Someone is not suitable for spicy food

Someone is not suitable for spicy food

Although the spicy taste is fragrant, some people are not suitable to eat it, otherwise it will affect the health of the body and even cause serious conditions.

  People who eat peppers, such as pregnant women, will experience symptoms such as tongue sores, dry stools, and other diseases.

  Capsaicin is excreted by the kidneys and damages the renal parenchymal cells. It can cause severe renal function changes and even renal failure.

  Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases due to capsaicin increase the circulating blood volume sharply, increase heart rate, tachycardia, and take large quantities in the short term, which can cause acute heart failure or even sudden death.

  Patients with hyperthyroidism have a fast heart rate because of their own heart rate.

  Patients with chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, and esophagitis due to capsaicin stimulation, mucosal congestion and edema, erosion, and peristalsis of transplantation increase sharply, which causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., and also affects the recovery of digestive function.

  Patients with chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, and pancreatitis due to capsaicin stimulation cause increased gastric acid secretion. Excessive gastric acid can cause gallbladder contraction, biliary sphincter rupture, and difficulty in bile drainage, which can cause cholecystitis, biliary colic and hypertensioninflammation.
  Patients with hemorrhoids are stimulated by capsaicin, and the hemorrhoid veins become congested and edema, which further exacerbates hemorrhoids and even forms an anal abscess.

In addition, pepper can aggravate constipation and make hemorrhoids heavier.

  Patients with red eye and keratitis are likely to get angry by eating peppers, which aggravates the condition.

  Capsaicin consumption by those who take Chinese medicine will affect the efficacy of Chinese medicine, so while taking Chinese medicine, you should not eat spicy food.

You are a piece of double-sided tape

You are a piece of double-sided tape

You are a piece of double-sided tape. You have no worries in the December issue of Human Capital. You are in a workplace wrapped in a large environment. It does not prevent you from arming yourself into a piece of double-sided tape, sticking to the workplaces you have dreamed ofExpectations inside and out, and fulfill their expectations of you one by one.

  Double-sided tape can stick two separate things together, making them a whole.

It is precisely this inconspicuous double-sided tape that allows two things to kiss each other into a possibility, and in the process, it can make full use of itself.

  We in the workplace are like double-sided tapes, constantly playing against the expectations of the outside world.

We are unable to directly change the expectations of a third party such as a company or a friend, but only adjust our energy status so that the three will have a benign linkage.

  If it wasn’t for An Yu trembling on MSN, “It’s been a long time since you met, are you okay?”

“These words were sent to Zhao Wen, I’m afraid they are still two parallel lines.

The two agreed to meet at a coffee shop not far from each other.

Greetings, seated, the two asked for a cup of cappuccino, and the coffee seemed to dissolve the gap between the two quickly, feeling warmer.

  After graduating from a well-known university of finance and economics three years ago, An Yu and Zhao Wen worked in the finance department of Company A.

An Yu started from a basic cashier, and the work was not very detailed; Zhao Wen’s excellent communication ability changed at the beginning of his work.

When the company’s finance department applied to the bank for a mortgage loan with real estate, Zhao Wen was in charge of “lobbying” and finally won the difficult bone of the bank and successfully applied for funds for corporate development.

  The gap between the two appeared after Zhao Wen was appointed manager of the finance department.

The smile on the surface couldn’t conceal the drop in An Yu’s heart.

When working, Zhao Wen apparently showed strong strength beyond his friends.

After the launch of the personnel transfer, the relationship between the two was abnormal, and they gradually drifted away from each other.

  After the crack in the relationship between the two, An Yu thought about it and decided to jump ship.

Accounting firm B was her second stop on the landing.

It took only two years for An Yu to pass the CPA, and she stood out from the project team and was appointed as the project manager. The team then performed internal audits and disclosure of statements for listed companies.

However, the fact that she lost friends in the past has caused a great psychological shadow to her. She is always used to being alone and has little communication with colleagues.

He usually goes out for audits for as little as ten days and as many as two or three months. He spends much time with his team members and the financial staff of the other company.

  Zhao Wen shook his head helplessly when he heard it, and said: In fact, my life is not good!

  Shortly after An Yu’s job change, the company’s finance department experienced a personnel quake that collectively changed jobs. The chief financial officer and several key members of his company changed jobs to companies with competitive relationships within the industry.

For a while, the company’s financial operations were paralyzed.

Soon, the company hired a new chief financial officer and several employees.

It was probably that the transition of the collective collective job-hopping incident was too large, and the company’s senior management showed distrust to the old employees of the finance department.

In the moment of advancement and retreat, Zhao Wen decided to lie down.

Although she retained her position, the impact of the aftershocks of the personnel earthquake and the weakness in her business ability made it difficult for her to meet the requirements of her new boss.

