Medicinal diet for nerve root type cervical spondylosis

Medicinal diet for nerve root type cervical spondylosis

(1) Ginseng jujube porridge: 3 grams of ginseng, 50 grams of previous rice, 15 grams of jujube meat, moderate sugar.

Ginseng is pulverized into fine powder. The previous rice was washed with water and the jujube was washed to remove the core. Previously, the jujube meat was put in a pot with an appropriate amount of water, boiled with martial arts fire, and then boiled slowly.

After the porridge is cooked, add ginseng powder and sugar.

Role: tonic qi and blood.

Adapt to qi and blood deficiency cervical spondylosis.

  (2) Astragalus longan meat porridge: 20 grams of astragalus, 20 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate sugar.

Astragalus slices, add 500 ml of water to the pan, fry the juice, wash the rice with water before, take the astragalus solution and add an appropriate amount of water to boil, put the longan meat and cook the porridge and add an appropriate amount of sugar.

Role: qi and blood tonic.

It is suitable for elderly patients with cervical spondylosis who are weak and weak in qi and blood.

  (3) Hawthorn salvia porridge: 50 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of salvia, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Hawthorn flakes, previously rice, salvia washed, fry the salvia to remove residue and juice.

Then add the hawthorn flakes, the previous rice, the right amount of water, boil with Wuhuo, simmer in low heat to cook porridge, and add the right amount of rock sugar.

Role: Activating blood circulation and removing stasis, Tongluo analgesic.

Treatment of head and neck soreness, blurred vision and other symptoms.

Applicable to the adjuvant treatment of various types of cervical spondylosis.

  (4) Chrysanthemum Pueraria Congee: 15 grams of chrysanthemum, 50 grams of Kudzu root, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Put chrysanthemum in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water. After frying, take the juice and discard the residue.

Wash the kudzu root and cut it into small pieces. Before washing the rice, put water in the pot to make porridge and add sugar.

Role: Shengqing Jiangzhuo, Tongluo analgesic.

Treatment of headache, strong vision, etc.

Can help treat all types of cervical spondylosis.

  (5) Shuangren Wujia porridge: 50 grams of barley kernel, 6 grams of peach kernel (peeled), 15 grams of acanthopanax senticosus, 50 grams of rice and sugar.

Ren, peach kernel, previously washed rice and put the right amount of water in the pot, Acanthopanax first fry the juice and put the porridge in the pot, add the right amount of sugar.

Role: Qufeng dehumidification, blood circulation and pain.

Adapt to cervical spondylosis of cold and dampness syndrome, waist and leg pain.

UK study finds cardiovascular risk without brushing

UK study finds cardiovascular risk without brushing

Heart disease easily without brushing?

A British study found that the risk of heart disease is 70% higher if you never or rarely brush your teeth and brush your teeth twice a day.

Followed by researchers from the Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health, University College London, UK, eight years ago, a follow-up survey of 11,869 Scottish residents was conducted, asking these respondents, who are 50 years old, to regularly report the number of toothbrushes and dental visits daily.

The results showed that 62% of the respondents visited the dental clinic every 6 months, and 71% brushed their teeth twice a day.

Overall, the oral health of the respondents was good.

Researchers found 555 severe heart attacks and 170 deaths during the 8-year investigation.

Participants who have never or rarely brush their teeth are divided from those who brush their teeth twice a day, with a 70% higher risk of heart disease.

“This discovery is not new,” Reuters quoted research chief Professor Richard Watt as saying.

At the beginning of the 19th century, a theory of sepsis was proposed, which believed that oral infections could lead to systemic illness.

At that time, the treatment was to extract the patient’s teeth.

“Etiology researchers detected blood samples from 4,830 respondents and found that penetration of plasma from people with dirty mouths may constitute an association with heart disease.

Previous research has shown that more than 700 species of bacteria enter the blood circulation system and turn on the green light for dirty mouths and bleeding gums.

Once the bacteria enter the blood circulation, it may activate the body’s immune system, causing inflammation and contraction of the arterial blood vessel wall, or exacerbate the accumulation of traces in the arterial blood vessels, narrow the blood vessels, and cause cardiovascular disease.

