[How to make roasted pears with rock sugar]_ roasted pears _ how to make _ how to make

[How to make roasted pears with rock sugar]_ roasted pears _ how to make _ how to make

Many people have eaten rock sugar stewed pears, but everyone has not eaten rock sugar roasted pears. This is a relatively common practice at present. Prepare rock sugar toothpicks and a microwave oven with a barbecue function to wash the Sydney.Cut into small pieces, it is best to marinate with rock sugar, wrap it with a layer of rock sugar, and put it in a microwave oven. Wait until it is heated to a certain time and turn off the heat.

Ingredients Pears (preferably larger), multiple rock sugar, toothpicks, microwave oven with barbecue function1, first wash the pears and cut the small end flat.

2. Carefully dig out the pear nucleus. It doesn’t matter if you can’t dig it out, just dig out a little space for 3-4 rock candy.

3. Put on the rock sugar, put the small head shape that you just cut on the pear, and fix it with a toothpick. At this time, you can use the microwave or the oven.

Nutritional value Roasted pears are delicious foods unique to Bengbu, Suzhou, and Shouxian. They can relieve cough and reduce phlegm. They are sweet and sour and have good nutrition and taste.

Roasted pears are a must in Shouxian. With an iron case, there are several round “small doors” with handles in the front. The boss just opened the handles. It turned out to be a “placement” with a bracket inside.A traditional enamel cup is placed on each grid. The cup is a honey-colored liquid, soaked with a pitted Sydney, the hollowed part is put in red dates and longan.

[Can bloomed dandelions be eaten]_taboo_cautions

[Can bloomed dandelions be eaten]_taboo_cautions

Everyone is familiar with dandelions. Sometimes when climbing a mountain, you will see fresh dandelions, especially children love the flowering dandelions. Pick one, blow it by the mouth, and watch each seed drift away like a parachute.
Dandelion has a certain value in traditional Chinese medicine, but can blooming dandelions be eaten?
The bloomed dandelion is of course edible and can be used to soak in water, which is very beneficial for clearing heat and detoxifying.
Can dandelion flowers be eaten?
what is the benefit?
Dandelion flowers are edible. Fresh dandelion flowers can be used to soak water, and they can also be used to make wine. Dandelion flowers can clear heat and detoxify, reduce swelling, and diuretic and drench.
But the dandelion flower is boiled in water to drink. If it is not filtered, it will easily get stuck in the throat, so it is not recommended to drink with dandelion flower in water.
What does a dandelion flower do?
Dandelion flower: Wash it with water and wash it. Washing your face with dandelion flower can help to remove spots!
Take a handful of dandelion flowers, pour into a tea cup of boiling water, filter after cooling, and then wash your face with dandelion flower water in the morning and evening.
Homemade dandelion flower DIY mask After soaking the dandelion flower in boiling water, add a spoonful of honey, and add an appropriate amount of milk to make a liquid mask!
The liquid mask infiltrates the mask paper, and it is directly applied to the face for 15 minutes, then removed, washed, and put on skin care products for a month, the face is white and tender.
Note: Cautious use of plaques on allergic skin is mainly due to the blood stagnation of Huoyu Sunluo or wind and heat of the lungs, and it is still related to endocrine disorders.
Need to take care slowly, usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, high-protein foods, drink plenty of water, and participate in various sports and exercise at the same time, strengthen physical fitness, while ensuring adequate sleep, avoiding overwork, maintaining mental well-being, there will still be a certain effectof.
Dandelion is also a good medicine. It can be consumed all over the body. Dandelion flowers can be used first, dandelion leaves can be used in dishes, dandelion roots can also be soaked in water, which can clear heat and detoxify, soothe the skin, improve blood, and protect the liver and liver.
All dandelion grasses can be used as medicines. We can better distinguish from three angles and use dandelions reasonably: 1. Anti-inflammatory and detoxification, using chlorogenic acid with a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect in dandelion leaves.The content is generally leaf> root> flower, so in terms of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, the leaf is slightly dominant.
Dandelion leaves: dipping, cold dressing, filling.
Dandelion leaves are more leafy, green ones are better.
(1) Dipping sauce: Wash the dandelion fresh stems and leaves, drain the dipping sauce, the original dandelion plant, a bitter taste, delicious and fresh and refreshing.
(2) Cold dressing: Rinse the dandelion with boiling water for 1 minute, drain, and rinse with cold water.
With chili oil, monosodium glutamate, salt, sesame oil, vinegar, garlic, etc., you can also make Xiaolai with different flavors according to your own taste.
(3) Stuffing: After washing the dandelion tender stems and leaves with water, simmer and chop them a little, add seasonings to make stuffing (you can also add meat) to make dumplings or buns.
2. Protect the liver. Use dandelion root. Dandelion root has the effect of protecting liver and protecting liver, and can help repair liver tissue damage. Therefore, in the aspect of protecting liver and protecting liver, dandelion root is preferred.
The dandelion roots soak in water can detoxify the liver and prevent liver damage, especially for alcoholic liver damage.
How to make dandelion root tea Wild dandelion root Wash the mud and impurities, stir fry in a pot until completely dry, darken, cut into small pieces, take 2-3 grams of dandelion root tea in a cup each time, inject 85Breathe in hot water above the temperature, gently shake the tea soup, wait for 3-5 minutes, you can drink, each brewing can be brewed 2-3 times.
3, freckle, dandelion flower dandelion flower, soaked in water with the whole person should be very experienced, if not filtered, it is easy to get stuck in the throat, bad mood, worth the loss.
But dandelion flowers boil water, washing your face can help freckle!
Conclusion: When using dandelion, you should pay attention to scientific methods. Before using it, you must identify your physical condition so that you can achieve the best results. Dandelion root has many health effects on the body, especially for some colds, fevers,Bronchitis, gastritis, hepatitis and vaginitis all have good treatment effects.
Although dandelion is good, those who are allergic to dandelion; those with spleen and stomach deficiency; those with cold and cold should be used with caution.