  Even more difficult problems arise in her life.

Mom planned a lot of blind date events for Zhao Wen herself. She often occupied the weekends, and sometimes ran several dating places like a catch-up day. On the weekends, she couldn’t relax, which made her physically and mentally exhausted.

  During the confession, the two noticed Chuck on the bookshelf beside the table.

Martin’s Coffee.

The idea is: take a cup of coffee and take yourself completely away from the workplace, design a plan, “find it, change it, pass it on.”

  Circles are not traps. People need to be combed to become one of the conditions for double-sided tape: integration.

  Both An Yu and Zhao Wen had problems with their relationships.

One is the inability to communicate well with company colleagues and customers, and the other is the pressure of the family to interpret the romantic love into a fatigued journey.

In fact, these problems are all due to changes in the expectations of the three parties.

  After the work phase, the tripartite expectations will gradually change.After Zhao Wen was promoted to finance manager, the company’s expectations for the two were no longer equal. It would be a mistake for An Yu to think that the company would treat them equally.

  Looking at Zhao Wen again, after the personnel quake in the Finance Department, his potential threat to the company threatened the company’s expectations.

She did not turn around in time, and did not communicate with friends and family, which would cause distortion of information outside the workplace: family and friends thought she was a company celebrity, had a considerable income, and no boyfriend noticed herThe workplace status does not match.

In this way, the vicious circle may turn the workplace into a slaughterhouse.

  Simplify workplace relationships.

As long as there are economic benefits, friendship is no longer simple.

Therefore, you may wish to maintain a “business mentality” when dealing with people in the workplace, everyone working together for a goal, the mood will be much more peaceful.

  Clear relationships.

If it is a company like Zhao Wen who is entertaining inside and outside the company, the manager who has no skills can remove those who think that he is “relationship with himself” and “useful to himself” and “both are good”Draw a two-dimensional quadrant to prioritize.

  The interpersonal relationships inside and outside the workplace can be reorganized. As a double-sided adhesive, you will be able to convert the load and feel a lot easier.

  Job-hopping is not a springboard, nor is lying in the groove.

  There is nothing wrong with choosing between lying or jumping.

The key is the level of opportunity cost. We choose whether to jump or stay. It is just a way and means to try to change a certain “potential” and find a new balance point.

  Job change is not a springboard.

A person’s career development is irreversible, and he can only try his best to continue on the new path he has created. Don’t expect to jump into the sky.

For example, An Yu, after she changed jobs, she raised her professional level to a certain level.

Once she walks out of her former psychological haze, the tripartite expectations will reach a new balance, and success is just around the corner.

  Of course, the berth is not a berth, and we cannot sit still.

It doesn’t mean that the expectations of the three parties will always maintain a constant balance, it is just that a personnel earthquake easily changed it.

If Zhao Wen can communicate well with family and friends, reduce external expectations and simplify useless interpersonal relationships, then more time will be used to improve her own quality, thereby driving the company’s second improvement of her expectations.
The core point is how to make yourself fully and professionally competent.

  As a double-sided adhesive, there are likely to be certain things that are simply within your range of stickiness.

Then we will try to increase our stickiness, keep trying, or find new “prey” and stick to it.

  Compatible is the third best condition to become double-sided tape: compatible.

  We are struggling to develop relationships with others, searching the bowels, and finding ways to get along with company employees, partners, customers, friends, and family; we lie, jump, and wait around the workplace to find the smallest route toOperate our expectations and make them compatible with the external expectations of both parties.

  When An Yu and Zhao Wen adjust themselves to the right track, their tripartite expectations will become harmonious, and work and life will become relaxed and happy.

So, there are no friends between them to do it, is there no way to achieve small-scale compatibility?

the answer is negative.

After An Yu moved to the office, the usual interpersonal relationships can be integrated and reused. Moreover, they still live in the same circle, work, and may become partner or client relationships in the future.

So they are still friends, friends who are more mature on the basis of win-win interests.

  We are not independent of each other. If they are compatible with each other, a superposition of expectations will be achieved, and your “stickiness” will be stronger.

Office workers’ skin is easy to dry without preventing trying three homemade moisturizers

Office workers’ skin is easy to dry without preventing trying three homemade moisturizers

Most office workers work in a sedentary state and face a computer all the time. Many people know that this kind of work is not good for their health, but they don’t have any time for physical exercise.

Sitting for a long time will completely affect the health of the body, will cause internal secretion disorders, and the radiation and static electricity generated by the computer will make the skin of office workers more and more dry.

The following homemade moisturizers moisturize the skin.

  White vinegar moisturizing water whitening moisturizing materials: white vinegar, glycerin, mineral water.

  Method: Boil the mineral water and let it cool down, then add an appropriate amount of white vinegar and glycerin to reconcile. If the amount is taken, stir together according to the ratio of 2: 1: 1.

