Comb your hands sooner or later to recharge your body

Comb your hands sooner or later to recharge your body
Everyone knows that combing your hair with a comb has health benefits. In fact, there are two natural health soils in the human body, which are the palms and feet.Chinese medicine believes that the beginning or end of the human body’s twelve meridians are gathered in the hands and feet, and massaging the hands and feet can clear the meridians, regulate the viscera, yin and yang, and qi and 苏州桑拿网 blood, and replenish the whole body with energy.1.Balance Yin and Yang.Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of any disease is the result of the imbalance of the yin and yang of the human body.The 北京夜网 disease acts on the body, fights against evil with righteousness, and fights against multiple evils. The relative balance of the human body’s yin and yang is destroyed, the Qi machine rises and falls abnormally, and the Qi and blood are not adjusted, resulting in pathological changes.The massage of the palms and soles of the feet can adjust the functions of the internal organs and balance the yin and yang.2.Through the meridian.The meridian is a system in which the human body runs qi and blood, communicates with the body, and connects the limbs and bones.Therefore, “Lingshu · Meridian” said: “The meridians must die, live with all kinds of illnesses, and adjust the facts, which is indispensable.”If a meridian deforms, meridian shifts and viscera are expected to come to the door.For example, the hand yin and dysfunction of the lungs may be caused by headaches, fever, chills, no sweat, nasal congestion, headache, chest pain, etc. Second, there may be internal organ discomfort, including cough, pressure, shortness of breath, and chest tightness., Sore throat, frequent urination, bowel movements, upset and hot hands, hemoptysis, etc.Many diseases can cause meridian dysfunction during the course of development. The massage of the palms and feet can clear the meridians and smoothen (lubricate and facilitate movement) the joints.3.Regulating Qi and activating blood.The method of reconciling qi and blood is to use improved massage to clear the meridians, promote qi and blood circulation, promote and improve physiological circulation, and make the body qi and blood full and smooth.The operation of Qi and Blood is complementary, Qi is blood, and blood stasis is Qi stagnation.Massaging the palms and soles of the feet can regulate qi and blood, which promotes blood circulation and stasis through three aspects: one is to directly promote the circulation of qi and blood through massage; the other is to promote the activities of limb tissues;In order to achieve the purpose of moving blood, blood stasis.The specific operation method is: Use a comb to scrape the palms of the palms back and forth, the left and right sides of the palms, and the palms of the feet, taking the fever as the degree.At the same time, you can use a comb to press the hands and feet and the soles of the hands and feet to the pain points, 20 times each.It should be reminded that since the morning and evening are the time to wake up the body and the viscera to rest, this method is best done once a day, morning and evening.▲

Yutong Technology (002831): Diversified Expansion Reshapes Growth Logic Profit End Improves Catalytic Performance Turning Point Up

Yutong Technology (002831): Diversified Expansion Reshapes Growth Logic Profit End Improves Catalytic Performance Turning Point Up
Yutong Technology promotes product diversification strategy, gradually expands the past contradiction of excessive dependence on a single industry and customers, and further opens up room for growth.In terms of operating performance, affected by cost and exchange pressure, the profit growth rate in 2018 improved by a long-term growth rate of 1.47%), but 18Q4 revenue growth of 28.9%, and profits grow 25% per year.6%, the basic verification of the early factors affecting the subsidence, the performance caters to the logic of the upward turning point. The implementation of the product diversification strategy welcomes the acquisition period and opens the revenue ceiling.  1) Consumer electronics packaging: The traditional 3C packaging shell, but the logic of new customer development and key customer penetration enhancement supports the company’s business to maintain stability.And smart wear, smart audio and other industries are in an explosive stage. Yutong has already entered the supply chain of customers such as Amazon and Harman in the early stage, and the smart product packaging business is expected to become a new driver.  2) Tobacco and alcohol packaging: The total tobacco and alcohol packaging market size is estimated to be more than 2000 trillion points. The company has focused on the development of the tobacco and alcohol packaging market before listing.The supply chain of high-quality customers, and the acceleration of the layout through the acquisition of Wuhan Aite, the establishment of joint ventures, etc., this business is expected to 夜来香体验网 usher in the harvest period in 2019, which will effectively boost the overall performance growth.  3) Other social packaging: The company is also focusing on the development of large health packaging, such as the acquisition of Jiangsu Dejin Fali Cosmetic Packaging, and the production of paper and plastic has contributed to the increase in performance. Cost & exchange pressure was released and profitability rebounded to catalyze high growth.  The price of white cardboard has fallen sharply, the RMB exchange rate has tended to stabilize, reducing exchange pressure, and Yutong’s profitability has promoted recovery.In addition, the new business’s current profitability is inferior to the traditional business, but the release of cost pressure has a short-term drag on the net interest rate, and the subsequent release of the scale effect 青岛夜网 of the new business will not significantly reduce the overall profitability.  Investment suggestion: The diversification strategy has gradually achieved significant results. The release of costs and exchange pressure further catalyzed the improvement of earnings. Yutong is expected to usher in a turning point in performance. It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 1.38 yuan / 1.67 yuan / 2.00 yuan, the corresponding PE is 17 respectively.4X / 14.3 times / 12.0X, maintain the recommended level.  Risk warning: the volume of new products is less than expected; product expansion is less than expected; raw material prices have exceeded expectations.

