Money and love you will choose among them

Money and love you will choose among them

Hanging out with friends and accidentally forgetting the time, I can’t catch up with the last bus, and the journey home is a bit long. It is impossible to go back. At this time, the first solution that comes to your mindWhat about species?

  A, although it is a bit expensive, I still take a taxi to go home B, contact relatives and friends who live nearby, and see if I can borrow one night C, go to a hotel, or go to a 24-hour business place such as KTV until dawn DPlease friends to take you home. Are you sure?

  Option A: Spend money for your lover. You won’t be stingy. At first glance, you are generous to your lover, but in fact it is not.

Because these money investment returns are low, in fact, in your mind, you have long used the iron abacus to calculate all of them once. If you think there is recovery value, you will spend it. You spend money on the knife.

Because you understand that you want to fall in love, it is not a bottomless money pit, and the response of your lover will definitely affect the degree of your effort. Pursuing love with no regrets is definitely not your nature.

  Choice B: Love is not always the number one in your life. Your career (study), family, or other aspects have made you willing to defeat a lot. Maybe because your heart is scattered in many aspects, you who are in love will not.Something happened too much.

Use money offensive to please each other. For you, you just use money to buy love. You wo n’t do it. Between love and money, you try to maintain a balance. Love EQ can score high.

  Choice C: You usually do what you want, you just do it, you do n’t care about what other people think, and no matter how they talk about it, you think that money is meant to be spent, and it is taken for granted.There is nothing to doubt, so you will try your best to meet the material needs of your lover, and you will feel happy when you see the lover’s satisfied smile.

But be careful of those who have taken advantage of those who do not recognize their account, don’t lose your wife and lose your soldiers.

  Choice D: You are a person without a heart, and you do n’t think too much about everything, but in the eyes of some people, you do n’t think for others. You can easily follow your own mood and loveIt ‘s also accurate. You used to spend your money happily. When you ‘re in the mood, you do n’t hesitate to spend a lot of money for your lover.

If there is more demand, you will ask others to borrow money from relatives and friends. Whether or not it will cause leakage of others, you must also satisfy your lover’s appetite.