[Introduction of home-made braised catfish]_How to do_How to do

[Introduction of home-made braised catfish]_How to do_How to do

Carassius auratus is a relatively common river fish. Carassius auratus is delicate and delicious. It is rich in protein and rich in nutrition. Carassius auratus is not only edible and has high beneficial value. The biggest effect of carassius auratus is that it has the effect of passing milk after stewing.

Eating more catfish can also improve skin, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality.

The most common method for fish is stew, miso and braised pork. Now we will introduce the practice of home-made braised crucian carp.

Materials: Anchovy practices: 1.

The abdomen of the fish is cleaned, and the water body is now polluted to varying degrees, so there is a black membrane in the abdomen of the fish!

Draw a flower knife on both sides of the fish-this will make it easy to taste!

Because the fish is small, there is no need to make crisscross flowers. 3 skewers are enough-note that the meat is cut diagonally.


Spread some salt evenly on the fish, you can even make a little in the abdominal cavity, and make a little early taste!

The prepared fish is placed in a plate, served with ginger shreds, smashed flat garlic, dried chili, and then added some green onions!

Several colors look great!


Pull down the pot, burn the blue smoke with the oil, and add the ingredients fragrant incense, the fire should not be too large, mainly to fry the aroma.

When the onions and garlic are yellow, you can remove the ingredients for later use. Pay special attention to the red peppers not to fry them, which is not good.


Use the remaining oil to fry the fish!

The oil temperature is 6 minutes, and both sides are slightly yellow, or you can fry a little!

Be careful when turning the fish. If you break it, you can smash the pot and then you can put a small bowl of water (the family does not have broth) and start cooking.!!

Adding the most important rice wine + soy sauce after the water is boiling is a step to remove fishy seasoning!


Add the previous ingredients and cook together, and add salt to the soup. Consider the amount, because the soy sauce is also salty, and then add the sauce, including the fish itself and the flavor!