Zhichun Technology (603690): Pushing equity incentives to seize the cleaning market

Zhichun Technology (603690): Pushing equity incentives to seize the cleaning market
Equity Incentive Plan: Zhichun Technology released the second period of 2019 stock budget and scale stock incentive plan budget.The proposed incentive object equity totals 3.02 million shares, accounting for 1% of the total share capital.17%, granted 2.42 million shares for the first time, and supplemented 600,000 shares.Among them, the stock budget incentives totaled 2 million shares, and the expanded stock incentives totaled 1.02 million shares.The total number of incentive objects is 78, mainly including company directors, senior management personnel, and core technical backbones.The exercise price granted by the incentive plan is 18.51 yuan / share, the grant price of the budget stock is 9.26 yuan / share.The company-level performance assessment indicator is that the net profit will reach 0 in 2019-2021.9.3 billion, 1.100 million, 1.300 million. The backbone of technology is the highest, and the role of talents is outstanding.Core technicians were granted 55% of the total stock budget and 0% of the total share capital.43%; 80% of total stocks were awarded.39%, accounting for 0 of total equity.32%.The company’s bias in equity incentives for core technology backbones is conducive to enhancing the attractiveness of technical talents, improving the company’s overall research and development level, especially the industrialization process of semiconductor equipment such as rapid cleaning machines, and promoting the company to form long-term competitive advantages. Double assessment, pressure and motivation simultaneously, performance assessment goals are positive.The incentive plan has set up a company and individual dual-level business assessment plan.The company’s 青岛夜网 articles of association stipulate that the conditions for the exercise or lifting of sales restrictions are that the company’s net profit will reach 0 in 2019-2021.93, 1.1.300 million.According to the personal specifications, according to the company’s internal evaluation system, the assessment results are divided into “excellent”, “medium”, “qualified”, and “unqualified”.0%.We believe that the dual assessments of the company scale and the personal scale are used to achieve good interest constraints. Under the pressure and motivation, the vitality of all aspects can be fully released, and the space for improvement of performance is expected to be further opened. The industrialization of washing machines is rapid, and orders have been approved.In 2018, the company completed the construction of 60,000 square meters of Qidong Manufacturing Center, and the wet equipment manufacturing plant was officially put into use.On May 8, 2019, the company issued a preliminary plan, intending to publicly issue a summary of about 3.$ 600 million of convertible corporate bonds, of which 1.$ 2 million semiconductor wet process equipment manufacturing project, 2.$ 400 million wafer recycling base project.The company has formed a series of tank wet cleaning equipment for Ultron B200 and Ultron B300, and a single-piece wet cleaning equipment product series for Ultron S200 and Ultron S300.1 trillion. It is estimated that the total demand of domestic enterprises for cleaning equipment in 2019 is more than 400 units, and the market space is huge. Profit forecast and rating.It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.53 yuan, 0.93 yuan, 1.19 yuan.Considering that the high prosperity of the domestic integrated circuit industry will bring the volume of the washing machine market, the introduction of the swap plan has a positive incentive effect on personnel training and income-generating capabilities, giving the company a 50-fold change in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 26.5 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: the risk that cleaning equipment R & D investment and technological breakthroughs are less than expected; the risk of lower demand for high-purity process systems and semiconductor cleaning equipment in the downstream market; and the risk that the performance of the merger and acquisition enterprise is less than promised.

