avoid headaches after drinking

Three major food therapies can help you avoid headaches after drinking

Drinking the right amount of alcohol in your daily life is good for your body, but if you drink too much, it can hurt your liver and your body.

Many people often go home drunk for entertainment, and often wake up in the morning and feel headache, nausea, dry mouth and anorexia.

How to solve the problem of headache after getting drunk?

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is caused by excessive drinking of the stomach, excessive lung heat, and disturbance caused by “alcohol poisoning”.

Ancient Chinese medicine professionals introduce several traditional Chinese medicine recipes for treating headaches after drinking: 1.

Drinking honey water can effectively relieve headache symptoms after drinking.

Ancient Chinese medicine professionals introduced that honey contains a special kind of fructose, which can promote the breakdown and absorption of alcohol and reduce headaches, especially those caused by red wine.

In addition, honey also has a hypnotic effect, can make people fall asleep quickly, and do not have headaches after waking up the next day.


Tomato Juice Tomato Juice is also a suitable special fructose, an effective drink that can help promote the breakdown and absorption of alcohol. Once it exceeds 300ml, the dizziness after drinking will gradually disappear.

Professionals say that drinking tomato juice has better hangover effects than eating tomatoes raw.

Adding a small amount of salt before the announcement can also help stabilize your mood.


Olive Olive has been a “good medicine” to sober up, clear stomach heat, and promote appetite since ancient times. It can effectively improve the symptoms of anorexia after drinking.

Can be eaten directly or stewed with rock sugar.

Graduates from college to work eager to turn gorgeously

Graduates from college to work eager to turn gorgeously

Zhu Zhu of Hunan University is very lucky. She signed a company some time ago, but her mood is getting worse and worse: Only 2 months before graduation, I wanted to hurry up with my roommate for 4 years, but found it almost impossible.

“Everyone is working for the future, and it is rare to see each other, let alone exchange.

Xiao Zhu said that now she doesn’t even mention looking for work in the bedroom to avoid misunderstanding by her roommate.

Coupled with some roommates moving out one after another, the bedroom is getting more and more deserted.

Xiao Zhu has a kind of sadness beyond words.

  Senior graduates who are about to step out of the university gates, hovering between the dual status of social people and students, facing complex interpersonal relationships: looking forward, they are deeply aware of the pressure of employment and uncertainty in the workplace; looking back, theyWe must face the necessity of further studies and competition among students.

At this step from campus to society, they long for a gorgeous turn.

  The best friend became a job-seeking opponent. “I used to talk all night long when I was sad and sad. I lived in the same room for a few years. I thought that in the future, I would be a friend who could make friends. I was wrong.

“On Wang Ling’s (pseudonym) QQ signature, she redirected like this.

Wang Ling studied at Hunan Normal University and signed a well-known travel agency in the province in April.

  With her job settled, Wang Ling lost a friend and experienced the pressure and cruelty of workplace competition in advance: “Guo is a sister who sleeps on my bunk and has a very close roommate.

I first went to an internship at a five-star travel agency and later introduced her to an internship.

I thought that two people could take care of each other, and there was a person who discussed things, but then I became more and more regretful to introduce Guo to the company for an internship.

She is relatively strong. Some companies have arranged for me to do something. She rushed to do it. She was afraid that the supervisors and leaders would not know it, and I was embarrassed to speak everywhere.

Once, because my English was good, the company arranged for me to host an international group. Guo Man’s face was upset and he ignored me for a few days.

Wang Ling told reporters that she really wanted to communicate with Guo in depth, but Guo avoided it every time.

After she signed the work unit, Guo changed her internship and did not know if she had signed the unit now. “We are no longer friends who have nothing to talk about.

“Wang Ling’s mental illness is common among many graduates.

Ma Xiaohong, deputy director of the Mental Health Education Center of Central South University, analyzes that the university is actually a small society. The various competitions in the society are reflected on campus to varying degrees. When it comes to their own interests, people will be disappointed.

Wang Ling should recognize the existence of this phenomenon and take the initiative to relieve herself.

  Zhao Nan, a student of Hunan Agricultural University, who has always wanted to succeed but has never been able to do so, has been a cadre for four years. From the monitor of the class to the chairman of the student union, he has trained his ability to act decisively and independently, which has won the teacher’s appreciation and the trust of his classmates.

These experiences are his proud capital, and they do bring a lot of advantages and confidence to his job search.

However, Xiao Zhao, who has been working in the unit, began to doubt himself before a month.

  ”It’s too busy to do anything.

