Sword dance, enjoy thin in kendo

Sword dance, enjoy “thin” in kendo

Fencing or the thinnest sport?
You must have questions.
In fact, fencing has both aerobic and anaerobic training, and the amount of exercise is large, especially for reducing fat on the waist and abdomen!
  Fencing can shape the legs because the basic action of fencing is to open the hip joint. This position allows the inner thigh muscles to be fully exercised.
In the basic offense and defense of fencing, the waist and abdomen need to be used flexibly, so the bucket waist and abdominal life buoy can be completely eliminated.
In addition, in the practice, you need to wear a thick three-piece fencing suit. This dress has a more obvious weight loss effect than plastic wrap or plastic clothes. After a game, you will be sweaty and burn caloriesQuite impressive.
Have you seen Fat Swordsman?
And fencing to lose weight is definitely more fun than wearing a shaper on a treadmill!
  Fencing is also suitable for men.
For them, fencing is a combination of strength and beauty, a one-on-one close combat, which requires constant observation, constant thinking, and rapid response to defeat the enemy.
Fencing is very effective in training the mind and preventing it from becoming rigid.
It can also cultivate a calm personality and clear thinking. Fencing practitioners have a strong ability to predict. In fact, fencing is the ideological confrontation between two people through the sword in their hands.
Many foreign capitals are enthusiasts of fencing.
  Fencing can also increase the flexibility of the body and the agility of the reaction, allowing you to gain a sense of achievement in defeating your opponent step by step.
The moment you hit your opponent with a sword, you will feel that the pressure that is usually accumulated is released.
Therefore, fencing is still a good recipe for decompression.
  Fencing precautions 实 It is recommended that you buy a stick-type wrist brace, knee pads, and wrist and knee protection.
In addition, the fencing kendo is also very important. For example, the kendo of Tiandiren’s “Zhongtian Fencing Club” is made of special metal.
Before fencing confrontation, you must warm up sufficiently to prevent self-injury.
The preparation activities are: fully ankle, knee, wrist, shoulder, neck, spine and thigh muscles.
  The usual way to warm up is to rotate the joints in each part and press the legs forward and laterally.
Warm-up time must not be less than fifteen minutes.
When warming up, the range of motion should be from small to large, the frequency should not be too fast, and it should not be performed under fatigue.
Lunge exercises should not be too much to avoid muscle ligament and joint damage.
In the process of fencing, you must do your best.
To prevent sprains and strains on the ankles, knees, and thigh muscles.
Fencing is a sport of wit and bravery.
Do not stab your opponent with your life to prevent unnecessary damage to your opponent or yourself.
Up to this point, win with the light, clever, and spirit.
During the fencing process, you must be at ease, relax your muscles and breathe freely.
Pay particular attention to the relaxation of shoulder, arm, and wrist joints.Nervousness causes muscle stiffness to the point where normal breathing cannot be achieved, which will directly lead to changes in sword movement and footwork, slow down the reaction speed, and consume a lot of physical energy.

At the same time, it will affect the coordination of the limbs.


Pay attention to the coordination of the body.

Specifically: the coordination of footwork and sword.

10 parent-child games how to say abroad_1

10 parent-child games abroad

Children are naturally lively, and many parents do not know how to play with their children.

Here, I also collected some foreign parent-child games, so that you can build your own private world with your children at home.

Let ‘s take a look at how foreign parents play with their children!


Carton slide crayon + empty carton = quiet game space, you can try it.


Find small bottles that are not used at home. There must be a lot of small boxes. Separate their bottle caps from the bottle body and let the children pair them by themselves, which will cultivate their careful observation ability.


The loop game disposable paper plate + toilet paper core, homemade game props, are just as much fun.


I really do n’t know how to play with finger creativity. Just play with your own fingers. This is a good opportunity to use children’s imagination and creativity.


Matching game Classic memory matching game, find some old and colorful boxes.

Choose about 6 different solid colors and cut out 2 pairs of colors, squares or circles of the same size.

Turn them all upside down on the floor, and let the children turn one by one to find the patterns on the same box for matching, which will test the children’s memory and observation.