  Efficacy: Moisturizing, hydrating, whitening and firming, preventing wrinkles, making the skin delicate and shiny.

Use every night.

  Vitamin C moisturizing water whitening and acne-removing material: Vitamin C blended, purified water.

  Measures: Take a few tablets of vitamin C according to the amount you need, then grind it into a powder for future use. Leave the boiled pure water overnight. Pour the vitamin C powder and cold water into the spray bottle the next day and shake well.Just fine.
  Efficacy: This moisturizing water can prevent skin sunburn, prevent the formation of melanin, and achieve the effect of lightening and whitening.

  Licorice moisturizing water whitening freckle material: licorice tablets.

  Method: Take 1-2 licorice slices, grind them into a powder in a container, then pour into a spray bottle, add 30ml of purified water, and shake them well.

  Efficacy: This moisturizing water has certain repairing ability, can improve skin problems, and can also inhibit melanin deposition in the skin, and treat freckles.

  In fact, the moisturizing water is included in the basic skin care products purchased by most female friends, but most of the water on the urban surface contains chemical substances. Frequent use is not good for skin health and women with sensitive skin should not use too much.

You can try these three kinds of homemade pure natural moisturizing water, and their effects are different, you can choose according to your needs.

What if the company does not pay?

What if the company does not pay?

Translation: If the economic downturn happens, the company has a financial crisis, and it has been a month without pay, what would you do?


Resign immediately 2.

Ask the boss to raise 3.

Ask your boss to pay at least half of your salary4.

Look at the test results for another month: 1.

Choose “Resign now” You are a relatively ambitious person. As long as you don’t think that your strength is lost to others, you will be eager for self-employment; there are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius who have high self-respect.


Choose “Ask the boss to raise your salary” When the conditions are not sufficient, you can endure the hardships of going to work, but after full plumage, you will go all out to pursue your own career; the importance of having Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn leaning on each other.


Choose “Require the boss to pay at least half of your salary.” You have the ability to hold multiple positions at the same time, work in the company while developing your own business, and decide to resign after considering gains and losses; there are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius on both sides.importance.

Choose “Take another month to see it” If you are not completely sure, you usually do not dare to take the risk of business management alone, so you tend to stay in a stable company; you have Cancer, Virgo and Pisces in pursuit of stable value.

Eliminate facial ditch Kan_1

Eliminate facial “ditch”

If you don’t want to make your facial skin slack, and don’t want to rely on cosmetic surgery and medicine, you may wish to do a set of morning exercises every day.
  Wear a loose piece of clothing that does not cover your neck. Use skin care products to gently apply dry skin to your face. Sit on a chair, lean against the back of your chair, start breathing in with your nose, and exhale with your mouth.
Take a deep breath, and then blow the exhaled breath to the wings of your nose.
Exhale like this: exhale through the right corner of the mouth, and the left mouth is tightly closed; then exhale through the left mouth, and the right mouth is tightly closed.
Inhale slowly and deeply to delay breathing for 3 to 4 seconds.
With your cheeks raised, the inhaled air is forced out from the closed lips.
When inhaling hard, try to keep your tongue pressed against the bottom of your mouth.
Exhale like this: Let the facial muscles relax completely.
When inhaling and exhaling, simultaneously extend the lips outward into a cylindrical shape, keeping the corners of the mouth in place by hand.
Put your fingers on your forehead, and your fingers should be placed along the frontal direction.
Lift your eyes and eyebrows upwards to overcome the resistance of your fingers.
Place the ring fingers of both hands on the inner corner of the eye, the middle finger on the center of the eyebrow edge, and the index finger on the outer corner of the eye.
Then push your eyes into a slit with a little pressure while using your fingers.
Turn your head from the left to the right, and lower it down to your chest (this allows blood to flow to your face).
Then turn the head from the right to the left and lower it to the chest.
  Each step of the above-mentioned facial morning exercise is repeated 2 to 3 times at the beginning of the exercise, and gradually increased to 10 times after proficiency.

Source of Living Water for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Source of Living Water for Traditional Chinese Medicine

As a good Chinese medicine practitioner, to be an understanding doctor, you must learn to understand the classics of Chinese medicine. Now, let’s talk about your own thinking about how to improve people’s trust in Chinese medicine and recognition of curative effects.

  There is no doubt that the curative effect of medicine is the last word. This is true of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

To revitalize and develop Chinese medicine, and to gain the general recognition of the public, we must work hard to improve the efficacy.

Practice for thousands of years has proven that the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is positive, and the efficacy lies in classics.

Whoever knows the classics, who has worked hard to study and continuously practice the classics, and innovates on the basis of inheriting the classics, can anyone carry forward the Chinese medicine.

