[How to make roasted pears with rock sugar]_ roasted pears _ how to make _ how to make

[How to make roasted pears with rock sugar]_ roasted pears _ how to make _ how to make

Many people have eaten rock sugar stewed pears, but everyone has not eaten rock sugar roasted pears. This is a relatively common practice at present. Prepare rock sugar toothpicks and a microwave oven with a barbecue function to wash the Sydney.Cut into small pieces, it is best to marinate with rock sugar, wrap it with a layer of rock sugar, and put it in a microwave oven. Wait until it is heated to a certain time and turn off the heat.

Ingredients Pears (preferably larger), multiple rock sugar, toothpicks, microwave oven with barbecue function1, first wash the pears and cut the small end flat.

2. Carefully dig out the pear nucleus. It doesn’t matter if you can’t dig it out, just dig out a little space for 3-4 rock candy.

3. Put on the rock sugar, put the small head shape that you just cut on the pear, and fix it with a toothpick. At this time, you can use the microwave or the oven.

Nutritional value Roasted pears are delicious foods unique to Bengbu, Suzhou, and Shouxian. They can relieve cough and reduce phlegm. They are sweet and sour and have good nutrition and taste.

Roasted pears are a must in Shouxian. With an iron case, there are several round “small doors” with handles in the front. The boss just opened the handles. It turned out to be a “placement” with a bracket inside.A traditional enamel cup is placed on each grid. The cup is a honey-colored liquid, soaked with a pitted Sydney, the hollowed part is put in red dates and longan.