Zheng Yanpan: Affected by the external impact of the A share plunge, the decision to adjust the rhythm

Zheng Yanpan: Affected by the external impact of the A share plunge, the decision to adjust the rhythm
Source: Daily Economic News Every time Zheng Buchun’s new crown pneumonia epidemic spreads globally, related news is more disturbing, so overnight US stocks plunged again, among which the Dow fell 3.15%, down 3 the previous day.56%.US stocks fell nearly 7% in 天津夜网 two days, which is quite rare.  According to the Associated Press reported on February 25 local time, International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound discovered in an interview with media reporters that the Tokyo Olympics can be postponed until late May to make a decision.  Even the Japanese epidemic is worrying, South Korea seems to be more nervous, and Iran and Italy, even South America, which has always been out of the picture, have also become infected.  International investors have confidence in China’s ability to fight the epidemic, and have less confidence in other countries.Therefore, once the global epidemic is severe, the selling pressure of global stock markets will become even heavier.Everyone knows that the significant deterioration of the Chinese epidemic was on January 23 and the next few days. At that time, the US stocks did not decrease much, which itself can explain the problem.  The system of each country determines the overall level of anti-epidemic mobilization and combat capabilities. This is not only directly proportional to medical technology, more money but less money, and more importantly, the ability of the entire population to mobilize.Obviously, if you only compare this ability, almost everyone in the world will believe that China has an overwhelming advantage!  The actual situation of China’s epidemic situation has been set for the first time, but the intensified epidemic situation has increased the variables, so investor confidence will also be shaken, and worries will increase.  On Tuesday, the A-shares that sustained the pressure of the sharp plunge suffered another heavy hit on Wednesday, ending the close. The Shanghai and Shenzhen Composite Index fell 0 respectively.83%, 2.71%, the KLCI fell 2.The GEM KLCI dropped 92%.31%.After-hours data showed that Northbound funds replaced 67 on Wednesday.US $ 2.7 billion, a net repeat of 3 consecutive days and a cumulative net repeat of 202 for 3 days.6.3 billion yuan.  From the perspective of the market, the performance of heavy stocks such as banks, electrical appliances, and real estate is relatively defensive, while the weight and blue-chip development power are mainly concentrated in the morning, and they return a large increase in the afternoon.Weights, blue chips and technology stocks have always had a seesaw effect, as did Wednesday. On Wednesday, the technology sector fell in a large area, and only a few software stocks became popular.Among the most popular technology stocks in the recent past, there are the daily limit of Huachuang North, Shennan Circuit, Jingfang Technology, and Eternal Lithium.Technology ETFs have experienced rare setbacks, with most technology-related ETFs falling by around 7%.  The advance of technology stocks is too large, and it is very easy to plunge if there is a slight wind, and it may be difficult to change the situation where it is at the tuyere, so this is only a technical adjustment.  I think that after the technology stocks have changed their profit chips, the probability will be strong in the future.Recently, a large number of technology ETFs and technology public funds have been issued, and there are many potential buyers. Therefore, it is difficult for technology stocks to show a sustained downward trend.  Investors can still participate in technology stocks, only part of them can be allocated. It is not advisable to participate in all positions. It is 南宁桑拿 better to allocate some blue chips at the same time. This operation can smooth the fluctuation of the market value of the holding position, or maintain a calm state of mind.  If there is no more serious news about the epidemic today, perhaps the adjustment will end quickly.Looking at the future trend of European and foreign stock indexes on Wednesday evening, the trend of US stocks may improve on Wednesday night, so today technology stocks have the opportunity to counterattack.

Wanhe Electric (002543): For the first time, the endogenous growth of the industry benefited from the heating leader was given a “Buy” rating

Wanhe Electric (002543): For the first time, the endogenous growth of the industry benefited from the heating leader was given a “Buy” rating

Key points of investment: Wanhe Gas Water Heater ranks first in the industry in terms of comprehensive market share for 15 consecutive years.

The company’s offline / online sales market share of the company’s gas water heaters in 2018 reached 15% / 17%, respectively.