Six psychological factors of female apathy

Six psychological factors of female apathy

Some people do not voluntarily avoid sexual intercourse, but they cannot make proper sexual response during sexual intercourse, lack of pleasure, or the pleasure is not obvious and unsatisfactory.

Some women do n’t even know what sexual pleasure is, and they have never experienced orgasm.

  In different countries and regions, the proportion of women who have never experienced or rarely experienced orgasm varies widely, ranging from 10% to 90%.

In most places, more than 25% of women have had or remain sexually cold.

Only a few women have reached orgasm almost every time during sexual intercourse, and about half of them have more or less experienced orgasms.

Some women are uncomfortable with sex when they first marry and feel unpleasant or dissatisfied.

Because of the gradual lapse of time and the harmonious sex life of husband and wife, the pleasure experience will increase.

Only when there is no sexual desire, or although there is sexual desire, but it does not produce pleasure for a long time or is very weak, so it is sexual indifference that is not interested in sex life.

  The six psychological factors of women’s sexual indifference are as follows: First, due to improper childhood education, psychological trauma caused by sexual harassment, religious influence or adult role models, etc., they form prejudice against sexual life, such as sexual intercourse is considered to be inferior and sexual immoralityJie ‘s behavior is a kind of evil, which is “a man is happy, a woman suffers”, and thus has an aversion, resentment, and fear of sex.

  Second, lack of sexual knowledge, fear of sexual intercourse, fear of sexual intercourse will cause pain, or do not understand the psychological differences between men and women. On the wedding night, the man acted violently and irritably, quickly reached orgasm and ejaculated, but the woman did not experience pleasure.On the contrary, it also feels discomfort or pain, and even causes vaginal obstruction.

Over time, you will become more and more indifferent to sex.

  Third, worrying about pregnancy, fear, and lack of reliable contraception prevent normal sexual gratification and cause sexual apathy.

  Fourth, poor living conditions, interference with sexual life, unhappy mood, and lack of concentration can hardly stimulate sexual excitement.

  Fifth, the husband and wife are not in harmony, do not trust each other, suspect or dislike each other, and cannot produce sexual excitement.

  Sixth, the woman has a serious masturbation habit, the pleasure is not strong enough during sexual intercourse after marriage, or the man has sexual dysfunction such as impotence, premature ejaculation, and the woman cannot get sexual satisfaction.

  For women’s sexual apathy, it is necessary to correct in many ways.

Both husband and wife must understand the knowledge of sexual physiology and sexual psychology, master the different characteristics of sexual desire and sexual excitement of men and women, understand the meaning of sexual life for people’s normal life and development, and replace the bias and misunderstanding of sexual life.

  Actively improve the relationship between husband and wife, eliminate the psychological barrier and various negative emotions between husband and wife, coordinate the rhythm of sexual life, cooperate with each other, and understand each other.

The man should not be irritable and rude, but should help the woman to gradually achieve orgasm.

Four elderly intestinal moisturizers

Four elderly intestinal moisturizers

Habitual constipation is more common in the elderly.

Due to the decline of the elderly’s physiological function, the bowel function is easily dysregulated, while physical activity is reduced, food intake is reduced, or due to excessive fineness of the staple food, and moderate thick fiber vegetables are produced, habitual constipation may be formed.

Coupled with the dry climate in autumn, dry bowel and constipation are more likely to occur in the elderly.

  Porridge is a staple food loved by the elderly. Here are some of the intestinal moisturizers that can help the bowel and laxative for your common use.

  First, take 30 grams of black sesame porridge, wash and dry, fry and grind, add 50 grams of rice to cook gruel, take it sooner or later.

Can nourish liver and kidney, nourish yin and blood, and moisten the internal organs.

Suitable for those with yin deficiency and dry bowel.

  Second, walnut porridge, take 10 walnut kernels, mash them, increase rice 50 grams and cook for thin porridge.

It can nourish the kidney and help the yang, moisturize the intestines and defecate.