Keep pouring juice on the fish to ensure even heat!

Add a tablespoon of watercress.


After a short burn, the fish will be cooked, and the shape will be easily destroyed after a long time.

Now the fish is in a platter, sprinkle with shallot leaves, and there is some soup in the pot!

The essence is!

Add the sugar and vinegar, the flavor, and adjust the bottom of the bowl of water starch. Bring it to a high heat and bring to a boil. Stir quickly until it is slightly sticky.

Pour the soup!

How much juice you can control, less dry, too much tasteless!

Lin Yang Energy (601222): The third quarter earnings growth rate is slightly lower than market expectations of the new smart meter standard landing countdown

Lin Yang Energy (601222): The third quarter earnings growth rate is slightly lower than market expectations of the new smart meter standard landing countdown

Performance review maintained outperformed the industry’s 3Q 2019 results slightly worse than market expectations Lin Yang Energy announced 3Q results: revenue 8.

800 million US dollars, -22% a year, -10% MoM; net profit attributable to mother 2.

700 million US dollars, previously + 7%, + 2% month-on-month, slightly lower than the market’s expected growth of about 10%, mainly due to less than expected progress in the volume of electricity meter business.

The company also called investors after the antique performance on the 22nd.

  In the third quarter, meter revenue increased slightly from the previous month, and gross profit margin improved positively.

The company achieved revenues of approximately 1.2 billion in the first three quarters of the electricity meter segment, with an implied revenue of approximately 4 in the third quarter.

400 million US dollars, equivalent to 58% of electricity meter revenue in the first half, a slight increase from the previous month, but the growth rate was less than market competition expected.

We believe that mainly due to the execution of 2017-2018 bidding orders in the third quarter, the impact of accelerated grid investment has not yet been fully realized.

At the same time, the gross profit margin of electricity meters continued to improve in the third quarter, mainly benefiting from the company’s increased procurement standardization to reduce supply chain costs, and proactively abandoning low-margin product lines. We expect this measure to bring continuous improvement in gross margin.

  Development trend State-owned ubiquitous electric power new smart meter standards are expected to be launched as scheduled in the fourth quarter, and the products may promote investment in meter replacement after they are launched next year.

The company expects that the new generation of smart meter standards participating in the development of the State Grid will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2019 as originally planned, and will be submitted for inspection in 2020.

  Considering that the separation of the meter’s main control and metering chips under the new standard has become a general trend, and at the same time the last round of meter verification has begun for nearly 6 years, we believe that when the next generation of smart meter replacement is initiated in 2020, the full meter replacement will be the main path.Instead of a new plug-in communication module model with severe market competition, it is expected to drive investment in meter replacement.

  Inject it into the group’s financial leasing company and wait for the demand for photovoltaic parity to start.

When the company announced its results, it announced that it planned to inject Huahong Photovoltaic’s financial leasing platform, which is part of the group, for consideration 3.

2 trillion yuan, implying about 0.

66 times P / B ratio.

Although the platform is currently in the expected state, it has promoted the role of financing channels in the company’s PVEPC business development and self-sustaining power station development process.

We believe that this injection is expected to streamline the downstream business of 深圳桑拿网 photovoltaics and reduce related party transactions. This will be the next step for the company after the start of photovoltaic parity demand1.

The orderly release of the 6 GW reserve project provided funding support.

  Earnings forecast and estimation Considering that the growth rate of the third quarter performance is slightly lower than the market expectation, the growth of electricity meter orders and the improvement in gross profit margin are in line with expectations. We maintain the company’s profit forecast unchanged.

Maintain Outperform rating and 6.

Target price of 75 yuan, corresponding to 13.

5x 2019 P / E ratio and 11.

7 times 2020 price-earnings ratio, 51 than the previous inclusion.

0% upside.

The current priority corresponds to 8.

9 times and 7.

8 times the 2019/2020 price-earnings ratio.