At the end of 2015, the board of directors was re-elected, and the “second generation” of Lu’s succeeded in becoming younger. In 2018, the company adjusted its operating strategy to effectively improve the quality of operations, thereby increasing the overall income growth rate for 18 years (+5.

85%), but profitability improved significantly than expected (net profit +18 per year.

27%, gross margin increased by 1 short-term.

52 pcts to 29%).

In terms of different channels, in 2018, the company completed 3000+ outlets offline to achieve stable growth 深圳桑拿网 (+ 3%); high online growth (+ 23%, CAGR in the past 5 years = 45%), driving the proportion of e-commerce companies to increase gas water heaters year by yearIndustry: The inventory is expected to double, with a CAGR of 10% in 2019-2025.

Based on the judgment of the obvious advantages of fuel economy and the continuous expansion of the gas pipeline network, the fuel economy will maintain a high growth trend in the future: 1) The fuel economy is good and it will accelerate the replacement of electricity.

We take the Shanghai area as an example to calculate the cost of burning heat1.

4 yuan / day compared with electric heating 3.

7 yuan / day has a significant potential; assuming that the water heater is used for 8 years, the discounted present value of the cost of heating gas + the initial purchase cost will get a total cost of 5097 yuan, which has a clear economic advantage over electric heating at 6845 yuan.

2) The popularization of natural gas pipeline networks is accelerating, and the increase in the population using gas drives the penetration of fuel heat.

The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” natural gas plan states that the number of urban gas users will reach 5 by 2025.

From the perspective of inventory, we calculated 200 million units of combustion heat in 2025. According to the total demand for combustion heat = added inventory + replacement of existing inventory, the total demand for 2019-2025 is 1.

900 million units, CAGR10%.

Wall-hung boiler industry: The policy outlet of the “post-coal to gas” era has passed, and the heating market in the south is big.

Wall-hung boilers experienced three stages of steady advancement before 2016, explosive growth in 2017, and sharp decline in sales in 2018.

After the policy cools down, the market returns to rationality, and the brand concentration is expected to increase. In the future, the development of the southern retail market will become the main position for corporate competition.

Export-oriented independent brands are working hard to bring about profit flexibility.

At present, the company’s exports account for 1/3, but it mainly engages in OEM production. The profit level is low. The gross profit margin for export is about 10%, which is much lower than that for domestic sales.

Since 2018, the pace of overseas independent brand deployment has accelerated significantly: Wanhe has established exclusive stores in Azerbaijan, Thailand, and a subsidiary in Russia to sell Wanhe products. The realization of independent brand operations in exports in the future is expected to become a new performance growth point.

Profit forecast and investment rating.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.

98 yuan, 1.

10 yuan and 1.

22 yuan, corresponding to PE14X, 12X and 11X.

Considering that the company’s internal hot water faucet is stable and absorbs the endogenous growth of the water heater industry, we give the company a reasonable estimate of 18 times in 2019, corresponding to a market value of 10 billion, a target of 18 yuan, and an increase of 30%. The first coverage is given to “buy””grade.

Risk Warning: Gas water heaters frequently cause safety problems; the competitive landscape of the water heater industry deteriorates.

Stressful newlywed sex

Stressful newlywed sex

The reason why men are “lost” is nothing more than worrying about their inability, being ill, or having experienced unpleasant experiences, which often causes their minds to reappear unknowingly and interfere with sex.

At this time, you must show appropriate care, especially to be patient with him through this awkward period; therefore, it is recommended that you do not prevent you from first invoking his confidence through other intimate methods such as non-sexual intercourse, and fulfillLet him feel your joy in the intimate relationship with each other, and even take the initiative to show his sexy side, I believe he will soon show his strength naturally.

  Stress 1: Feeling suspicious of your sexual abilities and worrying about your dissatisfaction. According to the survey, Taiwanese men generally think that it takes a long time to get an erection before women can be satisfied, and also that women must have a strong reaction to show that he is “very good.””It’s very strong,” so the subconscious is worried that the other party will have an affair because of their dissatisfaction, and as a result they will soften after doing it, no matter how exciting it can’t get up.

