Is weight gain powder really effective?


Is weight gain powder really effective?

Weight-increasing powder is a comprehensive weight-increasing compound, so it is very suitable for bodybuilding training for young and slender Orientals, especially Chinese, which can quickly increase weight.

Its main ingredients include protein, protein, various vitamins and trace elements, and some also add creatine, glutamine, branched chain amino acids, carnitine, methyl chromium, etc., which can be used to supplement bodybuilding training.a variety of nutrients.

銆€銆€Taking weight-increasing powder can solve the problem that the daily diet can not meet the energy demand.

Protein is the key to muscle recovery and growth. Vitamins and trace elements are essential for the proper functioning of tissues and organs.

The weight gain powder is convenient to eat and tastes good.

銆€銆€Part of the weight gain powder in various nutritional supplements is equivalent to the position of the point-and-shoot camera in the camera. It is still insufficient for professionals, but it is more than enough for the average person.

Its composite formula is the most comprehensive, eliminating the cumbersome proportioning and use methods, instead of practical.

Especially after training, energy can be replenished immediately, so that the body will not be in an aging state, consume its own nutrients and 鈥渆at muscle鈥?

銆€銆€Some friends will ask, is weight gain and creatine better?

In fact, the two are not analogous.

Because in the bodybuilding supplement, each supplement has its own role.

For example, if you compare weight gain powder to dumbbells and barbells, creatine is a combination device.

Can you say that only one of them does not want another?

Creatine can greatly increase the strength and energy supply during training and shorten the recovery cycle, but it cannot directly provide energy reserves.

銆€銆€The energy comes from the nutrients absorbed by the outside world. Whether the absorption is sufficient is directly related to whether the creatine can exert its effect.

It is only from well-populated nutrients that it is possible to provide the body’s energy reserve fundamentally, so that creatine can be fully utilized during exercise.

For bodybuilders, nutritional supplements can only continue the daily diet, which will cause creatine to play its role.

銆€銆€Therefore, although creatine can effectively release energy directly, the required energy reserve is completed by weight gain powder.

Otherwise, the body will not be able to grow muscles if it is in a state of high consumption for a long time and cannot be replenished.

Dr. Green’s research at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom showed that “creatinine works better in the glucose state, which is a 50% increase in creatine in myogenic cells, and more than twice the composition of liver and liver glycogen.”
He strongly demonstrated that creatine works better under glucose conditions.

銆€銆€Some people say that weight gain powder is too much due to excessive glucose, but it is not.

The reasons are as follows: 1.

It turns out that the scientific use of bodybuilding supplements will greatly improve the training effect, and random non-scientific use will be ineffective.


Most of these products have been formulated with methyl chrome, L-carnitine and other powerful fat-reducing slags, which can effectively inhibit the growth of adults and reduce the accumulation of adults in the body.

That is to say, production has been considered in this regard.


Calculate your relative demand and then increase or decrease your daily consumption.

The instructions on the package have a unit of calculation. Please ask the dealer at the time of purchase and adjust it according to your own conditions.

銆€銆€Here, I would like to point out that even if you are eager to win and have no financial troubles, do not overweight the weight gain powder in order to increase weight and muscle quickly in a short period of time.

Because excessive consumption can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and digestion and malabsorption; and the serotonin content in the body is increased, inhibiting capillary blood flow velocity, especially in the brain, is prone to drowsiness.