  Risks The new standard smart meter replacement bidding 北京桑拿洗浴保健 progress is less than expected.

After more than 20% of electronic stocks have set a new high, the institution recommends 5 potential stocks in the field

After more than 20% of electronic stocks have set a new high, the institution recommends 5 potential stocks in the field
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Source: Securities Daily Original headline: More than 20% of electronic stocks hit a record high after the festival. Institutions recommend 5 potential stocks in this field. Reporter Zhao Ziqiang. Following Xiaomi’s release of the annual 5G flagship mobile phone Xiaomi 10 series last week, Huawei also announced the re-release of 2On the 24th, the “5G Full Scenario” series of antique Huawei terminals released a series of new 5G products such as mobile phones, PCs, tablets, and IOT (Internet of Things).Correspondingly, the electronics industry of the A-share market (Shenwan Tier 1) has been active recently, and the sector index has increased by 13 weekly.40%.  The strength of the electronics industry has not improved only this week, or there has been a continuous growth process since December last year, especially after the opening of the Spring Festival, the electronics industry index has completely filled the post-holiday gap.The gap then continued to rise.  In terms of the performance of individual stocks in the sector, in the 15 trading days after the holiday, electronic stocks reached a record high of 56 stocks, accounting for 21 of the total of 261 industry stocks.46%, that is, over 20% of the stocks hit a record high.The number of innovative high-level stocks in the secondary industry shows that the secondary industry of the 5 types of electronics has broken the highest price in history. Among them, the semiconductor industry has a maximum of 27, the electronics manufacturing and components II have a maximum of 9, and other electronics and optical optoelectronics have more than 5Only stocks hit new highs.  For the rapid upswing of the electronics industry, Xia Fengguang, a private equity ranking network futures fund manager, believes that 5G, communications, and chips belong to the general electronics industry. These are the development directions encouraged by the policy and are in the industry’s upward boom cycle.The absolute overall economic growth has slowed down. Even in major consumer industries such as liquor, the leading tends to concentrate, but the accumulation is in a downward state, volume expansion, and rising prosperity are very scarce.The concentration of market capital in the booming industry is a natural choice for capital, and it is the same as the leader who embraces increased concentration in subdivided industries.In addition, the rich concept of subdivided topics in the electronics industry has attracted some speculative capital participation, which is one of the reasons for its continued strength.  A large influx of funds has also provided momentum for sector growth.Data show that along with the 天津夜网 market rebound, there is also an increase in turnover. On Friday, the turnover in Shanghai and Shenzhen reached 11710.300 million US dollars, this is the third consecutive trading day after the transaction volume exceeded 1 trillion after February 19 trillion.At the same time that the market was cross-linked, more than 143 stocks in the electronics industry made active net purchases (single transactions of 200,000 shares or 100 million) with a total purchase of 158.6.4 billion.  Due to the enlargement of the turnover, analysts generally have better expectations for the future trend of the broader market. Similarly, they are also optimistic about the electronics industry.Bohai Securities believes that although the epidemic situation is serious and will have a certain impact on the macro economy in the short term, it has not changed 北京夜网 the long-term logic of the industry. At present, companies are gradually returning to work in an orderly manner, and the impact of the epidemic on the industry has gradually weakened.The electronics industry has the largest increase, but it is estimated that there is still room for improvement. At present, it is entering the preview period of the annual report. The industry trend is more obvious, and it is optimistic about the smart wearable field.  Institutions are also very optimistic about some stocks in the electronics industry.Specifically, among the 86 electronic stocks that the institution is optimistic about in the past month, 7 of them are: Huiding Technology, Zhaoyi Innovation, Chuangyihui, Star Semiconductor, Changdian Technology, Huanxu Electronics, Dongshan Precision, etc.Individual stock institutions give “buy” or “overweight” recommendation grades with an average value of 5 or more.Bohai Securities further improved the stock pool and recommended 5 promising stocks in various fields, namely: metal parts recommendation, Changying Precision; antenna recommendation, Xinwei Communication; fingerprint recommendation, Huiding Technology; PCB recommendation, Shengyi Technology; Recommended in the field of LED, Guoxing Optoelectronics.

