The etiquette of girls entering Office

The etiquette of girls entering Office

“Our company doesn’t have strict requirements on clothing, but a new female employee is wearing too much clothes.

When I talked to customers the other day, I was wearing camouflage pattern hunting clothes.

It wouldn’t matter if it was just a colleague, but there is no face for a guest.

“This is a company employee’s evaluation of the new girl.

At the beginning of the company, don’t go to extreme extremes and overly conservative in clothing. Don’t wear the most popular “floating shoes”, “glam flared pants”, and “mini skirts” among young people all at once to show your avant-gardeAttractive.

It would be speculated and disrespected by a male colleague, and it would be easier for female colleagues to substitute.

Don’t be too orthodox, see company employees wearing dark suits in TV series, and imitate buying one.

This does not help you gain more respect.

Pay attention to the atmosphere of the company.

  Entering the company on the first day can be very formal. In the future, you should match the style of other people. If everyone wears suits formally, you will also wear them.

If others are casual, you should be natural.

Pay attention to the details of communication. Smile is your best weapon. Smile can get the favor of the other person most directly, and also get unexpected forgiveness.

  ”I particularly like the smile of the new colleague who is always kind and kind. If she makes a small mistake, she won’t blame her.

“Be sure to pay attention to smiles when dealing with others, whether they are already very familiar colleagues or strange colleagues who haven’t met a few times.

Look at each other when talking, and focus.

  Make the other person feel that you are very aware of his opinions and would like to get business knowledge from him so that the other person feels respected.

Learn to take the initiative to greet people. Don’t evade deliberately when you meet colleagues in the elevator or bathroom, try to talk to the other party first.

Never pretend that you haven’t seen your head down, giving the impression of being unreasonable.

  Calling is the first step to learn to call, which is very important.

The phone is the company’s window, and the first contact with many businesses is through the phone.

Polite words on the phone must not be omitted.

When answering the phone, be sure to say “Hello, this is XX.

“Thank you a few more times when you hang up. Goodbye, thank you very much, and so on, and don’t speak too loudly. Be resolute and faster than usual.

This can reflect your ability and efficiency.

Remember the caller’s name and ask again politely if not heard.

If you do n’t understand the other person ‘s name, it will cause you a lot of trouble and your boss will feel that you are not serious.

  Always put small pieces of paper and pens next to the phone to leave messages for colleagues who are not in the office.

If the person you’re looking for isn’t there, don’t hang up the phone without asking. Say “I’m sorry, he’s not in his seat. Would you like to leave a message or leave your phone to let him call?”

“In this way, you will leave a good impression on the other party and a good impression on your colleagues.

  Taboo Article 5 1. Don’t discuss with female colleagues about people who work together.

  2. Don’t make phone congee affect others using the phone.

  3. Don’t use your computer to chat and think that others don’t know.

  4. Don’t pretend to omit the phrase used by colleagues in the office.

  5. Don’t insist too much on your opinions. There is nothing too absolute in the world.

Two types of yoga that can effectively eliminate anxiety_1

Two-style yoga that can effectively eliminate anxiety

Practicing yoga can not only lose weight, shape your body, but also adjust your inner balance, especially when you are worried about complications such as anger, you can do 2 yoga moves to restore your body to peace.

These two yoga moves are very simple and can be done without even having equipment. It is well worth your mastering.

  Half-moon routine imbalanced body weight and body functions are diminished, and I am worried.

This position relaxes the whole body and provides sufficient oxygen and energy to stretch the whole body.

Practice more than 2 times a day.

  Action essentials 1, legs protrude together.

  2. Cross your hands and cross straight up.

  Pay attention to tighten the thighs and hips, and abdomen.

  3. Breathe deeply with chest breathing, upper body trying to bend to the left, and look upward.

Hold for 10 seconds.

  Beginner’s legs can be wide apart with shoulders wide, hands folded, upper body bent to the left.

  4. With both fingers pointing up, stretch your body and get up while inhaling.

  5, Colombia draws a circle down.

The opposite is also true.

  Breathing in chest breathing is as important as performing the movements correctly.