“The latest research results further confirm previous estimates,” Watt said. “There is indeed a correlation between oral hygiene and the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

“Smoking, obesity, genetics and other factors can also trigger crime.

The researchers ruled out that these factors could interfere with the findings and found that oral malaise was associated with cardiovascular disease.

Relevant research reports were published online in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal weekly, and it was found that for the first time, the impact of the number of teeth brushing on heart health was found.

Daming Wormsley, a scientific consultant at the British Dental Association, said: “A number of existing studies have examined the relationship between oral filth and physical health, and related diseases are more widespread, such as hypertension, diabetes and even dementia.

“” We need further research to introduce existing ideas and a chance discovery or a tangible manifestation, “Wormsley said.

“However,” he said, “It is certain that if you can use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day for a long time, visit a dental clinic regularly, and control your sweet intake, you can keep your mouth clean and enjoy a healthy life.

A gentle transition during divorce

A gentle transition during divorce

Unless parents cooperate, children must make adjustments as they move from one parent, one family to another parent and family.

This is easy for some children.

For others, it is a difficult time.

  These migrations are also difficult for parents.

Every migration causes a sense of loss.

When the children left Dad’s home and returned to Mom’s, they already began to miss their father.

He even misses his dad, and misses something his father will do when they are away.

He might go to the movies, watch some special TV shows, or buy something they particularly like.

Dad will be distressed at first about losing his child.

Even though Dad may feel relieved by not having to look after the children, he still misses the time spent with the children.

When children live with their mothers, fathers also feel that they used to be part of their lives.

  Children often experience emotional changes before they are ready for adjustment: anger, attachment, or alienation of adults, which can sometimes last for hours or even a whole day.

  Parents can make relocation easier.

Standard daily rules are helpful.

How about asking the other parent to discuss family and daily life?

Etiquette also helps.

Tony and Xin Xiji (parents who live with their children every two weeks) had their own tricks with the children the night before they left.

Tony likes to stay at home with the kids, make a spaghetti that kids love, and watch their favorite Friday night TV shows together.

Xin Xiji often took them out for dinner and then watched a movie.

On Saturday morning, a parent’s meeting drove them to another parent’s home.

Because Tony and Cincinnati are in a partnership, they will have lunch together.

In this way, the children can easily go through the relocation process, and the parents who leave the child will not feel empty at once.

Xin Xiji knows that these Saturdays are painful for her, so when she comes out of Tony’s house, she always visits friends.

  Children need comfort.

They are very sensitive, and if they think their father or mother will be upset and lonely after they leave, it will be very difficult for them to leave.

Double divorced families are the same in all families.

  In such a family, the seven-year-old son refuses to stay at his father’s house.

He always sat there quietly, holding his mother’s hand.

When investigators asked him questions directly, he always shrugged and said, “I don’t know.

“And turned to his brother, who will answer for him immediately.

The boy said, “She often cries at night.

Sometimes I heard it and hugged her.

Sometimes I cause her to laugh.

She said she didn’t know what to do without me.

“Children can only adapt to change when their parents deal with it. If children show real difficulties when they move, adults should check their behavior and check the subtle messages they may send.

It is important not to make the separation unbearable.

Turning separation into a normal part of family life will help children to have the same understanding.

  Parents should understand how each child responds to change.If your child needs a few hours to adapt to the change, give them that time. If the daughter is angry when she comes, give her a chance to express her and help her understand her feelings based on her age.

If your son catches you when you leave, hug him and tell him what you want to do with him when he returns.

Risk of death in multi-care breast cancer patients

Risk of death in multi-care breast cancer patients

The care of relatives and friends has a great impact on the life and health of diabetics.

The reporter learned from a recent antique “Friendly Journey” diabetes patient support project escalation meeting that the survey showed that there are few relatives and friends, and the probability of death for patients who do not participate in religious or community group activities is the mortality rate of patients who maintain adequate social contact, whileDiabetes patients without relatives and friends are three to four times more likely to die than patients with more than ten relatives and friends.

