Personality defects at sea

Personality defects at sea

In interpersonal communication, do you know that there is a defect in your character?

If you can understand where the consensus is and improve it, you will become a master of socializing.

Translation: Summer adventures at sea.

When you are leisurely riding a boat on the sea, a dolphin suddenly appears from the sea. Strangely, it can speak human.

Which sentence do you think it will say the most to you?

  A.There are many sharks here, be careful.

  B.There are many treasures below!

  C.Now what I say is all heard . D.
There is a beautiful coral reef in front!

  E.Don’t worry, I was turned into a dolphin by being magical!

  F.Excuse me, what time is it?

  Analysis: Choose A, you choose a sentence that lets you know the danger, you can see that you are a very careful person, careless mistakes rarely happen to you.

Of course there are things that bother others, but usually they ask you for help first.

Just because you are living a stressful life, you will never forgive the person who is acting as a child, you have become very nervous!

This will be hated!

So I suggest you: Be more forgiving of others’ mistakes!

  Choosing B, you are sometimes confused, mistakes of different sizes often come one after the other, and it is surprising that these mistakes will be repeated again and again, and it is a messy person at home.

Although it has caused a lot of trouble to the people around them, after they contact you, they have seen through your rough leaves, so they can gradually accept it and feel less harmed.

Don’t forget to be cautious about everything and work hard to master it!

  Choosing C, you belong to the type of mistakes that are easy to cause “causes to come out of your mouth” without paying attention. You often tell others’ secrets or use casual words to hurt the other.

Although you are not malicious, you often overstate your words when you are so forgetful. The damage caused by this error is psychological damage, so it is very serious.

Therefore, you should develop the habit of speaking after thinking about it, and don’t say it without your brain.

  Choosing D, choosing to maintain a leisurely dialogue, often make mistakes due to carelessness.

Because your personality is very cheerful, you can cope with any kind of mistake.

Of course, this will also cause trouble for the people around you, but you will win the understanding of others with a smile, and you should get the best acting award.

However, if you use coquettishness to deal with negligence, one day you will be in great trouble.

  Choosing E, you are a very reliable person with almost no carelessness, but with a little forgetfulness, a great mistake will occur.

The people around you never expected that you would have problems, so the trouble is particularly serious.

So before finishing a big case, please pay special attention to the moment of relaxation.

  Choosing F and choosing the time for dolphins to ask you are the ones who know your faults well.

Your mistake is because you are forgetful, forget the meeting place for a while, and forget your purse on the train for a while. There will always be one or two of these mistakes!

Even if the trouble for the people around you depends on the situation, it is not as great as your own loss.

If you really forget something, make a habit of taking notes!

Use psychology to comfort friends

Use psychology to comfort friends

When a friend is sad and sad, many people either say “Stop crying, stay strong”.

One helps analyze the problem and tells him “what should you do”, and some people will criticize the other party: “I told you a long time ago .” Comforting people also need to talk about psychological skills and give the most intimate according to the psychological activity of the otherSoothing.

  Listening to each other’s distress Due to differences in life experience, family background, education, etc., each person has a different understanding of distress.

Therefore, when trying to comfort a person, first understand his distress.

  Comforting, listening is more important than speaking.

Hearts need to listen to the ears gently, not the logical and sharp head.

Listening is to use our ears and heart to listen to each other’s voice. Don’t ask the cause and effect of things, and don’t rush to make judgments. Give each other room to let him express his feelings freely.

  When listening, feel empathy, and the other person will notice the distortion in us.

If we can “grieve his grief, be happy with his happiness” about his experience, for the comforted, this is the best help for him.

  The biggest obstacle to comforting others in accepting the other’s world is often that the comforter is unable to understand, understand, and agree with what he believes is the distress.

It is easy for people to limit the definition of distress to a range that can be understood by oneself. Once it exceeds this range, it is “suffering” to be unreasonable.

Because they don’t take the “bitterness” of others as the subject, the comforter is prone to resist in the process of listening and can’t wait to put forward his own opinions.

Therefore, the comforter needs to abandon his deep-rooted ideas, acknowledge his prejudice, and truly look at the problems facing him from the perspective of the other party.

  Psychologists say, “Let go of your own world and accept the world of others”, this is the truth.

