[Recognize the five major dangers of intermittent sex]

[Recognize the five major dangers of intermittent sex]

Sexual intercourse without ejaculation refers to the continuous orgasm during sexual intercourse, that is, to stop sexual intercourse before ejaculation, the purpose is to prevent semen from being ejected from the body.

This kind of sexual intercourse is called “interrupted sexual intercourse”, also known as “interrupted sexual intercourse”.

Intermittent sex is not only beneficial to both parties, but it is also harmful to both men and women’s physiology.

One of the hazards: It can induce half-way interruption of impotence. Regardless of the sexual center of the cerebral cortex, all sexual control nerves and sexual organs are still in the excited state. They cannot be interrupted quickly, which will increase the burden on the nervous system and sexual organs.Causes an “excessive fatigue” phenomenon.