  Relatives and friends care to make patients more compatible with treatment In young patients with diabetes, choosing breast conservation or total resection is a difficult problem to correct.

If the husband asks for breast-feeding, the woman’s family will pressure him on the grounds of “prone to relapse”; if the husband or the woman’s family asks for full correction, the patient is also worried that the husband will be rejected by the husband for losing the most important feature of the woman.

In this case, the medical staff can give the necessary knowledge and psychological support to the patient and family.

  ”The support of family members, especially the patient’s husband, is very important to the patient.

“Mr. Yang Yunying, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that some patients’ husbands took good care of their wives. In addition to caring about the progress of the disease, they consulted various information for her in order to carefully choose daily dishes.

His wife quickly emerged from the contraction at the beginning of the illness, talking and laughing with patients and nurses, and had confidence in the treatment.

The head nurse of the hospital, Mo Xiongfei, said that the hospital’s diabetes patient support project team also communicated with tube bed professors, doctors and nurses according to the needs of the patients, and gave individualized guidance in psychological, nutrition and nursing aspects, “to allow patients to fully understandThe progress of treatment makes psychologically better.

Yellow corn can effectively relieve eye fatigue

Yellow corn can effectively relieve eye fatigue

In the far end, the content of cellulose in corn is very high, which is 10 times that of rice. A large amount of cellulose can stimulate peristalsis, change the residence time of food residues in the intestine, accelerate fecal excretion and bring harmful substances out of the body.Constipation, enteritis, and rectal cancer are of great significance.

  The greatest contribution of corn to humans is rich in the pigments that dye corn into golden colors-lutein and zeaxanthin (a type of carotene). Although they are not nutrients, they act better than nutrients. They are powerful antioxidants and can protectA light-sensitive area called the macula in the eyes prevents age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

The macula is the tissue in the center of the retina that controls vision.

Due to aging, the macula is slightly oxidized and damaged. When the macular is deformed, the macular deformity appears, vision loss, and even blindness.

Lutein and zeaxanthin exert their powerful antioxidant effects and can absorb harmful light into the eyeballs to maintain the health of the macula.

But it should be noted that only lutein and zeaxanthin are found in yellow corn, but not in white corn.

Therefore, taxi drivers, elementary and middle school students, editors, writers and other people who often use their eyes should eat more yellow corn.

  Corn contains a variety of anti-cancer factors, such as glutathione, lutein and zeaxanthin, trace elements selenium and magnesium.

Glutathione can be implanted into carcinogens with its own “hand insertion”, and becomes inactive and replaced by the digestive tract. It is also a powerful antioxidant that can accelerate the loss of aging free radicals. It is a humanThe most effective anticancer substance in the body; corn also contains selenium and magnesium. Selenium can accelerate the decomposition of peroxides in the body and make malignant tumors die without the supply of oxygen. Magnesium can inhibit the development of nucleic acids.It can make the waste in the body return to the body as soon as possible to prevent cancer. Lutein in corn can also prevent colorectal cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer and uterine cancer, and zeaxanthin can prevent skin cancer and lung cancer.

  Corn is rich in niacin. Nicotinic acid is a component of glucose tolerance factor (GTP) and is a nutrient that enhances the action of insulin. Therefore, replacing staple food with corn can help regulate blood sugar.

Money and love you will choose among them

Money and love you will choose among them

Hanging out with friends and accidentally forgetting the time, I can’t catch up with the last bus, and the journey home is a bit long. It is impossible to go back. At this time, the first solution that comes to your mindWhat about species?

  A, although it is a bit expensive, I still take a taxi to go home B, contact relatives and friends who live nearby, and see if I can borrow one night C, go to a hotel, or go to a 24-hour business place such as KTV until dawn DPlease friends to take you home. Are you sure?

  Option A: Spend money for your lover. You won’t be stingy. At first glance, you are generous to your lover, but in fact it is not.