Xiao Zhao, who has always demanded a lot of himself, worked very hard. In addition to working for 8 hours, he was constantly showing the scenes of going to work during the day or thinking about ideas at night.

However, Xiao Zhao was still dissatisfied with his work status: “After one month, I don’t say that the monthly advancement is just a word of praise. I don’t know what to do?

Xiao Zhao is deeply disturbed now.

  The reporter found that most of the graduates who have just entered the workplace have similar experiences with Xiao Zhao. Their enthusiasm was extinguished by reality, and then there was no small amount of pressure and confusion.

  Zhou Qian, deputy director of the Employment Department of Hunan Communications Vocational and Technical College, told reporters that students who did not find a job are anxious.

Students who signed the unit are just as anxious.

The former is anxious about where the rice bowl is, and the other is worried that the rice bowl cannot be held.

  Yang Yang of Central South University studied Accounting.

When most of her classmates were looking for a job, she signed a relatively well-known private enterprise in the province.

She should be waiting for graduation with peace of mind, and she was just as restless: “I may sign too early. If there are better units to recruit people, I don’t know if I will break the contract.

And I heard that this company has many internal factions and the situation is particularly complicated.

I don’t belong to the very kind of girl, I don’t know if I can adapt to the working environment there.

Psychologists who can plan employment and treat mental illness in the life plan said that in the process of students going to society, due to factors such as job search fatigue, workplace panic, and life pressure, students at this age are particularly prone to “symptoms” such as worry, confusion, and loss,This affects their own interpersonal and social interactions. For example, students who frequently find a job find themselves laissez-faire, disgusted with the world, and have old-fashioned ideas that lead to tensions with their parents.

Classmates who have a mentality for comparison have depression tendency because of dissatisfaction or face problems.  Psychologists told reporters that university graduates with “employment heart problems” must first calm down, face people and events around them with a positive attitude, and grasp employment opportunities under the guidance of experts from institutions.

  Ms. Zhu from Huda is reading some popular workplace experience books, such as “Du Lala Promotions”, “Floating and Floating”, etc., because the Internet said that these books are a must read secret for newcomers to the workplace, she hopes to prepare a little earlierThe Heart Sutra in the Workplace in order to be less frustrated.

Now, she has some snacks.

  A survey shows that after the first year of work, 70% of newcomers in the workplace have changed jobs.

Especially in the current occupation and the position is lower than the ideal value, many college students have the idea of owning a unit and then finding a good unit.

Experts suggest that seniors can use this time to formulate a life development plan and adjust their employment mentality, so that the first job in the future is not passable or even laid a foundation for the future.