The best comforter is to lay down oneself temporarily, walk into the other person’s inner world, and use his eyes to see his experience without making judgments.

  To explore the way the other party has traveled, comforters often feel that they have an obligation to propose solutions for the other party.

As everyone knows, almost everyone who has been tortured and tortured has experienced a series of unceasing trial and error experiences before seeking comfort.

Therefore, all we have to do is to explore the path the other party has traveled, to understand his experience in the struggle, let him be heard, understood, recognized, and tell him that he has done enough and good enough. This is a comfort.
  Psychologists remind comforters of an important concept: “Consolation is not the same as treatment.

Healing is about making people change, and severing distress by change; comfort is about trying to affirm their suffering, without trying to cause it.

“In fact, in the process of comforting people, any solution provided is likely to fail or not apply, disappointing the other party again, so without intervention, without giving insight, listening, understanding and agreeing with their distress, isThe highest principle of comfort.

  In addition, walking with the other party is also a comfort.

The other person will feel safe and warm with your company, so he will talk about his pain, tell his resentment, blame himself, regret, and say everything he wants to say. After he has gone through the storm, he will calm down and face himIn the encounter, he would really appreciate your company and feel that he came by himself.

Big body problems try small points

Big body problems try small points

In daily life, when people experience unexpected physical pain, they are often helpless. At this time, try to massage some points on the body, which can temporarily help.

  When syncope encounters a sudden fainting due to fatigue, hunger, staying up late, etc., unconscious, pale, sweaty, weak pulse and other crisis, immediately squeeze the patient’s Hegu acupoint (on the tiger’s mouth) with the thumb for 2-3 minutes, can also inhibit people’s middle point (the groove between the nose and the upper lip), generally can wake up.

  Stomach pain When stomach contraction fracture pain appears suddenly, rub the patient’s legs with Zusanli acupoint with the thumb, that is, three inches below the outer knee, and one horizontal finger on the lateral side of the humerus.Can improve gastrointestinal function, so that stomach pain is reduced or disappeared quickly.

  In the case of acute sudden onset of compression, immediately insert the fingertips of the palm of your hand with the thumb of your thumb and tilt it downwards. Press and rub in the left-right direction for 3-5 minutes.

  Angina pectoris has sudden onset of pain in the anterior region of the heart. There were symptoms of angina pectoris such as compression, tightness, and suffocation during the previous period. However, when nitroglycerin and anginatine were not found, other people can use the thumb to pinch the patient’s middle fingernails to the root.It is advisable to have obvious pain, lasting 3-5 minutes, can effectively relieve symptoms, and wake up 120 for help.

  Leg cramps Calf cramps usually occur at night due to increased excitability of neuromuscular muscles at night.

You can immediately squeeze the middle point of the upper lip with your thumb and forefinger, and continue to pinch for 20-30 seconds, the pain can generally be relieved.

  Nosebleeds generally occur in children and the elderly, especially in school students. If this happens, you can quickly pinch the depression between the heel joint and the calcaneus.

Left nostril bleeding pinch right heel; right nostril bleeding pinch left heel for 3-5 minutes.

Study weighs 30% of male fertility decline using cell phone

Study weighs 30% of male fertility decline using cell phone

According to a recent report from the BBC, the International Cancer Research Organization (IARC), a subsidiary of the World Health Organization (WHO), said that mobile phones “may be carcinogenic.”

And a new study warns that gradual use of mobile phones does reduce male fertility.

According to foreign media reports on June 21, a new Canadian study found that continuous use of mobile phones (including non-call status) can cause male fertility to decline by 30%.

  This new study, conducted by researchers from Queen’s University in Canada, shows that the effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by long-term use of mobile phones or remote phones will reduce the quality of men’s sperm and reduce the number of sperm.

Researchers said that the use of mobile phones will accelerate the circulation of testosterone in men, but at the same time, it will also lead to decreased quality indicators such as sperm vitality and concentration, thereby reducing male fertility.

  Researchers believe that damage can be caused even when the phone is in standby because the phone sends signals to maintain contact with the nearest signal station.

Therefore, when not using a mobile phone, men are best not to hang the phone on a belt or put it in the pocket of their pants.

  Shivani Sachidevi Gore, the head and training consultant of the Isis Cultivation Clinic in Delhi, India, said that her clinic visits more than 30 infertile couples each month, about 35% of whom—Infertility is the man’s problem in 40% of cases, and the culprit is the mobile phone.