  Remedy: If you fail many times, you don’t have to rush to help him recover.

Take a break from both sides to give him a chance to breathe; you can use other methods to express intimacy, let him know that you are really satisfied with your relationship, and rebuild his confidence.

  Pressure 2: Afraid to live up to your good intentions and be kind to the pressure. When you are worried that his pressure is too great, you might say: “It doesn’t matter, sexual intercourse is not the most important, the most important thing is the harmony of the soul .””It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it once, come again next time .” But you must not know that your kind consolation is also his greatest source of stress.

  Remedy: If your partner has had failed sexual intercourse experience, your best encouragement is not to use words to comfort or encourage him, and in the next visit, do not try to use more exciting methods to helphe.

Because the man who has failed often proves that he is okay, he often secretly proves that he is OK with the most exciting method, so if you also adopt a similar method, he will recall the unpleasant experience in his mind.

You should take an indirect stimulus. Do n’t touch or show directly. You can use sexy underwear and ear-talking to make him happy. The indirect stimulus will make it easier for him who has failed before.You can fully express your joy during your visit, see your satisfied expression, hear your pleasant voice, and say to him that it is the best treatment.

  Women: Stress 1: Unbuttoning the inferiority of the body. The first pressure women face before they have sex is that they are worried that their bodies are not good enough to satisfy their sexual partners and even destroy the necessary relationship.

But in real life, there are not many people who can be as good as a star, so you must build up your self-confidence in your figure and accept yourself.

  Remedy: For women’s concerns and pressure, men must give positive evaluation and encouragement.

Men must understand that sex is not only physical and sensory desires, but also emotional communication; if you are not satisfied with your figure, you can replace the mood with the female and compare the heart to the heart to relieve the pressure brought by the appearance.

  Stress 2: Fear of sexual intercourse “Expectation” pressure “Sexuality is not beautiful at all, only uncomfortable.

“This is a topic often mentioned when many handkerchiefs talk about boudoir secrets.

Due to the lack of sex education, many people have sex knowledge from movies, TV or fiction.

In those worlds, sex is beautiful, but in fact, not everyone has the same experience; therefore, when people pass word of mouth, sex will not only be unromantic, but even bring pain.

Some people also think that sexual intercourse is only a routine business, and filtered advertisements are even just to satisfy the behavior of men.

With this concept, when women want to go to bed with a sexual partner, they will naturally have a feeling of fear and disgust, and they will certainly not have a satisfactory and happy sexual behavior.

  Another similar fact is the aversion to sexual organs.

In the comic “Shiratori Reiko”, the heroine Shiratori Shirai is first-class in both face and body. When she falls in love, she also has a beautiful fantasy.The appearance of a big beauty is totally unworthy, so she is disillusioned with sex.

Although the plot is funny, it is very vivid that young women are full of contradictions about sexual intercourse.

This belief that the sexual organs are ugly is just like the notion that sexual behavior is painful, which prevents many women from enjoying sex with ease.

  Remedy: If women’s preconceptions or stereotypes about sex are deep-rooted, they will still cause psychological obstacles.

At this time, the other half’s thoughtfulness and understanding, and communication with both parties, have become the key to the solution.

In order for men to relieve women’s fear and expectations of sex, they must understand what women expect from sex, disarm them, and forget about their doubts about sex; while being guided by women, asking the woman’s feelings from time to time can also make themAfter sex, endless lingering.

Sexy and comfortable fitness clothes for fitness

Sexy and comfortable fitness clothes for fitness

The first important thing for women who want to show their sexy body line is to buy beautiful fitness clothes.

Covering the important parts and revealing the abdomen and waist requires considerable courage and self-confidence, but even in any style, fit and even close-fitting are the constant characteristics of fitness clothes.

Choose the right fitness clothes for an unobstructed view of the body. Accept the line and curve at any time to attract the attention of your companions.

  Top A.

Corset-style top: It is not suitable for women with large breasts. On the contrary, it is a patent for petite breasts. It fits well and has sufficient support.


