5-minute squat for ultimate legs

5-minute squat for ultimate legs

Squats are a sport that has led to the rise of crime, and it has been favored for its advantages that it can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Do girls think that squats are suitable for boys?

In fact, if you do n’t, you can practice squat to get a little hip!

Squats can stimulate the muscles of the legs and buttocks and enhance the effect of thin legs and hips.

Today, I will teach you a group of squats to shape the buttocks. It only takes 5 minutes to shape the hips and straight waist.

  Squat for 5 minutes. Because of the body, the muscles are most concentrated near the hip joints.

Regular movement of areas where muscles are concentrated can effectively manage body shape.

However, modern people are sedentary for long periods of time, less exercise, and fewer opportunities to move their muscles. Therefore, if they lose weight, they will not be able to shape their uneven body shape.

  To build a feminine figure, it is very important to start with the proper movement of the muscles around the hip joints.

Many people want to quickly get tight hips, tight and slender belly, straight long legs.

If you can properly use the muscles around the femoral joint and exercise well, you can easily achieve this desire.

  The squat movement shapes the flesh on the thigh of the beautiful leg forward. This type of obesity is caused by the weakening of the “internal transfer muscle” muscle.

Exercising the thighs that are not usually active can repel obesity in the lower body and achieve good skinny legs and hip lifting.


Standing with your legs open, the distance between your legs should be slightly wider than your shoulders.

This is a neutral position for squats.

It is best to adjust the refractive index of the feet, shrink, and stand straight with a thin line on the front end and the top of the head.


The upper body is leaning forward, and the hips are pushed obliquely and backwards, as if the hip joint is to be bent into two parts.

Place your hands on your knees, and push your knees outwards.

Gently stretch the muscles around the femoral joint to gradually exceed the pressure.


The back of the upper body should be straight, starting from the femoral joint, and bending the body into two parts.

Then return to the posture of action 1, and then slowly move 1?
Repeat 3 for 10 times.

While consciously pushing your body down, imagine yourself sitting on a stool a little further away.

Initial action will be easier.

When the body is pressed down, if you bend down and hump back, you will never lose weight, but it will become a bad posture that promotes excess meat.