Because these money investment returns are low, in fact, in your mind, you have long used the iron abacus to calculate all of them once. If you think there is recovery value, you will spend it. You spend money on the knife.

Because you understand that you want to fall in love, it is not a bottomless money pit, and the response of your lover will definitely affect the degree of your effort. Pursuing love with no regrets is definitely not your nature.

  Choice B: Love is not always the number one in your life. Your career (study), family, or other aspects have made you willing to defeat a lot. Maybe because your heart is scattered in many aspects, you who are in love will not.Something happened too much.

Use money offensive to please each other. For you, you just use money to buy love. You wo n’t do it. Between love and money, you try to maintain a balance. Love EQ can score high.

  Choice C: You usually do what you want, you just do it, you do n’t care about what other people think, and no matter how they talk about it, you think that money is meant to be spent, and it is taken for granted.There is nothing to doubt, so you will try your best to meet the material needs of your lover, and you will feel happy when you see the lover’s satisfied smile.

But be careful of those who have taken advantage of those who do not recognize their account, don’t lose your wife and lose your soldiers.

  Choice D: You are a person without a heart, and you do n’t think too much about everything, but in the eyes of some people, you do n’t think for others. You can easily follow your own mood and loveIt ‘s also accurate. You used to spend your money happily. When you ‘re in the mood, you do n’t hesitate to spend a lot of money for your lover.

If there is more demand, you will ask others to borrow money from relatives and friends. Whether or not it will cause leakage of others, you must also satisfy your lover’s appetite.

Winter Anti-Aging Recipes Peanut Sesame Paste

Winter Anti-Aging Recipes Peanut Sesame Paste

Peanut and black sesame are the first choice for anti-aging food for 30-year-old women. This is mainly due to their vitamin E, and at the same time prevent the role of brown pigment in the skin, and avoid the formation of pigmentation and butterfly spots.

Sesame contains a powerful anti-aging substance, sesaminol, which is an important nourishing food for preventing female aging. The B vitamins in it are also very rich, which can promote the metabolism of the human body, and is also beneficial to the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, which can make the breastefficacy.

  Material: Peanut, black sesame and salad oil.

  Method: First fry the peanut kernels and stir-fry them with black sesame seeds. Then put them into a blender, stir them into powder, and store them in a sealed glass jar.

When you want to eat, put it in a bowl with a clean spoon and add boiling water.

  Homemade peanut sesame paste is more natural and healthier than bought outside, and is best for breakfast or an afternoon meal.

  Tip: Peanuts are best not to peel off the “red coat”, because “red coat” has excellent blood-reinforcing effect.

Millet nutrition is higher than rice

Millet nutrition is higher than rice

Millet, also known as millet, is commonly called millet.

Millet is hulled as millet.

  Each 100 grams of millet contains protein 9.

7 grams, higher than rice.

Aunt 1.

7 grams, carbonic acid 76.

1 gram, not less than rice and wheat.

The content of carotene, which is not contained in general grains, is 0 per 100 grams of millet.

12 mg, vitamin B1 content is the highest in all grains.

  Millet porridge is a healthy food.

It can be boiled separately, or jujube, red beans, sweet potatoes, lotus seeds, lilies, etc. can be added to boil different nutritional products.

Millet is ground to make pastries, delicious.

  The “Compendium of Materia Medica” states that Xiaomi “treats nausea, heats up hot stomachs, cooks porridge, eats Dantian, supplements deficiency, and opens up the stomach.

“Sprouted millet, like malt, contains a large amount of enzymes and is a traditional Chinese medicine. It has the effect of strengthening the stomach and digesting food.