The correct breathing method can discharge excess carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases from the body to the outside, and at the same time fill fresh parts of the body with oxygen to improve the exercise effect.

The wrong way of breathing can cause insufficient oxygen supply, cause the body to lose balance and even cause injury.

  The inhaled breath is longer than the exhaled breath, so the lungs can expand sufficiently to increase lung function.

There is a slight pain in the heart when inhaling. This is a phenomenon of breath dialysis in the body. The pain will naturally disappear when you take the correct breathing method.

Chest breathing is suitable for putting pressure on the belly and waist, and it is necessary to maintain a short posture.

  Action essentials 1, full lotus position, palms inserted into the ribs.

  2. Inhale and expand the bust like opening ribs.

Exhale and the ribs return to their natural state.

17 tips for weaning science

17 tips for weaning science

Breast milk is the best natural food for babies under half a year old, but it is a relatively substitute for the minerals and vitamins necessary for babies after 1 year of age. Breast milk can no longer meet all the needs of babies.

Even if the baby is less than 1 year old who eats breast milk, it is necessary to appropriately increase complementary food and cod liver oil to supplement the lack of breast milk, let alone a baby over 1 year old.

Therefore, after 1 year of age, if the baby continues to milk, breast milk will not be enough to eat, and malnutrition will occur in severe cases.

Should be decisive and timely weaning.

  17 scientific tips on how to wean a baby1. To gradually reduce the number of feedings, you can first reduce your baby’s milk every day, and the amount of supplementary food will increase accordingly.

After one week, if the mother feels that the breasts are not too swollen, and the baby is digesting and absorbing well, she can replenish one more milk and increase the amount of supplementary food at the same time, gradually transitioning to weaning.

  2. Reduce the day and then the night.

When you lose milk, your baby will become very attached to your mother’s milk. Therefore, it is best to start with the milk that is fed during the day.

Because there are a lot of things that attract babies during the day, they don’t pay much attention to their mothers, but their babies are particularly attached to their mothers in the morning and at night.

  3. The dual nutrients that breast milk brings to the baby, as well as the trust and security that the mother brings to him, the cruel weaning method will harm the baby’s physiology.

Therefore, weaning should not be adopted in a hasty and blunt manner, such as letting the baby suddenly separate from the mother, or weaning at once, or applying bitter, spicy and other substances on the mother’s nipple to bring an unpleasant experience to the baby.

  4. If you add complementary food to your baby on time, you should be able to eat a considerable amount of food at about half a year old. At this time, the mother should reduce the number of feedings to only once in the morning and one in the evening.

  5, according to the weather and baby’s physical condition to choose the appropriate weaning timing.

Weaning is best during the cool autumn months and not during the hottest summer months.

The summer is hot, and the baby is prone to regenerative disorders. At this time, weaning is more likely to worsen the situation, and if you do not do well, you will get sick.

  6. Children grow and develop very fast and have a large amount of nutritional requirements. If they are suddenly weaned without paying attention to the replacement method, children are not used to it. If there is insufficient nutrition elimination, it will easily cause malnutrition and digestive disorders.

  7, should gradually reduce the amount of breastfeeding, while educating children to eat food with a spoon and a small bowl, and pay attention to the type of food and the degree of hardness.

  8. When the mother is going to wean her baby, she must take them to a health care doctor for a comprehensive physical examination.

Weaning should only be considered when your baby is in good health and has normal digestion.

  9. Don’t wean your baby when he or she is sick.

If it happens that your baby is sick, teething, or changing a nanny, moving, traveling, or going to work, it is best not to wean the baby first, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of weaning the baby.

  10, during weaning, mom to be extra care and care for the baby, and spend some time with them and soothe baby’s anxiety, should not hide out in order to quickly weaned, the baby will be handed over to someone else instead.

  11. Apply irritants such as ink, chili water, gold oil to the nipples, which is cruel to the baby.

The mother thought that the baby would give up breast milk because of her aversion to breast milk, but the effect was counterproductive. The baby would refuse to eat because of fear, which affected the health of the body.

  12, in the process of weaning, the mother must not only adapt the baby gradually to diet changes, but also decisive and resolute. Don’t be unable to make determination because of the baby crying for a while, thus delaying the weaning time.

