Slimming tea when drinking water, beware, licking the upper body


Slimming tea when drinking water, beware, licking the upper body

Every summer, all kinds of weight loss advertisements are overwhelming. Many women who pursue slimness can’t resist the temptation to spare no money to buy back diet pills, slimming tea, experts remind, women don’t blindly listen to advertisements, smash fat tea, some slimming teas add thyroid gland.Hormone, although there is a certain weight loss effect, it is best to strictly follow the time and dosage according to the doctor’s guidance. If you take it for a long time, it will cause hyperthyroidism if you accidentally take it.

銆€銆€Ms. Zhang, 27, successfully gave birth to a male baby at the end of last year. Because she was too busy during the confinement period, when she went to work at the beginning of this year, Ms. Zhang was still pregnant in October. Ms. Zhang, who loves beauty, could not bear the strange vision of her colleagues.Therefore, after weaning the child in February this year, she began to lose weight.

After seeing the magical effect of a slimming tea on the Internet, Ms. Zhang began to drink this slimming tea as tea. I didn’t expect it to be effective, the bloated body gradually became slim, and the young girl colleagues began to learn from her, just as sheWhen I was proud of my own weight loss success, I found that my food intake increased significantly, my weight decreased, and I often felt tired and flustered.

Going to the hospital for an examination, it turned out to be suffering from hyperthyroidism, and hyperthyroidism is caused by long-term reduction of slimming tea.

銆€銆€Professor Yang Xiaohong from the Department of Internal Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced that certain weight-loss drugs may have added thyroid hormone.

This hormone can promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate metabolic decomposition, and has a certain weight loss effect, but if taken for a long time, it will lead to excessive thyroid hormone and cause hyperthyroidism.

銆€銆€Professor Yang introduced that the most favorite young girl in hyperthyroidism, the incidence of women is about 4 higher than that of men?
6 times.

Hyperthyroidism patients have a significant increase in nutrient requirements due to hypermetabolism. If nutritional supplements are insufficient, weight loss can be more pronounced. Therefore, once you have hyperthyroidism, your diet should be noted from the following aspects: total calorie intake per day, male at least 2400 kcal, women at least 2000 kcal; eat high-protein foods, young patients need to eat a small amount of food; eat more vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables; eat spicy foods, such as peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, etc.;Foods containing more iodine, such as kelp, seaweed, kelp, shrimp, sea fish and other seafood, do not eat iodized salt; try not to smoke, do not drink; drink less tea, coffee.

銆€銆€Yang Xiaohong said that hyperthyroidism is a disease that is easy to relapse, so you should always try to avoid the following predisposing factors: to prevent infection, such as tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc., to avoid excessive fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, etc., do not eat seaweed and other seasProducts or iodine-containing drugs such as amiodarone.

銆€銆€Simple auxiliary therapy for hyperthyroidism: Yang Xiaohong said that suffering from hyperthyroidism can be used at home to cook tea or soup to help treatment, the effect is not bad.

銆€銆€First, hyperthyroidism in the early stage of irritability, insomnia and other symptoms, can be combined with the following methods: 1.

30 grams of Prunella vulgaris, Jianshui on behalf of tea.


30 grams of chrysanthemum, Jianshui on behalf of tea.


50 grams of dried cabbage, appropriate amount of pork bones, 2 candied dates, cooked for 1 hour into a soup, salt can be.


100 grams of bitter gourd, the amount of ribs, cook for 1 hour into a soup, salt can be.

銆€銆€Second, the symptoms of dry mouth, fatigue and other symptoms in the late stage of hyperthyroidism can be treated with the following methods: 1.

15 grams of Radix, 15 grams of Polygonatum, 15 grams of lily, moderate amount of lean meat, 2 candied dates, cooked for 1 hour into a soup, salt fermentation.


10 grams of American ginseng, moderate amount of lean meat, 1 candied dates, simmered stewed 1.

5 hours into a soup, salt incorporation.