Most of the time, people know nothing about it.

Many hypotheses suggest that male infertility is caused by environmental toxins.

  The British government has advised people to use mobile phones as much as possible to send text messages or use hands-free mode to minimize the effects of mobile phone radiation.

Wrinkles in the ears indicate a heart attack?

Wrinkles in the ears indicate a heart attack?

Medical experts have recently discovered that if there is a diagonal line of wrinkles above our ear lobe extension, it is actually the ear that is suggesting that we have a heart problem!

A crisis of heart contraction and arteriosclerosis may occur.

  Relevant medical researchers do step-by-step statistics showing that small wrinkles in the earlobe are associated with arterial abnormalities.

The appearance of wrinkles on the earlobe is a local manifestation of the process that is unfolding in the arteries when the disease has already developed.

The ear lobe is composed of unfortunate and connective tissue on the ear. It has no ear and is the only fleshy part of the ear.

  When arteries harden, the ears, like all other tissues, get less blood, and the earlobe is the most sensitive part of the ear to this local phenomenon, so wrinkles appear on the earlobe.

When your ear lobe is wrinkled, check your heart in time.

Therefore, the following points should be noted in daily life.

  Use with caution or supplement drugs that damage the auditory nerve.

  Aminosugar antibiotics are an important measure for ototoxic deafness that causes the most damage to the cochlea.

People with a history of allergies to ototoxic drugs in the family should use them with caution.

  Avoid continuous exposure to high decibel noise.

Long-term exposure to high decibel noise can damage hearing hair cells and damage the inner ear, resulting in noise-induced deafness.

Workplace noise will cause occupational noise deafness. Karaoke and other noisy entertainment places should be avoided as much as possible. At the same time, you should avoid wearing headphones repeatedly to listen to music, and try to reduce the volume as much as possible, otherwise it will cause hearing loss.
  Massage your ears often.

  Massage can promote blood circulation in the inner ear, some massage the contour of the ear, pinch the ear lobe, and massage the Fengchi acupoint in the depression of the hairline behind the neck.

You can also sit with your eyes closed, insert the index fingers of both hands into the two ear holes, and then quickly pull them out, doing this 10 times in a row.

  Don’t pick your ears.

  If you pull the ears improperly, the external auditory canal may be damaged and infected, causing the external auditory canal to become bloated, inflamed, and ulcerated.

When you pull out the ear, if you don’t pay attention, it will hurt the eardrum or the ossicles, which will cause perforation of the eardrum and affect hearing.

  Maintain a good mental state.

  When a person is emotional or anxious, the adrenaline secretion of the person increases, the arteries of the inner ear are blocked and the blood flow in the small blood vessels is slow, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the inner ear and sudden deafness; develop a scientific diet.

  Eat more foods that are rich in zinc, iron, and calcium, which can help expand blood vessels, improve blood supply to the inner ear, and prevent hearing loss.

Method of exfoliating elbows and toes

Method of exfoliating elbows and toes

Guide: The keratin of the elbows and toes is particularly obvious, and it looks particularly disproportionate to other skin.

It is also for this reason that many MMs and beautiful clothes pass by.

MM now wants to take care of his body. To make himself more beautiful is to make himself diligent.

As the saying goes, there are only lazy women and no ugly women in the world.

Next is how beauty experts teach you how to exfoliate your elbows and toes. Learn it carefully!

  There are three ways to exfoliate your elbows and toes. Do n’t worry that your feet will be covered by the stratum corneum.

Hurry up and try these exfoliating methods!


Sauna in the bath first to accelerate the blood circulation of the body and also to soften the cuticle of the skin.


Use a bath salt body scrub to clean your skin after pressing your body wash.


After bathing, use body emollients to moisturize the skin when the water on the skin is not completely dry.

  New method to shrink pores: 1.

Take a clean small bowl and pour in beer.


Immerse the medicinal cotton yarn in the beer for about 3 minutes.


Remove the cotton gauze, twist it slightly, and apply it on the body to let the facial skin relax completely. Leave it on for about half an hour.

If the moisture in the cotton yarn is absorbed, you can apply it after soaking in the first two steps.