Find a bed sheet in the small family theater and diy it into a simple little curtain. Let the children take their little puppets to perform a colorful performance. Encourage them to create with imagination. The fun family time is wonderful.


The game of batting is suitable for multiple children to participate in together. Pay attention to hitting the ball with your feet, which will exercise the children’s physical coordination ability.


The drawing pattern prints out some paper with the same pattern (can be different circles, triangles, or any shape), and with the child to fill with different patterns or patterns, think + create, this creative game is highly recommended.


Large carton budget. Take back the large carton that is not used at home, let the children set up a playground by themselves, realize the imaginary scenes in the small head, and then bring the Lego villains or small dolls to the playground you createdPlaying scenario games here is full of fun.


Find an aisle through obstacles and stick some notes on the left and right sides as roadblocks. Children need to pass smoothly without touching the roadblocks. It is full of exciting mini-games, which is very suitable for family gatherings.

Preservation recipes for dates

Preservation recipes for dates

1. 10 jujubes with constipation, 200 grams of honey, black tea, boiling water, refreshing spleen, nourishing qi and moisturizing the large intestine.

  2, 10 pieces of high-pressure jujube, 30 grams of onion, 20 grams of celery root, glutinous rice amount, eat porridge.

  3, 20 insomnia jujubes, 7 white onions, decoction, take before bed.

  4, loss of appetite, 10 pieces of indigestive jujube (sautéed charcoal), 10 grams of orange peel (or 4 grams of tangerine peel), put them in a thermos cup, and brew in boiling water for 10 minutes.

  5, 10 diarrhea jujubes, 20 grams of barley, 3 slices of ginger, 30 grams of yam, 30 grams of glutinous rice, 15 grams of brown sugar, a total of porridge to take.

  6, ten neurasthenia jujube, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, fry for half an hour, then two eggs into the same fry until cooked, twice a day.

  7, 20 menstrual dates with irregular menstruation, motherwort, 10 grams of brown sugar, decoction, twice a day.

  8, 5 dysmenorrhea jujube, 2 slices of ginger, appropriate amount of longan meat, the same cooking, once a day, even for several days.

4 beauty soups to help you prevent Qiuzao

4 beauty soups to help you prevent Qiuzao

In Chinese medicine, people’s health is closely related to changes in the climate and the external environment. The dry climate in autumn will have a great impact on people’s metabolism, and it is easy to get sick if they are not careful.

In the autumn sun, people who have just “tortured” their bodies just after the summer are pinched by the extreme heat and dry weather in the fall, so they can easily become ill.

  People often have symptoms of yin deficiency and fire, such as dry mouth, dry lips, chapped lips, dry skin, dry throat, thirst, dumbness, constipation, and less urination.

Others may experience dry cough symptoms, such as dry cough with less sputum, blood in the sputum, and so on.

In order to prevent dryness in the autumn, do not eat or eat dry and hot wound products, such as fried fish, fried fish, fried chicken, fritters, pepper, spiced powder and so on.

Usually you can drink more, eat more Shengjin Runzao soup.

  Sydney stewed rock sugar: about 100 to 150 grams of fresh Sydney, peeled, washed and put in a stew pot, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar and water.

After stewing for 1 hour, drink water and eat pears.

Function: Ziyin lungs.

  Fresh Chinese Cabbage and Jujube Soup: As the saying goes: The fire in October is dirty, and the cabbage soup is inseparable.

Appropriate amount of fresh cabbage, 2-3 candied dates, put in the clay pot together, the soup on the old fire, clean and not dry, sweet and delicious.

  Sydney Tremella Soup: 1 Sydney, 30 grams of Tremella fuciformis, 5 grams of Fritillaria, moderate sugar.

Remove the white fungus, remove the roots, remove the impurities, wash it into small pieces, peel the pear, remove the seeds, and cut into multiple pieces. Put the white fungus pieces, Sydney pieces, fritillary, and sugar in the same pot and steam for 30-40 minutes.

Take out and serve on a plate.

This soup nourishes yin and clears lungs, eliminates phlegm and reduces fire.

  Sesame Fungus Soup: Fry about 10 grams of black sesame seeds and put them in a pot together with fungus foamed with warm water, add water to cook, add a little sugar, and eat it several times.