Don’t interrupt it suddenly, let him eat for a few days, and then interrupt it again and again, which will bring bad emotional stimulation to the baby.

  13. Some mothers do not drink soup, but also hold their breasts with towels, cover the nipples with adhesive tape, and want to suck the milk back.

These so-called “quick-acting weaning methods” obviously violate physiological laws and can easily cause breast tenderness.

  14. If the mother has too much milk and can’t retreat for a while, you can take some milk medicine, such as 5 mg of ethylene androstone each time, orally 3 times a day (1 mg of estradiol and 1 tablet, 5 tablets each time)If you feel nauseous after eating, you can take vitamin B6.

  15. If the mother has different degrees of milk swelling after weaning, she can use a breast pump or artificially suck out the milk, and use 60 grams of raw malt and 30 grams of raw hawthorn as water for tea.Apply heat or massage.

  16. Before and after weaning, because of psychological guilt, the mother is easy to tolerate the baby, just hold and give whatever you want, regardless of whether the baby’s requirements are reasonable.

But know that the more indulgent, the temper of the baby.

  17, the most difficult to break off is just before going to bed and feeding at midnight, you can first cut off the milk at night, and then cut off the milk before going to bed.

At this time, the father or family can coax the baby to sleep instead, and the mother avoids for a while.

The old prisoner is sleepy and basking in the sun and loves to sweat and eat millet

The old prisoner is sleepy and basking in the sun and loves to sweat and eat millet

From May 5th, the earth has entered the summer gate biology.

After the beginning of summer, all things flourish, and the temperature gradually rises. At this time, health care methods should be paid special attention to.

Hu Sumin, a professor at the School of Basic Medicine of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told the Life Times reporter that after the summer, people’s physiological conditions will also change.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “Xia Qi communicates with the heart” and “sweat is the heart fluid.” Lixia must keep up early and get up early.

Therefore, to avoid sweating, “excessive sweating” hurt the sun.

Keep a good mood and don’t get angry.

  In addition, different physical conditions should be adopted in different ways.

If you have dry mouth and dry throat, anxiety in your heart, and hot hands, feet, and heart, you should reduce outdoor activities and eat a light diet.

  You can eat more sesame, glutinous rice, honey, dairy products, fish and other foods. For onions, ginger, garlic, leek, pepper and other spicy products, you should eat less.

People with pale complexion and old people who feel sleepy should eat more food with aphrodisiac effects, such as lamb and beef.

In the summer season, it is better to bask in the sun when the world is sunny.

  Sweating is the cause of qi deficiency. You should eat more rice, glutinous rice, millet and other grains, as well as yam, potato and jujube to replenish qi.

Frequent dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, and numbness in hands and feet are symptoms of blood deficiency. Eat more lychee, pine nuts, black fungus, spinach, carrots, pork, mutton, beef and sheep liver and other blood to nourish and nourish food.

  If you feel hot and hot in summer, your face is upset and thirsty, eat less spicy foods and eat more fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, watermelons, persimmons, bitter gourds, tomatoes, lotus roots.

  Obscure complexion, dark lips, easy bleeding, dark purple tongue or silt spots, you should avoid moisture invasion after the beginning of summer, eat peach kernels, rapeseed and other foods that have blood circulation effect.

People who are obese and sleepy should exercise more and not eat too much at each meal.

  People with a dark or yellowish complexion and emotional ups and downs, the weather is gradually hot after the beginning of summer, and it is not appropriate to adjust the breath.

Eat more good foods, such as oranges, orange peel, buckwheat, chives, fennel, garlic, etc.

  In addition, the beginning of the summer season is the time for children to develop. Therefore, daily diet should pay great attention to the nutrition required for children’s growth and development, timely supplement calcium, vitamins and food nutrition, especially pay attention to children and young people’s clothing and physical exercise.

Two color fruits twice a day


Two color fruits twice a day

Recently, Ms. Li and her family who lived in Dongfeng Middle Road had suffered from different degrees of abdominal pain and diarrhea after eating frozen frozen fish in the refrigerator.