After removing the cotton yarn, you will be pleasantly surprised that your skin becomes firmer and your pores will shrink.

  do you know.

The alcohol in beer can promote blood circulation, nourish the skin, and accelerate metabolism.

Hops contained in beer is a cooling agent, which can prevent facial pain and broken ulcers, and has a good effect on shrinking pores.

Message from the editor: Beauty experts suggest that you can’t go too ordinary, you can go once a week, the same for elbows and feet.

Three common mental disorders for single women

Three common mental disorders for single women

Inferiority complex: This type of women believes that it is disgraceful to be alone in the boudoir after the age of 30. Therefore, they are most afraid of people talking about marriage and marriage, and they are most afraid of asking about their marriage in a caring tone and disappointing themselves, Think that love will never come again, and have no chance with love ever since.

Therefore, they either close their hearts gradually, and do not pursue, even if the true man comes, they will “keep together”; otherwise they will go to the other extreme and submit to the pressure and influence of society, parents and friendsFollowing the flow of the current, rashly find an object to make things happen.

  Closed Psychology: Such women are inherently uncommunicative, unwilling to take a proactive approach to marriage issues, and even unwilling to associate with married colleagues.

Since then, I have locked myself in a small world, and I like being alone, making the communication range very narrow.

This kind of psychology actually greatly reduces their possibility of choosing a mate.

In fact, their mentality of waiting for hookers will only make them extraordinarily “clear”, and also make a considerable part of the men who are afraid of their accomplishments discouraged.

What’s more, marriage is a two-way choice. If you don’t move your soldiers and turn two-way into one-way, wouldn’t it be a half chance?

  Rebellious psychology: Some older women have lost a lot of opportunities in the past when their mate selection requirements were too high. This is because they have learned a lesson and become more realistic.

However, they have adhered to higher standards, thinking that “I cannot make a joke until now.” This mentality makes them “select carefully” and must meet the ideal requirements.

They idealized their love and lacked a sense of reality. They always wanted their love to be as romantic as the novel described: Prince Bai Ma suddenly fell from the sky; love at first sight, and the flower of love suddenly shined miraculously.

It should be noted that marriage is not a beautiful serenade, or is it a real life, choosing a mate down to earth, why waste youth in dreams?

  Older women are also flowers. Although they bloom later, they also have the power of flowering.

Despite their psychological obstacles, they always have a deep psychological tendency that is hard to detect, that is, they need the sincere caress of the opposite sex.

At this time, if there is a proper male, some careful consideration and meticulous caressing will surely ignite their buried love tinder and open their hearts.

  However, the real “savior” is the older women themselves. If they restrain themselves and deprive themselves of the power of love and being loved, then the tree of life will only wither early.

Calcium supplement, be careful to cause urinary stones

Calcium supplement, be careful to cause urinary stones

Nowadays, osteoporosis is considered deeply rooted, and many elderly people will consciously take some calcium supplements to supplement calcium.

However, there is an old saying in China that “you are too late”, and recently there have been some patients in the hospital who added calcium and stones, and even hurt their hearts.

  The urinary stones that are supplemented are generally common diseases in men, but recently the urology department of Zhongda Hospital also encountered such female patients.

After tracing the suspicious factors, the suspects concentrated on the large amount of calcium supplements.

  It turned out that the old lady often suffered back and leg pain after entering menopause.

As soon as she heard of “osteoporosis”, she began to consciously add calcium.

In addition to milk twice a day, she also took supplements such as calcium and magnesium tablets in large doses.

But just a while ago, she had pain during urination and lower abdominal pain, which eventually led to an unexpected cause—calculus.

  ”In general, women have fewer urinary tract stones than men, which is determined by the physiological structure, because men have longer urethra than women.

However, urinary stones can sometimes occur in women, especially women who blindly add a lot of calcium.

“Hu Manjing, an expert in dietetics at the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Zhongda Hospital, told reporters that a series of out-patient statistics found that the incidence of stones among middle-aged and elderly women has increased significantly. After statistics, most of these women have prevented osteoporosis and had excessive calcium supplementation.

  In addition to dietary calcium supplements, they will choose to take supplements such as calcium tablets, and they have a special preference for calcium-added foods.

Such as calcium salt, calcium-containing noodles, calcium-added sesame paste, calcium-added drinks and so on.

