Creative era, new and new sex


Creative era, new and new sex

What you want to enjoy is pure sex and love. Whether it is a missionary or a variety of postures, these sexes are repeated every day and every month.

Is it a bit boring?

Did you feel a little mechanical?

Should it be a different way?

銆€銆€Now, people are beginning to realize the quality of life. Sex has its own stage and sleeps in its own field. Whether the way you want to be sexual is grand or detailed; it is majestic or tender; modern society gives peopleToo much passion, let everyone sprout some fierce and erotic ideas – this may be a luxury of fullness, but it is also in line with the trend of the world.

銆€銆€All that is required is pure sex and love. What is to be enjoyed is pure sex and love.

銆€銆€Slow down the rhythm to soothe the rhythm of life and work stress in the sex city, so that everyone is busy forgetting themselves, so we should slow down all rhythms.

For example, on the early morning of Sunday, the clear sunshine of the sun just climbed the window, opened itself in the morning light, greeted a soothing, emotional love, then, then hugged and slept for an hour, with no worries, only the arms in the armsWith a lover.

銆€銆€Luxury and sensual retro sex are all about luxury in the world, and sex is of course possible.

Carefully furnished with a luxurious and beautiful love nest, retro crystal chandeliers, Egyptian cotton sheets, rose flowers throughout the house, two fragrant champagnes, a glass roof that can see the stars. Sex can also have such a dramaThe most luxurious way.

銆€銆€Green filling and clean sex choose to complete the sex equation in a greener and greener environment, especially in your own home, you can create a green and filled Eden.

Or, go to the forest, go to the beach, go to the Alps, go to the place where the negative oxygen ions are above, and give the children of the future a cleanest hotbed.

銆€銆€Beauty Relaxation Decompression Love Make a beauty for your man, let him open the prejudice of beauty-only women, you can take a decompression lavender bath together, and make a set of yoga to relax your body and mind, let beauty and bodyBecoming a foreplay of the latest in modern ways, after sex, you will have the best quality sweet sleep.

銆€銆€Warm reminder: Sex is no longer a burden for women, challenging traditions, playing new tricks will not cause problems for couples, and will not cause their “sex” interest to go downhill.

銆€銆€In fact, everyone has the right to choose their own way of sex, although it varies from person to person, but the key is the communication between husband and wife. If the two people have good feelings, don’t be afraid of details, but it is good for emotional preservation.