In the past ten years, why has the medical position of Chinese medicine gradually diminished, why has it gradually lost to Western medicine, and there are many people questioning and slandering Chinese medicine?

The basic reason is that the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine is gradually declining. Some Chinese medicine practitioners who do not use or are not good at applying syndrome differentiation methods are present, and it is not uncommon for doctors to apply traditional Chinese medicine even when they follow the Western medicine theory in general use.

  Why is this happening?

There are many reasons for this, but the root cause is that we generally ignore the classic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, such as the Internal Medicine Classic, Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Miscellaneous Diseases, Difficult Classics, and Shennong’s Herbal Medicine Classic, especiallyStudy and Application of “On Diseases”.

Because only classical theories and prescriptions are the source and foundation of the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Looking at the history of Chinese medicine, if you do n’t understand the classics and do not “diligently seek ancient teachings and learn from others”, you cannot become a medical practitioner; if you do not use Jingfang, you cannot cure serious illness.

Zhang Zhongjing is familiar with the classics and has become the medical sage of “saving the princes and saving the poor and the poor”.

The brilliant achievements and academic views of Chinese medicine masters of all ages have been deeply inspired by classics such as the Internal Classic and Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases.

But now, the study and application of TCM classics have been ignored to a certain extent.

  At present, TCM education is sufficient to make up for the study of classic theories. Some TCM schools have even changed to elective courses, so that after graduation, TCM undergraduates do not quite understand the method of dialectical treatment, and will not use Jingfang to treat diseases.TCM postgraduate research papers and others rarely involve the study and clinical application of TCM classics.

  There are various types of traditional Chinese hospitals operating across the country. There are blindly competing with western hospitals for new equipment and bad expectations for new projects.

Why is there a potential situation?

Managers of traditional Chinese hospitals also want to give play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and also want to improve the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. However, there are too few experts in traditional Chinese medicine who can use classic theory and classic prescriptions to identify diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine is not effective.There is no special feature, you can only resort to western medicine and western medicine, and then add some traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine to help. In the end, it is effective. It can be called “integrated Chinese and western medicine”.

Although understandable, what does Chinese medicine say about inheritance, innovation, development and rejuvenation in the long run?

  Usually, some western medicine deals with more difficult complications, such as refractory heart failure, uncontrollable arrhythmia, refractory cardiogenic and renal edema, pulmonary heart disease, stroke sequelae, acute and chronic liver disease, rheumatism, tumorsIn the field of chronic difficult diseases such as tumor-induced chemotherapy and chemotherapy, TCM differentiation is very advantageous.

If we are good at using syndrome differentiation, the efficacy of these chronic incurable syndromes can be better than western medicine.

And Chinese medicine hospitals dare not compete with western hospitals in the therapeutic effect with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine in this field. What is the reason?

Because of not knowing the mastery and application of classical theory, because there are too few traditional Chinese medicine that really understands classical theory, because there is too little traditional Chinese medicine that really understands the essence of “Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases”, knowing and good at applying classic theory to guide dialectics, YuantongToo few Chinese medicines use Jingfang.

However, there are many Chinese medicine practitioners who use Chinese medicine in accordance with Western medicine.

For example, when western medicine says that there is inflammation, it needs antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Some Chinese medicine thinks it is “hot”, there is “fire”, and Da Shang Qing detoxifies prescriptions. Western medicine says that atherosclerosis requires anticoagulation and thrombolysis and improves microcirculationSome Chinese medicine agreed that it was “blood stasis”, and quickly prescribed a group of prescriptions and preparations for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Western medicine said that it was hypertension, and some Chinese medicine did not think it was “hepatic yang hyperactivity” and immediately immediatelyUse “Pinggan Qianyang” prescriptions, and so on.

In this way, it does not take into account the characteristics of “integral concepts and dialectical treatment” of TCM, and does not use the overall balance of individual viscera, yin and yang to dialectify, legislate, and dispatch. It is simple to apply certain theories of Western medicine to prescribe traditional Chinese medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine preparations.It is simple and fast, but it is lazy in thinking, blindly obeyed and weakened in theory, and severely detached from the unique and rigorous theory and speculative system of TCM, resulting in a big discount.

  In my opinion, if you want to become a famous doctor and a famous doctor (the first is to understand the doctor), and you can’t discern the mistakes of treatment, you will know when the patient is diagnosed (looking at the news), and it will work immediately.Make good use of it.

However, learning Chinese medicine, especially the classics of Chinese medicine, does have certain shortcomings. It is based on the devotion to Chinese medicine, superhuman energy and perseverance, leading to the so-called “self-injustice” in the preface of Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases.Only with high knowledge, how can one probe into its cause? ”

Learn “Treatment of Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases” well, “Although fewer diseases can be cured, you can see the source of the disease.”

