[Is liquid contraception safe?]_ Liquid contraception_Effect_Efficacy_Effect

[Is liquid contraception safe?]_ Liquid contraception_Effect_Efficacy_Effect

Many friends choose to use condoms for contraception in sexual life, but many friends in life want to not only achieve safe protection, but also want to have zero-distance contact with their lover. Now there is one on the market.A product called a “liquid condom” will not only prevent disease but will not be affected. Is liquid contraception safe?

If you read the ingredients of “liquid condoms” carefully, you can see that these products are actually vaginal spermicide for contraception.

These spermicides are often made in the form of a paste, gel, foam, etc., and are placed in the vagina using a special device.

The common active ingredients in these spermicides include octyl benzyl alcohol, nonyl benzyl alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, chlorhexidine, etc. These components can destroy the sperm cell structure and inhibit sperm motility, and also have a certainAntibacterial effect.
Evidence that it does n’t work alone. Although the addition of “liquid condoms” in some advertisements does not affect the sexual experience, it also provides safe and reliable contraceptive effects, but in fact, the use of spermicide alone in common contraceptive methods is effectiveQuite unsatisfactory.

The annual failure rate of contraceptives using spermicide alone can reach more than 20% (correspondingly, among women using only this method of contraception, an average of more than 20 per 100 people are unfortunately recruited in a year), and its effect is evenIt is not comparable to the strict safety period and extracorporeal contraception.

In contrast, the annual failure rate of condom contraception is about 2%, and the annual failure rate of oral short-acting contraceptives can be as low as zero.


Even so, spermicides are not convenient to use.

Place it in the vagina before each one-time love, and then have to leave it in place for at least 6?
8 hours.

If you do not insist on using it, you will continue to increase your chances of failure.

The above is an introduction about the safety of liquid contraception. In fact, it is not possible to rely on this method alone. Spermicide is not a contraceptive method, so it should be combined with another method to prevent contraception.Safety, this is also to prevent accidental pregnancy from harming our body.