BYD (002594): New energy vehicles are as powerful as dynasty + E-net to ensure future growth

BYD (002594): New energy vehicles are as powerful as “dynasty + E-net” to ensure future growth

Event: The company announced the May sales flash report, the total car sales in May was 3.

390,000 vehicles, a decline of 10 every year.

22%, the cumulative sales in the first 5 months of 18.

690,000 vehicles, an average increase of 1 in ten years.

29%; of which new energy vehicles were sold in May 2.

190,000 units, an increase of 53 in ten years.

77%, monthly sales of 11 in the first 5 months.

910,000 vehicles, an average increase of 106 in ten years.

64%; the installed volume of automotive power batteries and energy storage batteries in May was 1.


The strength of new energy vehicles continued in part, and the “dynasty + e-net” dual-track drove subsequent sales.

The company’s new energy vehicle sales in May were 2.

190,000, of which pure electric passenger car sales were 1.

530,000 vehicles, an increase of 193 in ten years.

73%, cumulative sales in the first 5 months of 7.

690,000 vehicles, an average increase of 375 in ten years.

22%, continued the strong growth momentum of the company’s pure electric vehicles; plug-in hybrid passenger car sales in May were zero.

560,000 units, cumulative sales in the first 5 months 3.

800,000 vehicles, gradually exceeding the slight decline of 2.

09%, the company has been widely recognized by consumers for its “new dynasty” series of major new energy models.

In addition, from March to May, the company successively launched a number of “dynasty” series remodeled models and “e-net” series of new small cars e1, e2 and small SUV S2 and other products, further improving the “dynasty” series and “e The “two-line” strategic plan, the new two-track strategy is expected to guarantee the “dynasty” model to improve the quality, and “e-net” will continue to meet low-demand consumers and seize the small car market. It is also expected to further drive the steady growth of subsequent sales.

The outlook for external battery supply is good, and the climb of production capacity has 西安耍耍网 started a new round of growth.

The domestic market demand for high-quality automotive power batteries is increasing day by day. The company has accumulated a deep accumulation in the battery field. For a long time, the installed capacity of power batteries has ranked first in the country.Shangshang supplies power battery products to the outside world. The market prospect is worth looking forward to.

The company has signed a battery cooperation agreement with Changan Automobile in 2018. In the future, it will set up a joint venture in Chongqing to start production of power batteries. The company has also started cooperation with BAIC and Dongfeng to supply power batteries for this car company. In 2018,The company’s domestic market share of power batteries has exceeded 20%. In May 2019, the company’s installed capacity of power 杭州夜网 batteries and energy storage batteries was 1.

312GWh, the cumulative total installed capacity in the first 5 months is 6.

903GWh, the installed capacity has maintained steady growth. In the future, the company’s battery business is expected to usher in a new round of growth by climbing the company’s power battery capacity and expanding its external battery supply business.

The “Matthew Effect” of new energy vehicles has intensified. Hard power plus holdings hope to strengthen the leading position.

With the supplementary tax rebate of new energy vehicles, those with insufficient technical and financial strength may be gradually eliminated from the market, and the polarization of the new energy vehicle market and the “Matthew Effect” have gradually intensified. Since this year, the company’s new energy sales have consistently maintained the highest domestic and domestic lead.

The company has long been committed to the research and development and mass production of three core products including batteries, motors, and electronic controls in the field of new energy.

The company’s market reputation, technology research and development, and industrial chain layout in the field of new energy vehicles are second to none in China. With the hard power, the company will gradually strengthen its leading position in the field of new energy vehicles.

Investment suggestion: As an outstanding leader in the field of new energy vehicles, the company has a long-term sufficient market reputation and technology accumulation, and the layout of the entire industrial chain is perfect. In 2019, it will expand its product line layout, e-series pure electric models, and form a series of Dynasty products.Products are complementary.

