Mood whispers in your grip

Mood whispers in your grip

It is indispensable for anyone to have a small gathering or a party.

Silence is better than sound at this time. The posture of a person holding the cup can correct a lot of mood secrets.

  People who like to hold the cup above are mostly optimistic and open-minded, and are assured of things around them.

The person holding the center of the cup is usually approachable and gentle in handling people. He is a typical “Mr. Good”, most of whom always have a polite smile.

The people under the cup at hand are mostly cautious and emotionally rich. They are sensitive to the meaning between lines in their personalities, and even offended by excessive neuroticism.

  The small gestures that accompany the cup may also reveal your emotional feelings.

Holding the cup tightly with both hands basically means loneliness and eagerness to mingle with others.

Holding the cup in one hand and holding the cigarette in the other indicates that the other party is quite confident. They are freely interpersonal but do not want to be disturbed.

Shake the cup in hand constantly, indicating that the other party is doing nothing, only by listening to the sound of the ice cubes colliding, or watching the rippling waters to enjoy themselves.

  Hitting the cup with your finger often reminds the other party to worry, and this kind of movement must be used to relieve the inner anxiety.

In addition, it can be a red flag if you see someone keep scratching the cup with your nails, even pulling off the label, or making a harsh noise, because people usually have bad behavior when they are very angry.

Source of Living Water for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Source of Living Water for Traditional Chinese Medicine

As a good Chinese medicine practitioner, to be an understanding doctor, you must learn to understand the classics of Chinese medicine. Now, let’s talk about your own thinking about how to improve people’s trust in Chinese medicine and recognition of curative effects.

  There is no doubt that the curative effect of medicine is the last word. This is true of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

To revitalize and develop Chinese medicine, and to gain the general recognition of the public, we must work hard to improve the efficacy.

Practice for thousands of years has proven that the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is positive, and the efficacy lies in classics.

Whoever knows the classics, who has worked hard to study and continuously practice the classics, and innovates on the basis of inheriting the classics, can anyone carry forward the Chinese medicine.

In the past ten years, why has the medical position of Chinese medicine gradually diminished, why has it gradually lost to Western medicine, and there are many people questioning and slandering Chinese medicine?

The basic reason is that the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine is gradually declining. Some Chinese medicine practitioners who do not use or are not good at applying syndrome differentiation methods are present, and it is not uncommon for doctors to apply traditional Chinese medicine even when they follow the Western medicine theory in general use.

  Why is this happening?

There are many reasons for this, but the root cause is that we generally ignore the classic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, such as the Internal Medicine Classic, Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Miscellaneous Diseases, Difficult Classics, and Shennong’s Herbal Medicine Classic, especiallyStudy and Application of “On Diseases”.

Because only classical theories and prescriptions are the source and foundation of the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Looking at the history of Chinese medicine, if you do n’t understand the classics and do not “diligently seek ancient teachings and learn from others”, you cannot become a medical practitioner; if you do not use Jingfang, you cannot cure serious illness.

Zhang Zhongjing is familiar with the classics and has become the medical sage of “saving the princes and saving the poor and the poor”.

The brilliant achievements and academic views of Chinese medicine masters of all ages have been deeply inspired by classics such as the Internal Classic and Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases.

But now, the study and application of TCM classics have been ignored to a certain extent.

  At present, TCM education is sufficient to make up for the study of classic theories. Some TCM schools have even changed to elective courses, so that after graduation, TCM undergraduates do not quite understand the method of dialectical treatment, and will not use Jingfang to treat diseases.TCM postgraduate research papers and others rarely involve the study and clinical application of TCM classics.

  There are various types of traditional Chinese hospitals operating across the country. There are blindly competing with western hospitals for new equipment and bad expectations for new projects.

Why is there a potential situation?

Managers of traditional Chinese hospitals also want to give play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and also want to improve the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. However, there are too few experts in traditional Chinese medicine who can use classic theory and classic prescriptions to identify diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine is not effective.There is no special feature, you can only resort to western medicine and western medicine, and then add some traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine to help. In the end, it is effective. It can be called “integrated Chinese and western medicine”.

Although understandable, what does Chinese medicine say about inheritance, innovation, development and rejuvenation in the long run?

  Usually, some western medicine deals with more difficult complications, such as refractory heart failure, uncontrollable arrhythmia, refractory cardiogenic and renal edema, pulmonary heart disease, stroke sequelae, acute and chronic liver disease, rheumatism, tumorsIn the field of chronic difficult diseases such as tumor-induced chemotherapy and chemotherapy, TCM differentiation is very advantageous.

If we are good at using syndrome differentiation, the efficacy of these chronic incurable syndromes can be better than western medicine.

And Chinese medicine hospitals dare not compete with western hospitals in the therapeutic effect with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine in this field. What is the reason?