According to Ms. Li, due to the recent hot weather, in order to prevent food from spoiling, she stuffed all the meat, fish, fruits and vegetables bought from the vegetable market into the refrigerator.

What she can’t figure out is, since the refrigerator can keep fresh, why do you have problems after eating?


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€璁拌€呮棩鍓嶈蛋璁块儴鍒嗗ぇ鍖婚櫌闂ㄨ瘖鍙戠幇锛屼笌鏉庡コ澹竴瀹剁浉鍚岄伃閬囩殑甯傛皯骞堕潪涓銆侶ealth experts pointed out that the refrigerator can inhibit bacteria at low temperatures, but it can not be sterilized, especially in the summer when the bacteria grows actively. If the food in the refrigerator is improperly stored, it will increase the chance of food deterioration and cross-contamination, causing “food poisoning in the refrigerator.”

銆€銆€”Fridge food poisoning” can cause meningitis. From June to August every year, it is the season of acute asthma. In fact, the crisis is hidden in the refrigerator we use every day.

Director Wang Zhengwei of the hospital emergency department told the New Express reporter that the bacteria were particularly active during the hot summer months. They often accompanied our hands and bought the food into the refrigerator.

The temperature of the refrigerator freezer is generally between 0 掳 C and 7 掳 C. This temperature has a significant inhibitory effect on the reproduction of most bacteria, which can supplement the food deterioration time, but will not kill the bacteria.

Among them, some bacteria that are chilled in cold environments, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, Staphylococcus aureus, are still active in the refrigerator, and they continue to multiply and accelerate food spoilage.

In addition, raw food, even if added to the refrigerator will continue to metabolize, producing toxic metabolites.

銆€銆€鈥淎 lot of families buy a lot of food, no matter how raw food is cooked, it’s done in the refrigerator.

They don’t know that the bacteria on the food may be crossing each other at the same time.

After taking out the bacteria-containing food from the refrigerator, if it is not thoroughly cooked and sterilized, it will cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness and other symptoms after eating. This is what people do not know about ‘refrigerator food poisoning’.

He Qing, deputy director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Clinical Nutrition Department.

銆€銆€She also pointed out that “latent” in the refrigerator is also a very powerful psychrophilic bacteria – Listeria, which is mildly diarrhea, stuffy nose, fatigue, and is often mistaken for a cold.

For the elderly with weak resistance, children and immunodeficiency people, diarrhea may also cause meningitis.

銆€銆€Fresh-keeping time: Two days of leafy vegetables for two weeks. 鈥淧ut fresh food and vegetables into the refrigerator. After a few days, we will find that the color is light, water loss, nutrient loss, and bad taste.

This shows that the refrigerator is time-sensitive to the preservation of food.

He Qing pointed out that the storage time of leafy vegetables in the refrigerator should not exceed 2 days; the storage time of fruits should not exceed 5 days; the storage of fresh eggs should not exceed 2 weeks.

However, absolutely frozen foods should not be stored in the freezer for more than one month.

銆€銆€There is a trick to prevent “bacteria”.

Do not clean the food before entering the box. People who are used to cleaning the food are used to cleaning the food. Even after cleaning and cleaning, they are put into the refrigerator. In fact, the surface of the fruits and vegetables has its own anti-bacterial “protective film”, which will protect the film.After washing off, it will help bacteria invade food and accelerate food spoilage.

If you find that the fruits and vegetables, eggs and other skins are dirty, you can wipe them with a cloth, put on the fresh-keeping bags and put them in the refrigerator.


Tropical fruits and vegetables should not be placed in the refrigerator, fruits and vegetables, mangoes, bananas, lemons, lychees and other tropical fruits should not be placed in the refrigerator, otherwise it will be “frozen” to accelerate its deterioration.

The most common fruit watermelon in summer, it is best to buy it now. After taking it out of the refrigerator, it is best to remove the melon meat exposed to the air and eat it.


Raw and cooked foods are stored separately. After the cooked meat products such as roast chicken are opened, do not put them in the refrigerator directly. This will not only pollute the refrigerator environment, but also accelerate the deterioration and can be placed in the crisper.