It is expected that the company’s revenue in 19/20 will be 1458.

95 ppm / 1594.

2 billion, net profit attributable to mothers was 32.

5 billion / 36.
USD5.3 billion, the company’s advantage in the field of new energy vehicles is still expected to continue to maintain a “buy” rating.

Risk warning: passenger car sales are lower than expected, new energy vehicle sales are lower than expected

Yoga fitness precautions to release stress

Yoga fitness precautions to release stress

Nowadays, yoga has become a fashion. More and more female friends like to practice yoga, and they hope to achieve good weight loss through yoga.

Some friends also reset fitness and yoga to form a new exercise method.

So what conditions need to be paid attention to in the process of yoga fitness?

Let’s share it today.

  Yoga Fitness Precautions 1. Relieve stress In the process of yoga fitness, you must first slowly relax your fingers and toes, as well as your chin, and then your head will become blank and your body will follow.

Only in this state can it be easier to do those specified yoga moves, and the more effective yoga can be.

And on the whole, people can use yoga as a pleasant enjoyment in a relaxed state.

Afterwards, you can find that the more relaxed you maintain the posture, the longer it will take.

  2, good mentality Because of the relationship between just learning yoga, they often practice a lot of repetitive movements, but some yoga teachers have different ways of teaching.

If the practitioner is bored with repeating monotonous movements all the time, try to learn yoga movements that others are learning.

In the process of doing the action, do not have a lot of stress at any time, just take a deep breath and relax, and maintain the normal state of mind, you do not need to be too nervous.

   Through the above sharing, I believe that many female friends who are preparing to learn yoga already know the precautions of yoga fitness.

In general, if you want to achieve more professional results through yoga, you must have an open and peaceful mentality, and you should have no distractions during the practice so that you can better complete the yoga moves.

What to pay attention to in yoga breathing practice

What to pay attention to in yoga breathing practice

Yoga Pranayama is a coaxial connection between physical exercise (asana) and spiritual cultivation (meditation).

In yoga (unless otherwise specified) all breathing is done through the nasal cavity.

Because nose hair can filter the dust in the air, the air is warmer and moist before entering the lungs.

If you breathe through your mouth, air passes through your mouth and into your lungs, bringing at least filtered variables directly into your lungs.

  Yoga believes that the two breathing modes (the upper chest or the collarbone, the chest, and the limbs) do not provide a consistent development of the body, mentally or spiritually.

Only the two breathing modes are combined to form a single breathing form, similar to a wave motion.

Both “complete breathing”.

Because it fills the lungs completely with air, the human body absorbs oxygen to the greatest extent and reserves a lot of cosmic energy.

Yoga Specialist: Complete Breathing is the foundation of all Pranayama exercises.

  Note If you have the following diseases, it is not suitable for breathing exercises: * migraine; * epilepsy; * abdominal surgery is recovering; * recovering medication or disease; avoid excessive breathing if: * complications* Blood pressure (excessive tension); Avoid excessive exhalation if: * Hypotension (low blood pressure); * Depression; Reminder: If you feel unwell or have any symptoms during breathing (pacing) exercises, Like dizziness, nausea, immediately supine and relax; the lungs and body can be warmed up and strengthened by exercises before the breath adjustment method; the breathing exercise is best placed in the middle and end of the posture exercise, just before relaxation and meditation.

Winter Anti-Aging Recipes Peanut Sesame Paste

Winter Anti-Aging Recipes Peanut Sesame Paste

Peanut and black sesame are the first choice for anti-aging food for 30-year-old women. This is mainly due to their vitamin E, and at the same time prevent the role of brown pigment in the skin, and avoid the formation of pigmentation and butterfly spots.

Sesame contains a powerful anti-aging substance, sesaminol, which is an important nourishing food for preventing female aging. The B vitamins in it are also very rich, which can promote the metabolism of the human body, and is also beneficial to the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, which can make the breastefficacy.