  Indeed, with Western medicine scores, TCM classics are more difficult to learn and difficult to master.

But as long as you go deep, study it for a long time, and study solidly, you will be able to read and understand the classics, and you will have a lot of fun after you finish it.

Those mentality in learning traditional Chinese medicine, impetuous and unrealistic, illusions are not desirable.

Publications such as “Hundred Days of Learning Chinese Medicine”, “Hundred Days of Learning Prescription”, “Hundred Days of Learning Acupuncture”, “Hundred Days of Learning Chinese Medicine” and other publications sold in the bookstore.Saying that the system is not systematic, that the specialty is not professional, and that science is not science is not only misleading to learn and understand Chinese medicine practitioners, but also extremely irresponsible to patients. It also reduces people’s trust in Chinese medicine and damages the reputation of Chinese medicine.

  In my opinion, every Chinese medicine must be and must be a master of dialectical treatment of classics. Only by learning and using classics well can we truly highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and can treat serious diseases, serious diseases, and difficult diseases that are difficult to be treated by western medicine.Only when you show your talents can you succeed in the fierce competition in the medical market.

If you want to reach this level, you must work hard to learn the classics, especially Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile Diseases and The Essentials of Jin Lack.

  At present, in the study of the classics, we can remember several people in the traditional Chinese medicine industry who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion and revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine, and take them as examples. They are-Deng Tietao, who spared no effort to develop andEveryone who promotes traditional Chinese medicine and advocates classical theories and encourages them.

  Li Ke, a powerful medical practitioner who truly mastered the essence of classical Chinese medicine theory, worked hard to practice the classic theory in clinical evidence, used classics, and boldly innovated, replacing the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of critically ill and difficult diseases.The backbone of Chinese medicine.

  Liu Lihong, a wise scholar who advocates living the classics and is a true Chinese medicine practitioner, a “Thinking Traditional Chinese Medicine”, has brought many people in a confused and ignorant state of learning the classics to the dawn of hope and stimulated the interestAnd motivation.  These big doctors who understand the classic theory of traditional Chinese medicine are the true pillars of traditional Chinese medicine.

  How to learn Chinese medicine and the classics of Chinese medicine can be explained here by the Qing Dynasty scholar Wang Guowei’s “Three Realms of Governing Scholarship” as described in “The Words in the World”:三种之境界:‘昨夜西风凋碧树。独上高楼,望尽天涯路’,此第一境也;‘衣带渐宽终不悔,为伊消得人憔悴’,此第二境也;‘众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在,灯火阑珊处’,此第三境也。It can be said that in the first realm, if you want to learn the classics of Chinese medicine and do your studies, a successful professional should first understand traditional Chinese medicine and understand the connotation of classic theories.

  The second realm says: studying and studying the classic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, learning, revitalizing traditional Chinese medicine, and achieving the great cause of traditional Chinese medicine is not an easy task. You must go through a hard and arduous study and practice process.That is to say, like craving for lovers, we should not sleep or eat, tirelessly, and don’t regret losing weight.

  The third realm is that after repeated learning, exploration, research, and innovation, finally success was achieved.

As long as the time is used, it will naturally be open-minded, discoveries, inventions, gains from the heart, free use of clinical evidence, and endless use.

Chennai “looked for thousands of Baidus in the crowd, and looked back, but the man was there, in a dim light.”

  To sum up, a true Chinese medicine practitioner must possess the three basic qualities of superb TCM theory level, rich clinical experience and superb medical technology.

The most important thing is to have a high level of classical theoretical literacy in Chinese medicine.

Only by being proficient in theory can we be awake clinically, technically savvy, superior in efficacy, and truly save the world.

Only by learning and inheriting the classic theories can we advance with the times and develop and innovate.

36 types of men a woman cannot marry

36 types of men a woman cannot marry

1. Reward yourself, suggesting that he has excellent conditions in all aspects. It seems that you are a hot thing in the sky. When it happens, you must be sincere and afraid to open your mouth and then my reaction is: Yu Nanfang also does not like pasta.

  2. Riding a donkey to find a horse-Forever, there is a girl who “loves me deeply but I’m not very enthusiastic”, and will always continue to find true love.

  3, lower low-level girlfriends, or proudly declare: My first love lover committed suicide for me-attempt.

  4. I am happy to report the monthly salary, how much is it in New Jersey, where to go for Christmas, I just joined a super noble invincible golf club, and next month I plan to build a turbine in the Middle East, and build an ice bank in Alaska . My friendMiss Yun’s reaction was: shut up!

Watching a show (they were in a small theater at the time)!

Divide yourself-you must dare to explain that I will call the police immediately and say that you are a hooligan!