Sesame has a good moisturizing effect, especially suitable for those who have a dry stool.

Six psychological factors of female apathy

Six psychological factors of female apathy

Some people do not voluntarily avoid sexual intercourse, but they cannot make proper sexual response during sexual intercourse, lack of pleasure, or the pleasure is not obvious and unsatisfactory.

Some women do n’t even know what sexual pleasure is, and they have never experienced orgasm.

  In different countries and regions, the proportion of women who have never experienced or rarely experienced orgasm varies widely, ranging from 10% to 90%.

In most places, more than 25% of women have had or remain sexually cold.

Only a few women have reached orgasm almost every time during sexual intercourse, and about half of them have more or less experienced orgasms.

Some women are uncomfortable with sex when they first marry and feel unpleasant or dissatisfied.

Because of the gradual lapse of time and the harmonious sex life of husband and wife, the pleasure experience will increase.

Only when there is no sexual desire, or although there is sexual desire, but it does not produce pleasure for a long time or is very weak, so it is sexual indifference that is not interested in sex life.

  The six psychological factors of women’s sexual indifference are as follows: First, due to improper childhood education, psychological trauma caused by sexual harassment, religious influence or adult role models, etc., they form prejudice against sexual life, such as sexual intercourse is considered to be inferior and sexual immoralityJie ‘s behavior is a kind of evil, which is “a man is happy, a woman suffers”, and thus has an aversion, resentment, and fear of sex.

  Second, lack of sexual knowledge, fear of sexual intercourse, fear of sexual intercourse will cause pain, or do not understand the psychological differences between men and women. On the wedding night, the man acted violently and irritably, quickly reached orgasm and ejaculated, but the woman did not experience pleasure.On the contrary, it also feels discomfort or pain, and even causes vaginal obstruction.

Over time, you will become more and more indifferent to sex.

  Third, worrying about pregnancy, fear, and lack of reliable contraception prevent normal sexual gratification and cause sexual apathy.

  Fourth, poor living conditions, interference with sexual life, unhappy mood, and lack of concentration can hardly stimulate sexual excitement.

  Fifth, the husband and wife are not in harmony, do not trust each other, suspect or dislike each other, and cannot produce sexual excitement.

  Sixth, the woman has a serious masturbation habit, the pleasure is not strong enough during sexual intercourse after marriage, or the man has sexual dysfunction such as impotence, premature ejaculation, and the woman cannot get sexual satisfaction.

  For women’s sexual apathy, it is necessary to correct in many ways.

Both husband and wife must understand the knowledge of sexual physiology and sexual psychology, master the different characteristics of sexual desire and sexual excitement of men and women, understand the meaning of sexual life for people’s normal life and development, and replace the bias and misunderstanding of sexual life.

  Actively improve the relationship between husband and wife, eliminate the psychological barrier and various negative emotions between husband and wife, coordinate the rhythm of sexual life, cooperate with each other, and understand each other.

The man should not be irritable and rude, but should help the woman to gradually achieve orgasm.

Your baby doesn’t like to eat. It may be that you are used to it!

Your baby doesn’t like to eat. It may be that you are used to it!