  Material: Peanut, black sesame and salad oil.

  Method: First fry the peanut kernels and stir-fry them with black sesame seeds. Then put them into a blender, stir them into powder, and store them in a sealed glass jar.

When you want to eat, put it in a bowl with a clean spoon and add boiling water.

  Homemade peanut sesame paste is more natural and healthier than bought outside, and is best for breakfast or an afternoon meal.

  Tip: Peanuts are best not to peel off the “red coat”, because “red coat” has excellent blood-reinforcing effect.

Caring for Sleep Classic Life Starts in the Bedroom

Caring for Sleep Classic Life Starts in the Bedroom

Classical quality of life is inseparable from high quality sleep. About one third of human life is spent in sleep. Sleep is an important replacement for the body to recover, integrate and consolidate memory, and is an undeniable part of health.

The busy life, the tense urban rhythm, the grim sleep status and the essence of quality sleep have been paid more and more attention.

The high-efficiency living environment makes most people feel mentally tired, lack satisfaction, and face health problems.

Experts suggest that quality sleep is the foundation and an important part of health.

  Sleep status cannot be ignored. Among the general public in most countries in Europe and the Americas, sleep problems account for 30% to 56%.

Sleep problems have become a worldwide problem.

Our country has conducted a survey on sleep problems and found that China is higher than the world’s average-there are sleep problems and insomnia symptoms reach 40% to 60%, which shows that the sleep status of the public is not optimistic.

A few days ago, the representatives of European and American classic home furnishings-Meikemeijia jointly launched Sina.com and Ruili Women.net jointly launched the “Sleep Health Status Survey Report”, covering personal sleep habits, key factors affecting sleep quality, sleep subhealth symptoms, sleep consumption concepts, etc.

The survey results showed that more than 80% of the respondents had different degrees of sleep quality problems, showing difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, not falling asleep, causing symptoms such as difficulty concentrating.

It is understood that the reason why most people have different levels of sleep quality problems, in addition to some of their own poor sleep habits, even there are many misunderstandings about sleep: think quality sleep instead of sleep time?

Do drugs promote sleep?

Difficulty falling asleep means insomnia and so on.

  Sleep first, the medical doctor of the Qing Dynasty Li Yu once pointed out: “The best health is to sleep first.

Sleep can regenerate, sleep can nourish qi, sleep can strengthen the spleen and stomach, sleep can strengthen bones.

“The nature of sleep has been well-recognized since ancient times.

  Studies have shown that sleep is by no means equivalent to the length of sleep. In sleep time, too long or too short of sleep is not good for health, but it is also related to people’s personality, health status, working environment, labor intensity, etc.Because of it, it has a certain relationship with everyone’s sleep habits.

The quality of sleep is based on getting the maximum sleep quality in a limited amount of sleep time. We know that most people spend their sleep time in light and light sleep, so the quality is not high.

Therefore, the quality of sleep is relatively simple to estimate by the length of sleep, and then the quality of dark sleep.

  Insufficient long-term sleep, the brain can not get enough rest, prone to headaches, dizziness, memory loss, loss of appetite and other phenomena; long-term insomnia makes young women appear grayish yellow, increased wrinkles and other premature aging.

Adequate sleep refreshes and radiates the body. This is the body’s self-protection response. It suppresses other functions through sleep and highlights immune functions.

The body’s immune regulation is mainly completed at night. Insomnia must cause damage to the immune system, while some insomniacs are suspected of treating insomnia with drugs and health products to complete sleep quickly, regardless of drug replacement.

Day after day, a vicious circle forms.

Only healthy, adequate, and excellent sleep can help you eliminate fatigue, promote health, nourish your skin, and show a youthful look.

  Difficulty falling asleep is not the same as insomnia. Do not worry about the sky, which will lead to real insomnia.

Sleep is an active physiological process in humans.

When you have difficulty falling asleep, you are worried about insomnia, and then you are worried. This kind of fear makes our worry about insomnia a reality.

