17 tips for weaning science

17 tips for weaning science

Breast milk is the best natural food for babies under half a year old, but it is a relatively substitute for the minerals and vitamins necessary for babies after 1 year of age. Breast milk can no longer meet all the needs of babies.

Even if the baby is less than 1 year old who eats breast milk, it is necessary to appropriately increase complementary food and cod liver oil to supplement the lack of breast milk, let alone a baby over 1 year old.

Therefore, after 1 year of age, if the baby continues to milk, breast milk will not be enough to eat, and malnutrition will occur in severe cases.

Should be decisive and timely weaning.

  17 scientific tips on how to wean a baby1. To gradually reduce the number of feedings, you can first reduce your baby’s milk every day, and the amount of supplementary food will increase accordingly.

After one week, if the mother feels that the breasts are not too swollen, and the baby is digesting and absorbing well, she can replenish one more milk and increase the amount of supplementary food at the same time, gradually transitioning to weaning.

  2. Reduce the day and then the night.

When you lose milk, your baby will become very attached to your mother’s milk. Therefore, it is best to start with the milk that is fed during the day.

Because there are a lot of things that attract babies during the day, they don’t pay much attention to their mothers, but their babies are particularly attached to their mothers in the morning and at night.

  3. The dual nutrients that breast milk brings to the baby, as well as the trust and security that the mother brings to him, the cruel weaning method will harm the baby’s physiology.

Therefore, weaning should not be adopted in a hasty and blunt manner, such as letting the baby suddenly separate from the mother, or weaning at once, or applying bitter, spicy and other substances on the mother’s nipple to bring an unpleasant experience to the baby.

  4. If you add complementary food to your baby on time, you should be able to eat a considerable amount of food at about half a year old. At this time, the mother should reduce the number of feedings to only once in the morning and one in the evening.

  5, according to the weather and baby’s physical condition to choose the appropriate weaning timing.

Weaning is best during the cool autumn months and not during the hottest summer months.

The summer is hot, and the baby is prone to regenerative disorders. At this time, weaning is more likely to worsen the situation, and if you do not do well, you will get sick.

  6. Children grow and develop very fast and have a large amount of nutritional requirements. If they are suddenly weaned without paying attention to the replacement method, children are not used to it. If there is insufficient nutrition elimination, it will easily cause malnutrition and digestive disorders.

  7, should gradually reduce the amount of breastfeeding, while educating children to eat food with a spoon and a small bowl, and pay attention to the type of food and the degree of hardness.

  8. When the mother is going to wean her baby, she must take them to a health care doctor for a comprehensive physical examination.

Weaning should only be considered when your baby is in good health and has normal digestion.

  9. Don’t wean your baby when he or she is sick.

If it happens that your baby is sick, teething, or changing a nanny, moving, traveling, or going to work, it is best not to wean the baby first, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of weaning the baby.

  10, during weaning, mom to be extra care and care for the baby, and spend some time with them and soothe baby’s anxiety, should not hide out in order to quickly weaned, the baby will be handed over to someone else instead.

  11. Apply irritants such as ink, chili water, gold oil to the nipples, which is cruel to the baby.

The mother thought that the baby would give up breast milk because of her aversion to breast milk, but the effect was counterproductive. The baby would refuse to eat because of fear, which affected the health of the body.

  12, in the process of weaning, the mother must not only adapt the baby gradually to diet changes, but also decisive and resolute. Don’t be unable to make determination because of the baby crying for a while, thus delaying the weaning time.

Don’t interrupt it suddenly, let him eat for a few days, and then interrupt it again and again, which will bring bad emotional stimulation to the baby.

  13. Some mothers do not drink soup, but also hold their breasts with towels, cover the nipples with adhesive tape, and want to suck the milk back.

These so-called “quick-acting weaning methods” obviously violate physiological laws and can easily cause breast tenderness.

  14. If the mother has too much milk and can’t retreat for a while, you can take some milk medicine, such as 5 mg of ethylene androstone each time, orally 3 times a day (1 mg of estradiol and 1 tablet, 5 tablets each time)If you feel nauseous after eating, you can take vitamin B6.

  15. If the mother has different degrees of milk swelling after weaning, she can use a breast pump or artificially suck out the milk, and use 60 grams of raw malt and 30 grams of raw hawthorn as water for tea.Apply heat or massage.

  16. Before and after weaning, because of psychological guilt, the mother is easy to tolerate the baby, just hold and give whatever you want, regardless of whether the baby’s requirements are reasonable.

But know that the more indulgent, the temper of the baby.

  17, the most difficult to break off is just before going to bed and feeding at midnight, you can first cut off the milk at night, and then cut off the milk before going to bed.

At this time, the father or family can coax the baby to sleep instead, and the mother avoids for a while.