[How to make bacon_How to make bacon]

[How to make bacon_How to make bacon]

Every year, in the winter of the Chinese lunar month, many places have the custom of making bacon. The method of making different bacon is also different.The roasted bacon is very fragrant when it is baked in the sun. However, the moisture of the cured bacon usually dries out. How to make the cured bacon?

How to make bacon?


Prepare pork belly cut into 2 cm wide strips, and make a cut on the leather edge to wear a rope.


Prepare soy sauce, high spirits, salt, sugar, peeled ginger.


Cut the ginger into a pot, mix with salt, sugar, soy sauce, old soy sauce, and white wine until it melts completely. It is difficult to melt it with patience.


Take a piece of pork in a bowl and pour it into the sauce, knead it to taste, and knead each one.


Lay each flower layer by layer, cover with cling film and marinate for 12 hours, turning over every 2 hours.


Pick the pickled flowers and flesh off the shredded ginger, wear them one by one with a rope, hang the dried juice under the sun for 3 days, and then air dry in a ventilated place for a total of 8 days, depending on the weather.

What are the disadvantages of eating bacon1. Bacon is very easy to have nutritional value. Of course, there are many bacon that prove that saturation and prevention are the harmful factors that lead to high blood lipids. Of course, bacon is very high. Studies have shown that there are aunts in 100 grams of bacon.It is as high as 50%, and diabetes is also quite high. Bacon production is a serious damage to vitamins and trace elements, so the use of bacon in the vitamin content is 0, there is no!

2. Of course, long-term use of bacon to replace too much may lead to an increase in blood pressure. People with high blood pressure should not eat too much bacon, otherwise it will have its harmful and unprofitable side, make your health and value the people around you.Health.

3. Not only that, bacon is also very important for people with high blood lipids to eat bacon. It is very unhealthy to eat a lot of fats and fats. Of course, it is not recommended not to eat oil. It is also not advisable. It is necessary to choose a fatty acid vegetable oil such as vegetable oil.Wait, it is also very helpful to reduce bad cholesterol and improve high blood pressure. Do not use too many oils to eat in one day. Controlling 20-25 grams a day is enough.

4. Bacon is loved by most people in life and tastes very good, but bacon is a marinated food. It cannot be eaten often and eaten every meal. This greatly improves the salt content absorbed by the human body.The body is harmful. Nitrite in bacon is an important carcinogen. This is an alternative!

5. Bacon is mostly marinated with pork. According to the different parts of the pig, the tenderloin with reduced fat content contains 55 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams, and 109 mg of glucose per 100 grams of pork.

High levels of cholesterol will precipitate and build up in the bile to form stones.

In addition, animal feces are not easily absorbed by the human body, and eating bacon in large quantities increases the risk of fecal liver.

6. From the perspective of nutrition and health, bacon is especially for patients with chronic diseases such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, triple high, or the elderly is simply an uncomfortable food, which is a harm to the elderly and harmfulPatients with gastric and duodenal ulcers must fast.

It is harmful to these people!