Because of not knowing the mastery and application of classical theory, because there are too few traditional Chinese medicine that really understands classical theory, because there is too little traditional Chinese medicine that really understands the essence of “Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases”, knowing and good at applying classic theory to guide dialectics, YuantongToo few Chinese medicines use Jingfang.

However, there are many Chinese medicine practitioners who use Chinese medicine in accordance with Western medicine.

For example, when western medicine says that there is inflammation, it needs antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Some Chinese medicine thinks it is “hot”, there is “fire”, and Da Shang Qing detoxifies prescriptions. Western medicine says that atherosclerosis requires anticoagulation and thrombolysis and improves microcirculationSome Chinese medicine agreed that it was “blood stasis”, and quickly prescribed a group of prescriptions and preparations for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Western medicine said that it was hypertension, and some Chinese medicine did not think it was “hepatic yang hyperactivity” and immediately immediatelyUse “Pinggan Qianyang” prescriptions, and so on.

In this way, it does not take into account the characteristics of “integral concepts and dialectical treatment” of TCM, and does not use the overall balance of individual viscera, yin and yang to dialectify, legislate, and dispatch. It is simple to apply certain theories of Western medicine to prescribe traditional Chinese medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine preparations.It is simple and fast, but it is lazy in thinking, blindly obeyed and weakened in theory, and severely detached from the unique and rigorous theory and speculative system of TCM, resulting in a big discount.

  In my opinion, if you want to become a famous doctor and a famous doctor (the first is to understand the doctor), and you can’t discern the mistakes of treatment, you will know when the patient is diagnosed (looking at the news), and it will work immediately.Make good use of it.

However, learning Chinese medicine, especially the classics of Chinese medicine, does have certain shortcomings. It is based on the devotion to Chinese medicine, superhuman energy and perseverance, leading to the so-called “self-injustice” in the preface of Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases.Only with high knowledge, how can one probe into its cause? ”

Learn “Treatment of Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases” well, “Although fewer diseases can be cured, you can see the source of the disease.”

  Indeed, with Western medicine scores, TCM classics are more difficult to learn and difficult to master.

But as long as you go deep, study it for a long time, and study solidly, you will be able to read and understand the classics, and you will have a lot of fun after you finish it.

Those mentality in learning traditional Chinese medicine, impetuous and unrealistic, illusions are not desirable.

Publications such as “Hundred Days of Learning Chinese Medicine”, “Hundred Days of Learning Prescription”, “Hundred Days of Learning Acupuncture”, “Hundred Days of Learning Chinese Medicine” and other publications sold in the bookstore.Saying that the system is not systematic, that the specialty is not professional, and that science is not science is not only misleading to learn and understand Chinese medicine practitioners, but also extremely irresponsible to patients. It also reduces people’s trust in Chinese medicine and damages the reputation of Chinese medicine.

  In my opinion, every Chinese medicine must be and must be a master of dialectical treatment of classics. Only by learning and using classics well can we truly highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and can treat serious diseases, serious diseases, and difficult diseases that are difficult to be treated by western medicine.Only when you show your talents can you succeed in the fierce competition in the medical market.

If you want to reach this level, you must work hard to learn the classics, especially Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile Diseases and The Essentials of Jin Lack.

  At present, in the study of the classics, we can remember several people in the traditional Chinese medicine industry who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion and revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine, and take them as examples. They are-Deng Tietao, who spared no effort to develop andEveryone who promotes traditional Chinese medicine and advocates classical theories and encourages them.

  Li Ke, a powerful medical practitioner who truly mastered the essence of classical Chinese medicine theory, worked hard to practice the classic theory in clinical evidence, used classics, and boldly innovated, replacing the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of critically ill and difficult diseases.The backbone of Chinese medicine.

  Liu Lihong, a wise scholar who advocates living the classics and is a true Chinese medicine practitioner, a “Thinking Traditional Chinese Medicine”, has brought many people in a confused and ignorant state of learning the classics to the dawn of hope and stimulated the interestAnd motivation.  These big doctors who understand the classic theory of traditional Chinese medicine are the true pillars of traditional Chinese medicine.

  How to learn Chinese medicine and the classics of Chinese medicine can be explained here by the Qing Dynasty scholar Wang Guowei’s “Three Realms of Governing Scholarship” as described in “The Words in the World”:三种之境界:‘昨夜西风凋碧树。独上高楼,望尽天涯路’,此第一境也;‘衣带渐宽终不悔,为伊消得人憔悴’,此第二境也;‘众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在,灯火阑珊处’,此第三境也。It can be said that in the first realm, if you want to learn the classics of Chinese medicine and do your studies, a successful professional should first understand traditional Chinese medicine and understand the connotation of classic theories.