  ”In fact, excessive calcium supplementation will only increase the burden on the kidneys and lead to the occurrence of stone disease.

Because calcium is not easily absorbed by the human body, if it overlaps too much but cannot absorb it, and at the same time absorbs oxalic substances, it may form calcium oxalate stones after combining.

  And oxalic acid is abundantly found in various vegetable foods, such as spinach.

Some very fine stone crystals can be excreted through the urine, and larger ones may cause problems such as renal colic, causing pain and hematuria, and even more serious may cause kidney damage.

“The heart will also be” injured “. Not only the urinary system may be damaged due to excessive calcium supplementation, but the heart may also be damaged.

  Hu Manjing told reporters that there have been studies abroad that found that calcium follow-up surveys of many healthy elderly women found that calcium-supplemented women are more likely to develop disease.

“This is mainly because excessive calcium supplementation can lead to an increase in calcium in the blood, which in turn accelerates the formation of deposits in the arteries and may lead to hypertension.

  ”However, we must be clear that calcium deficiency is still the culprit for many diseases including osteoporosis, so it is not impossible to add calcium, otherwise you cannot over-calcium; at the same time, drinking and increasing calcium absorption is more important.

Hu Manjing advised the public to choose milk, goat milk and various dairy products as the primary calcium supplement, followed by fish, shrimp, shellfish, meat, eggs, and radish. The calcium content is also relatively high; it is best before eating vegetables.Boil or “over” vegetables with boiling water to reduce the amount of oxalic acid supplemented.

  At the same time, in order to increase the calcium absorption rate, it may be more important to properly supplement vitamin D and get more sun.

“Of course, it is necessary for individual populations to take calcium supplements and some vitamin D supplements under the guidance of a doctor, but abuse is not recommended on their own.

Remove skin blemishes and leave you completely white

Remove skin blemishes and leave you completely white

The word whitening contains the single meaning of double skin fairness and a very broad extension.

At the same time as fairness, we have to pursue flawlessness: no spots, no gloom.

.Wait and see.

To achieve perfect whitening, we must first remove these skin blemishes.

  The pigmented diseases that appear on the body are mainly divided into freckles, dark spots, and senile plaques. The causes of the pigmented diseases are different. Most of them are brown and dark red.

  Freckles Freckles not only grow on the nose and cheeks, but also on exposed parts of the chest and tail. White skin or sun-sensitive skin is especially easy to form.

  The initial formation is heredity. After entering puberty, pigments accumulate in the body and gradually form freckles. This is a recessive inheritance.

Another reason is the effect of ultraviolet rays.

Sunlight contains various wavelengths of light. Among them, ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 290-400 millimeters, that is, ultraviolet rays, will stimulate the melanin pigment in the skin, deepen the pigment, and then float on the skin, making the freckles worse.

  Senile plaques Senile plaques are benign tumors that are round and slightly convex in shape, most of which are hazel and black in color. They tend to grow in areas with sebaceous glands, such as the back of the hands, arms, neck, and chest.

As the name suggests, age spots are a phenomenon of aging skin.

However, age spots are also becoming younger, and the cause may not be directly related to age. It is said that the skin aging process caused by ultraviolet rays is just right.

Age spots are as recessive as freckles.

  Dark spots Dark spots are black or brown pigmented moles. When the body is exposed to the sun without prolonged sun protection, it will grow dark spots.

In addition, the use of ultraviolet radiation for the treatment of skin diseases such as white spots also causes black spots to appear on the entire body of the patient.

Dark spots are particularly easy to appear on athletes, and more than 90% of them are dark spots.

The older the age, the higher the incidence, and the dark spots will only grow in the parts exposed to the sun, so we can know that it has a close relationship with ultraviolet rays.

  However, dark spots also appear on young people. Because people with white complexions have weak defenses against sunlight, it is easier to grow black lights than ordinary people. You need to pay more attention when enjoying the sun outdoors.

  Measure 1: Sunscreen Prevention of these pigmented diseases is more important than treatment, so sunscreen must be applied to exposed areas of the body.

For example, sunscreen with thiourea antioxidants can prevent the oxidation of oil and fat caused by ultraviolet radiation. Zinc oxide of flowers and leaves also has a high UV blocking effect, protects dermal cells, and prevents melanin from oxidizing and depositing under the dermis layer.