  5, driving in rainy days, regardless of the hard walking women and children on the roadside, do not slow down, do not go around, do not wave their hands, pedestrians pass by first, and splashed muddy soup.

  6, use the hotel curtains or towels to wipe leather shoes, leaving the lights, TV, computers, faucets are not turned off-it is said that such people perform poorly is not worthy of a list, but recently I interviewed an overseas return,It is famous, the photo is on the cover of some women’s magazines, and the ceo is no problem.

  7. Can’t remember the phone number of your parents’ home, or pick up the microphone and ask in uncle’s or diplomat’s tone: “What will you eat tonight?


  8, see you call your baby a second time.

  9. In the 30th minute of seeing you, praise your legs as the most sexy pair of legs he has seen in this life, oh no, two.

My friend Xueer’s answer: See you too little.

He also suggested that he buy a barrel of draught beer and squat on the street under the traffic lights for a good day, which is rare and strange in the province.

  10. All the chats are: girls in his office who have too thick waists, who have cross-eyes, who have too bad taste, and who always buy clothes in stalls, who seems to have a bad relationship with their bosses, and who take a week off for no reason.
… 11, steal the office paper and go home.

  12. The poor man is short-haired, short-haired, and long-haired. When he drinks, he sighs that his life is boring.

  13. After 30 years of age, he remains small and fragile.

  14. Self-occupation with contemporary Jia Baoyu or young Li Jiacheng or middle-aged f4.

  15, tell you that he likes you, his wife doesn’t understand him . yes, if you understand it has been arsenic in your old soy milk.

  16, tell you that he likes you but he may not be able to divorce, so he wants to be the best, best, best friend of your life . nonsense, take him with a big mouth.

  17, condoms fall out of the wallet!

  18. Q: How much money do you make in a month, how can you afford the four-bedroom and two-living rooms in the city center so young? Trust me, after marriage, he will follow you to and from work and make anonymous calls to your customers.

  19. Borrow money from you.

  20, late.

  21. Cell phones are often off at irregular times without reason-except for civil aviation pilots.

  22. Every time you take a call, you can snoring at you immediately with a gesture, or you can immediately slip into the bathroom and close the door.

Suggestion: Suddenly sing a revolutionary or yellow song, or lock him gently in the bathroom and then leave.

  23. There are more makeup and washing supplies in the bathroom than you-if you have no chance to enter the bathroom, the body perfume is too strong, the mousse on your head is wet like a falling dog, the tie is bright like a carnival party waiter, and you wear a white shirt with a cream padThe young people in the mainland speak like people from Hong Kong and Taiwan: “Our male monk is so happy to climb and climb three times.”

  24. Wear a fake brand name and be complacent.

  25. Wear a real name brand and be complacent.

  26. Know everything inside, principle, mystery.

The answer begins with a word.

  27, often sneer.

  28. He won’t change fuses or tires, but the secretary and driver who added him will change-accuse you won’t be a full man and the mother will.

  29, is no longer a middle school student, but aa system with you.

(You are willing to have a baby in October for such a person, and do laundry for 50 years?

  30. After the late night appointment, you can ask if you can take a ride home-and he has no sudden appendicitis, the mother’s hospital is critically ill, and the company building has caught fire.
31. Do n’t remember your birthday, but he remembered it wrong every year.
  32, not a mathematician, a philosopher, a physicist, and a patient with sequelae of concussion, but you ask him how many minutes now he says in his jacket pocket.

  33, seemingly unintentional, ask your questions if you find that your husband has an extramarital affair after marriage, what will happen to the one-night stand-“But he still loves you, and will come back”-My friend Amei Ding throws a small silver spoon on the ice cream trayLi leaned down and stared at his small eyes with a smile and whispered: “. hit him”.

  34. A series of password-like names on the phone book and he is not at the CIA, fbi is in office.

  35. If you have known him for more than a year, you have repeatedly asked him to have a light meal with his parents on the weekends, but you are politely declined.

  36, the same question (such as where did you go to kindergarten?

) Have asked you three times, or asked the next one after waiting for a question-he did n’t really want to know, so you do n’t have to answer well.

Medicinal diet for health and kidney

Medicinal diet for health and kidney

In winter, the kidneys correspond to the five internal organs of the human body. In winter, the cold air is the heaviest and it is easy to damage the yang in the kidney.

And Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation, and the kidney yang is the root of yang.

  Traditional Chinese medicine health care is different from time to time. According to the seasonal changes of the seasons, the corresponding health care methods are adopted.

Dr. Zhang Yu, the chief physician of the Department of Nephrology, Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, pointed out that winter health must conform to the laws of nature’s closed storage, with cold-dispelling and yang-prevention as the foundation, and appropriate Chinese medicine for warming kidney-yang.