Vest style: Generally it can be divided into two lengths, the former reveals the belly button, and the other covers the waist, which is suitable for girls with abdomen or loose skin.

In the gym, many people slowly wear from the extension to the mid-length, and then change to corset vests, one after another to show the fitness results.


Thin Shoulder Vests: There are more and more types, and the colors are also amazing. The intention is to increase the visual weight, especially suitable for petite girls.


Two-piece sports tops: Some styles are almost the same as the cute little ones in fashion. Thin shoulder straps and hollow short vests abound, but with the technical materials of Lycra and fast sweating, these small vests have support and comfort.Strength.

In order to make the exercise process more pleasing to the eye, the full use of details such as tailoring, color, etc., to create beautiful curves with bumps, looks beautiful, and the movement is more energetic.

  Sports pants A.

Shorts and trousers: Most women in the gym wear the most basic and commonplace.


Five-point and seven-point pants: The previous five-point and seven-point length pants are more and more, and they are mainly tight-fitting.

In order to effectively modify the leg shape, a large number of seven points and excess sports pants have been modified to a low-waist and small flared version. If the rounded hip shape is trained, the effect is better than jeans known as hip-lifting legs.

At the same time, cropped pants are more neat than trousers, and they are shorter than shorts, and they are more and more popular with girls.

  There is always a suitable fitness clothing for you, which not only shapes the body and protects the body, but also attracts the attention of others, enhances self-confidence, and enhances sexy.

The following three types of body shapes, and specific suggestions for matching fitness clothes, I believe will make you more beautiful!

  Editor’s recommendation: how to use exercise to improve “sexual interest” A.

Diamond shape: This refers to those women with narrow shoulders, thin breasts, wide waists, easy accumulation of aunts on the waist, and inconspicuous body curves.

Such people can choose bright-colored sports pants with “n” -shaped dividing lines on the side of the crotch, or a one-piece suit with dark sports pants, and use the outline of the look to reduce the visual area of the crotch and thighs.


Straight body shape: This refers to women with insignificant changes in the chest, waist, and crotch.

You can choose one-piece fitness clothes with dark waist color, or one-piece fitness clothes with large waist jigsaw puzzles.

If the body is slightly fat, you can choose a split-type fitness clothing with a shirt that is longer than the abdomen, which can effectively reduce the waist area visually.


Short leg shape: It is suitable to choose one-piece fitness clothes with high heels and dark fitness shorts.

This style can shorten the length of the upper body, visually lengthen the leg lines, or choose a fitness top with decorative lines on the waistline, which has diverted people’s attention.


Inverted triangle shape: Y font type, this is a highly plastic body type, with a full bottom, a wide side, and a relatively small crotch.

Choose the two-color split style of the rotator cuff. From the overall point of view, the waist is appropriately widened. The shoulders are divided and reduced to balance the feeling of wide and narrow.

Autumn and winter skin care focuses on moisturizing


Autumn and winter skin care focuses on moisturizing

After the sun in the summer, the skin usually becomes more fragile.

Coupled with supplementation for autumn and winter, the climate changes to dry and cold, the secretion of sweat glands is reduced, blood circulation and metabolism tend to be slow, sebum films that maintain skin moisture and weak acidity are not easy to form, the skin is prone to dullness, and even rough, Sensitivity, molting, wrinkling and other phenomena.

  Therefore, skin care in autumn and winter is focused on moisturizing and maintaining.

In addition to replenishing the deficiencies of the sebum membrane, the most important thing to maintain skin moisturization is to promote the soundness of epidermal keratinocytes, strengthen the structure of the dermal network, and enhance additional water retention functions.

  Thorough cleansing is the beginning of beautiful skin.

After a busy day, regardless of makeup, you should use a double face wash method: first use a cold cream or deep cleansing milk to completely remove oily dirt and cosmetic powder in the pores; then use an alkaline moisturizerWash with warm water.

After cleansing, you should immediately carry out a conditioning procedure. Apply a lotion with a cotton pad, and gently wipe the face from bottom to top to replenish moisture, balance the skin pH value, and clean and soften the horny skin again, making it easier for the skin to absorb nutrients.