  Countermeasure 2: Although laser sunblock can block ultraviolet rays, it cannot cure hereditary pigment problems.

The more effective methods are laser and IPL treatments. Among them, the IPL treatment is relatively gentle. The properties are to destroy melanocytes with light energy, break down into fine particles, and then be engulfed by cells of the immune system and finally excreted.

  Method 3: Adjusting Lifestyle Habits Dermatologists point out that the concept of “whitening” is often misunderstood, and “freedom of stain” is used to describe proper whiteness, that is, uniform and shiny.

The human body has the ability to heal itself. If sufficient sleep can be obtained, it can accelerate the automatic recovery of tanned skin.

In addition, eating habits also have a direct impact on race, such as coffee and smoking, which will cause a large amount of iron precipitation, so you should eat more antioxidant foods to help skin whitening, such as green tea, and minerals and nano-water.

  The stratum corneum pigment Mylarin cells exist in the dermis layer. Under normal circumstances, these cells protect the skin from ultraviolet damage, and they will transform the physiological cycle and push to the epidermis, gradually becoming keratin replacement.

Therefore, there is a large amount of melanin in the keratinized epidermis, and the nucleus is dead, and the nutrients in the dermal layer are transferred to the epidermis, which makes the skin significantly dull and lacks gloss.

  Countermeasure 1: Soak the body in a hot bath before using the scrub to soften the dead skin.

Body scrub products generally contain a slight amount of fruit acid and acid acids, which is used to promote the metabolism of cells, replace dead skin, and restore skin gloss.

Natural plants are also common scrub residues, such as rich in vitamins?

The fruit core is an effective whitening ingredient that can neutralize free radicals and repair melanin cells after sun exposure.

When choosing a product, you should first understand the sensitivity of the product. If the product is used improperly, the skin can easily become thin and cause allergies.

  Measure 2: Care of key areas Elbow, fractures, toes and other parts of the sebaceous glands are less distributed, the skin is prone to dryness and aging, so the stratum corneum is particularly thick, and the wrinkled texture also makes the skin dull.

In addition to regular scrub treatments, you should also use cleaning, such as alternating flat sheets, to avoid hidden bacteria from accumulating in the uneven pattern. The light-colored cloth surface can reduce light absorption to avoid unnecessary deepening.

  Countermeasure 3: Deep cleansing body cleansing mud is a new body whitening product in recent years. The effect is the same as deep cleansing masks. For example, the boot plant whitening body mud contains mineral ingredients, which can remove deep dirt and improve dull skin. In addition, ginseng, aloe veraThe essence can also accelerate blood circulation and remove yellow gas from the body.
  Countermeasure 4: Chemical peeling According to Dr. Shi Taizu’s explanation, the principle of chemical peeling is to use irritating chemicals to damage the skin, peel it after recovery, make the skin smooth, and divide it into surface, middle and deep layers.
The deeper the skin resurfacing, the higher the danger.

Commonly used substances include fruit acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid, which are usually used for skin resurfacing.

Trichloroacetic acid is used even for deep skin rejuvenation, which has the most significant effect, but complications such as scars or uneven pigmentation are more common in Orientals, so doctors rarely use it in Orientals.

  The thick and dense body hair visually darkens the complexion, and the amount of hair has a lot to do with genetic factors and hormones.

Women start hormonal secretion after puberty, and both sebum and body hair increase.

In addition, ovarian or endocrine system problems can also stimulate hair growth.

  Solution: Painless hair removal using hair removal cream, razor and other hair removal methods.

If you want to completely cure over-excessive hair follicles, you can use laser treatment to destroy the blood vessels around the hair follicles and reduce hair growth.

However, laser hair removal may not necessarily remove all hair follicles in one go. It may take several courses to completely destroy the hair follicles.

  The body whitening treatment spa launched a bipolar polarization purification deprinting treatment. The treatment is first cleansed with cleansing dirt, and then deep scrub with marine mineral scrub.

After the procedure of spraying and painless needle clearing, using the South China Sea bipolar polar instrument and deprinting products to purify the skin, red marks and yellow gas can be removed, and it can return to a balanced state.

Where does baby’s selfishness come from

Where does baby’s selfishness come from

Why are children now so selfish?

Is selfishness inherent?