It is suitable for constipation due to inadequate kidney yang and intestinal dryness.

  Third, Cassia porridge, take 10 grams of fried cassia seeds (available in Chinese medicine stores), add an appropriate amount of water into the casserole and cook the juice, increase 50 grams of rice and cook for the porridge.

Can clear heat and eyesight, moisturize the bowels, lower blood pressure and fat.

It is suitable for the elderly suffering from hypertension, hyperlipidemia and often constipation.

  4. Take 60 grams of raw atractylodes congee (available in Chinese medicine stores), fry it in a casserole, and take the juice. Add 50 grams of rice and cook it for porridge.

It can benefit qi and spleen, and stagnate laxative.

It is effective for the symptoms caused by weak spleen and stomach such as loss of appetite, weakness of limbs, fatigue of the stool, etc.

Yoga that makes you more sexual

Yoga that makes you more “sexual”

Practicing yoga can stimulate energy points in the body.
Through continuous rhythmic breathing, energy runs between acupoints, plus yoga poses and dance moves repeatedly contract and relax the “sex core” muscle area.
Long-term exercise like this will not only make your appearance look healthy and beautiful, but also increase your internal flexibility, which will make you have a better sex life.
  Sexual muscle zone: The “sexual core muscles” include the pelvis, hips, and abdominal muscles, and a group of internal muscles called the coccygeal muscles, or “PC” muscles.
Yoga practice is a practice that doctors often instruct women who are pregnant or have sexual difficulties to target the PC muscle group.
More Yoga lessons and features. A large number of surveys have shown that strengthening your PC muscle group will enhance your sexual pleasure and that of your partner.
For women, the strength of the PC muscle group is directly related to orgasm during sexual intercourse.
Orgasms from various stimuli also grow with the strength of the PC muscle group.
  Sexual core wiggle training: In yoga, you cannot maintain your posture without health and control of the core area.
In fact, just as training in the core zone will make your body healthier, strengthening the sexual core zone will make your sex healthier, which is overall health.
Sexual health not only makes sex better, it also strengthens your health and quality of life.
When people feel sexier, their lives are better.
  Deep breathing and sexually explicit breathing are the foundation of all traditional and modern yoga.
Breathing is your vitality, and it runs through the teaching.
Mastery of breathing leads to control of will and body. Since most people use only a small portion of their vital capacity, yoga exercises focus on expanding the chest cavity with slow deep breathing until the air is brought to the deepest and largest part of the lung.
From a physiological point of view, this helps to oxygenate the blood and promote better circulation in the body.
This breathing regulation also promotes mental concentration, and most importantly, develops the connection between the soul and the body.
  Sex with your partner is a matter between you and your partner.
Without intimacy and love with your partner, sex can’t achieve harmony.
Better sex is an interaction between the two, and one way to develop it is to practice with your partner.
Sexual desire includes psychological factors that create a sexual desire.
  The Yoga Revolution There is now a debate in the yoga community about the role of yoga’s rosettes in promoting better sex.
Most yoga schools require that sexual activity be separated from yoga practice, because yoga was originally developed to keep monks healthy, so that illness or injury does not disturb their meditation.
However, the investigation found that yoga can slowly make some chronic fatigue syndrome disappear, and also make many female friends find their own “sex” blessing.
What’s more interesting is that now yoga teachers start talking about sex and sexual behavior in their classes, which is a trend.
  Sexy kittens and other poses are more “sexual” actions that not only promote flexibility and strength, but also promote the body’s energy system.
For example, taking a deep breath to the lower abdomen not only strengthens your abdominal muscles, but also increases abdominal strength or qi.
The abdomen is considered the body’s energy storehouse.
Some postures stimulate energy to circulate in the grooves or points of the body.
Here are some examples to make you find the feeling: sexy kitten: hands and knees on the ground, spine stays smooth, neck stretched, eyes staring at the position between hands.
Inhale, bow forward, exhale completely, curl the bottom of the pelvis and look towards the navel.
Repeat 3-4 times.
  Look for the tail: Then go to the sexy kitten pose, with your hands and knees on the ground, and make a mid-back position.
The hips are tilted to one side, so that the hips on one side almost touch the floor and look at the tailbone (as if looking for a tail).
Look backwards on the other side.
Repeat 3-4 times.
  Yoga weight loss and body sculpting effect: Sexy shoulders: This action can also make room for the shoulder blades as a warm-up exercise for the reverse deltoid muscle.
This is a gradual movement. At first, rotate the shoulder joint on one side forward while looking at the palm on the same side.Then add a contraction bend on the same side and repeat, paying attention to the increased range of motion.