  Dr. Zhang believes that the time is midwinter, the cold condenses the earth, the yang is hidden, and life is in a dormant state.

According to the Five Elements Theory, the kidneys of the human body in winter correspond to the kidneys, and the cold is the heaviest in winter, which easily damages the yang in the kidney.

  And Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation, and the kidney yang is the root of yang.
If the kidney yang is deficient, the warming effect of yang in the entire body will decrease, usually manifested as cold pain in the waist and knees, chills and cold, cold hands and feet, frequent urination, decreased libido, premature ejaculation and so on.

  Therefore, the health in winter must comply with the laws of nature’s closure, and the basic principle is to dispel cold and protect the sun.

And the yang in the kidney depends on the nourishment of the subtle substances absorbed by the spleen and stomach in the acquired spleen and stomach. Therefore, taking the traditional Chinese medicine for warming the kidney yang is also an important measure for health in winter.

  Dr. Zhang recommended some feasible traditional Chinese medicine meals for warming kidney yang.

  1. Suoyang aphrodisiac porridge ingredients: Suoyang 10 grams, mutton 100 grams, rice 100 grams.

  Method: Finely cut the lamb.

First fry the Suoyang, remove the residue, add mutton, and cook the rice with porridge.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of warming the kidney and nourishing the kidney, suitable for the weakness of waist and knee caused by insufficient kidney yang, chills, cold limbs, impotence, premature ejaculation and constipation in the elderly.

  2, mutton soup with mutton and mutton soup: 600 grams of mutton, 20 grams of mangosteen, 20 grams of cistanche, 20 grams of longan

  Method: Cut the mutton into boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. After picking up and washing, put it into a clay pot, cook until the water is boiling, add the mangosteen, Cistanche, longan and ginger slices, and cook on medium heat for 3 hours., Add fine salt and season.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing the kidney and warming the sun, strengthening the body.

Suitable for those with cold hands and feet, soft waists and knees, frequent urination, constipation, and impotence.

  3. Fennel kidney material: 90 grams of pig kidney, 6 grams of cumin.

  Method: Fry the cumin for a while in a hot pan, and break into fines after being crispy.

Remove the film from the pig’s waist, wash it, use a sharp knife to draw a mouth about 3 cm in length from the side, then expand it into a triangle, then insert the fennel, and use a string to wind the opening tightly for use.

Set the pot on medium heat, pour in the marinade, adjust the taste, add the pork loin, and boil it for 30 minutes after boiling, remove the lumbosacrum, and slice and serve.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing kidney yang, dispersing cold and dampness, and analgesic.

Suitable for those with kidney yang deficiency caused by chills, cold limbs, lumbago, coldness, or sexual dysfunction.

  4, Zhiren kernel porridge materials: 50 grams of rice, 5 grams of Zhiren kernel.

  Practice: Research the puzzle kernel into fine details.

After the previous rice is washed, add it to the casserole, add water, boil it with Wuhuo first, and then boil it into a gruel with gentle fire.

Transfer the Zhizhi Zhiren and a small amount of refined salt, cook for a while, and wait until the porridge is thick and cease to fire.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of warming the kidney and helping the yang, solidifying the essence and shrinking the urine.

Suitable for spleen and kidney yang deficiency, abdominal cold pain, diarrhea, frequent urination, enuresis.

Three major food therapies can help you avoid headaches after drinking

Three major food therapies can help you avoid headaches after drinking

Drinking the right amount of alcohol in your daily life is good for your body, but if you drink too much, it can hurt your liver and your body.

Many people often go home drunk for entertainment, and often wake up in the morning and feel headache, nausea, dry mouth and anorexia.

How to solve the problem of headache after getting drunk?

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is caused by excessive drinking of the stomach, excessive lung heat, and disturbance caused by “alcohol poisoning”.

Ancient Chinese medicine professionals introduce several traditional Chinese medicine recipes for treating headaches after drinking: 1.

Drinking honey water can effectively relieve headache symptoms after drinking.

Ancient Chinese medicine professionals introduced that honey contains a special kind of fructose, which can promote the breakdown and absorption of alcohol and reduce headaches, especially those caused by red wine.

In addition, honey also has a hypnotic effect, can make people fall asleep quickly, and do not have headaches after waking up the next day.


Tomato Juice Tomato Juice is also a suitable special fructose, an effective drink that can help promote the breakdown and absorption of alcohol. Once it exceeds 300ml, the dizziness after drinking will gradually disappear.

Professionals say that drinking tomato juice has better hangover effects than eating tomatoes raw.

Adding a small amount of salt before the announcement can also help stabilize your mood.


Olive Olive has been a “good medicine” to sober up, clear stomach heat, and promote appetite since ancient times. It can effectively improve the symptoms of anorexia after drinking.

Can be eaten directly or stewed with rock sugar.

