Women who often wear high heels look at five Chinese medicine methods to relieve foot fatigue


Women who often wear high heels look at five Chinese medicine methods to relieve foot fatigue

Five Chinese medicine methods to relieve foot fatigue Hot water soaking feet water is best to reach extension, can relieve leg meridians, and effectively relieve leg fatigue.

You can also add some Chinese herbal medicines such as Ai Ye, safflower, etc., so that the soothing effect on the legs will be more significant.

If you have symptoms of soreness in your legs, you can choose to shake your legs, beat your legs from the bottom up, change the Zusanli, Yinlingquan, Sanyinjiao and other acupoints to massage, which can effectively relieve the legs.Tightening of the nerves and muscles, thereby promoting blood circulation in the legs, to a certain extent can alleviate the soreness and fatigue of the legs.

When you wear long-heeled shoes for a long time, the meridians of the muscle tissue will accumulate a lot of blood. At this time, a stretch of the waist will cause most of the muscles to relax or contract.

In just a few seconds of stretching, a lot of stagnant blood is transported back to the heart, which can greatly increase the volume of circulating blood, improve blood circulation, and relieve symptoms of fatigue.

Take off your high heels, walk in the barefoot line, and change the walking posture in 5 minutes. It can balance the different muscles and prevent all the forces from concentrating on the same muscle group, which can alleviate the fatigue of the legs.purpose.

When sleeping at night, a pillow is placed on the lower leg to raise the foot slightly, which is beneficial to the blood return of the leg.

Under normal circumstances, working in the daytime is relatively long, especially after a long walk, the legs will feel bloated, in fact, this is caused by poor blood return.

When you sleep, you can put a pillow under your feet, which can make the blood flow smoothly, can relieve the blood deposits in the feet, and people will feel very comfortable.