After doing this 3-4 times before each time, always stretch straight (don’t lock it down) and inhale deeply.

When exhaling, go up and down together and look down at the navel; inhale, rotate the top backwards and arch your back to look at the ceiling.

Repeat 2 times.

  Frog pose: This is a pose that evolved from ballet.

Start with a standard split, or do your best to separate your legs.

Move your hands forward to touch the ground, place your pelvis and stomach on or near the ground, separate and bend your legs to the sides, and touch the floor with your feet.

Keep your posture to relax your muscles and fracture your thigh roots and pelvis.

Office workers’ skin is easy to dry without preventing trying three homemade moisturizers

Office workers’ skin is easy to dry without preventing trying three homemade moisturizers

Most office workers work in a sedentary state and face a computer all the time. Many people know that this kind of work is not good for their health, but they don’t have any time for physical exercise.

Sitting for a long time will completely affect the health of the body, will cause internal secretion disorders, and the radiation and static electricity generated by the computer will make the skin of office workers more and more dry.

The following homemade moisturizers moisturize the skin.

  White vinegar moisturizing water whitening moisturizing materials: white vinegar, glycerin, mineral water.

  Method: Boil the mineral water and let it cool down, then add an appropriate amount of white vinegar and glycerin to reconcile. If the amount is taken, stir together according to the ratio of 2: 1: 1.

  Efficacy: Moisturizing, hydrating, whitening and firming, preventing wrinkles, making the skin delicate and shiny.

Use every night.

  Vitamin C moisturizing water whitening and acne-removing material: Vitamin C blended, purified water.

  Measures: Take a few tablets of vitamin C according to the amount you need, then grind it into a powder for future use. Leave the boiled pure water overnight. Pour the vitamin C powder and cold water into the spray bottle the next day and shake well.Just fine.
  Efficacy: This moisturizing water can prevent skin sunburn, prevent the formation of melanin, and achieve the effect of lightening and whitening.

  Licorice moisturizing water whitening freckle material: licorice tablets.

  Method: Take 1-2 licorice slices, grind them into a powder in a container, then pour into a spray bottle, add 30ml of purified water, and shake them well.

  Efficacy: This moisturizing water has certain repairing ability, can improve skin problems, and can also inhibit melanin deposition in the skin, and treat freckles.

  In fact, the moisturizing water is included in the basic skin care products purchased by most female friends, but most of the water on the urban surface contains chemical substances. Frequent use is not good for skin health and women with sensitive skin should not use too much.

You can try these three kinds of homemade pure natural moisturizing water, and their effects are different, you can choose according to your needs.

Use psychology to comfort friends

Use psychology to comfort friends

When a friend is sad and sad, many people either say “Stop crying, stay strong”.

One helps analyze the problem and tells him “what should you do”, and some people will criticize the other party: “I told you a long time ago .” Comforting people also need to talk about psychological skills and give the most intimate according to the psychological activity of the otherSoothing.

  Listening to each other’s distress Due to differences in life experience, family background, education, etc., each person has a different understanding of distress.

Therefore, when trying to comfort a person, first understand his distress.

  Comforting, listening is more important than speaking.

Hearts need to listen to the ears gently, not the logical and sharp head.

Listening is to use our ears and heart to listen to each other’s voice. Don’t ask the cause and effect of things, and don’t rush to make judgments. Give each other room to let him express his feelings freely.

  When listening, feel empathy, and the other person will notice the distortion in us.

If we can “grieve his grief, be happy with his happiness” about his experience, for the comforted, this is the best help for him.

  The biggest obstacle to comforting others in accepting the other’s world is often that the comforter is unable to understand, understand, and agree with what he believes is the distress.

It is easy for people to limit the definition of distress to a range that can be understood by oneself. Once it exceeds this range, it is “suffering” to be unreasonable.

