How to distinguish charcoal bake tea!


How to distinguish charcoal bake tea!

The charcoal-baked phoenix single clump must be baked with charcoal fire, which truly reflects people’s thirst for nature.

Whether it is said that the charcoal-baked single plexus has any effect, how to keep it healthy, this is probably just a wishful thinking. We only describe the charcoal-baked phoenix single-cluster-tea soup from the perspective of appreciation, which is unique and unforgettable.

Of course, no matter what kind of tea, it is from the aspects of manpower, material resources, loss, yield, ease of operation, etc., the cost of charcoal baking will be too high.

Most of the tea on the market is not really charred. The identification of real charcoal-baked tea should be carried out in four aspects: 1. The appearance of charcoal-baked tea: charcoal-baked into tea, the appearance is not like electric baking tea.It is a bit gray, not easy to see, but the connotation of tea rhyme, throat rhyme, soaking water, stamina.

2, the aroma of charcoal-baked tea: After the baking of the charcoal-baked tea, the smell of the tea smells heavy, there should be a deep and restrained charcoal scent, leaving the aroma of tea in the mouth, feeling a little sweet.

The electric baking tea has a higher aroma when brewing, and the taste is lighter when drinking, and the stamina is insufficient.

3, tea-roasted tea soup: after the charcoal-roasted tea, no matter the weight of the baking heat, the soup color is indeed orange-yellow, orange-red, must be bright and clear, like a layer of tea oil, and the charcoal contained in the tea soupThe scent must be consistent from the first bubble to the last; while the tea of the electric baking tea, the soup color is more turbid.

4, tea slag of carbon-baked tea: After the carbon-baked tea leaves are soaked, the tea slag is soft, piled up, and pulled easily; the leaf slag of the electric baking tea is generally inelastic and hard.

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