Causes the decline in sleep quality and directly affects physical health.

  Ensuring good sleep quality is important for health.

The Meikemei family, which advocates the classic lifestyle, always believes that classic life is inseparable from high-quality sleep and the guarantee of sleep quality. First of all, adhere to a regular schedule, maintain the synchronization of the biological clock, and develop to fall asleep on time. This is to improve the quality of sleep.One of the key elements.

Avoid eating and stay away from strong tea, coffee and nicotine before going to bed, keep the environment quiet, do not stress yourself during insomnia, and do not rely on drugs.

The last good bedding can help you fall asleep, have a good night’s sleep, and prevent damage to your neck and back during sleep.

  Bedding expert Mei Kemei deeply understands the facts of sleep, and is committed to helping the general population to bring about a healthy and classic life with persistent innovation and cordial care.

Start by choosing a good mattress to create a good sleeping space and form good sleeping habits.

  Good-quality mattresses, good night’s dreams, and some internal factors may not completely eliminate sleep problems in a short time, but to create a comfortable sleeping environment, choose a good mattress to reduce physical stress, and improve sleep quality is not difficult to achieve.

We all know that one-third of a person’s life sleeps with a bed, and no furniture is as close to a person as a mattress.

As one of the furnitures closely related to sleep, mattresses are not well understood.

  Replace mattress in 5-7 years?

Never generalize.If your good night’s dreams are often plagued by unknown pain, the quality of sleep is not as good as before, and changing the environment will improve the quality of sleep, then you should consider replacing the mattress.

In general, high-quality mattresses can prolong life if used properly and carefully.

Maikemeijia mattresses have a high quality guarantee. Although it is not necessary, if you can turn the mattress frequently and take care of it, you can extend the mattress to 15-20 years.

  The choice of mattress is crucial.

The mattress is closely related to the lumbar spine.

The normal lumbar spine is a lordosis. If the mattress cannot fit the lumbar spine, it will cause the lumbar spine to change and cause discomfort.

People of different sizes have different mattresses.

It is recommended to choose soft and hard mattresses according to sleeping habits.

In addition, the choice of mattress has a certain relationship with height and weight.

When choosing a mattress, don’t be shy about trying it out, experience it first-hand, lie flat on the mattress, and see if it can fit the natural curve of the neck, back, waist, hips, and legs.It can be said to be soft and hard.

Carefully choosing the bedding that suits you is the best shortcut to a good night’s dream and the perfect start.

  Maikemeijia deeply understands the needs of the broad audience, and cooperates with Shuda, the second largest mattress brand in the United States, to launch mattress products suitable for Chinese people.

Provide consumers with a tailored sleep experience, allowing continuous sleep to be easily combined with comfortable living enjoyment.

  The second-generation Masterpiece mattress fabrics all use imported high-end jacquard, and the quilted layer provides different soft and hard comforts, conforms to the human body curve, and ensures sufficient sleep.

Latex uses imported pure natural health materials, which is definitely a good choice for patients with hypertension and allergies.

The exquisite and unique air button design greatly improves the breathability of the mattress, creating a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

The patented spring support system allows the direction of spring separation to be consistent with the sleeping direction of the human body, effectively giving unique support to sleepers of different weights, and avoiding the mutual influence between sleeping partners during sleep.

The soft fibers in the wavy fiber cotton can evenly disperse weight according to the body curve, release the body pressure and improve blood circulation, bring you a relaxing and continuous sleep, and help you have a good night’s dream.

  Opening the chapter of classic life and standing at the beginning of a new era of health, Meikemeijia is committed to helping the general public live a classic and healthy life with the brand promise.

Maikemeijia, your intimate bedding expert, provides you with high-quality mattresses and sleep knowledge to meet your sleep needs and help you achieve high-quality sleep.

Caring for sleep and caring for health, Maikemeijia will continue to devote infinite care and write the legend of bedding with you.