Because they don’t take the “bitterness” of others as the subject, the comforter is prone to resist in the process of listening and can’t wait to put forward his own opinions.

Therefore, the comforter needs to abandon his deep-rooted ideas, acknowledge his prejudice, and truly look at the problems facing him from the perspective of the other party.

  Psychologists say, “Let go of your own world and accept the world of others”, this is the truth.

The best comforter is to lay down oneself temporarily, walk into the other person’s inner world, and use his eyes to see his experience without making judgments.

  To explore the way the other party has traveled, comforters often feel that they have an obligation to propose solutions for the other party.

As everyone knows, almost everyone who has been tortured and tortured has experienced a series of unceasing trial and error experiences before seeking comfort.

Therefore, all we have to do is to explore the path the other party has traveled, to understand his experience in the struggle, let him be heard, understood, recognized, and tell him that he has done enough and good enough. This is a comfort.
  Psychologists remind comforters of an important concept: “Consolation is not the same as treatment.

Healing is about making people change, and severing distress by change; comfort is about trying to affirm their suffering, without trying to cause it.

“In fact, in the process of comforting people, any solution provided is likely to fail or not apply, disappointing the other party again, so without intervention, without giving insight, listening, understanding and agreeing with their distress, isThe highest principle of comfort.

  In addition, walking with the other party is also a comfort.

The other person will feel safe and warm with your company, so he will talk about his pain, tell his resentment, blame himself, regret, and say everything he wants to say. After he has gone through the storm, he will calm down and face himIn the encounter, he would really appreciate your company and feel that he came by himself.

Method of exfoliating elbows and toes

Method of exfoliating elbows and toes

Guide: The keratin of the elbows and toes is particularly obvious, and it looks particularly disproportionate to other skin.

It is also for this reason that many MMs and beautiful clothes pass by.

MM now wants to take care of his body. To make himself more beautiful is to make himself diligent.

As the saying goes, there are only lazy women and no ugly women in the world.

Next is how beauty experts teach you how to exfoliate your elbows and toes. Learn it carefully!

  There are three ways to exfoliate your elbows and toes. Do n’t worry that your feet will be covered by the stratum corneum.

Hurry up and try these exfoliating methods!


Sauna in the bath first to accelerate the blood circulation of the body and also to soften the cuticle of the skin.


Use a bath salt body scrub to clean your skin after pressing your body wash.


After bathing, use body emollients to moisturize the skin when the water on the skin is not completely dry.

  New method to shrink pores: 1.

Take a clean small bowl and pour in beer.


Immerse the medicinal cotton yarn in the beer for about 3 minutes.


Remove the cotton gauze, twist it slightly, and apply it on the body to let the facial skin relax completely. Leave it on for about half an hour.

If the moisture in the cotton yarn is absorbed, you can apply it after soaking in the first two steps.


After removing the cotton yarn, you will be pleasantly surprised that your skin becomes firmer and your pores will shrink.

  do you know.

The alcohol in beer can promote blood circulation, nourish the skin, and accelerate metabolism.

Hops contained in beer is a cooling agent, which can prevent facial pain and broken ulcers, and has a good effect on shrinking pores.

Message from the editor: Beauty experts suggest that you can’t go too ordinary, you can go once a week, the same for elbows and feet.

Do you dare to try the most tired fitness method?


Do you dare to try the most tired fitness method?

How to have a good figure has become a common problem for all women. The most effective way is to make them feel awkward. It is called the most tiring method of slimming exercise in history. Are you curious?

The following six sets of fitness methods can burn a lot of sputum, or you can shape your body.

銆€銆€You can select any of the 3-4 sets of exercises that match your own characteristics from the following sets of exercises, and exercise in a loop, with only 30 seconds of rest in the middle.

If you feel particularly strenuous, you can extend your break to 1 minute.

The exercises between each group cannot be interrupted, and you must enter the next group immediately after the break.

Strong strength can choose all six groups of exercises.

銆€銆€The first set of knee-shoulder exercises face up, the upper body lying on the bouncing ball, the feet flat on the ground, and the hands behind the back.

Keep your feet still, insert the bouncing ball, and slowly tilt the upper body backwards until the head, shoulders and sides are on the surface of the bouncing ball, appearing on the same horizontal line, and in a comfortable state.