  11 pm to 2 am is the time when skin cells are most active. At this time, high-efficiency skin care products should be used to achieve the purpose of deep nourishing and repairing.

Therefore, after conditioning the skin, dry skin can be moisturized and wrinkle remover. Those who want to lighten pigment spots can gently massage the entire face with natural beauty cosmetics. Finally, apply softening cream or moisturizing softening night cream, which can provide skin cells.Deeper nourishment and rich moisture.

  After cleansing and conditioning during the day, you can choose skin care products with high moisture retention and strong defense.

In addition, don’t ignore sun protection, because the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin is independent of seasons.

People who work in the sun for a long time are advised to apply sunscreen.

Yoga moves help postpartum fat body recovery

Yoga moves help postpartum fat body recovery

Guide: The following are the postpartum body recovery time, simple and easy fitness methods and precautions, combined with the experience of fitness club coaches and some moms ‘experiences.

  1. Vertical style.

In a supine position, arms straight on the side of the body, legs raised together to maintain 90 degrees with the body.

(Beautiful leg exercises) Obesity, slackness, stiffness, and brittleness are the main problems of postpartum. According to statistics, about 10% of women will gradually “fat” and become obese after giving birth.

Wang Yuan, the top ten yoga star in the country, and the person in charge of Tiandi Xinyun Yoga pointed out that the most significant changes in postpartum body shape are the chest, waist, abdomen, and legs.

  Bluebird fitness center Zhou Lili said that in addition to a small number of postpartum and obese, there are other problems such as stiff waist muscles, loose abdomen, brittle ligaments, poor elasticity, and easy maternal injuries.

The postpartum fitness training mainly focuses on the physical and physical recovery of these aspects, especially the fitness of some small muscles in the inner layer of the abdomen. Some people have become the focus because the uterus enlarges during pregnancy and the abdominal muscles also follow.Then contract until the rectus abdominis separates.

The postpartum uterus gradually returns, but the abdominal wall muscles become loose and difficult to recover.

  2, infant blood sugar type.

Lying down, legs bent, arms clasped with both hands, aligned with forehead contact, the body is contoured like a baby.

(Exercise the waist and make the body tangible) At least 6 weeks later, go to lose weight. The hot girl with the reputation of “hero mother” has basically restored her previous shape in the three weeks after giving birth to her third son, becoming many young people.The objects that moms envy.

The doctor’s warning is that eating only one meal a day will damage bones and muscles, and even endanger the next baby.

Doing some weight loss exercises soon after maturity may slow down the uterine recovery and cause bleeding, while a little bit of exercise may slow down the recovery of the surgical section or the vulva retina, and some joints are particularly vulnerable to injury.Mother’s situation will be more dangerous.

The suggestion of Tofick Hawa, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Brown University in the United States, is that new mothers should go to those weight-loss classes and perform some aerobic bodybuilding activities after giving birth at least 6 weeks.

  Jade Bird Fitness Trainer Zhou Lili said: When can a mother enter a fitness center? It depends on her physical recovery.
6 weeks can start to do postpartum weight-loss exercises, the mother of cesarean section needs 6?
8 weeks.
For those with scar constitution, maybe after 2 months.

The club requires a hospital health certificate when it accepts maternity registration.

  3, V shape.

In a sitting position, keep your body and legs as straight as possible and keep them in a V shape.

(Beautiful Leg Exercises) New Mother Yoga Shapes the Top Ten Yoga Stars in the Country, and Wang Yuan, the person in charge of Tiandi Xinyun Yoga, recommends a set of effective yoga exercises for maternal recovery. Normal mothers can perform one month postpartum according to their physical condition.

  Before the exercise, do breathing exercises under the music background: supine position, knee joint flexion, inhale deeply to pull the abdominal wall into the visceral traction and then exhale, the purpose is to move the abdominals to move the internal organs.

The following set of actions are mainly performed on the chest, waist, abdomen, and legs.

With breathing, inhale when muscles contract and exhale when you relax.