Click to buy What to do if baby doesn’t like to eat?
If your baby has anorexia, parents should find out why they do n’t like to eat. These reasons may include incorrect feeding methods!
Let’s see how to correct your baby’s anorexia symptoms.
  Your baby doesn’t like to eat. It may be that you are used to it!
  Baby food is always a problem that mothers attach great importance to.
But quite a few babies just do n’t give face, do n’t like to eat, do n’t eat well, no matter whether they are feeding or chasing, or making him a favorite dish, he just does n’t eat very much, or eats two occasionally.
What is the reason for this?
It is recommended that mothers should do a “self-review” first. It is possible that your baby’s “anorexia” was inadvertently cultivated.
  Reasons why babies do not like to eat because of anorexia 原因 Reasons why babies do not like to eat: improper addition of complementary food to the baby Case: A 4-year-old baby has been anorectic.
The boy is still a baby, as long as he hears his mother say, “Baby, take another bite!
“Crying immediately, just like conditioned reflexes.
The mother did not find the source of the problem at that time, always anxious, chasing and feeding all day, each meal was a “table battle”.
  The mother did not realize that she had always forced the children to eat.
Many babies are starting to add complementary foods. Many mothers are worried that their babies are not nutritional enough, or think that their good appetite is “sucked”, so they always want their babies to eat more.
However, babies are “honest”. They can eat as much as they can. They are full of milk, not hungry, and naturally have no interest in complementary foods.
  If the mother forces the baby to eat more, for a long time, the baby may develop from purely resisting eating to psychologically disgusting to eat.
Therefore, when adding complementary foods in infancy, you must consider the baby’s receptiveness and food intake, control the amount of food and the time of feeding. You can’t just feed your baby with milk and then feed complementary foods blindly.Without the purpose of increasing nutrition, it will seriously cause psychological obstacles to the baby, which really develops into anorexia.
  Babies don’t like to eat. Reason: The baby’s chewing training is not enough, and she won’t eat at all. Case: There is a little girl in the small class just entering the garden that makes the teacher worry-she ca n’t eat or even “hunger strike”.
Later, by carefully observing the eating situation of this little girl, it turned out that his problem was that he would not eat at all!
She only seemed to know about swallowing, and food was rarely chewed in her mouth.
  The teacher said that for the first time she ate fruit in kindergarten and held an orange in a daze. She didn’t know how to get it in her mouth, so she had to feed her one by one.
Because there was always something she couldn’t eat, she was afraid of the joke of her children and the teacher’s criticism, and eating became a very terrible thing in her little heart, so she was anorexia.
  The little girl’s mother learned that she rarely eats real “meals” at home.
Although she is three years old, her mother still tries to make the food as slim as possible. All the fruits are made into juice or puree because she has heard of the accident that children are choked and choked by food, and she thinks the nutritional essence of fruitsIt’s all in the juice.
Such a mother who cares for her daughter has cultivated a child who cannot eat.
  宝宝一出生就有吸吮的本能,但咀嚼却需要后天训练  这种训练应该宝宝4个月添加辅食时开始,6-12个月是关键时期,有资料显示,据日本对近5000所幼儿园进行的The survey showed that at 14.
Among 32- to 5-year-old children, 17% can’t chew solid food well, 2% can miss meals from their mouths when chewing, and 4 can’t swallow well.
3%, 2% were hungry before meal time, and 6% were unable to use their tongue flexibly during conversation.
5%, 13% were severely eclipsed and said they were unwilling to eat.
  It can be seen that chewing training is not just a simple question of whether you can eat or not.
It is the nature of parents to love children, but eating is a human instinct. If you deprive a child of some instinct, this love will be counterproductive.
  What to do if the baby does not like to eat? To overcome the baby’s anorexia, parents should pay attention to the temperance and regularity of the baby’s diet and develop good eating habits.
And do not eat more in the diet, less vegetarian, more sweet and less salty, or eat more snacks and less dinner and other phenomena, so as not to develop bad eating habits, so that appetite will be adversely affected.
  To overcome your baby’s anorexia, you can also let your baby eat more oysters, peanuts, and legumes, because these foods can break down proteins into amino acids and decompose salt to facilitate the absorption of zinc, thereby improving anorexia.

Stressful newlywed sex

Stressful newlywed sex

The reason why men are “lost” is nothing more than worrying about their inability, being ill, or having experienced unpleasant experiences, which often causes their minds to reappear unknowingly and interfere with sex.

At this time, you must show appropriate care, especially to be patient with him through this awkward period; therefore, it is recommended that you do not prevent you from first invoking his confidence through other intimate methods such as non-sexual intercourse, and fulfillLet him feel your joy in the intimate relationship with each other, and even take the initiative to show his sexy side, I believe he will soon show his strength naturally.

  Stress 1: Feeling suspicious of your sexual abilities and worrying about your dissatisfaction. According to the survey, Taiwanese men generally think that it takes a long time to get an erection before women can be satisfied, and also that women must have a strong reaction to show that he is “very good.””It’s very strong,” so the subconscious is worried that the other party will have an affair because of their dissatisfaction, and as a result they will soften after doing it, no matter how exciting it can’t get up.