Next, use the strength of the arm to slowly lift the top up so that the upper back leaves the surface of the bouncing ball.

Of course, lift the left leg up and down, then change to the right leg and repeat this exercise again.

The bouncing ball must remain stationary throughout the exercise.

Then return to the original state, repeat the practice for 12-16 times, and exchange the left and right legs in turn for each practice.

銆€銆€The second group of throwing ball practice A: lying on the ground on the back, hands in the posture of holding the ball and placed on the chest.

The positive pole is bent and the feet are stepped on the ground.

Let your companion stand a few feet from your right front.

The position of the feet is unchanged, and the whole upper body is lifted up. At this time, your upper body is almost perpendicular to the ground. At the same time, keep the hand shape, and the arm is pressed from the position of the chest to the front of the body.

銆€銆€B: After finishing the last action, let your companion throw the ball to the left of your body.

Twist the body to the left and grab the ball with both hands.

Move your partner to the left side of your left front and quickly touch the ball to the ground.

Then lift the upper body and throw the ball back to the companion’s hand.

Repeat this exercise again, this time let the companion throw the ball to the left side of your body, and use both hands to grasp the ball while twisting the body to the right.

Repeat the practice for 12-16 times, and practice in turn to practice on both sides of the body.

銆€銆€The third group of 鈥淰鈥?shaped exercises lie flat on the ground with the face up and bent at a 90-degree angle, with both hands on both sides of the body and palms facing inwards.

Then slowly straighten the legs and lift them upwards until the legs are separated from the ground and form a 45 degree angle with the ground.

While lifting your legs up, lift the upper arms to both sides so that the arms are almost parallel to the ground and the arms should be placed on the sides of the legs.

At this point the entire main shaft is formed at a 45 degree angle, also like a “V”.

Hold for a few seconds, then slowly return to the original state, and then repeat the practice for 12-16 times.

銆€銆€The fourth set of rally exercises placed a mat on the ground, and a rope with a handle was placed on the column in front of the mat, and the handle of the rope was sandwiched between the feet.

Lying face up on the mat, the head and back are placed flat on the ground, bent and bent at a 90-degree angle, and the thigh and the ground are perpendicular.

Gently place your hands behind the right side with your elbows facing out.

Keep the alignment at a 90 degree angle and slowly lift the head and head off the ground.

At the same time, tilt the pelvis and turn the legs up to the top.

Hold this position for 5 seconds and then return to its original state.

Repeat the exercise for 12-16 times.
銆€銆€The fifth group of hanging exercises A: hanging the crossbar to the chin, hands clasping the crossbar, the shoulders are the same width.

The feet are straight, but are bent forward at a 30 degree angle.

Keep your feet at this angle and lift them up above your body until the thighs and the ground are almost parallel.

Next, tighten the whole body, tilt the pelvis, and then slowly lift your feet up until your feet reach the head.Viewed from the side, the body is in a “V” shape, so don’t let your feet swing.

Then slowly put your feet back to the middle, this time the thighs are parallel to the ground.

銆€銆€B: Keep this position, slowly rotate your legs to the right side of the body (this seems to point your feet to the 1-2 o’clock position), then rotate your legs to the left (the feet seem to point to 10-11 points).The position of the clock).

Hold for a few seconds, return your legs to the middle position, then lower your feet.

The overall exercise was performed in 4 groups of repetitions.

銆€銆€The sixth group of knee-knee exercises is lying face up on the ground, the hips and bending are bent at a 90-degree angle, hands on both sides of the body, palms facing inward.

Then slowly straighten the legs and lift them upwards until the legs are separated from the ground and form a 45 degree angle with the ground.

When lifting your legs up, lift the upper arms to both sides so that the arms are almost parallel to the ground and the arms should be placed on the sides of the legs.

銆€銆€Hold this position, then slowly lower your right knee until you are close to the cheekbones, hold for a few seconds, and then reset your right leg (the left leg must be in a steady state throughout the workout).

Exhale when you roll up and contract, and inhale when you contract your legs.

Then change to the left foot for the practice from the main shaft to the gyro, and alternately exchange the legs for 12-16 repetition exercises.