Each action is 3-5 times, each time holding for 15-30 seconds.

  4. Spin the spine.

In a sitting position, the legs cross under the buttocks, hold the legs on the opposite side with one hand on the back of the body.

With breathing, turn your head slowly back.

(Massaging of internal organs, detoxification, and training of thin waist) Private measures for prenatal control starch Ms. Xu was 30 pounds longer at the peak of her weight than before pregnancy. Now the child is a little bit older and returns to about 105 pounds at work.

Ms. Xu said that she had done some post-natal exercises a month or two after giving birth.

In terms of diet, foods such as starch are slightly controlled during the last two months before delivery.

She felt that she had not exercised deliberately, and 95% of her physical recovery was natural.

  5, cow face deformation.

Kneeling, palms placed behind the back, turned from the outside to the inside, while the fingertips tried to lift from the bottom to the top, chest, head tilted back.

At the same time, the gestures and gestures on the back change, and the opposite hand is pulled on the back.

(Stiff, good for postpartum breast sagging).

  Massage the pelvis to help shrink Huairou Xu Jinfang’s weight loss experience: the first month after birth is very important.
At that time, osteoporosis, lying on the side, and letting family members massage the pelvis were good for helping the pelvis to shrink.

In addition, she felt that after the child was not feeding, she had some control over the amount of meals, increased activity, and quickly lost weight.
Another personal recommendation is: lying on the bed with your legs close together, lifting your upper body, lifting hard, insisting on doing it for half an hour every day, for a year, can effectively restore the abdominal muscles.

  6, lateral lumbar fracture.

One leg is slender, with one leg contracted from a previous leg complication.

The opposite hand supports the waist, and the other hand leans forward to straighten for side waist movement.

Go in another direction.

Wrinkles in the ears indicate a heart attack?

Wrinkles in the ears indicate a heart attack?

Medical experts have recently discovered that if there is a diagonal line of wrinkles above our ear lobe extension, it is actually the ear that is suggesting that we have a heart problem!

A crisis of heart contraction and arteriosclerosis may occur.

  Relevant medical researchers do step-by-step statistics showing that small wrinkles in the earlobe are associated with arterial abnormalities.

The appearance of wrinkles on the earlobe is a local manifestation of the process that is unfolding in the arteries when the disease has already developed.

The ear lobe is composed of unfortunate and connective tissue on the ear. It has no ear and is the only fleshy part of the ear.

  When arteries harden, the ears, like all other tissues, get less blood, and the earlobe is the most sensitive part of the ear to this local phenomenon, so wrinkles appear on the earlobe.

When your ear lobe is wrinkled, check your heart in time.

Therefore, the following points should be noted in daily life.

  Use with caution or supplement drugs that damage the auditory nerve.

  Aminosugar antibiotics are an important measure for ototoxic deafness that causes the most damage to the cochlea.

People with a history of allergies to ototoxic drugs in the family should use them with caution.

  Avoid continuous exposure to high decibel noise.

Long-term exposure to high decibel noise can damage hearing hair cells and damage the inner ear, resulting in noise-induced deafness.

Workplace noise will cause occupational noise deafness. Karaoke and other noisy entertainment places should be avoided as much as possible. At the same time, you should avoid wearing headphones repeatedly to listen to music, and try to reduce the volume as much as possible, otherwise it will cause hearing loss.
  Massage your ears often.

  Massage can promote blood circulation in the inner ear, some massage the contour of the ear, pinch the ear lobe, and massage the Fengchi acupoint in the depression of the hairline behind the neck.

You can also sit with your eyes closed, insert the index fingers of both hands into the two ear holes, and then quickly pull them out, doing this 10 times in a row.

  Don’t pick your ears.

  If you pull the ears improperly, the external auditory canal may be damaged and infected, causing the external auditory canal to become bloated, inflamed, and ulcerated.

When you pull out the ear, if you don’t pay attention, it will hurt the eardrum or the ossicles, which will cause perforation of the eardrum and affect hearing.

  Maintain a good mental state.