Yoga that makes you more sexual

Yoga that makes you more “sexual”

Practicing yoga can stimulate energy points in the body.
Through continuous rhythmic breathing, energy runs between acupoints, plus yoga poses and dance moves repeatedly contract and relax the “sex core” muscle area.
Long-term exercise like this will not only make your appearance look healthy and beautiful, but also increase your internal flexibility, which will make you have a better sex life.
  Sexual muscle zone: The “sexual core muscles” include the pelvis, hips, and abdominal muscles, and a group of internal muscles called the coccygeal muscles, or “PC” muscles.
Yoga practice is a practice that doctors often instruct women who are pregnant or have sexual difficulties to target the PC muscle group.
More Yoga lessons and features. A large number of surveys have shown that strengthening your PC muscle group will enhance your sexual pleasure and that of your partner.
For women, the strength of the PC muscle group is directly related to orgasm during sexual intercourse.
Orgasms from various stimuli also grow with the strength of the PC muscle group.
  Sexual core wiggle training: In yoga, you cannot maintain your posture without health and control of the core area.
In fact, just as training in the core zone will make your body healthier, strengthening the sexual core zone will make your sex healthier, which is overall health.
Sexual health not only makes sex better, it also strengthens your health and quality of life.
When people feel sexier, their lives are better.
  Deep breathing and sexually explicit breathing are the foundation of all traditional and modern yoga.
Breathing is your vitality, and it runs through the teaching.
Mastery of breathing leads to control of will and body. Since most people use only a small portion of their vital capacity, yoga exercises focus on expanding the chest cavity with slow deep breathing until the air is brought to the deepest and largest part of the lung.
From a physiological point of view, this helps to oxygenate the blood and promote better circulation in the body.
This breathing regulation also promotes mental concentration, and most importantly, develops the connection between the soul and the body.
  Sex with your partner is a matter between you and your partner.
Without intimacy and love with your partner, sex can’t achieve harmony.
Better sex is an interaction between the two, and one way to develop it is to practice with your partner.
Sexual desire includes psychological factors that create a sexual desire.
  The Yoga Revolution There is now a debate in the yoga community about the role of yoga’s rosettes in promoting better sex.
Most yoga schools require that sexual activity be separated from yoga practice, because yoga was originally developed to keep monks healthy, so that illness or injury does not disturb their meditation.
However, the investigation found that yoga can slowly make some chronic fatigue syndrome disappear, and also make many female friends find their own “sex” blessing.
What’s more interesting is that now yoga teachers start talking about sex and sexual behavior in their classes, which is a trend.
  Sexy kittens and other poses are more “sexual” actions that not only promote flexibility and strength, but also promote the body’s energy system.
For example, taking a deep breath to the lower abdomen not only strengthens your abdominal muscles, but also increases abdominal strength or qi.
The abdomen is considered the body’s energy storehouse.
Some postures stimulate energy to circulate in the grooves or points of the body.
Here are some examples to make you find the feeling: sexy kitten: hands and knees on the ground, spine stays smooth, neck stretched, eyes staring at the position between hands.
Inhale, bow forward, exhale completely, curl the bottom of the pelvis and look towards the navel.
Repeat 3-4 times.
  Look for the tail: Then go to the sexy kitten pose, with your hands and knees on the ground, and make a mid-back position.
The hips are tilted to one side, so that the hips on one side almost touch the floor and look at the tailbone (as if looking for a tail).
Look backwards on the other side.
Repeat 3-4 times.
  Yoga weight loss and body sculpting effect: Sexy shoulders: This action can also make room for the shoulder blades as a warm-up exercise for the reverse deltoid muscle.
This is a gradual movement. At first, rotate the shoulder joint on one side forward while looking at the palm on the same side.Then add a contraction bend on the same side and repeat, paying attention to the increased range of motion.

After doing this 3-4 times before each time, always stretch straight (don’t lock it down) and inhale deeply.

When exhaling, go up and down together and look down at the navel; inhale, rotate the top backwards and arch your back to look at the ceiling.

Repeat 2 times.

  Frog pose: This is a pose that evolved from ballet.

Start with a standard split, or do your best to separate your legs.

Move your hands forward to touch the ground, place your pelvis and stomach on or near the ground, separate and bend your legs to the sides, and touch the floor with your feet.

Keep your posture to relax your muscles and fracture your thigh roots and pelvis.

Relaxing young ten years old to save slack skin_1

Relaxed ten years younger to save saggy skin

Tightening has a uniform appearance that is smooth like an egg, while non-tightening involves many skin problems.