17 tips for weaning science

17 tips for weaning science

Breast milk is the best natural food for babies under half a year old, but it is a relatively substitute for the minerals and vitamins necessary for babies after 1 year of age. Breast milk can no longer meet all the needs of babies.

Even if the baby is less than 1 year old who eats breast milk, it is necessary to appropriately increase complementary food and cod liver oil to supplement the lack of breast milk, let alone a baby over 1 year old.

Therefore, after 1 year of age, if the baby continues to milk, breast milk will not be enough to eat, and malnutrition will occur in severe cases.

Should be decisive and timely weaning.

  17 scientific tips on how to wean a baby1. To gradually reduce the number of feedings, you can first reduce your baby’s milk every day, and the amount of supplementary food will increase accordingly.

After one week, if the mother feels that the breasts are not too swollen, and the baby is digesting and absorbing well, she can replenish one more milk and increase the amount of supplementary food at the same time, gradually transitioning to weaning.

  2. Reduce the day and then the night.

When you lose milk, your baby will become very attached to your mother’s milk. Therefore, it is best to start with the milk that is fed during the day.

Because there are a lot of things that attract babies during the day, they don’t pay much attention to their mothers, but their babies are particularly attached to their mothers in the morning and at night.

  3. The dual nutrients that breast milk brings to the baby, as well as the trust and security that the mother brings to him, the cruel weaning method will harm the baby’s physiology.

Therefore, weaning should not be adopted in a hasty and blunt manner, such as letting the baby suddenly separate from the mother, or weaning at once, or applying bitter, spicy and other substances on the mother’s nipple to bring an unpleasant experience to the baby.

  4. If you add complementary food to your baby on time, you should be able to eat a considerable amount of food at about half a year old. At this time, the mother should reduce the number of feedings to only once in the morning and one in the evening.

  5, according to the weather and baby’s physical condition to choose the appropriate weaning timing.

Weaning is best during the cool autumn months and not during the hottest summer months.

The summer is hot, and the baby is prone to regenerative disorders. At this time, weaning is more likely to worsen the situation, and if you do not do well, you will get sick.

  6. Children grow and develop very fast and have a large amount of nutritional requirements. If they are suddenly weaned without paying attention to the replacement method, children are not used to it. If there is insufficient nutrition elimination, it will easily cause malnutrition and digestive disorders.

  7, should gradually reduce the amount of breastfeeding, while educating children to eat food with a spoon and a small bowl, and pay attention to the type of food and the degree of hardness.

  8. When the mother is going to wean her baby, she must take them to a health care doctor for a comprehensive physical examination.

Weaning should only be considered when your baby is in good health and has normal digestion.

  9. Don’t wean your baby when he or she is sick.

If it happens that your baby is sick, teething, or changing a nanny, moving, traveling, or going to work, it is best not to wean the baby first, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of weaning the baby.

  10, during weaning, mom to be extra care and care for the baby, and spend some time with them and soothe baby’s anxiety, should not hide out in order to quickly weaned, the baby will be handed over to someone else instead.

  11. Apply irritants such as ink, chili water, gold oil to the nipples, which is cruel to the baby.

The mother thought that the baby would give up breast milk because of her aversion to breast milk, but the effect was counterproductive. The baby would refuse to eat because of fear, which affected the health of the body.

  12, in the process of weaning, the mother must not only adapt the baby gradually to diet changes, but also decisive and resolute. Don’t be unable to make determination because of the baby crying for a while, thus delaying the weaning time.

Don’t interrupt it suddenly, let him eat for a few days, and then interrupt it again and again, which will bring bad emotional stimulation to the baby.

  13. Some mothers do not drink soup, but also hold their breasts with towels, cover the nipples with adhesive tape, and want to suck the milk back.

These so-called “quick-acting weaning methods” obviously violate physiological laws and can easily cause breast tenderness.

  14. If the mother has too much milk and can’t retreat for a while, you can take some milk medicine, such as 5 mg of ethylene androstone each time, orally 3 times a day (1 mg of estradiol and 1 tablet, 5 tablets each time)If you feel nauseous after eating, you can take vitamin B6.

  15. If the mother has different degrees of milk swelling after weaning, she can use a breast pump or artificially suck out the milk, and use 60 grams of raw malt and 30 grams of raw hawthorn as water for tea.Apply heat or massage.

  16. Before and after weaning, because of psychological guilt, the mother is easy to tolerate the baby, just hold and give whatever you want, regardless of whether the baby’s requirements are reasonable.

But know that the more indulgent, the temper of the baby.

  17, the most difficult to break off is just before going to bed and feeding at midnight, you can first cut off the milk at night, and then cut off the milk before going to bed.

At this time, the father or family can coax the baby to sleep instead, and the mother avoids for a while.