  When a person is emotional or anxious, the adrenaline secretion of the person increases, the arteries of the inner ear are blocked and the blood flow in the small blood vessels is slow, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the inner ear and sudden deafness; develop a scientific diet.

  Eat more foods that are rich in zinc, iron, and calcium, which can help expand blood vessels, improve blood supply to the inner ear, and prevent hearing loss.

Calcium supplement, be careful to cause urinary stones

Calcium supplement, be careful to cause urinary stones

Nowadays, osteoporosis is considered deeply rooted, and many elderly people will consciously take some calcium supplements to supplement calcium.

However, there is an old saying in China that “you are too late”, and recently there have been some patients in the hospital who added calcium and stones, and even hurt their hearts.

  The urinary stones that are supplemented are generally common diseases in men, but recently the urology department of Zhongda Hospital also encountered such female patients.

After tracing the suspicious factors, the suspects concentrated on the large amount of calcium supplements.

  It turned out that the old lady often suffered back and leg pain after entering menopause.

As soon as she heard of “osteoporosis”, she began to consciously add calcium.

In addition to milk twice a day, she also took supplements such as calcium and magnesium tablets in large doses.

But just a while ago, she had pain during urination and lower abdominal pain, which eventually led to an unexpected cause—calculus.

  ”In general, women have fewer urinary tract stones than men, which is determined by the physiological structure, because men have longer urethra than women.

However, urinary stones can sometimes occur in women, especially women who blindly add a lot of calcium.

“Hu Manjing, an expert in dietetics at the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Zhongda Hospital, told reporters that a series of out-patient statistics found that the incidence of stones among middle-aged and elderly women has increased significantly. After statistics, most of these women have prevented osteoporosis and had excessive calcium supplementation.

  In addition to dietary calcium supplements, they will choose to take supplements such as calcium tablets, and they have a special preference for calcium-added foods.

Such as calcium salt, calcium-containing noodles, calcium-added sesame paste, calcium-added drinks and so on.

  ”In fact, excessive calcium supplementation will only increase the burden on the kidneys and lead to the occurrence of stone disease.

Because calcium is not easily absorbed by the human body, if it overlaps too much but cannot absorb it, and at the same time absorbs oxalic substances, it may form calcium oxalate stones after combining.

  And oxalic acid is abundantly found in various vegetable foods, such as spinach.

Some very fine stone crystals can be excreted through the urine, and larger ones may cause problems such as renal colic, causing pain and hematuria, and even more serious may cause kidney damage.

“The heart will also be” injured “. Not only the urinary system may be damaged due to excessive calcium supplementation, but the heart may also be damaged.

  Hu Manjing told reporters that there have been studies abroad that found that calcium follow-up surveys of many healthy elderly women found that calcium-supplemented women are more likely to develop disease.

“This is mainly because excessive calcium supplementation can lead to an increase in calcium in the blood, which in turn accelerates the formation of deposits in the arteries and may lead to hypertension.

  ”However, we must be clear that calcium deficiency is still the culprit for many diseases including osteoporosis, so it is not impossible to add calcium, otherwise you cannot over-calcium; at the same time, drinking and increasing calcium absorption is more important.

Hu Manjing advised the public to choose milk, goat milk and various dairy products as the primary calcium supplement, followed by fish, shrimp, shellfish, meat, eggs, and radish. The calcium content is also relatively high; it is best before eating vegetables.Boil or “over” vegetables with boiling water to reduce the amount of oxalic acid supplemented.

  At the same time, in order to increase the calcium absorption rate, it may be more important to properly supplement vitamin D and get more sun.

“Of course, it is necessary for individual populations to take calcium supplements and some vitamin D supplements under the guidance of a doctor, but abuse is not recommended on their own.

Symptoms and preventive measures for uremia


Symptoms and preventive measures for uremia

The cause of uremia is due to loss of kidney function. The nitrogen waste produced by metabolism in the body cannot be transferred to the body. The accumulation in the body and the imbalance of water and electricity balance, water retention, and the common cause of renal failure caused by resonance disorder are the disease and damage of the kidney itself.Renal renal failure.