Six Yang and Four Little Health Care

“Six Yang” and “Four Little” Health Care

The way to keep in good health is always there.
Now China has entered the “old-age society”, but many old people seem to lack the mentality to face the old age, do nothing, and lose interest in life.
Even if there is a little “Ya Xing” that originally thought that it can fill the contents of life, such as calligraphy, painting, hiking, writing, flowers and so on, it can be stopped, can not continue, and often halfway.
So, long and short sighs, bored, and depressed in my heart, lamenting that it is difficult to have places and objects.
銆€銆€The Qing people have the purpose of “six raising” and “four less”, and may wish to adjust.
銆€銆€”Six-nursing”, “the sound of running water, can raise ears; green grass, can raise the eye; view the book, can raise the heart; play the piano, can raise the finger; happy, can raise the feet; sit and adjustYou can raise your muscles.”
This is to say that we should have more contact with nature, support our temperament, as well as the cleverness of our eyes and ears, and be more motivated. At the same time, we should study and raise our spirits to maintain our physical and mental health.
銆€銆€”Four less” “small words in the mouth, less in the heart, less food in the stomach, less sleep naturally”, is to say that diet, sleep should be moderate, mental state is better, less accumulated troubles, less talk, free God.
Of course, this is not a slap in the face of a dumb, but also a moderate meaning. The so-called “four less, the gods can be.”
銆€銆€The principles and methods of TCM health care are not disease-preventing, and the old-fashioned anti-aging methods of TCM are aimed at preventing diseases, health care and longevity.
For example, in the aspect of daily life adjustment, “Nei Jing” emphasizes that “the wind and cold heat” and other “virtual evil thieves” should “avoid sometimes”; in the aspect of food hygiene, Zhang Zhongjing’s “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” has a special section to emphasize prevention of food poisoning; Sun Siwei is in it.The book describes the use of animal liver to prevent night blindness, the use of sheep’s thyroid gland and kelp to prevent endemic goiter; “Nei Jing” also advocates the use of acupuncture to prevent disease, health and longevity.
Therefore, the guiding ideology of TCM health education should be raised first.
銆€銆€Daily conditioning, life has a festival Pay attention to the law of life, pay attention to the daily life such as diet, daily life, sleep, labor and spiritual rehabilitation, has an important role in delaying aging.
In the long-term practice, TCM has formed a set of effective methods of health preservation, such as mental health, sleep health, diet and health, living and health, and four-time health.
銆€銆€Self-exercise, perseverance TCM self-exercise methods, including Qigong, guidance, massage, etc., the so-called qigong in modern times, originated from the ancient methods of guidance, breathing and other exercises, the key is to adjust, adjust, and adjust interest rates.
They can make the human body eliminate internal and external interference, and the state of mind and body are in an optimal state, thus implementing self-regulation of the entire life process, stimulating and mobilizing the potential of the human body, and plague the disease.
銆€銆€Both medicine and food, acupuncture and moxibustion In the Chinese literature, from time to time, many drugs and prescriptions have been recorded as “Yiqi light body” and “longevity”, which are all in the category of medicine.
Diet therapy is another wonderful flower in the treasure house of Chinese medicine.
Food and medicine complement each other and work together to strengthen the body.
In addition, there are many effective, simple and practical methods such as acupuncture health care, health moxibustion, umbilical therapy, and medicine pillow therapy.
銆€銆€涓€佸勾鍏荤敓鐢ㄨ嵂鍗佸繉銆€銆€1銆佸繉婊ョ敤瑗胯嵂鎶楃敓绱犮€佹縺绱犲拰缁寸敓绱?鎵€璋撹タ鑽€滀笁澶х礌鈥?涔冨洜浜哄埌涓€佸勾鑴捐儍澶氳櫄锛屸€滀笁澶х礌鈥濈被浼间簬鑻﹀瘨涓嵂锛氶粍鑺┿€侀粍杩炪€侀粍鏌廠uch as, the spleen and the stomach, and the effect is more, the symptoms overlap.
銆€銆€2, avoid long-term abuse of Western medicine to stop tablets, because of long-term use of painkillers to damage the gastrointestinal tract, causing stomach bleeding, long-term service will be addicted, extremely harmful.
When seeking Chinese medicine treatment.
銆€銆€3, avoid superstition of expensive medicines, brand-name drugs, because your medicine is not equal to good medicine, not necessarily symptomatic.
The medicine is light and cheap, and it is symptomatic. The ginseng is blindly cast, and it is more common to hurt people. Rhubarb is symptomatic and has repeatedly saved people.
銆€銆€4, avoid credulous folk remedies, secret recipes.
The remedies and secret recipes do have the symptomatic disease, but the land has north and south, people have cold and heat, and the difference is a thousand miles.
銆€銆€5, avoid abuse of tonic drugs, tonics must also be used in dialectical, blind investment and make up, not only no work, counter-attacks.
銆€銆€6, avoid seeking more urgent, increase the amount of medication without authorization, so that the spleen and stomach can not bear the burden, anti-mutation.
銆€銆€7, avoid tea to send medicine, drink medication, drink medicine, because of alcohol and tobacco after taking a variety of adverse reactions, so that the efficacy is greatly reduced, tea also greatly reduced drug efficacy.
銆€銆€8, avoid blindly taking anti-aging drugs (including sexual anti-aging drugs), commercially available anti-aging drugs, all seven points of publicity, three points effective, and the efficacy can not be consolidated, the cure of the law, must seek treatment of Chinese medicine.
銆€銆€9, bogey drinks, mineral water, due to beverages, mineral water with benzene preservatives, will lead to liver and spleen texture fibrosis.
銆€銆€10, avoid anti-overeating, hunger and no time, fat and greasy, excessive drinking.

[New Benefits]Are you making money and giving me gifts in these three days?

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There are thousands of good things in the world!

Has it fallen to your head?
You make money, I give gifts!

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Fresh food preservation plan


Fresh food preservation plan

After dinner, plastic food boxes, microwave bowls, cling film, storage bags, everything that can be saved to the food guys unveiled.

Yes, for the health of the family, the rest of the food can be properly preserved.

For a long time, we have thought that the plastic products used in food packaging and storage, including disposable convenience bags, food packaging bags and reusable plastic containers, are considered safe and harmless.

But in fact, the advice from the experts is: you must carefully understand the composition of the product and master the correct storage method to ensure that there is no threat to your health (healthy food).

銆€銆€鈼?First one: How can I find a digital password on the box to make a good choice?