I believe many young parents have been so frustrated.

Where does the child’s selfishness and rudeness come from?

  Example lens from life 1: Mingming’s mother noticed that she did not know how to become selfish.

The child asked him to borrow a toy. He waved his hand and said, “If you don’t lend it, lend it to you, and I will not play.

“He grabbed the delicious food with his hands, his parents asked him, and he hid tightly:” If you don’t give it, give it to me.

“I met such a situation, and obviously Mom was angry:” Obviously, how can you be so selfish?

“I heard my mother’s words and wept with tears.” Did you not lend the soy sauce at home to your neighbor’s aunt last time? ”

You say, ‘Lend your things to others, and you ‘ll be gone’.

“It’s clear that Mommy is here now.

It turned out to be a little act of his own that made Mingming selfish.

  Every child is a piece of white paper, and the parents are the paintbrushes that apply this piece of white paper. It is very important for every parent to set a good example of the child’s life.

  When parents try to lead by example and take the initiative to make way when they go out by bus, their neighbors are eager to help when they have difficulties.

After launching, you will surely find that children are also thinking about everyone.

  Doting lens from parents 2: Everyone who knows Xiaolu couples says that Xiaolu couples are very bold.

Although the conditions in the home are average, but others have difficulties, they will still help.

Because of this, they feel they owe too many children.

Every time I buy delicious food at home, I never want to eat it myself, leaving it to the children.

Once, the child made the sweet and sour pork ribs that the child likes most. Since there are many taboos, there is no contraindication. When they were about to stretch out the chopsticks, the bowl of ribs was taken by the baby son to himself:You cannot eat.

“Seeing that his son is so selfish, Xiaolu and his wife are sad.

  ”Parents don’t like to eat”, many parents have told their children.

In fact, it is the parents’ love for their children that has caused their selfishness.

Parents should not spoil their children. They should revoke the child’s privileges and let him know that good things are to be shared, not exclusive. When the child comes to share with you, do not refuse his request.

  From Unconditional Satisfaction Shot 3: Once shopping, I saw a child crying and forcing parents to buy toys.

The child was crying, and the two adults were arguing. The child’s father said, “Can’t buy anymore, there are many toys at home.

“The mother of the child said,” It’s not that you can’t afford it. It’s pathetic to see the child cry.

“The baby already has a lot of toys, but he is still clamoring to buy new ones. When he sees other children’s toys, he can’t help but reach out to grab them.

When parents encounter such a situation, they mainly choose to compromise with their children. First, the children cry outside and do n’t buy and feel lost; second, the parents feel that their living conditions are better, and they are unwilling to let their children suffer.

Don’t you know that it is this kind of thinking that turns the child’s desire into a bottomless pit, which will never fill up.

  In the face of unreasonable demands from children, we must learn to refuse, not to meet endlessly.

So when your child asks for something, don’t meet him immediately, or delay time appropriately, set up some small obstacles for him.

Gradually, he will understand that not all requirements will be satisfied by adults, and learn to restrain his desires.

When he can restrain his desire, the selfish behavior of reaching out to grab the toy will decrease.

  In this way, guide the baby to share toys with his friends. The 2- and 3-year-olds are reluctant to give their toys to others and want other people’s toys.

  This is the 2-year-old Hirsch.

One day, she had a teddy bear and her mother playing in the community park, and suddenly a ragdoll in the hands of a child caught her attention.

So she grabbed without saying anything, and where would the little girl follow her, she pushed hard.Xixi was pushed to the ground, crying like a teardrop, her mother wiped tears for Xixi and said, “Hixi, if that kid also came to grab your teddy bear, would you give it silently?

Hearing, he shook his head and said, “This is mine. I won’t give it to her.”

“Mother touched Hoshi’s head and said softly:” Yeah, that kid must be the same as you. ”

However, if you really want to play, there is still a way.

She asked curiously, “What is it?

Mother cleared her throat and said, “Look, can you use your teddy bear to exchange with your child’s doll?

“Mother took Hirsch and asked Hirsch to say to the child,” Children, I trade my teddy bear for your ragdoll for a while.


“The kid thought and nodded in agreement.

After exchanging toys, everyone was having fun.

  Proper guidance is important for children.

When you see your child “selfish”, don’t force corrections, parents should set an example for themselves!