Three common mental disorders for single women

Three common mental disorders for single women

Inferiority complex: This type of women believes that it is disgraceful to be alone in the boudoir after the age of 30. Therefore, they are most afraid of people talking about marriage and marriage, and they are most afraid of asking about their marriage in a caring tone and disappointing themselves, Think that love will never come again, and have no chance with love ever since.

Therefore, they either close their hearts gradually, and do not pursue, even if the true man comes, they will “keep together”; otherwise they will go to the other extreme and submit to the pressure and influence of society, parents and friendsFollowing the flow of the current, rashly find an object to make things happen.

  Closed Psychology: Such women are inherently uncommunicative, unwilling to take a proactive approach to marriage issues, and even unwilling to associate with married colleagues.

Since then, I have locked myself in a small world, and I like being alone, making the communication range very narrow.

This kind of psychology actually greatly reduces their possibility of choosing a mate.

In fact, their mentality of waiting for hookers will only make them extraordinarily “clear”, and also make a considerable part of the men who are afraid of their accomplishments discouraged.

What’s more, marriage is a two-way choice. If you don’t move your soldiers and turn two-way into one-way, wouldn’t it be a half chance?

  Rebellious psychology: Some older women have lost a lot of opportunities in the past when their mate selection requirements were too high. This is because they have learned a lesson and become more realistic.

However, they have adhered to higher standards, thinking that “I cannot make a joke until now.” This mentality makes them “select carefully” and must meet the ideal requirements.

They idealized their love and lacked a sense of reality. They always wanted their love to be as romantic as the novel described: Prince Bai Ma suddenly fell from the sky; love at first sight, and the flower of love suddenly shined miraculously.

It should be noted that marriage is not a beautiful serenade, or is it a real life, choosing a mate down to earth, why waste youth in dreams?

  Older women are also flowers. Although they bloom later, they also have the power of flowering.

Despite their psychological obstacles, they always have a deep psychological tendency that is hard to detect, that is, they need the sincere caress of the opposite sex.

At this time, if there is a proper male, some careful consideration and meticulous caressing will surely ignite their buried love tinder and open their hearts.

  However, the real “savior” is the older women themselves. If they restrain themselves and deprive themselves of the power of love and being loved, then the tree of life will only wither early.