In addition, raw fish can also be placed in a crisper and stored in the freezer of the refrigerator.


The refrigerator food is thoroughly cooked and then eaten under normal circumstances, heating for more than 5 minutes, the pathogenic bacteria on the food can basically kill.


Boxed, bottled food after eating two times to finish listening, bottled, canned, Tetra Piano, vacuum packed beverages, dairy products, meat, poultry, eggs, it is best to eat immediately after opening.

If you store the rest of the refrigerator, you should eat it in two places.


Pasta bags should not be sealed, such as steamed buns, snacks, etc., should be filled in the food bag and then put into the refrigerator freezer, but the mouth of the bag is not allowed to die.

Because in the sealed environment, anaerobic bacteria will multiply, and it is easy to breed bacteria and other bacteria, causing it to become odorous and deteriorate.

Women who often wear high heels look at five Chinese medicine methods to relieve foot fatigue


Women who often wear high heels look at five Chinese medicine methods to relieve foot fatigue

Five Chinese medicine methods to relieve foot fatigue Hot water soaking feet water is best to reach extension, can relieve leg meridians, and effectively relieve leg fatigue.

You can also add some Chinese herbal medicines such as Ai Ye, safflower, etc., so that the soothing effect on the legs will be more significant.

If you have symptoms of soreness in your legs, you can choose to shake your legs, beat your legs from the bottom up, change the Zusanli, Yinlingquan, Sanyinjiao and other acupoints to massage, which can effectively relieve the legs.Tightening of the nerves and muscles, thereby promoting blood circulation in the legs, to a certain extent can alleviate the soreness and fatigue of the legs.

When you wear long-heeled shoes for a long time, the meridians of the muscle tissue will accumulate a lot of blood. At this time, a stretch of the waist will cause most of the muscles to relax or contract.

In just a few seconds of stretching, a lot of stagnant blood is transported back to the heart, which can greatly increase the volume of circulating blood, improve blood circulation, and relieve symptoms of fatigue.

Take off your high heels, walk in the barefoot line, and change the walking posture in 5 minutes. It can balance the different muscles and prevent all the forces from concentrating on the same muscle group, which can alleviate the fatigue of the legs.purpose.

When sleeping at night, a pillow is placed on the lower leg to raise the foot slightly, which is beneficial to the blood return of the leg.

Under normal circumstances, working in the daytime is relatively long, especially after a long walk, the legs will feel bloated, in fact, this is caused by poor blood return.

When you sleep, you can put a pillow under your feet, which can make the blood flow smoothly, can relieve the blood deposits in the feet, and people will feel very comfortable.

Seven kinds of foods can’t be eaten overnight


Seven kinds of foods can’t be eaten overnight

Some food poisoning and death can be caused by excessive processing of miso meat, over-use of miscellaneous vegetables or misuse of excess nitrite.

In addition to its own toxicity, nitrite and protein decomposition products react under acidic conditions, easily produce nitrosamine carcinogens, and have indirect carcinogenic effects, especially for gastric cancer, which is an important factor for modern people.Carcinogenic factors.

銆€銆€1, overnight eggs, can you eat?

銆€銆€Northerners: Yes, you can’t see the tea egg street selling!

銆€銆€Southerners: No, especially men, because they will have small bowel/scrotal swelling.

銆€銆€Scientist: depending on the situation!

Because the eggs are not fully cooked, the unripe egg yolks are eaten overnight. In the case of improper storage, the bacteria tend to breed bacteria, which may be harmful to health, such as: causing stomach discomfort, swelling gas, and the like.

However, if the egg is ripe and sealed at a low temperature (generally refrigerated temperature), it can be stored for 48 hours.

銆€銆€From the tips of the scientists, we can know: Eggs can be eaten overnight, not only to see if they are heated, but to cook the eggs when they first cook the eggs, only cooked in the first boiled eggs.After that, it is no problem to cook again overnight. Tea eggs are the same reason. Maybe you don’t know, the tea eggs are cooked twice, the first time, the second time, the egg skin is broken, and the tea is added.Wait for the ingredients, cook again, so the tea eggs must be cooked. Now some people like to eat half-boiled eggs, (the egg yolk is semi-liquid). The eggs can’t be eaten overnight, even if they are cooked for the second time.have eaten.

