Different breast enhancement diet for girls and young women


Different breast enhancement diet for girls and young women

Everyone has a heart for beauty, especially women. Whenever women of the age group want to have a good body.

There are many breast enhancement products on the market today, but they are not as convenient and safe as diet.

However, it is important to note that different age groups have to choose different recipes.

銆€銆€Adolescent women can eat more vitamin E, B vitamins, protein and foods that promote the secretion of sex hormones, so as to achieve breast fitness goals.

The therapeutic side is: Chrysanthemum egg: Cistanche, Hangju, 10 grams of pine nuts, 2 duck eggs, and a total of boiled.

After the egg is cooked, knock it on and cook it again. After cooking, discard the eggs and eat eggs.

Take 1 time a day.

銆€銆€Sheep liver jaundice: 10 grams of goat liver, 150 grams of astragalus.

Sheep liver slices, scutellaria cut, add salt, chicken marinate for 20 minutes, then fry the goat liver and scutellaria with oil, add 20 grams of black dates, 30 grams of peanuts, 10 grams of ginger, soy sauce, a small amount of salt, ready to eat,Eat once a night.

銆€銆€Adult women Some adult women are thin and a few of them can accumulate in the breasts, so the breasts are not full.

At this time, you should eat more transient foods such as eggs, meat, beans and foods containing vegetable oil.

The therapeutic side is: soy milk stewed lamb: 150 grams of yam, 500 grams of mutton, 500 grams of soy milk, salt, ginger, and stew for two hours, eat twice a week.

銆€銆€Ginseng lotus seed soup: 5 grams of ginseng, 20 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of rock sugar, stewed for two hours, eat every other day, once a day.