Prerenal renal failure is often caused by heart failure or other causes of blood pressure, caused by insufficient kidney transplantation.

The primary cause of post-renal renal failure is urinary tract obstruction and urinary reflux.

Symptoms of uremia 1: fatigue and fatigue may be a very early manifestation of mild uremia, but it is most easily overlooked because there are too many causes of fatigue.

In particular, those who “work hard” in their careers mostly fall back to work stress and fatigue.

If you take a break and your symptoms improve, it is more likely to be misleading.

2: The pale complexion is caused by anemia.

Because this kind of performance occurs and develops very slowly, there will be no obvious “contrast” in a short period of time. Just as someone is meeting in the evening, it is difficult to find changes in various slow developments.

3: Puffiness is a relatively easy to detect performance.

However, due to the intermittent appearance at the beginning and the mild symptoms, it may cause the patient’s attention.

Common symptoms are swelling of the eyelids in the morning and dissipating in the afternoon; when tired, the feet are swollen and disappear after the break, which is often overlooked as a phenomenon of overwork; if it develops into persistent or systemic edema,It is not a disease.

4: Poor appetite is caused by retention of urinary toxins, which affects digestive function. Most people do not care.

When the disease progresses, there will be abdominal distension, discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and even increased stool frequency or loose stools. At this time, the disease is already heavier, which is often an important reason for patients to seek medical treatment.

There is no regret that the doctor is not alert when he is not very sick. He only pays attention to the digestive tract, misdiagnoses the diagnosis of enteritis, and ignores the underlying disease-kidney function.Depletion.

Prevention of uremia 1: adequate rest uremia patients should ensure extra rest and good nutrition, do not force activities that are beyond the reach.

2: Low-protein diet should be given a low-protein diet for uremic patients. Normal adults need a protein content of 1-1 per kilogram of body weight.

5 grams, uremia patients can only eat 0.

5 g / kg or less to reduce the formation and retention of nitrogen metabolites in the body.

3: Extraction of egg-milk foods Because of the small amount of protein eaten, it is necessary to supplement eggs, milk and other animal protein foods with low nutritional value, and less use of plant proteins such as soy products.

4: Chemicals that damage kidneys should avoid supplies and environments containing cadmium, chloroform, ethylene glycol and tetrachloroethylene.

They are commonly found in pesticides, automotive exhaust, paints, buildings and household cleaners.

Ten kinds of flowers _1 that should not be placed in the bedroom


Ten flowers that should not be placed in the bedroom

One, orchid.

Its aroma can be overly exciting and cause insomnia.

銆€銆€Second, the Bauhinia.

The pollen that it emits, if it is in contact with people for a long time, can cause an induced disease or worsen the symptoms of cough.

銆€銆€Third, mimosa.

Mimosine in the body is a highly toxic organic substance, which is gradually replaced by the human body after excessive contact.

銆€銆€Fourth, rose flowers.

The rich aroma it emits can cause chest discomfort, suffocation and difficulty breathing.

銆€銆€Five, lily.

Its scent also causes the central nervous system to be over-excited and insomnia.

銆€銆€Six, the night is incense.

It emits a lot of stimulating olfactory particles in the evening, and it smells too long, and patients with high blood pressure and high blood pressure feel dizzy, depressed, and even worse.

銆€銆€Seven, oleander.

It can secrete a milky white liquid that can be poisoned for a long time, causing people to become poisoned, causing drowsiness and mental decline.

銆€銆€Eight, pine and cypress.

The aromatic scent of pine and cypress flowers has a stimulating effect on the human stomach, in addition to affecting appetite, and most pregnant women feel upset, nausea and vomiting, dizziness.

銆€銆€Nine, hydrangea flowers.

The particles it emits, such as contact with humans, are suitable for human skin allergies and cause pruritus.

銆€銆€Ten, tulips.

Its flowers contain a toxic base that can be used for a long time and will speed up hair replacement.

銆€銆€Eleven, yellow flower azalea.

Its flowers contain a toxin. Once ingested, it can cause poisoning in the light, and it can cause shock in severe cases, which seriously endangers the health of the body.