銆€銆€2, can not drink water overnight?

銆€銆€Boil the tap water 3?
In 5 minutes, the content of harmful substances such as nitrite and chloride is the lowest, which is most suitable for people to carry.

銆€銆€Drink less overnight water: nitrite can form carcinogenic nitrosamines in the human body.

Some experts have found that the nitrite content in boiling water is higher than that of raw water.

Moreover, the boiled water is too long or boiled for more than 24 hours, and the content of nitrite is obviously increased.

After boiling water for 24 hours, the nitrite content was 1 when it was just boiled.

3 times.

Chinese residents have the habit of drinking boiled water. It is best to drink or drink only the boiling water of the day, and do not drink boiled water that has been boiled for too long.

銆€銆€3, overnight tea can not drink overnight tea because of the time is too long, vitamins have basically disappeared, and the protein, sugar, etc. in tea soup will become bacteria, mold breeding nutrients, so people usually think that overnight tea can not drink.

銆€銆€Tea is generally retained in the human body for about 3 hours, while the concentration of concentrated tea is continuous, so that theophylline accumulates too much in the human body, resulting in neurological dysfunction.

After the tea has been released for a long time, it will lose vitamins and other nutrients, and it will be susceptible to deterioration. Even the sulfuric acid in tea will become a very irritating oxide, which will easily damage the spleen and stomach, especially in summer, causing inflammation in the body.

銆€銆€4, can the white fungus eat overnight?

銆€銆€Tremella soup is a high-grade nutritional supplement, but once in advance, nutrients will be reduced and harmful ingredients will be produced.

Because unless it is cultivated in the chamber, the white fungus cultivated in the field contains a large amount of nitrates. After being cooked for a long time, the nitrate will be reduced to nitrite under the decomposition of bacteria.

When people drink this soup, nitrous acid naturally enters the blood circulation. The red blood cells in the blood have hemoglobin, which can carry a lot of oxygen for the body.

However, nitrous acid acts as a counteracting, oxidizing normal hemoglobin in the human body to methemoglobin, and losing the ability to carry oxygen, resulting in a lack of normal hematopoiesis in the human body!

銆€銆€5, do not eat leafy vegetables overnight!

銆€銆€Because some green leafy vegetables contain a large amount of nitrates, if they are left for too long after being cooked, the nitrate will be reduced to nitrite under the decomposition of bacteria, which is carcinogenic and cannot be removed by heating.

Ning left amaranth without vegetables.

銆€銆€Healthy eating: Generally, stem and leaf vegetables have the highest nitrate content, melon vegetables are slightly lower, and roots and cauliflowers are in the middle.

Therefore, if you purchase different types of vegetables at the same time, you should first eat stems and leaves, such as Chinese cabbage, spinach and so on.

If you are going to cook more food and eat it the next day, you should try to make less stem and leaf vegetables and choose melon vegetables.

銆€銆€6, how to do overnight soup?

銆€銆€The soup that can’t be finished is put into the refrigerator, and it is boiled and drink the next day.

Is this overnight soup good for the body?

銆€銆€Healthy eating method: The best way to preserve it is to not put salt and other seasonings on the bottom of the soup. Cook the soup with a clean spoon and spoon to drink it on the same day. If you can’t finish it, it is best to store it in the refrigerator with a pot.
Because the remaining soup is continuously in the aluminum pan and stainless steel pot, it is prone to chemical reaction and should be placed in glass or ceramic ware.

銆€銆€7, seafood can not be overnight!
銆€銆€The overnight foods that should not be eaten include fish, seafood, green leafy vegetables, salads and so on.

銆€銆€Fish and seafood are prone to protein degradation after overnight, which can damage liver and kidney function.

Green leafy vegetables contain different amounts of nitrate. If the cooking is too long or put too long, the vegetables will turn yellow and taste, and the nitrate will be reduced to toxic nitrite by bacteria, which has carcinogenic effects.

Cold salad is polluted by the processing, even if it is refrigerated, it is likely to have deteriorated after overnight. It should be eaten now.