  The second realm says: studying and studying the classic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, learning, revitalizing traditional Chinese medicine, and achieving the great cause of traditional Chinese medicine is not an easy task. You must go through a hard and arduous study and practice process.That is to say, like craving for lovers, we should not sleep or eat, tirelessly, and don’t regret losing weight.

  The third realm is that after repeated learning, exploration, research, and innovation, finally success was achieved.

As long as the time is used, it will naturally be open-minded, discoveries, inventions, gains from the heart, free use of clinical evidence, and endless use.

Chennai “looked for thousands of Baidus in the crowd, and looked back, but the man was there, in a dim light.”

  To sum up, a true Chinese medicine practitioner must possess the three basic qualities of superb TCM theory level, rich clinical experience and superb medical technology.

The most important thing is to have a high level of classical theoretical literacy in Chinese medicine.

Only by being proficient in theory can we be awake clinically, technically savvy, superior in efficacy, and truly save the world.

Only by learning and inheriting the classic theories can we advance with the times and develop and innovate.

Three common mental disorders for single women

Three common mental disorders for single women

Inferiority complex: This type of women believes that it is disgraceful to be alone in the boudoir after the age of 30. Therefore, they are most afraid of people talking about marriage and marriage, and they are most afraid of asking about their marriage in a caring tone and disappointing themselves, Think that love will never come again, and have no chance with love ever since.

Therefore, they either close their hearts gradually, and do not pursue, even if the true man comes, they will “keep together”; otherwise they will go to the other extreme and submit to the pressure and influence of society, parents and friendsFollowing the flow of the current, rashly find an object to make things happen.

  Closed Psychology: Such women are inherently uncommunicative, unwilling to take a proactive approach to marriage issues, and even unwilling to associate with married colleagues.

Since then, I have locked myself in a small world, and I like being alone, making the communication range very narrow.

This kind of psychology actually greatly reduces their possibility of choosing a mate.

In fact, their mentality of waiting for hookers will only make them extraordinarily “clear”, and also make a considerable part of the men who are afraid of their accomplishments discouraged.

What’s more, marriage is a two-way choice. If you don’t move your soldiers and turn two-way into one-way, wouldn’t it be a half chance?

  Rebellious psychology: Some older women have lost a lot of opportunities in the past when their mate selection requirements were too high. This is because they have learned a lesson and become more realistic.

However, they have adhered to higher standards, thinking that “I cannot make a joke until now.” This mentality makes them “select carefully” and must meet the ideal requirements.

They idealized their love and lacked a sense of reality. They always wanted their love to be as romantic as the novel described: Prince Bai Ma suddenly fell from the sky; love at first sight, and the flower of love suddenly shined miraculously.

It should be noted that marriage is not a beautiful serenade, or is it a real life, choosing a mate down to earth, why waste youth in dreams?

  Older women are also flowers. Although they bloom later, they also have the power of flowering.

Despite their psychological obstacles, they always have a deep psychological tendency that is hard to detect, that is, they need the sincere caress of the opposite sex.

At this time, if there is a proper male, some careful consideration and meticulous caressing will surely ignite their buried love tinder and open their hearts.

  However, the real “savior” is the older women themselves. If they restrain themselves and deprive themselves of the power of love and being loved, then the tree of life will only wither early.

Experts help you out of the thin man’s 5 muscles


Experts help you out of the thin man’s 5 muscles

Myth 1: Eating more meat and growing muscles requires excessively redundant raw materials, so many people have this wrong view – “eat more meat and muscle.”

It is true that protein is the raw material for muscle growth. In order to satisfy the growth of muscle, the protein intake needs to reach 1.

6-2 g / kg body weight / day, but if these proteins are obtained by eating meat alone, the “by-product” that comes with it may be extra intake, and eventually the muscles are not long and they have a fat.

Therefore, we must choose the right food to supplement the protein, and choose low-level meat foods in daily diet, such as peeled chicken breast, lean beef, fish and other meat, chicken protein is also a good choice;If the economy allows, you can take some professional protein powder nutrition products to help bodybuilders gain muscle without fat.

銆€銆€Myth 2: Only heavy training is not heavy nutrition Many bodybuilders are keen to sweat in the gym. When they enter the gym, they can’t wait to bench press, bend. Think that the more strength they practice, the better the muscle gain, but the betterIt often leads to another key factor in muscle building – nutrition.

There is a saying in the bodybuilding world that “the bodybuilding muscles are half-trained and half-eaten”, which is indeed a popular experience summary.

“Learning” refers to the practice of science, and “eat” refers to a reasonable nutritional supplement.

In 1965, the first Olympic Mr. Larry?

Scott said: “Ninety percent of bodybuilding comes from nutrition.” This sentence makes sense.

