Graduates from college to work eager to turn gorgeously

Graduates from college to work eager to turn gorgeously

Zhu Zhu of Hunan University is very lucky. She signed a company some time ago, but her mood is getting worse and worse: Only 2 months before graduation, I wanted to hurry up with my roommate for 4 years, but found it almost impossible.

“Everyone is working for the future, and it is rare to see each other, let alone exchange.

Xiao Zhu said that now she doesn’t even mention looking for work in the bedroom to avoid misunderstanding by her roommate.

Coupled with some roommates moving out one after another, the bedroom is getting more and more deserted.

Xiao Zhu has a kind of sadness beyond words.

  Senior graduates who are about to step out of the university gates, hovering between the dual status of social people and students, facing complex interpersonal relationships: looking forward, they are deeply aware of the pressure of employment and uncertainty in the workplace; looking back, theyWe must face the necessity of further studies and competition among students.

At this step from campus to society, they long for a gorgeous turn.

  The best friend became a job-seeking opponent. “I used to talk all night long when I was sad and sad. I lived in the same room for a few years. I thought that in the future, I would be a friend who could make friends. I was wrong.

“On Wang Ling’s (pseudonym) QQ signature, she redirected like this.

Wang Ling studied at Hunan Normal University and signed a well-known travel agency in the province in April.

  With her job settled, Wang Ling lost a friend and experienced the pressure and cruelty of workplace competition in advance: “Guo is a sister who sleeps on my bunk and has a very close roommate.

I first went to an internship at a five-star travel agency and later introduced her to an internship.

I thought that two people could take care of each other, and there was a person who discussed things, but then I became more and more regretful to introduce Guo to the company for an internship.

She is relatively strong. Some companies have arranged for me to do something. She rushed to do it. She was afraid that the supervisors and leaders would not know it, and I was embarrassed to speak everywhere.

Once, because my English was good, the company arranged for me to host an international group. Guo Man’s face was upset and he ignored me for a few days.

Wang Ling told reporters that she really wanted to communicate with Guo in depth, but Guo avoided it every time.

After she signed the work unit, Guo changed her internship and did not know if she had signed the unit now. “We are no longer friends who have nothing to talk about.

“Wang Ling’s mental illness is common among many graduates.

Ma Xiaohong, deputy director of the Mental Health Education Center of Central South University, analyzes that the university is actually a small society. The various competitions in the society are reflected on campus to varying degrees. When it comes to their own interests, people will be disappointed.

Wang Ling should recognize the existence of this phenomenon and take the initiative to relieve herself.

  Zhao Nan, a student of Hunan Agricultural University, who has always wanted to succeed but has never been able to do so, has been a cadre for four years. From the monitor of the class to the chairman of the student union, he has trained his ability to act decisively and independently, which has won the teacher’s appreciation and the trust of his classmates.

These experiences are his proud capital, and they do bring a lot of advantages and confidence to his job search.

However, Xiao Zhao, who has been working in the unit, began to doubt himself before a month.

  ”It’s too busy to do anything.

Xiao Zhao, who has always demanded a lot of himself, worked very hard. In addition to working for 8 hours, he was constantly showing the scenes of going to work during the day or thinking about ideas at night.

However, Xiao Zhao was still dissatisfied with his work status: “After one month, I don’t say that the monthly advancement is just a word of praise. I don’t know what to do?

Xiao Zhao is deeply disturbed now.

  The reporter found that most of the graduates who have just entered the workplace have similar experiences with Xiao Zhao. Their enthusiasm was extinguished by reality, and then there was no small amount of pressure and confusion.

  Zhou Qian, deputy director of the Employment Department of Hunan Communications Vocational and Technical College, told reporters that students who did not find a job are anxious.

Students who signed the unit are just as anxious.

The former is anxious about where the rice bowl is, and the other is worried that the rice bowl cannot be held.

  Yang Yang of Central South University studied Accounting.

When most of her classmates were looking for a job, she signed a relatively well-known private enterprise in the province.

She should be waiting for graduation with peace of mind, and she was just as restless: “I may sign too early. If there are better units to recruit people, I don’t know if I will break the contract.

And I heard that this company has many internal factions and the situation is particularly complicated.

I don’t belong to the very kind of girl, I don’t know if I can adapt to the working environment there.

Psychologists who can plan employment and treat mental illness in the life plan said that in the process of students going to society, due to factors such as job search fatigue, workplace panic, and life pressure, students at this age are particularly prone to “symptoms” such as worry, confusion, and loss,This affects their own interpersonal and social interactions. For example, students who frequently find a job find themselves laissez-faire, disgusted with the world, and have old-fashioned ideas that lead to tensions with their parents.

Classmates who have a mentality for comparison have depression tendency because of dissatisfaction or face problems.  Psychologists told reporters that university graduates with “employment heart problems” must first calm down, face people and events around them with a positive attitude, and grasp employment opportunities under the guidance of experts from institutions.

  Ms. Zhu from Huda is reading some popular workplace experience books, such as “Du Lala Promotions”, “Floating and Floating”, etc., because the Internet said that these books are a must read secret for newcomers to the workplace, she hopes to prepare a little earlierThe Heart Sutra in the Workplace in order to be less frustrated.

Now, she has some snacks.

  A survey shows that after the first year of work, 70% of newcomers in the workplace have changed jobs.

Especially in the current occupation and the position is lower than the ideal value, many college students have the idea of owning a unit and then finding a good unit.

Experts suggest that seniors can use this time to formulate a life development plan and adjust their employment mentality, so that the first job in the future is not passable or even laid a foundation for the future.