A simple and feasible method is to follow the instructions from the manufacturer, which can usually be found in the description section of the original packaging of the product.

If you can’t find the relevant content on the outer packaging, you must think twice before buying.

銆€銆€If you have the habit of reading the product manual, you will find a lot of useful information in the text at the bottom of the food box.

A triangular number symbol appears on the bottom of most food boxes.

The entire pattern may also include arrows or other numbers that are used to distinguish the product material category.

When buying a food box, the following numbers deserve our special attention: Number 3: means: This number represents PVC.

This material is relatively hard-grained and is often used in the manufacture of food boxes, water pipes and building materials for a wide range of applications in everyday life.

銆€銆€Directions for use: In general, food boxes made from this material are only suitable for storing dry, low-moisture foods such as rice and pasta.

PVC is not resistant to high temperature, so be sure to transfer the food to a food container suitable for microwave use before heating the food.

銆€銆€Number 6: means: This is the sign of polystyrene.

This material is sometimes foamy and is used primarily for making disposable lunch boxes, cups and cutlery.

銆€銆€Directions for use: Polystyrene has the lowest melting point of all types of food packaging materials, so although it can be used to hold warm foods, do not use a food box that uses this material to heat directly.

銆€銆€Number 7: means: This number represents a material other than PVC and polystyrene or a composite material of various plastic materials.

If the raw material of the food box is polycarbonate (including BPA), this number will appear on the product.

銆€銆€Usage Guide: Standard food box materials are various, their heat resistance and maintenance methods are also different, be sure to read the product description carefully before use, strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

銆€銆€鈼廈asic 2: A comprehensive understanding of the use of the lunch box to update the container in a timely manner – if you find that the food box in your home is deformed, worn, infiltrated with oil (oil food) dirt or has been difficult to wash after a long time, you should take the initiative and let them be laid off as soon as possible.
Dish detergents, detergents and scouring pads can cause wear and even corrosion on the food box.

If there is blistering on the surface of the food box, it means that the damage has been caused for a long time.

Excessively, if the surface is stained by infiltration into the vegetable juice, it means that the chemical components in the food box are highly likely to penetrate into the food in the container during the heating process.

Therefore, experts pointed out that it is necessary to eliminate the aging and damaged food containers in time.

銆€銆€Heating without boiling – for the use of microwave ovens, the difference between heating and cooking seems to be only one line difference.

But this difference is crucial to the safety of plastic food boxes.

Even microwave-specific lunch boxes cannot withstand the high temperature processing.

First, the food is heated to 60 掳 C.

This temperature maintains an appropriate safety distance from the boiling point.

Some materials, such as polycarbonate, begin to soften and melt at around 135 掳 C and therefore cannot be used for food heating.

Even other plastic food containers should avoid such high temperatures.

The secret of safety is to dispose of the food in a microwave-specific container of glass or ceramic material before heating, especially if you plan to use the oven to cook new alternatives using fresh materials, or to heat the long-lasting leftovers at high temperatures.time.

銆€銆€Special bag – When there is no food bag at hand, how about looking for an ordinary plastic bag instead?

Don’t forget, the US Food and Drug Administration only approved several types of specially treated plastic containers that can be used to hold food.

Therefore, even if you are in a hurry and are in a hurry, you can’t just grab a few bottles and cans and put the things you eat inside.

Even if the instructions indicate that the product is harmless to the human body, as long as it is not food-specific, it must not be used to take into account the health of itself and its family.

Expert Tip: To preserve food, be sure to buy food-specific plastic lunch boxes; foods that need to be fresh must be packaged in food-specific storage bags. You must not use stores, supermarkets or even garbage bags for saving or saving time.銆€銆€Clean and square – a basin of hot water, a few drops of detergent, plus a soft scouring pad to clean all the dishes.

It is not necessary to use a strong alkaline cleaner like a decontamination powder to remove oil residue from food.

When using tableware, place the plastic tableware on the top layer.

Before using a new food container, be sure to wash it thoroughly and thoroughly mix the dirt left in the production process into the food.

銆€銆€Each of the directors – self-adhesive food bags and food wrap is the best choice for packaging food.

In order to increase the elasticity of the product, part of the wrap film is made of PVC.

If you are concerned about the adverse effects of PVC on the human body, you can choose a product that excludes plasticizers.

Do not use ordinary plastic containers to heat in the oven.

When using a microwave to heat meals, be sure to place the food in a glass or ceramic dish for the microwave oven.

If necessary, it is best to stick a layer of plastic wrap on the dishes, but do not let them touch the surface of the food.