  Remedy: If you fail many times, you don’t have to rush to help him recover.

Take a break from both sides to give him a chance to breathe; you can use other methods to express intimacy, let him know that you are really satisfied with your relationship, and rebuild his confidence.

  Pressure 2: Afraid to live up to your good intentions and be kind to the pressure. When you are worried that his pressure is too great, you might say: “It doesn’t matter, sexual intercourse is not the most important, the most important thing is the harmony of the soul .””It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it once, come again next time .” But you must not know that your kind consolation is also his greatest source of stress.

  Remedy: If your partner has had failed sexual intercourse experience, your best encouragement is not to use words to comfort or encourage him, and in the next visit, do not try to use more exciting methods to helphe.

Because the man who has failed often proves that he is okay, he often secretly proves that he is OK with the most exciting method, so if you also adopt a similar method, he will recall the unpleasant experience in his mind.

You should take an indirect stimulus. Do n’t touch or show directly. You can use sexy underwear and ear-talking to make him happy. The indirect stimulus will make it easier for him who has failed before.You can fully express your joy during your visit, see your satisfied expression, hear your pleasant voice, and say to him that it is the best treatment.

  Women: Stress 1: Unbuttoning the inferiority of the body. The first pressure women face before they have sex is that they are worried that their bodies are not good enough to satisfy their sexual partners and even destroy the necessary relationship.

But in real life, there are not many people who can be as good as a star, so you must build up your self-confidence in your figure and accept yourself.

  Remedy: For women’s concerns and pressure, men must give positive evaluation and encouragement.

Men must understand that sex is not only physical and sensory desires, but also emotional communication; if you are not satisfied with your figure, you can replace the mood with the female and compare the heart to the heart to relieve the pressure brought by the appearance.

  Stress 2: Fear of sexual intercourse “Expectation” pressure “Sexuality is not beautiful at all, only uncomfortable.

“This is a topic often mentioned when many handkerchiefs talk about boudoir secrets.

Due to the lack of sex education, many people have sex knowledge from movies, TV or fiction.

In those worlds, sex is beautiful, but in fact, not everyone has the same experience; therefore, when people pass word of mouth, sex will not only be unromantic, but even bring pain.

Some people also think that sexual intercourse is only a routine business, and filtered advertisements are even just to satisfy the behavior of men.

With this concept, when women want to go to bed with a sexual partner, they will naturally have a feeling of fear and disgust, and they will certainly not have a satisfactory and happy sexual behavior.

  Another similar fact is the aversion to sexual organs.

In the comic “Shiratori Reiko”, the heroine Shiratori Shirai is first-class in both face and body. When she falls in love, she also has a beautiful fantasy.The appearance of a big beauty is totally unworthy, so she is disillusioned with sex.

Although the plot is funny, it is very vivid that young women are full of contradictions about sexual intercourse.

This belief that the sexual organs are ugly is just like the notion that sexual behavior is painful, which prevents many women from enjoying sex with ease.

  Remedy: If women’s preconceptions or stereotypes about sex are deep-rooted, they will still cause psychological obstacles.

At this time, the other half’s thoughtfulness and understanding, and communication with both parties, have become the key to the solution.

In order for men to relieve women’s fear and expectations of sex, they must understand what women expect from sex, disarm them, and forget about their doubts about sex; while being guided by women, asking the woman’s feelings from time to time can also make themAfter sex, endless lingering.

5-minute squat for ultimate legs

5-minute squat for ultimate legs

Squats are a sport that has led to the rise of crime, and it has been favored for its advantages that it can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Do girls think that squats are suitable for boys?

In fact, if you do n’t, you can practice squat to get a little hip!

Squats can stimulate the muscles of the legs and buttocks and enhance the effect of thin legs and hips.

Today, I will teach you a group of squats to shape the buttocks. It only takes 5 minutes to shape the hips and straight waist.

  Squat for 5 minutes. Because of the body, the muscles are most concentrated near the hip joints.

Regular movement of areas where muscles are concentrated can effectively manage body shape.

However, modern people are sedentary for long periods of time, less exercise, and fewer opportunities to move their muscles. Therefore, if they lose weight, they will not be able to shape their uneven body shape.

