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10 parent-child games abroad

Children are naturally lively, and many parents do not know how to play with their children.

Here, I also collected some foreign parent-child games, so that you can build your own private world with your children at home.

Let ‘s take a look at how foreign parents play with their children!


Carton slide crayon + empty carton = quiet game space, you can try it.


Find small bottles that are not used at home. There must be a lot of small boxes. Separate their bottle caps from the bottle body and let the children pair them by themselves, which will cultivate their careful observation ability.


The loop game disposable paper plate + toilet paper core, homemade game props, are just as much fun.


I really do n’t know how to play with finger creativity. Just play with your own fingers. This is a good opportunity to use children’s imagination and creativity.


Matching game Classic memory matching game, find some old and colorful boxes.

Choose about 6 different solid colors and cut out 2 pairs of colors, squares or circles of the same size.

Turn them all upside down on the floor, and let the children turn one by one to find the patterns on the same box for matching, which will test the children’s memory and observation.


Find a bed sheet in the small family theater and diy it into a simple little curtain. Let the children take their little puppets to perform a colorful performance. Encourage them to create with imagination. The fun family time is wonderful.


The game of batting is suitable for multiple children to participate in together. Pay attention to hitting the ball with your feet, which will exercise the children’s physical coordination ability.


The drawing pattern prints out some paper with the same pattern (can be different circles, triangles, or any shape), and with the child to fill with different patterns or patterns, think + create, this creative game is highly recommended.


Large carton budget. Take back the large carton that is not used at home, let the children set up a playground by themselves, realize the imaginary scenes in the small head, and then bring the Lego villains or small dolls to the playground you createdPlaying scenario games here is full of fun.


Find an aisle through obstacles and stick some notes on the left and right sides as roadblocks. Children need to pass smoothly without touching the roadblocks. It is full of exciting mini-games, which is very suitable for family gatherings.