Even sometimes, when you have not experienced some skin problems related to firming skin, firming has left you.


hzh {display: none; }  毛孔突显  毛孔问题的真相随着年龄和皮肤类型而不断改变,不过,对于25岁以后的女性,毛孔的日益粗大却表明了皮肤开始变得松弛。After 25 years of age, the blood circulation of the skin begins to slow down, and the adult layer of subcutaneous tissue also begins to become loose and lack elasticity, resulting in tension displacement between the pores and highlighting the pores.

  Countermeasures: 1.

Add water.

Enhances moisturizing and stratum corneum resistance, replenishes skin’s moisture, and makes skin tissue structure full and elastic.


Controls the rate of skin aging.

Use anti-aging essence with high nutrition and moisturizing ingredients, at the same time tightening weight and effectiveness, with massage to promote absorption; in addition, moisturizing, refreshing and non-irritating pore firming toner is also essential.

  Facial contours became blurred and weight did not increase, but the original melon seed face had a double chin, which was no longer angular.

This is also caused by the skin becoming loose.

Due to the relaxation, the skin began to sag under the effect of gravity, and the original chin was piled up with extra cortex, and the highest point of the face was also moved downstream.

This is precisely because there are two kinds of proteins in the dermis layer of the skin: collagen and elastic fibrin, which support the skin to be plump and firm.

After 25 years of age, these two proteins naturally decrease due to the aging process of the human body, and the supporting force of the skin also decreases, and the elasticity decreases, so there are sagging and wrinkles.

Countermeasures: In the daily maintenance process, add skin care products with “tightening” effect to improve skin elasticity and collagen fiber growth; or stimulate fibroblasts to continuously produce a large number of high-quality elastic collagen fibers to help skin firm,bouncy.
  Causes of sagging skin due to sagging: 1.

Cell-to-cell fibers degenerate through time, making the skin lose elasticity; 弹性 2.

Loss of the aunt under the skin, causing the skin to lose support and sagging; 3.

The muscles that support the skin are relaxed, so that the skin is also relaxed.


Other factors cause gravity, heredity, and nervousness. Exposure to sunlight and smoking also transform the skin structure, and eventually cause the skin to lose its elasticity and cause displacement.

  Countermeasures: 1.

Vitamin C: protects cells from UV rays and neutralizes free radicals, helps synthesize collagen, and improves skin wrinkles and sagging.


Collagen Supplement: By injection, oral or collagen supplement supplement, the skin’s support ability can be significantly enhanced.


Sun protection: Over 90% of the skin’s premature aging is caused by excessive sun exposure.


Eat a balanced diet: Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants, such as carrots, tomatoes, grapes, and drink plenty of red wine and tea. They can protect collagen in the skin.

Avoid eating high-fat foods to avoid free radicals and accelerate aging.

  Juvenile muscle growth products large PK.

hzh {display: none; }  Estee Lauder 雅诗兰黛   密集特润修护精华露   支持票数:161   规格/价格:30ml/¥980.00 efficacy: fade fine lines anti-aging Brief introduction: Every three or four months, use intensive special moisturizing essence for 21 nights to help the skin: improve skin self-healing ability and improve skin surface moisture; calm and sootheSkin, to improve the obvious redness and swelling due to irritation; reduce the discomfort of skin tightness and dryness, and eliminate the dandruff on the surface of the skin; minimize the possibility of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin.

  Lancome Lancome Essence Skin Base Support votes: 95 specifications / price: 30ml / ¥ 780.

00 Efficacy: Firming and lifting the dull complexion Introduction: “Week” is repeated, skin texture has been improved as never before: the touch is delicate and smooth, the skin is pure and bright, and the beauty of the skin is born from the inside out.

The expression of two “repair” proteins in the stratum corneum changes with age.Beauty Rejuvenating Lotion helps promote the synthesis of these “repair” proteins.

The skin is more delicate, the skin is re-elastic, promotes cell regeneration, the skin is slender and radiant, and the skin is more hydrated.