Yoga and diet-cereals

Yoga and diet-cereals

Rice: In addition to starch, other nutrients are mostly hidden in the germ and upper membrane of rice grains.

With spleen and stomach, Yijingqiang, Cong ear eyesight, and the five internal organs, through the four veins, relieve annoyance, thirst, and diarrhea.

For the spleen deficiency and distress, do not think about diet for diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea, muscle wasting and other symptoms.

  Glutinous rice: is a sticky rice.

Guyaganping is non-toxic. It is mainly used for appetizing and digestion. It can help digestion instead of hurting the stomach. Guya is rich in vitamin B, so it can also be used to treat beriberi.

  Wheat: There are nourishing the heart and nourishing the liver, removing heat and cough, nourishing the liver and urinate urination, treating dry mouth, pharyngeal dysphasia, poor urination, mental fatigue, restlessness, etc.

Topical application can reduce inflammation, pain, and dehumidification.

  Barley: Because barley malt has a milk-returning effect, women should not use barley malt for breastfeeding.

It has the functions of regulating the qi and replenishing qi, changing food, broadening the qi, and quenching thirst.

Suitable for fullness of the abdomen, discomfort or chest tightness, vomiting and diarrhea, body irritability, thirst, post-partum constipation, consumption of those who have stagnation and fullness can help digestion, evacuate liver gas, return milk and help adjustGastrointestinal function.

  Buckwheat: It should not be eaten for a long time, supplemented by those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

Causes diarrhea due to gastrointestinal effusion or bloating and pain in the heart and abdomen. It is also effective for white turbidity, lymphadenopathy, and underbelly. Stems and leaves are suitable for hypertension, fragile capillary bleeding, prevent stroke, retinal bleeding., Fat bleeding.

The seeds are stomach-digesting medicines, which can stop sweating.

  Corn: It has the functions of tonifying and strengthening the stomach, dehumidifying and diuretic, choleretic, hemostatic, and antihypertensive.

For unfavorable urination, bladder stones, jaundice, hepatitis, hypertension, etc.

  Sorghum: It has the functions of warming the middle, solidifying the stomach, strengthening the spleen, moistening and coughing, and has the effect of calming and soothing.

Genley urinates and cures dystocia; sorghum rice or flour-cooked cooked foods have the functions of strengthening the stomach and strengthening the stomach, filling muscles and strengthening the body, nourishing porridge, and serving for those with dampness in the spleen.

  Corn: This product is not suitable for stagnation.

Indications Yang Sheng Yin Deficiency, because of stomach discord and no sleep at night.

  Sweet potato: rich in nutrition, regular eaters can increase the body’s resistance, increase the tension of blood vessel walls, bone and tooth growth, and even make it a staple food. It can also be used as a vegetable, wine, and sugar.

Those who eat sweet potatoes regularly can supplement the body with a large amount of collagen and mucopolysaccharides, which can maintain the elasticity of arteries and blood vessels, maintain the lubrication of joints, prevent atrophy of connective tissue in the liver and stomach, and prevent collagen diseases.

  Jicama: also known as sweet potato, eaten raw and cooked, and can also make starch.

But seeds and leaves are highly toxic and inedible.

For thirst, heat, cold, fever, high blood pressure, dry stool and other symptoms.

  Chixiaodou: Also known as red beans.

Sexual good down, Tongli watercourse, so many people hanged.

Such as for the treatment of edema, diuretic implantation, attending cardiac, renal edema, cirrhosis, ascites, beriberi edema.

It is also used for impotence in milk, dysentery, and intestinal hemorrhage.