Please take care of your health from sleep


Please take care of your health from sleep

Professor Wang Qiaochu, born on February 19, 1927, Hai’an, Jiangsu.

In the early years, he studied under the famous doctor Chen Shusen.

He is currently the director and professor of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Insomnia Specialties.

銆€銆€Shanghai famous Chinese medicine doctor, national famous old Chinese medicine expert academic experience inheritance class instructor.

He successively served as deputy chief of the Scientific Research Department of the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, deputy director of the Chinese Medicine Department, deputy secretary general of the Shanghai Chinese Medical Association, director of the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Literature Museum, and vice chairman of the National Acupuncture Research Association.

銆€銆€Basic view of health care Professor Wang Qiaochu is full of wisdom, full of wisdom in his head, more than eighty years old, clear thinking, quick response, steady pace, still insist on daily work and daily clinics, 5 working days per week, tireless, and do not hesitate.

銆€銆€The basic view of famous health care, Wang Lao believes that according to anthropologists, human life should live about 150 years old, but why do modern people live to 100 years old, and some can only live to 40 or 50 years old?

Explain that longevity has an innate foundation and factors that are acquired.

銆€銆€This innate foundation is determined by both parents, which is the gene of modern medicine, but the study has not yet found the longevity gene.

Even if we can find longevity genes in the future, longevity is relative. We must suffer from the laws of life and death. There must be death, there is no end to life, life expectancy is long and short, and there are individual differences. This difference is innate.Decide.

However, the length of life can be extended through subjective efforts.

Subjective efforts do play an important role in extending life, which has been confirmed by countless facts.

銆€銆€But life expectancy is the result of a combination of factors. We can’t isolate the problem in order to prolong life, and it is one-sided and extreme, and cannot go from one extreme to the other.

Wang Lao has 8 brothers, sisters and sisters. The eldest sister is the poorest, and the tea is very hard. It is very difficult, but she died at the age of 95 and her brother died at the age of 93.

They lived for a long time and did not practice health and health, nor did they eat health supplements.

The above shows that the Wang family has long-lived genetic factors, and there are longevity genes in the life code. The congenital endowment is decisive.

銆€銆€So why is it that the innate genetic factors are basically the same, but why are the life spans between brothers and sisters different?

This shows that the subjective efforts of the day after tomorrow play an important role.

Therefore, even if the innate factors are good, if you do not recognize the nursed back to the day after tomorrow, you will not be able to live longer. Therefore, under the respect of innate substitution, you must not neglect the day after tomorrow. The key is to abide by the laws of nature.

銆€銆€Health and mental health are closely related to mentality.

Long-lived people can maintain a good attitude throughout their lives, and they can resolve themselves and be good with others.

Wang Lao is outstanding. In health, he must first raise his mind and develop a good attitude.

The elderly have something to do every day, there are things, there are goals, there is a head.

If you have a head, you will have fun, you will have a good taste of life, you will be able to maintain a good mood, you will not be bored with life, and you will sleep well at night.

If you don’t do things, do nothing, be bored, you will be cranky, your mind will be restless, affect your appetite during the day, and affect your sleep at night.

銆€銆€So he asked for his male patient, you have nothing to do, you can go to help my wife do housework.

He said to female patients, you should do a good job of housework and bring your children well. This should be a science. This is a very valuable home economics. It arranges the housekeeping in order, so that the husband or children can be relieved of their worries.The family will have an important contribution to society.

銆€銆€Health begins with sleep, Wang Lao’s health research, and studies on the relationship between sleep and life.