Pediatric diarrhea diet guide


Pediatric diarrhea diet guide

The health of children is the most worrying thing for mothers. The baby within one year of age has diarrhea and seeks medical treatment in time. Mothers do not want to give medicine to children. After all, delicate baby, stomach digestion may not be able to accept drugs.

Today, I will introduce you to the dietary guidelines for relieving diarrhea in children.

Pediatric diarrhea diet guidelines for children with diarrhea, mothers do not rush to medication, you can try the following methods of treatment: boiled apples: boiled apples have astringent effect, give children a day to ease the diarrhea in children.

When cooking apples, you should cook them by boiling water, or add some rock sugar, so that children like to eat.

Egg yolk meal: After the eggs are cooked, the shells and protein are cooked, and the egg yolks are placed in a small fire in the pot to make oil. One baby in the 1 year old is given a batter, divided into 2-3 times, and 3 days is a course of treatment for diarrhea.And have the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach and stopping diarrhea.

Jiaomi soup: first grind rice flour or milk cake into powder, stir fry until the color is yellow, add appropriate amount of water and sugar, and then burn into a paste.

After the rice flour is heated, it is heated again, and its carbonized structure has better adsorption and antidiarrheal effect.

Carrot Soup: Carrot is an alkaline food. The pectin contained can degrade the stool and form bacteria and toxins on the intestinal mucosa. It is a good antidiarrheal food.

Porridge: When the child is diarrhea, give the child a porridge, which is easy to digest and nutritious.

Do not eat hard food when children are diarrhea.

It’s better to smash some of the porridge.

Children’s diarrhea diet notes 鈼?raw, cold foods do not eat temporarily.

They can irritate the gastrointestinal tract of children and make diarrhea worse, especially at the peak of diarrhea.

Cold foods include raw fruits, raw vegetables, cold drinks and juices.

鈼?Do not eat sweets with high sugar content.

In addition to sugar and snacks, high-sugar foods include raw fruits or fruit juices. Both sugar and fructose cause flatulence in the intestines, increase intestinal peristalsis, and exacerbate diarrhea.

鈼?Suspend animal food.

These include milk, eggs and meat.

In diarrhea, the internal digestive enzymes in the children are reduced, the digestive capacity and the coupling shielding effect are weakened. These foods are not only difficult to digest, but also easily cause allergies at this time.

鈼?The fruits and vegetables of glucose are suspended.

Crude fiber promotes alkaline peristalsis and exacerbates diarrhea. These foods include: pineapple, watermelon, cabbage, pepper, leeks, sweet potatoes, etc.

The situation of diarrhea in children in autumn is more common. I hope that mom and dad can start from the diet. When nursing children, pay attention to the cleanliness of hygiene, so that children can get rid of diarrhea better.

Caring for the elderly to start from the psychological


Caring for the elderly to start from the psychological

Caring for the elderly is not only about caring for the health of the elderly, but also the health of the elderly.

Then, when it comes to caring for the elderly, what can be done to really care about the mental health of the elderly?

銆€銆€There are six main ways to care for the elderly: 1. Live to the old and learn to be old.

Learning for the elderly is not simply about learning new knowledge, but more importantly, in this way, you don’t feel lonely.

銆€銆€2. Strengthen interpersonal communication.

Older people should often chat with friends, exchange ideas and feelings, and learn from the collective activities and interpersonal relationships to make their own feelings comfortable and enjoyable.

銆€銆€3. Stay optimistic.

Older people should have confidence in life, try their best to be open-minded, be optimistic, and use their advantages in knowledge, experience, skills, intelligence and specialty to find new life pleasures.

銆€銆€4, family and social concerns.

Family and social care is the external environment and necessary conditions for mental health in the elderly. When you are sick, you need to take care of it, not only giving material attention, but more importantly, giving psychological understanding and support.

銆€銆€5, learn to cause troubles.

Life is both colorful and full of energy and troubles. Life is like this.

The big winds and the big waves have passed, and you don’t have to worry about small things, let alone put them in a depressed state. You must release bad emotions in a timely manner through various channels to maintain a good mood.

銆€銆€6, rich in amateur life.

According to the physical condition and hobbies, the elderly arrange the contents of life, such as practicing calligraphy, planting flowers and grass, raising poultry, reading newspapers, watching TV dramas, etc., so that they can stretch their moods and cherish their time and make life.More reasonable.