Say goodbye to 8 big mistakes, diet and weight loss methods to keep you away from too much


Say goodbye to 8 big mistakes, diet and weight loss methods to keep you away from too much

Some wrong diets in life can never let people achieve the goal of losing weight and make people eat more and more fat. In order to avoid people going to the wrong area, the following small series introduces 8 wrong diet weight loss methods.

銆€銆€Wrong diet weight loss method one: do not eat carbohydrates can lose weight the truth: Many people think that not eating carbohydrates is a good way to lose weight.

In fact, one of the first things that people gain weight is because the total amount of substitution has exceeded the consumption.

If the addition of fluoride is added and the replacement of the uncle is reduced, the total offset of the insertion will not exceed the standard.

Of course, not eating diabetes can quickly lose weight, but losing water is not unfortunate.

Absolute deficiency can easily lead to fatigue, constipation, irritability and so on.

When the median income is too large, it will be converted into feces and stored in the body, leading to various diseases.

Excessive excess of human glucose and insulin in the plasma causes excessive.

銆€銆€Wrong diet to lose weight method 2: Eat more diet food can lose weight the truth: women who love beauty want to know what to eat to lose weight, so I heard that certain foods are diet foods to make this food less wary, I think it is okay to eat too much.

In fact, eating too much weight loss food will also gain weight.

Because diet foods can lose weight because their conversion is lower than other foods, but if you eat a little, the volume will increase, which will lead to weight gain.

銆€銆€Wrong diet weight loss method 3: the less the absorption, the faster the weight loss will be the truth: almost everyone is very clear, the control of conversion is the most basic way to lose weight, but not eating less can be thin?

If your daily intake reduces at least some of the conversions your body needs, such as when the total daily conversion is less than 800 to 1000 calories, your body’s energy-saving mechanism will be activated, so that the absorption rate will increase.The metabolic rate that causes energy consumption is also reduced. At this time, the weight will not fall, which will cause the hormone imbalance in the body, which will make you lose more fat.

銆€銆€Wrong diet to lose weight method four: weight loss can not drink milk truth: combined with conversion control, dairy-rich diet can increase nearly double the reduction of pregnant women, prevent weight gain.

In addition, from the nutritional point of view, milk contains protein, vitamins, minerals are very rich, is a nutritious food that everyone can not eat every day.

Adults who drink 2 or 3 cups of milk a day do not have too many problems.

銆€銆€Wrong diet and weight loss method 5: Do not eat rice can lose weight Truth: The main component of rice is sugar, which is an important energy source for humans.

Insufficient intake of sugar can lead to imbalanced nutrition in the body, and weight loss often doubles.

I mistakenly think that eating less or not eating rice can lose weight, which is a great threat to health.

It is necessary to eat rice and other staple foods properly.

Too low a sugar intake may cause hypoglycemia, which is prone to chronic sensation and causes you to eat more food.

銆€銆€Wrong diet and weight loss method 6: You can’t eat meat or eat meat during weight loss, your body doesn’t need to produce enzymes, or it produces very few enzymes, which leads to the broken chain. This is the aunt on our own body.It’s hard to break down. It takes time for us to break down when we eat and absorb it into the body.

However, because the decomposition of the enzyme is synthesized, it causes only storage without decomposition or decomposition, which means that you will lose weight when you lose weight without eating meat.

銆€銆€Wrong diet weight loss method seven: eating at night is easy to get fat truth: the replacement of the consumption of supplemental intake is the cause of your weight gain.

So the calories you take in the evening are not related to fat.

Because you may be more tired at night, you may miss eating more than during the day, or a higher conversion food.

If you really feel hungry, you can choose to eat some fruits and vegetables, there is no need to let obesity cause the consequences of sleepless nights.

銆€銆€Wrong diet weight loss method eight: only eat fruits and vegetables can lose weight Some MM think that vegetables and fruits have not been converted, you can rest assured to eat.

It is undeniable that eating more foods such as vegetarian food, vegetables and fruits, etc., does help to lose weight.

However, if you only eat vegetables and fruits, and do not eat staple foods, it is possible to reduce the fat.

In fact, many fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of additives.

In addition, the amount of traces and sugar in the fruit is also quite high, so dieters should avoid eating vegetables and fruits without restriction.

銆€銆€Be wary of the above eight wrong diet weight loss methods, adhere to the correct diet to lose weight, in order to effectively lose weight quickly!