Just as people push down a low-rise bungalow and then build a tall building, the muscle gain is a process of destroying and rebuilding and eventually achieving excessive recovery.

There are not enough raw materials to build high-rise buildings, and it is difficult to grow without proper nutritional supplements.

So how to eat is reasonable?

Bodybuilders’ daily recipes can be found in this formula: moderate protein foods plus low-fat foods plus high-carbohydrate foods.

銆€銆€Myth #3: The more protein is supplemented, the better some fitness people mistakenly believe that “Since protein is an important raw material for muscle growth, the more you eat, the more beneficial it is to gain muscle.”

It turns out that this is a beautiful mistake!

The protein requirement of the muscle gainer is indeed more than that of the average person. For the general muscle gainer, the body weight per kilogram per day is 1.

6-2 grams of protein can fully meet the needs, and the excess protein can not be used by the human body.

On the contrary, excessive protein is harmful from a medical point of view, which will increase the burden on the liver and kidney of the human body. Long-term high-protein diet can cause abnormal liver and kidney function; a large amount of protein will produce many toxic wastes during metabolism, resulting in dehydration and body fluids.Acidification causes fatigue to occur early and expands the training effect.

銆€銆€Myth 4: Ignore vegetables, fruit supplements Many people gain muscles often pay attention to supplement enough energy and protein, but for vegetables, fruit supplements are not so understanding, I think these foods have no important effect on muscle growth, but this is exactlyMany bodybuilders have a bad effect on muscle gain.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. When you gain muscles, you will consume a lot of vitamins and minerals. If you don’t get effective supplements, you will easily cause disturbances in energy and material metabolism, and the body is prone to fatigue.

More importantly, certain vitamins and minerals in vegetables and fruits, such as boron, zinc and Vc, have the effect of promoting thyroid ketone secretion, while ketones are beneficial for promoting muscle growth. A large number of fruits and vegetables supplement can often increase muscle gain.The effect; the lycopene, Vc, Ve, etc. which can be absorbed in vegetables and fruits have a good anti-oxidation effect, can effectively remove excessive oxidizing substances in the body caused by strength training, thereby protecting muscle cells and promoting fatigue recovery.

銆€銆€Myth 5: Adding meals before going to bed is beneficial to many muscle-enhancing enthusiasts, especially those who are thinner and thicker. In order to make their muscles grow up quickly, they like to add meals before going to bed.

But at the earliest, it will be found that the circumference of your muscles has not changed, and the thickness of the belly is increasing, which makes them very distressed and easy.

In fact, the reason is very simple, eat more before going to bed, the metabolism of the body slows down while sleeping, can not be consumed, will inevitably be converted into hoarding.

What time does the meal help to gain muscle?

First, eat some cakes, bananas and other foods 30 minutes to one hour before each exercise to ensure the energy supply during the exercise; secondly, to seize the “gold” of this nutritional supplement within 30 minutes after each exercisePeriod, this period is the most vigorous period of muscle synthesis, supplementing a two egg or a spoonful of protein powder, which helps to repair the muscles and tissues of the injured and relieve the symptoms such as muscle soreness.

Different breast enhancement diet for girls and young women


Different breast enhancement diet for girls and young women

Everyone has a heart for beauty, especially women. Whenever women of the age group want to have a good body.

There are many breast enhancement products on the market today, but they are not as convenient and safe as diet.

However, it is important to note that different age groups have to choose different recipes.

銆€銆€Adolescent women can eat more vitamin E, B vitamins, protein and foods that promote the secretion of sex hormones, so as to achieve breast fitness goals.

The therapeutic side is: Chrysanthemum egg: Cistanche, Hangju, 10 grams of pine nuts, 2 duck eggs, and a total of boiled.

After the egg is cooked, knock it on and cook it again. After cooking, discard the eggs and eat eggs.

Take 1 time a day.

銆€銆€Sheep liver jaundice: 10 grams of goat liver, 150 grams of astragalus.

Sheep liver slices, scutellaria cut, add salt, chicken marinate for 20 minutes, then fry the goat liver and scutellaria with oil, add 20 grams of black dates, 30 grams of peanuts, 10 grams of ginger, soy sauce, a small amount of salt, ready to eat,Eat once a night.

銆€銆€Adult women Some adult women are thin and a few of them can accumulate in the breasts, so the breasts are not full.

At this time, you should eat more transient foods such as eggs, meat, beans and foods containing vegetable oil.

The therapeutic side is: soy milk stewed lamb: 150 grams of yam, 500 grams of mutton, 500 grams of soy milk, salt, ginger, and stew for two hours, eat twice a week.

銆€銆€Ginseng lotus seed soup: 5 grams of ginseng, 20 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of rock sugar, stewed for two hours, eat every other day, once a day.