5 major causes of female hair loss

5 major causes of female hair loss

I do n’t know when a bunch of hair was left on the comb when I started combing my hair; I do n’t know when I started, a bunch of hair floated on my face when I shampooed; when I started to feel a bunch of hair “laying” on the pillow.

Some people lose their self-confidence and lose their confidence.

Hair loss for girls who love beauty is even more unacceptable. How can women who love beauty be tolerated?

  What causes hair loss in women?

  Excessive use of air conditioners: Wet and cold wind blowing from air conditioners can be the cause of hair loss, and even cause white hair, which is the cause of female hair loss.

  Excessive weight loss diet: The main component of hair is a protein called fish maw, in which there are too many trace elements such as zinc, iron, copper, and people who eat vegetarian diet only eat vegetables, fruits and flour, and the protein and trace elements are insufficiently replaced., Causing hair to be replaced by severe malnutrition.

  Eating too greasy and spicy: Absorb too much oily foods, causing the sebaceous glands to secrete too vigorously and separate; eating too spicy things will cause hair to dry; eating too sweet, filtering bacteria will multiply faster.

This will directly or indirectly damage the hair. As time goes by, the hair will continue to be replaced.

  Constant use of computers: People who work in the army have both hair loss and hair loss.

The reason is that the brain use time of some types of people is shortened, the excitability of the brain is continuously increased, and endocrine functions related to hair growth are disrupted, which impairs the nutritional supply of hair and leads to increased brittleness and easy replacement.

  Taking contraceptives: Contraceptives contain estrogen and progesterone. After taking them, they will cause a pseudopregnancy, which will make the hair more beautiful in a short time.

Once stopped, the body’s estrogen levels will suddenly drop, resulting in normal postpartum hair loss.

However, there are also a large number of female hair loss symptoms when taking contraceptives. This is mainly caused by the lack of vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B12 in the body, which is the cause of female hair loss.