  To build a feminine figure, it is very important to start with the proper movement of the muscles around the hip joints.

Many people want to quickly get tight hips, tight and slender belly, straight long legs.

If you can properly use the muscles around the femoral joint and exercise well, you can easily achieve this desire.

  The squat movement shapes the flesh on the thigh of the beautiful leg forward. This type of obesity is caused by the weakening of the “internal transfer muscle” muscle.

Exercising the thighs that are not usually active can repel obesity in the lower body and achieve good skinny legs and hip lifting.


Standing with your legs open, the distance between your legs should be slightly wider than your shoulders.

This is a neutral position for squats.

It is best to adjust the refractive index of the feet, shrink, and stand straight with a thin line on the front end and the top of the head.


The upper body is leaning forward, and the hips are pushed obliquely and backwards, as if the hip joint is to be bent into two parts.

Place your hands on your knees, and push your knees outwards.

Gently stretch the muscles around the femoral joint to gradually exceed the pressure.


The back of the upper body should be straight, starting from the femoral joint, and bending the body into two parts.

Then return to the posture of action 1, and then slowly move 1?
Repeat 3 for 10 times.

While consciously pushing your body down, imagine yourself sitting on a stool a little further away.

Initial action will be easier.

When the body is pressed down, if you bend down and hump back, you will never lose weight, but it will become a bad posture that promotes excess meat.

Signs of depression

Signs of depression

After the occurrence of adverse events, such as falling in love, dropping out of school, losing employment, divorce, widowed, painful despair, lack of food and sleep, and even self-injury persist for more than six months, and the situation will not gradually decrease.

  Work pressure is high, insomnia, do not want to go to work in the morning; after the vacation, do not want to resume work at all, and still feel unhappy, uncomfortable, and have a shadow in my heart.

  Husband and wife relationship has always been tense, unwilling to go home from work, unwilling to discuss, refusing to explain in conflict, but not relieved in their hearts.

People gradually choked.

  For women during the postpartum period, if there is obvious irrational emotions, secretly crying for no reason, unwilling to communicate with others, suspected to be a precursor to postpartum depression.

  For students, if they are tired of school, avoid parental inquiries, do not like to play with their peers, and always live in isolation, they should ask in time.

  Over a period of time, many successful people have a sudden and sudden liver fire, which is prone to irritability, impatience, and the same with their family members, even if they have nothing to do, which is a precursor to depression for good men.

  Some elderly people stay at home, avoid socializing, and sometimes blame themselves. When they are sick, they do not want to take the initiative to see a doctor.

  Depression can also manifest as discomfort in various parts of the body, such as headaches, back pain, chest pain, and symptoms of the inhalation tract.

Some people repeatedly see the disease in these areas, but the area has not been corrected, and you can suspect that they have psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

Yoga fitness precautions to release stress

Yoga fitness precautions to release stress

Nowadays, yoga has become a fashion. More and more female friends like to practice yoga, and they hope to achieve good weight loss through yoga.

Some friends also reset fitness and yoga to form a new exercise method.

So what conditions need to be paid attention to in the process of yoga fitness?

Let’s share it today.

  Yoga Fitness Precautions 1. Relieve stress In the process of yoga fitness, you must first slowly relax your fingers and toes, as well as your chin, and then your head will become blank and your body will follow.

Only in this state can it be easier to do those specified yoga moves, and the more effective yoga can be.

And on the whole, people can use yoga as a pleasant enjoyment in a relaxed state.

Afterwards, you can find that the more relaxed you maintain the posture, the longer it will take.

  2, good mentality Because of the relationship between just learning yoga, they often practice a lot of repetitive movements, but some yoga teachers have different ways of teaching.

If the practitioner is bored with repeating monotonous movements all the time, try to learn yoga movements that others are learning.

In the process of doing the action, do not have a lot of stress at any time, just take a deep breath and relax, and maintain the normal state of mind, you do not need to be too nervous.

   Through the above sharing, I believe that many female friends who are preparing to learn yoga already know the precautions of yoga fitness.

In general, if you want to achieve more professional results through yoga, you must have an open and peaceful mentality, and you should have no distractions during the practice so that you can better complete the yoga moves.